Daniel Masters is rich. He`s beautiful. And powerful beyond simple comprehension. But between all the fame, wealth, glory, and not to mention handsome billionaire father whom adores and spoils him on a daily basis, he has become a bit

of a . . . brat, so to speak. Now Vlad may be in a dearly inescapable platonic love, but even he can`t help to notice the child`s rather pompous, arrogantly anti-social mannerisms during interaction shared with the " lower common-folk " as

Daniel oh-so coldly liked to put it. You see, Daniel has achieved reach of his fourteenth year, all with perfect grades and manners. And while Vlad would like nothing more than to allow Daniel to continue with his less than satisfactory social

life, if the boy was to inherit his wealth and numerous amount of industries, he knew his only son would have to learn and " master " people-skills.

Vlad`s response was that of a normal overprotective-fruitloop-of-a-father-with-desperate-intention-of-socializing-his-only-teenage-loving-yet-broody-teenage-son.

He stalked.

Carefully observing Amity High`s strenuously dramatic social ladder, he studiously invented an Amity High Social Chart. After continuously researching phsycologicy and young theory, he eventually came to the conclusion as fact:

Daniel Fenton didn`t belong to any group. He was too attractive and respetactable to be a geek, yet at the same time his utter lack of tact and kindness for any other child left him just without reach of popularity. Daniel had it all, met every single qualification EXCEPT for social skills. All he had to do was get in with one of those popular kids and the rest would follow along like the mindless tools they are. But which one? They had to be strong enough to protect his most prized possession, his Daniel. Dumb enough to get close to his son, Daniel had never liked those beneath him, but even worse did he hate one who could even barely possibly beat him at any subject, including intelligence. Vlad looked over all possible suiters with interest, until his eyes finally rested on one peculiar boy.

Star quarterback of Amity High; Dash Baxter.