Daniel nearly snorted in an annoyed fit of disbelief. His teacher, whom preferred both Daniel and Kwan, making his favoritism rather obvious in a numerous amount of occasions had put him in a table with Star. Said teen was currently laughing [ obnoxiously, may he add ] at the empty, humorless " jokes " Paulina spun. Daniel shook his head lightly, unnoticably. How were his classmates to get any work done like this? It was stupid and ridiculous, they should be working on a one page essay about the Medieval European Society and avoid homework. He scowled. He was smart. And he just couldn`t fathom why none of his classmates could just follow and act like civilized, normal folk. He liked Kwan though. Kwan was smart, and quiet. He barely ever talked, didn`t look half-bad, and was very kind to everyone. Yes, if there was anyone in this school worthy of being Daniel Fenton`s friend, it was Kwan. Oh, and did he mention Kwan was shy? It was just perfect, because that meant the jock wasn`t all too big on touch or any type of physical contact really, and Daniel felt very much the same way. Therefore, he spent all of two relaxing breaks from every school day attempting to talk to him and become closer. Unfortunately, unlike Daniel; Kwan had friends. Big, stupid, jock friends that included one Dash Baxter. And whenever Daniel took an interest in Kwan, Dash would take an interest in Daniel. It was very discomforting you see, because in all honesty Daniel didn`t really like Dash. On the other hand, he didn`t want Dash to leave him alone either. Just because he didn`t like the guy, doesn`t mean he didn`t like his unwavering attention. And that is how he ended up stomping his little designer-clad feet and sporting the most hurt, adorible look he could manage. Dash, who had previously been practicing football and NOT adoring Daniel stopped as he was ( after what felt like forever ) and gone to ask him what was wrong. Daniel simply pouted and continued sulking, secretly fighting back a smile as Dash ended practice to devote all of his attention towards him.
Yes, Daniel loved being in control.