"Welcome home, Roderich!" Roderich Edelstein, a twenty-four year old high school teacher, froze in his doorway at the unexpected greeting. Standing before him, arms spread wide in greeting, was a pale, silver-haired, red-eyed male. He was dressed in baggy jeans, and a black long-sleeve shirt that read "Evanescence" down his left arm. He had a wide smile on his face, and he clearly expected something from Roderich.

Roderich slammed the door shut in his face.

Three to four business days earlier...

Roderich placed his face on the palm of his hand, staring almost blankly at the screen before him. The computer page was scrolling down as his violet eyes checked the summary for each website, until an ad caught his attention and he froze, staring at it.


Intrigued slightly, Roderich clicked on the ad. A bright webpage came up, with various images of couples appeared.

"ORDER A PERSONALIZED MECHA-BEING TODAY!" Roderich flushed lightly when he realized exactly what kind of thing he pulled up, then harder as he continued reading and the site promised a mecha that would do anything, from simple household chores to...more, ah, personal objectives.

Roderich stayed on the site, though, flushed heavily even as he thought over purchasing the mecha. It had been a long time since he had a companion, he mused, far too long...

With a frustrated sound, Roderich shut the page down and crossed his arms. No matter what, he would not sink down so low as to buy a mecha, of all things, for company. He absolutely, positively refused.

Just because his last and only relationship was in junior high, and it only lasted a month and a half before she left (her name was Elizabeta, and she had to return to her home country of Hungary for family reasons) does not mean he was desperate enough to buy a mecha. Not in any way, shape, or form. He was not desperate enough to order a mecha he could program to do as he wished, who would stay with him no matter what- - -

With a sigh, Roderich re-opened the window.

Present time

"What the hell?" Roderich hissed from the other side of his front door. Inside his apartment, he could hear the mecha moving around, calling his name with a curious tone. Roderich breathed inwards, collecting himself and preparing to open the door again.

The door opened before he could, making him stumble forward and cry out in surprise. Arms wrapped around his waist to keep him from falling.

"Careful, Roddy." The mecha's voice made Roderich jump and he pushed himself away.

"What the hell are you?" He cried out in alarm. The mecha tiled it's head- - -Roderich absolutely refused to believe the damn thing was male- - -and silver hair felll with gravity, revealing silver cat ears. The sight of them made Roderich's eyes widen even more, and he began to flush heavily.

"I'm Gilbert," the mecha grinned, and a silver tail made its appearance, striking against the black clothes he wore (yes, Roderich finally had to admit...the mecha was a male...). "I'm what you ordered."

"Lies!" Roderich yelled in panic- - -but it was true. He remembered clearly what he ordered: a female mecha, one who was calm and obedient, and looked what he imagined Elizabeta (his first love) would look like at his age. With frustrated growl, he grabbed Gilbert's arm and began stomping out of the apartment. "I should return you now- - -stupid company who can't even get one order right, and sending me defective merchandise- - -" Roderich was cut off when he was suddenly pulled to a stop, and he turn to find Gilbert glaring at him.

"I am not defective." He growled lowly, making Roderich shudder slightly. "And I can do whatever you want me to; that's why I was made."

"What about..." Roderich felt his face flush, and for some reason, felt as though he was thirteen again, confessing to Elizabeta. "Y'know. That. Um..."

"Sex?" Gilbert offered helpfully, and Roderich flushed even more.

"Not so loud!" He hissed. "God, how do you say something like that so easily!"

"I'm good at that, too." Gilbert came close to Roderich, making the violet-eyed male's eyes widen as he tilted his head up to keep eye contact. "I'm good at whatever you want me to do, Roderich, be it sex, or house cleaning, or even cooking. So, don't return me, ok?" Roderich couldn't speak as Gilbert leaned down more. "Let me stay..." Before Roderich could respond, Gilbert pressed his mouth against his own.

It was as if something exploded- - -despite being a mecha, Gilbert's lips were deceptively warm and soft. Roderich stiffened in surprise once more, but couldn't bring himself to move. Gilbert seemed to take this as encouragement, wrapping his arms around Roderich's waist and pulling him closer. As Roderich marveled in how ihuman/i Gilbert felt, Gilbert pried Roderich's lips open with his tongue and began tracing the inside of his mouth. Moaning against his better judgement, Roderich's eyes shot open as he realized what was going on./ppHe pushed against Gilbert, but the mecha pulled him closer, devouring the brunette's mouth with his own. Roderich moaned again when Gilbert brushed his tongue against his own, trying even harder to get away./ppGilbert pulled away slightly, both of them panting heavily, and for a few moments Roderich couldn't speak. Then Gilbert leaned down and pulled him into another kiss, this time slipping his tail between Roderich's legs and rubbing it gently against- - -

Roderich instantly brought his knee up, getting the mecha in his "sensitive" spot. Gilbert pulled away with a yelp, startled when Roderich increased space between them by backing away.

"What...?" Roderich panted heavily, backing away more when Gilbert attempted to get closer. "What the...get away! Stay back!"

"Aww..." Gilbert cooed softly. "That's not what either of us want, Roderich..." He crept closer, and Roderich bumped into the wall trying to get away.

"Stay back!" Roderich repeated, closing his eyes tightly when Gilbert caught up, pressing him against the wall even more, pressing Roderich's hands together against the wall.

"You know you don't want that, Roddy." Gilbert breathed in his ear. Roderich stifled another moan when Gilbert nipped his ear, trailing down to his neck.

"No..." he moaned softly, soft enough that Gilbert could pretend he didn't hear it (which he did) and continue attacking Roderich's neck and lips with kisses and small bites.

"Roderich..." Gilbert panted into his ear, slipping his tail cautiously between Roderich's legs again. Roderich gasped slightly as Gilbert's free hand joined his tail in Roderich's pants.

"St..." Roderich's protest was cut off with a groan as Gilbert grasped his erection in his hand, the mecha's tail probing his entrance. Yelping in surprise, Roderich went to knee him again, but found that his legs were barely able to keep him standing, let alone be useful for defense.

"Shh," Gilbert muttered, his voice husky. Roderich gasped, his hips thrusting unwillingly into Gilbert's hand as his grip tightened. "C'mon, Roderich, c'mon..."

"Ahhh~~~~" Roderich cried suddenly, his head falling back as Gilbert wrapped his hand tighter, his back arching as Gilbert licked his neck.

"Yes..." Gilbert moaned quietly, capturing Roderich's lips again. His tongue shoved its way into his mouth as Roderich cried out.

Panting, Roderich felt his legs give out as he released, Gilbert's tail still probing and his hand getting covered in Roderich's seed. His kisses became gentler as Roderich felt himself slip into darkness.

"C'mon, Roddy, I said sorry!" Gilbert whined, glancing up when Roderich's stomping session had stopped.

"You deliberately took advantage of me!" Roderich yelled at him. "I told you no, I even- - -god, do you understand what 'no' means? I can't even file for rape- - -"

"Can't rape the willing, Roddy." Gilbert interrupted, his crimson eyes smoldering. "And you were willing, despite what you want to believe." They kept eye contact, Roderich unwilling to give in and Gilbert knowing he was right. After a few minutes, Roderich groaned and glanced at the clock.

"Ah, I'm late!" He cried, grabbing his bag and heading for the door. Hand on the handle as he put his shoes on, Roderich absently called back, "I'm leaving now!"

Gilbert didn't answer right away- - -instead, arms wrapped around his waist firmly. When Roderich turned to yell at Gilbert to let him leave, Gilbert pressed their mouths together firmly, brushing his tongue against Roderich's. When they pulled apart, Gilbert smiled widely.

"Do your best today!" He called. Roderich flushed and untangled himself from Gilbert, slamming the door shut.

"- - -and that concludes today's lesson." Roderich called, hands on his desk. "Your lunch break starts now."

"Thank you, sensei." The class chorused as they stood up and bowed. They dispensed into their respective groups, talking and giggling with each other as Roderich sat down in his chair, sighing lightly.

"Roddy!" Everyone was startled into silence when the classroom door burst open and Gilbert ran in, bag flying haphazardly on his shoulder behind him. He was wearing the same baggy jeans he had been wearing the day before, only he had a black t-shirt with a burning, bleeding heart on it, as well as, to Roderich's relief, a black beanie on his head./ppRoderich's relief was short-lived, however, when he realized that his students were whispering amongst themselves and glancing at Gilbert as he made his way to Roderich's desk. Flushing heavily, Roderich intercepted him and grabbed his arm, dragging a startled and confused Gilbert out of the class room./pp"Whoa!" Gilbert stumbled when Roderich stopped suddenly outside the building.

"You cannot just barge into my class room and disrupt the lesson- - -"

"I didn't!" Gilbert snapped, crossing his arms and glaring. "I waited outside that door for ten minutes before you said that they were dismissed!" Roderich blinked as he thought about what Gilbert had just told him; if he had, in fact, waited outside the door until they were finished, it meant he had at least a bit of what he had originally ordered.

"That is beside the point!" Roderich snapped, shaking his head angrily. "What are you even doing here?" Gilbert smiled and, after rummaging through his bag, held out a bento.

"You forgot a lunch, so I made one for you!" Gilbert looked at Roderich expectantly, his head tilted to the side. Roderich flushed heavily. Reaching over, he reluctantly took the bento with a sigh.

Before he could apologize or say anything, Gilbert grabbed his arm and pulled him close, kissing him heavily. Roderich struggled half-heartedly, torn between not wanting to kiss the mecha and especially not wanting to get caught, and giving into the sensations of Gilbert's mouth on his.

Then Gilbert started moving his tongue into Roderich's mouth and reaching down to grope him, and Roderich shoved him away forcefully, managing to create some distance between himself and the mecha.

"Stop doing that!" Roderich hissed out through heaving breaths, face flushed. Gilbert just smirked at him.

"Gilbert!" A female voice called out, startling them both out of their staring contest. "Gilbert! Here's where you ended up!" They both turned to see a woman running towards them. Gilbert waved at her, smiling happily.

"Hey, Boss!" He yelled. Roderich groaned into his hand, covering his face and sighing heavily.

"I saw that!" The unidentified woman squealed. "I take it that your advances are acceptable?"

"As if, Liz!" Roderich sighed heavily when Gilbert answered "We've actually only gotten- - -"

"Don't say anything like that, moron!" Roderich cried out suddenly, moving to cover Gilbert's mouth. As he did, his violet eyes met startled emerald, and he faltered. "Elizabeta?"

"Roderich?" She gasped, surprised. Gilbert looked between the two of them, a confused look on his face. Moving Roderich's hand, he frowned at Elizabeta.

"Boss?" He questioned softly. It snapped her out of her surprised daze and she grabbed both of their arms, dragging them away.

"Let's go to the main office for a few minutes." She said firmly, not leaving room for argument. Gilbert tilted his head to the side, looking at her curiously, before shrugging altogether and just following her aimlessly.

Roderich, however, studied her as thoroughly as he could from behind.

It seemed as though his original idea for the mecha had not been far off. Elizabeta's eyes were, obviously, still the emerald he loved and adored even now; her hair to the exact length he had imagined it would be (despite being something of a tomboy when they were younger, Elizabeta's pride and joy had always been her hair), and the same shade of brown he remembered. A complete contrast of Gilbert, she wore tight-fitting jeans and what looked like a Hungarian military jacket, showing off her curves.

Out of the corner of his eye, Gilbert noticed Roderich's staring.

"So, Roderich," Elizabeta started, sitting him down across from her. "You bought our personalized mecha for your own use. How do you like him so far?"

"I don't!" Roderich cried slightly hysterically, unable to bring himself to yell at the woman he had never managed to get out of his mind. "Elizabeta, it's nothing like the mecha I had originally ordered! Why did the order get messed up?" Elizabeta sighed lightly, rubbing her temples.

"We're still a new company, Mecha Love Corp. Most of our mechas, like Gilbert, are still prototypes. It's on the site, Roderich, dear." The endearment made Roderich calm down slightly. Elizabeta smiled encouragingly. "Our designer, Mr. Honda Kiku, handles all our orders. It's possible that he sent you Gilbert by accident. Unfortunately, Mr. Honda isn't in today. I'll ask him for you tomorrow, and see if we can't settle this mess."

"Thank you, Elizabeta." Roderich sighed happily, leaning back in his seat. Gilbert frowned slightly, but didn't say anything, merely stared down at his hands.

"However," Elizabeta stated, her eyes flashing. "I saw you two kissing- - -Kiku may not want to exchange him because of that. He can be a peculiar man, Kiku." Roderich nodded his thanks and stood up, reaching uncertainly over the desk to shake Elizabeta's hand. She stood as well, giving the violet-eyed male a kiss on the cheek. "It was good seeing you again, Roderich."

"You as well, Elizabeta." Roderich repeated the action, flushing lightly. Gilbert looked away, standing slightly stiffly. Elizabeta turned to him, smiling sweetly.

"Take good care of your master, Gilbert." She said in a mock-order, and Gilbert smiled briefly at her. Elizabeta kissed his cheek as well, and they left the office, Roderich heading back towards his class and Gilbert heading back home, both deep in thought.

Roderich opened the door tiredly, entering the quiet house and taking off his shoes.

"I'm back." He called out quietly, yawning as he placed his bag down. "Gilbert?"

"I'm here." Came from a room in the hallway. "Welcome back."

"What's going on?" Roderich asked, confusion filling his eyes as he walked down the hallway in his apartment. "Why are you in here?"

"No reason." Roderich didn't buy it and, after locating the door Gilbert's voice was coming from, he entered the room.

It was dark, and Roderich reached blindly around the room until he found the light switch. Despite the slight protests from Gilbert's general area, Roderich flipped the lights on.

Gilbert was standing in the middle of the room, smiling weakly.

"Hey, Roddy..." He tried, but Roderich didn't hear him. Instead, he merely stared at him, horrified. Gilbert had taken something sharp- - -most likely a knife of some sort from the kitchen- - -and had attempted something of what would have been a suicide if he wasn't a mecha. His right arm had cuts all over it, deep ones that had some sort of liquid pooling out swiftly.

"What are you doing?" Roderich cried in horror, taking three steps forward and yanking Gilbert's arms apart. Gilbert tilted his head back and laughed.

"I have no idea!" He continued laughing, eyes wide with a strange mix of hysteria and panic, and Roderich was again struck with how ihuman/i he was. "I'm doing as my master wants- - -even though I have no idea what the hell he wants, so I'm kinda just winging it here."

"You absolute moron!" Roderich hissed, dragging Gilbert out of the room and headed toward the kitchen, the mecha's crazed laughter following them. "Who says I want you to do this to yourself? Crazy asshole! Pull yourself together! What are you thinking?" Gilbert stopped laughing so suddenly, Roderich turned to look at him curiously.

"I was thinking..." Gilbert said slowly, "that, perhaps, my master would want a different type of mecha- - -if I get damaged in some way, shape, or form, if it happens accidentally, or is self-inflicted, or on purpose, then my master can return me and get a different one." Roderich frowned at the pensive look on Gilbert's face.

"Who said I wanted a different mecha, Gilbert?"

"I'm not stupid!" Gilbert yelled suddenly, startling Roderich so much he dropped the mecha's hands. "I saw you looking at Boss; I heard you tell her you didn't want me. Kiku's not going to switch me out, even if Boss talks to him, because he doesn't like taking mechas from their masters after they've kissed, even if they haven't gone further than that!"

"Why not?" Roderich asked, eyes wide with surprise. Gilbert snorted.

"After a mecha's kissed its master, the mecha forms a bond with them." Gilbert looked down. "And the mecha would do anything- - -literally, anything, for its master. I'm doing what I believe would make you happier." There was an eerie silence after Gilbert's declaration, the whole apartment going silent. Roderich stared at Gilbert in surprise and worry, and Gilbert steadfastly ignored his gaze. The liquid continued to flow freely down his arm- - -out in the light, Roderich could see it was almost black, like oil or something.

"You're an idiot." Roderich stated firmly, dragging Gilbert again. "You think harming yourself will make me happy? If you think that, you're stupider than I thought. You doing this to yourself only makes me worry about you more." There was a light pink dusting on Roderich's cheeks admitting that. Gilbert stared at him in surprise before grinning.

"So Roddy does care about me!" Gilbert teased hesitantly. Roderich turned redder and pushed him into a kitchen chair.

"I doubt I have the items to fix you properly." Roderich grabbed a first-aid kit and a needle and thread. "However, I shall sew you up and see if Elizabeta's Honda Kiku can fix you properly tomorrow." He returned to Gilbert, who pulled him down and kissed him thoroughly with his uncut hand. Roderich muffled a protest, trying to pull away; Gilbert proved to be strong with only one hand and kept him firmly in place. Roderich sighed in exasperation through his nose as Gilbert's tongue pressed through his lips and traced through his mouth. After a few seconds, Roderich pulled away. "No more- - -let me sew you up."

Gilbert grinned and proffered his arm.

So. i'm not quite sure what i'm doing. yes, i got this idea from a manga...and i couldn't help but add the hetalia twist to it...enjoy?