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Kiku was sitting at his computer, searching through the many files he had for Gilbert's missing memories; he had created a backup file when he had first shut the mecha down, but it felt like had been quite some time- - -months instead of days, years in place of weeks- - -and he couldn't recall where he had placed them on his computer. He was scrolling through all the data the Asian had on the entire mecha corporation when the repetitive noise of someone running reached his ears. Turning to face the door curiously, he watched it as it flew open and hit the wall behind it, creating a slightly larger than normal dent, before returning his gaze to what it revealed: a frantic, bordering hysterical Elizabeta. Her hair was slightly tangled at the bottom, her normally joyful eyes wide with fear and surprise despite being red and puffy from crying.

"He's gone!" She cried, her voice horrified and bordering hysterical as well. "Oh, my god, what are we going to do, I don't know where he is and- - -" Kiku had opened his mouth to interrupt her, his chair swiveling around to face the woman fully; however, before he could say one word, Elizabeta all but sank against the doorframe, her eyes widening more. "Oh, Roderich! Roderich, he's most likely going to come back tomorrow for Gilbert, and- - -"

"Elizabeta-san!" Kiku finally said loudly, having stood and bolted to his boss; he placed his hands on the sides of her face, and their warmth seemed to have the desired effect. She stopped talking, her breath coming in small, frantic gasps, but she calmed down enough to stop her rambling. Their eyes met, and Kiku smiled understandingly, softly. "It seems today's events have taken their toll on you, Elizabeta-san. Perhaps you should retire for the night." It was more than a suggestion, and Elizabeta shook her head at the tone he spoke to her in.

"What about Gilbert?" She asked wearily, her breathing evening out. "And Roderich?"

"I'll take care of everything." The mechanic assured her gently, placing his hands on her waist and turning her slowly. "Now, please go home. Rest." Reluctantly, Elizabeta did as she was told, making Kiku's smile widen just a bit.

When she was gone, he sighed heavily and ran a hand down his face; glancing once at the still shut off Heracles on the couch in his office, Kiku quietly closed the door to his office and began searching the company building searching for places Gilbert might have gone and hidden.

Gilbert was starting to think this was a bad idea.

He was standing next to a crosswalk, waiting for the light to change, having absolutely no real idea as to where he was going. It was late, in fact it was getting dark, and he was wearing nothing more than what he had been wearing at HQ (well, other than the black beanie Yao had so kindly given him to hide his very obvious mecha ears).

He had stopped at a pay phone earlier; pressing a bunch of random numbers that seemed vaguely familiar to him, he had waited as the phone rang and rang...and continued to ring. Two seconds before it went into voicemail, he had hung up and started walking again.

He thought again of what he knew and what Yao had told him.

The man from Elizabeta's office was named Roderich Edelstein. Yao told him that the man was an old acquaintance of the boss (Gilbert personally thought the brunette acted more like an old friend, or an old lover pleasantly parted with). Evidently, Roderich had ordered a mecha that looked exactly what he thought Elizabeta would look like now and somehow ended up with him. Gilbert had stayed with him for a while, and seemed to enjoy it; of course, in a misguided attempt to keep everyone happy in some form or another, Yao was sent to shut Gilbert down and bring him back to the company (the tall Asian mecha admitted this with lowered eyes and a shameful air around him; he also apologized repeatedly for blindly following the orders of their mechanic. Gilbert dismissed the taller mecha's apologies with an uncaring shrug of his shoulders. It wasn't Yao's fault; his guilt was unnecessary).

What Yao couldn't explain was the bite mark on Gilbert's shoulder, or the reason he had gone haywire to begin with. While he obviously had some form of an idea, he wouldn't say one thing about it to the silver haired mecha. Instead, with a mischievous smile, he had spouted off the location of an address, an apartment complex where Roderich lived, listed several landmarks, all but shoved the black beanie on his head, and sent Gilbert on his way.

Which lead him to his current location: a park filled with trees, right by the apartment complex Yao had sworn up and down was there.

With a scowl, Gilbert tugged on his beanie, making sure it firmly covered his head, and walked into the park. There was a slight pain in the back of his head, a continuous meshing of gears that had started as soon as he'd left, but he ignored it just as firmly as he had ignored everything else that had to do with the information Yao had given him, the expression on the face of the man who had kissed him in Elizabeta's office, and the name 'Roderich Edelstein'.

He scowled deeper as he followed the walkway before him, his hands shoved firmly in his pockets and his head kept down. That man who had kissed him, that Roderich, he did something to Gilbert's hardwired brain. The mecha wasn't quite sure just what he did, but Gilbert knew it was something important. There was something in his hardware that struggled to remember what it was he evidently forgotten or had erased; the continued repeated attempts at recreating the data was creating a dull burn in the back of his head and Gilbert was sure that, should anyone touch a particular spot back there, the 'skin' under his silver hair would be warm, almost hot, from the constant whirring in his mind.

It annoyed him to no end that he couldn't remember.

He stumbled upon a clearing suddenly- - -he hadn't realized he'd been walking off the path until he nearly tripped over a tree root. Reaching a hand out to steady himself, Gilbert tilted his head up, his dark crimson eyes catching a ray of sunlight and- - -

- - -and looking around in awe at the suddenly exposed land, the light filtering through making it look almost like something out of a fucking romance movie (something he'd scoff at, sure, but surely something Roderich would appreciate, right?), he'd have to bring Roderich out here when he could- - -

Gilbert gasped slightly as something seared itself across his brain, leaving behind a burn and more heated metal. His hands covered his head, just under his hat by his ears, his crimson eyes wide and unblinking. Numbers that held the code for the images flew across his mind- - -

- - -waiting, waiting, waiting, damn! What time did this guy get home? He was a teacher at a high school; surely he was finished with work a few hours after his students, right? It was almost seven-fifty...

Wait, the door! That could be him, and he'd be waiting for his new master the way he was supposed to.

The door opened slowly, and he stood in front of it, arms wide open and smiling brightly ("Welcome home, Roderich!") before the door was slammed shut in his face
- - -

"Whoa!" Gilbert leaned against the nearest tree, his forehead making his fingertips burn as well- - -

- - -waiting, waiting, again, why do classes take forever? God, Roderich could have been home so much sooner, making his delicious whatever it was he cooked when he was stressed; he seemed stressed lately, and from what Gilbert could tell, it was either cause of him or something the Boss did- - -

He moved jerkily, without warning, heading for the entrance to the park as image after image cramped and forced itself into the front of his head; Gilbert was so focused on the supposed memory data that was currently flashing images in front of his eyes (were these hismemories? He didn't recall anything after a conversation with Matthew and Yao, something about being fine while he was being patched up; come to think of it, he couldn't recall why he'd needed to be patched up in the first place, unless it was because Roderich didn't want him, so he'll make it so that Roderich could get the mecha he wanted; best way to do that was damage to the product, so what could cause the most damage to this product, his body? Knives, perhaps, or scissors. Ignore the pain sensory Kiku downloaded for him, bite your lip and just- - -SHIT, like that, that's good, fuck that hurts), he didn't notice when he left that park, shaking so much he was vibrating as he pushed his way into the apartment complex. Ignoring people's startled cries and questions, Gilbert didn't stop until he stood in front of a wooden door- - -

- - -hands running all over him, his hands trailing patterns on the other; there were gasps of pleasure, blunt nails pressing down on his back, warm breath on his throat; a unbroken mantra underneath it all, the mecha in him happily chanting Master's agreed, Master's letting me do this, it's finally happened; a flash of violet eyes, the pained pleasure of being bitten- - -

Gilbert's whole body shook a few times more before he abruptly stopped, the burning in his head providing too much heat to the hardware underneath it to continue functioning properly. His wide eyes dulled completely, turning from vibrant crimson to muted ruby, and he collapsed, his entire body falling forward and crashing into the door with a noise loud enough to alert the entire hallway.

Roderich jumped when a sudden crash echoed in the room; he had just finished yet another piano piece and had been thinking about which to start next when it echoed, sounding as though it came from his door. A mixture of startled, worried, and confused, Roderich stood from the piano and made his way to the door.

His violet eyes widened in shock when he saw Gilbert crumpled at the bottom of his door, eyes wide but dulled, unseeing. Worry taking precedence now, Roderich slid his arms around Gilbert's chest and slowly but surely pulled the heavier mecha into his apartment, closing and locking the door firmly behind him as soon as he could.

"Gilbert!" He hissed frantically, shaking the other slightly. "Gilbert, wake up! This isn't funny! Gilbert!" Unsure, Roderich pulled off the black beanie on his head, his fingers moving towards where he thought the switch would be to turn him on; he pulled his hand back with a surprised cry when he realized the other was far too hot to touch at all, his head practically burning.

Gilbert's eyes lit up, and he sat up so quickly Roderich didn't have time to react.

"Welcome home Master!" He said, a shake passing through him. "I didn't!" Gilbert snarled suddenly. "I waited outside that door for ten minutes before you said that they were dismissed- - -" His tone changed, still snarling, but now with a slight pleading tone, "And the mecha would do anything- - -literally, anything, for its master. I'm doing what I believe would make you happier." The mecha shook again. "Let's go on a date!"

Confused, Roderich moved away from Gilbert and all but bolted for the phone. He nearly dropped it in his haste to dial the company Elizabeta ran, and it took him several tries to get the number right before someone on the other end picked up.

"It's fucking late and everyone's asleep." Came a tired, hissed voice. "I'm fucking pissed cause those assholes did something to my brother, which means that fucking potato bastard has him at this very fucking instant, and now you've woken me up. What the fuck do you want, bastard?"

"Ah!" Roderich had an eye on Gilbert, who had taken to repeating the same things in a quick succession; as a result, his reply was hurried and distracted. "Uh, um. Elizabeta. Or Kiku. One of them- - -quickly!"

"Who the hell are you?" The voice snapped; there was a semi-quiet argument, though the annoyed cursing echoed over the line, a few seconds of silence, and then another, slightly more accented voice came on.

"Is this Roderich?

"Kiku, please!" The pianist repeated, rocking back onto the balls of his feet. Gilbert was still talking, though now it sounded more like he was having a conversation with himself, or maybe Kiku- - -he was talking almost animatedly about the sky and the grass, and how the sunlight reflected off the concrete; his words slurred together and he spoke so fast Roderich could barely understand him. "Or Elizabeta, really, either one will do!" The silence this time was much more prolonged, broken only by the sound of repetitive steps: someone running.

"Moshi-moshi, Honda Kiku."

"What did you guys do to him?" Roderich asked frantically, turning away from Gilbert to steady his thoughts a bit.

"Gilbert-san is with you then?" Kiku asked hurriedly. Over the phone, a screeching sound echoed, a distinct questioning voice ignored in favor of listening to Roderich's answer.

"Yes- - -no- - -kind of!" Roderich exploded. "Should I bring him there, or are you coming here?" There was a deliberate pause, a couple of clicking sounds, then Kiku spoke.

"I shall be on my way, Roderich-san." The Asian mechanic said finally. "Keep the door unlocked. I will be there shortly." There was no time for Roderich to form a response; almost the second Kiku stopped speaking, there was an abrupt click and a dial tone.

Roderich paced furiously, hand running through his hair every few seconds, as he waited for Kiku to arrive. Gilbert, it seemed, had given up on waiting for the mechanic. He had gone eerily silent when Roderich placed the phone on the cradle, then fallen backward against the sofa, sprawled out and unmoving. That had been at least ten minutes ago; the longest ten minutes Roderich had ever felt in his life.

Kiku burst into the apartment suddenly, dark gaze focused solely on the sprawled mecha on the couch in front of the door. A messenger bag hung off his shoulder, keys and key ring in one hand. Roderich jumped violently, almost falling into the television, at the sound of the door flying open and banging into the wall behind it. Kiku ignored his outburst, falling to his knees in front of the sofa and digging around in his messenger bag.

"My deepest apologies, Gilbert-san." He murmured quietly; he found what he was looking for, pulling out a USB drive and a cable. Plugging one end into the small, black USB, Kiku unraveled the cable and pushed aside Gilbert's silvery hair. He picked up one of the ears and pressed against it, sliding the silver part forward a bit and revealing a port for the cable to plug into. Without hesitating, Kiku pushed the opposite end into the port.

Gilbert reacted automatically; his eyes, which had shut when he fell back, opened, though they remained a dulled crimson. He moved slowly, sluggishly, pushing himself into a sitting position and tilting his head from side to side as if he was cracking his neck. His other ear swiveled back and forth slowly, seeming like a loading signal while numbers flashed across his dull eyes.

"What are you doing?" Roderich asked quietly, interrupting the quietness that had settled around the apartment.

"I kept a copy of his memory system on the computer. It's standard procedure for any mecha as it goes through an update or any modifications." The mechanic explained. Gilbert's eyes brightened momentarily, looking almost normal, and then dulled again. His ear stopped swiveling around, his eyes slid shut, and he fell back once more against the sofa. Kiku seemed pleased with this reaction, reaching over and unplugging the cable from Gilbert's ear. "His system is rebooting itself now."

"What happens when that finishes?" Kiku sighed heavily, standing up and placing the cable and USB in his bag again. Shoving the strap over his shoulder, he gave an apologetic smile to Roderich.

"He should be fine." He reassured the brunette teacher. "He'll come to sometime tomorrow, probably about the time you should be getting off of work, and he'll have everything working properly." Roderich sighed heavily, his shoulders dropping and his body relaxing. Kiku seemed amused at the reaction, crossing over and placing his hand on Roderich's shoulder in assurance. "I apologize on behalf of Mecha Love Corp. We hadn't realized how useful he was, and as such caused an unnecessary amount of problems."

"It's fine." Roderich said tiredly, rubbing his eyes and smiling unconsciously.

"As a token of our apology, Elizabeta and I have decided to allow you to own another mecha of your choosing to do as you please with him." Roderich groaned, causing Kiku to smile. "Perhaps we should discuss that matter another time."

"Yes, please." Roderich walked with the Asian mechanic to the door, giving the smaller male a grateful smile. "Thank you very much for your help." With another nod, Kiku left; Roderich closed the door, leaning against it tiredly and rubbing his head.

After a moment of debate, he walked back to the sofa, sitting gingerly beside Gilbert's head. The mecha's head had cooled considerably, and Roderich felt a calming smile cross his face as he slowly threaded his fingers through the short silver strands of hair. Gilbert didn't move, not that Roderich had expected him to, but the action soothed the brunette musician. Combined with the silence in the apartment, Roderich felt his eyes slip shut as well, his back slouching against the back of the soda in a manner he would have normally condoned as he slipped into sleep.

His fingers were still tangled in Gilbert's silver hair, unconsciously stroking the mecha's head as the musician dreamed.