Description: Toothless and Hiccup travel to an isle where people had already learned to trust dragons. Toothcup, yaoi, Dragon!Toothless, NC-15

AN: I know I should be working on other things, but for now I'm taking a break, and typing up this story. This is a story with 'interspecies' mating. I know some people will have issues with this and those people are more than welcome to go find something else to read. I would completely understand if it was with an animal of limited understanding (Not that there is anything wrong with that. I am as open-minded as I can be about love. I don't really relate to zoophiles, but I do know that love is not limited by anything.), but I mean, come on, he's a dragon! Dragons are more intelligent then we are, and there is no END to the lore of sexual relations between dragons and humans. If the idea bothers you, you're welcome to leave, as I said. If you are willing to see what it is about, or already know that you are ok with it, then please enjoy.

Warning: I am going to go with NC-15 for mostly implied sexual acts between a human and a dragon, a touch of nudity, possible Viking swearing, a bit of violence, and anything I neglected to mention.




The village of Berk was always exciting during the summer. It was the warmest time of the year. Snowfall was rare and light, all the animals were running about, the energy was high, and it was mating seasons for the dragons (1).

Of course that meant things changed during the summer in regards to the dragons keeping. They had to be allowed their mating flights. No condition. If a dragon wanted to mate, it wasn't advised for anyone, rider or building, to try and get in the way. They had made that very clear the first summer after dragons and Vikings became partners.

And for each type of dragon there were different methods to how they kept their nest, and took care of the eggs. Some needed to nest in trees, some were ok with the Nesting House the Vikings had built, and others, like the Nightmares, had to return to Dragon Island. Some of the dragons couldn't leave the nest, some never returned to the nest. It varied between species which parent took care of the nest. And for the second half of that season the village was buzzing with young hatchlings.

And that was Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the III's favorite time of year.

For multiple reasons.

One, was that the people of Berk had too much on their plates to deal with any fighting.

The dragon's kept them far to busy during that time to focus on things like fighting. Once the 'dragon problem' had been resolved, they had too turn somewhere else to release their aggression. That outlet turned out to be another Viking island, barely two hours flight away. They had always known about it, and often traded goods with each other.

Until Hiccup taught them how to befriend the dragons.

Ever since, on a regular bases, one group would ride over, attack, knock a few heads, plunder some goods, and leave. It was all in good Viking nature, and a good way to keep up with training. The dragons, who for the most part didn't like senseless violence, didn't participate, except to step in when someone went too far. There hadn't been any really serious injuries, but Hiccup still didn't get it.

Either way, when mating season rolled around, both sides were too busy with their dragons to do much else. Raging dragon hormones and roaming dragon babies took all sorts of time and energy.

The second reason was those baby dragons.

The little hatchlings were so much fun until they discovered their wings and took off to claim the sky. They loved Hiccup instantly, taking to him faster then anyone else. He was still better at dealing with dragons then with his own people. They were so much more accepting of things.

"She did really well Astrid." Hiccup praised, as one of the newly hatched Nadders jumped up on his arm, and turned his head to look at him properly. Hail pounded against the roof of the Nesting House with a chaotic rhythm.

The young Viking women beamed. Neither of them knew if that was true, since Battleaxe was the first of their Nadders to lay any eggs, but Astrid was proud anyway. She puffed out her chest, and brushed back her bangs that never seemed to say in place. "I know." She bragged. "Hopefully a couple of them will stay with us."

All of the baby dragons flew away for a few weeks when they learned how to fly. However a few of them came back afterwards. There were a few reasons for that. The least often one that they missed their parent, to the most likely one that they had bonded with their parents rider or someone else in the village. Other reasons were they liked the area, or the hunting ground.

"You'll have to play with them a lot then." The brunet replied, motioning her to kneel down and laughing when she reached forward and knocked one of them over. It let out a squawking sound, and attacked her playfully.

Hiccup laughed again. Astrid wasn't really the mother-y type, but one didn't have to be too gentle with dragons. Four little Nadders joined in Astrid's tumble game, while three others went to Hiccup as he started scratching them. As he did this a breath of hot air fanned the back of his neck. He turned his head, coming face to face with his own dragon's big yellow eyes.

Toothless had been there the entire time, conversing with the only other dragon there; a Zippleback that had decided to lay two years in a row. Although all the dragons mated during the summer, they chose when they wanted to have offspring.

"Hey buddy…" Hiccup muttered as his dragon nuzzled him. He lifted the dragon he was holding and smiled. "Isn't he cute?"

Toothless looked at the hatchling and snorted, letting out a rush on affection for his kind-hearted rider. Hiccup flushed at the emotion, then shivered when a forked tongue slid up his neck sensually.

The third and most important thing that Hiccup loved about the summer was it was the only time of the year that his Mate was the one to initiate their sexual play.

Hiccup turned and pushed the dragon away, putting the little one down. "Not now Toothless." Soft eyes asked why, and Hiccup kissed him on the nose. "We can't go home until the storm stops."

To dragons, mating and Mating were two different things (2). When a dragon mated, it was purely physical. Simply for reproduction, or to relieve the pressure of mating season. When a dragon took a Mate however, it was a bond. A mental and magical bond that joined the two forever. It was incredibly rare, but not completely unheard of for a dragon to take a human Mate. According to Toothless, and the Dragons history.

Toothless had chosen Hiccup as his Mate the same day he had thrown himself into the fire to save him. He knew that he loved the cleaver boy more than anything, and when the bond stuck he knew Hiccup felt the same.

Unfortunately for Hiccup one didn't have to do anything physically or mentally to become a dragons Mate. So in those first couple of months before the bond matured, Hiccup realized the type of love that he felt for the dragon, and began making shy passes at him. It didn't work because dragons generally didn't mated during any other season, and Toothless didn't realize that humans did.

Hiccup hadn't known about the Mating, and became depressed thinking that his feelings were one-sided. The Night Fury had become very confused about the way his human was acting until the bond started working and he realized Hiccup associated the lack of sex with the lack of any deeper feelings then friendship. The next time Hiccup had returned to the cave, Toothless had knocked him down and given him exactly what he wanted.

However it was still Hiccup that had to initiate anything… during the colder seasons.

Toothless huffed, giving him a look that clearly said 'So?' then he grabbed the boy's shoulder and pushed him down.

Astrid heard the thump, and looked over. Hiccup was flushed on the ground, trying to push his dragon away. She just rolled her eyes amused.

Hiccup wasn't hiding it. His relationship with Toothless. It wasn't extraordinarily unusual. There was a 4:2 male to female population on Berk (2). Some of the left over men turned to each other, and some turned... other places. And as of the summer before (the last mating season) it wasn't even that uncommon. Some people just bonded with their dragons better than others.

"Toothless!" Hiccup complained, embarrassed to feel his body getting excited in that situation. Didn't those reptiles have any since of privacy? "Toothless! Not now!" He closed his eyes, and radiated as much of his annoyance and embarrassment as he could.

There were some major advantages to being a dragons Mate. Things that he would never share with someone that wasn't a dragons Mate. Although there were Vikings that had sex with their dragons, he was the only dragon Mate that he knew of. The best part was the thought sharing. How they could speak to each other with out words. Feelings, thoughts... they had been able to understand each other before, but being able to really communicate was a true gods blessing! Toothless had adjusted instantly to that form of communication, and rarely used any words in his thoughts, just feelings, images, and knowledge. Hiccup wasn't quite as used to it and usually spoke out loud anyway.

There was also the fact that he hadn't aged in three years. Or at least nothing that was noticeable. He was going to live as long as Toothless (which was considerably more than any human). Baring any physicality that ended one of them. If one of them died, the other would shortly after.

That was the main reason he kept his mouth shut. He wasn't sure how the rest of the Vikings would react to his limited immortality. He wasn't going to mention it until he needed too.

Toothless stepped off disappointed, projecting an image of them heading home; Hiccup protected from the ice shards by a large black wing. Hiccup sat up, responded with the idea of those same ice shards hitting Toothless in the head, or in his large eyes. The Night Fury knocked him down again annoyed. He was too strong for something like that to bother him.

Hiccup sighed, reaching up with both hands to touch his dragon's head. "Why do you get to be protective, but I don't?" He asked in a whisper.

The reply was a purr-like growl, and a loving nuzzles to his neck. It was rather clear, even without the words. 'Because I love you.'

Hiccup sighed returning the gesture. "And what, I don't? Stupid reptile."

Astrid chuckled. "You two are so lovey-dovey." She snorted. "Strangest Viking I've ever seen."

Hiccups relationship with the Viking warrior had been over before it started. They had been together for a few weeks, but Hiccups life revolved around his dragon, and Astrid's didn't. She had lost interest. She had ended up falling for an older Viking inside the village.

Hiccup huffed at her. "I'm not that strange! And other people snuggle their dragons!"

"Who?" She asked.

All right, so maybe he was a little strange.

They went back to playing with the little ones, until the hail turned to rain, and Toothless insisted they go. Hiccup didn't really mind. He loved it when Toothless got impatient. And he minded even less when they reached the grotto, and the dragon all but shoved him through the cave door, and pounced on him.

The cave had been a surprising and pleasing find. The opening had been hidden by a large thin rock that had fallen in front of it. The opening was large enough for a full-grown Viking to squeeze through, and Toothless had no problem fitting in. It wasn't incredibly spacious, but it was enough for them to be quite comfortable. The entire thing was closed off by a door that Hiccup had made. Its primary purpose was to keep heat inside the cave during the winter, It could be pushed open from the outside, and pulled open from the inside by a rope thick enough for Toothless to use without difficulty.

"Wait a second!" The human exclaimed, while Toothless began rubbing against him. "Let me get my clothes off first! I'm tired of patching up the outfits you destroy."

He crab-crawled out from underneath his dragon and got up. It was too dark for him to see anything inside the cave without lighting a candle or torch, but he knew the layout of the cave well enough to move towards the chest and remove his clothes and prosthetic leg.

Toothless purred again, rubbing his head against the naked flesh, and offering himself as support until Hiccup could get the riding saddle off. Then he helped him to a corner of the room that was almost completely burned and ashy where they spent nights.

Hiccup collapsed on the bedroll that he had there, since his own body couldn't sleep on the ground like his dragon without serious discomforts in the morning, and groaned as a hot scaled body overlaid his own. The heat remained for a while, before disappearing, only to be replaced by an even hotter tongue.

. . .

Hiccup woke up, feeling overly warm in that pleasant way he had long since gotten used too. With Toothless curled up on one side, a warm tail turned around his back and a wing spread over him to contain the heat. It was suffocating, but nice, and fulfilled the desire for contact with his dragon that he almost always felt. As always it was tempting to just lie like that all day. There had been days when they had done just that, except for getting food.

However Stoick didn't appreciate those days. Hiccup sighed. "Come on Toothless." He whispered. "Time to get up." Lazily he crawled out from underneath the wing, and shivered at the cold. However the cave had warmed up significantly during the night housing a dragon, and soon Hiccup adjusted to the new temperature.

The young Viking still stayed in his father's house on the rare occasion, and he did visit the village daily, but officially he owned the grotto and that was his home. He had moved all of his things there that he cared enough to have with him. Most of it was kept in a medium chest on one side of the cave. A few utensils and eating supplies, a set of tools, clothes, blankets, paper, other art supplies, the helm his father had given him... He had a shield and a few weapons that were placed around the room. Toothless didn't like them too much, but he was the one that insisted Hiccup should have something to defend himself with, in the event something happened.

Hiccup pulled on his usual clothes and attached his metal foot, before turning to his 'sleeping' Mate. The Night Fury wasn't asleep. However he seemed to enjoy making Hiccup work to get him moving when he just wanted to be lazy.

"Toothless," he called circling the dragon hopefully. "Didn't you hear me? Lets go get breakfast." he didn't mind the dragons antics, but he was a little hungry. "Come on." He shook him, trying to get him to move, then moved around to the front and tried again harder. "Toothless-!" He was to busy to notice the way Toothless wing was contracting, until Toothless reached out, grabbed him, pulled him back onto the bedroll, and returned to their original position. "Argh! Toothless!"

That game went on for a while, before Toothless was to rouse to try and get any more sleep. Then they finished their morning rituals, cleaning and such, before Hiccup helped Toothless into the saddle, and they shot into the air.

The wind was cold compared to the warmth from the cave, but there was nothing that beat the feeling of flying. The wind rushing through hair, beneath strong wings, the way their stomach stayed behind in the first few moment, the way they began to forget which one of them was human, and dragon; Who was who.

Flying was amazing. It gave them the same sense of 'togetherness' that mating did. With just as much (although a different type of) pleasure. The two of them could fly for hours together, soaring, breathing, being.

However they couldn't remain in the sky forever, not with Hiccups stomach growling like it was. So it was with reluctance that they drooped out of the sky, and landed lightly on the ground.

"Hiccup!" called quite a few voices as they touched the ground. It was three years after 'The Queen' incident, and he was still the center of everyone's attention.

He wasn't really surprised when he sat down and thought about it. Most of the Vikings had been raised by the idea that a persons status was based on how strong the dragons were that they killed, and Hiccup had taken out the largest one anyone knew about. On top of that status was newly based on what dragon you managed to tame, and Hiccup was the only one to ride the deadly and illusive Night Fury.

However when those weren't the foremost things on his mind, Hiccup was often startled by the villager's attention.

People crowded around him in the dinning hall, and talked. Mostly about their dragons. Fishlegs appeared at one point, asking questions about the new (although still incomplete) dragon guide Hiccup had written. Toothless returned from his own feast of fish as soon as he was finished, and pulled him aside.

"What is it Buddy?" Hiccup muttered as they started in the direction of his father's house. He closed his eyes, and welcomed the idea Toothless sent him. He felt himself flying all day, before he saw a foreign village in the dark. "You want to go there?" He asked. "Why? What's there?"

Toothless nudged him. He got the feeling that Toothless wanted to make sure there was something there before he told him. But he was hoping it would be a good surprise.

Hiccup smiled, then nodded. Toothless wanted to surprise him. "Alright. Just let me tell Dad and pack. How long will we be there?"

Toothless thought it was possible they would be there for a while, and made a few unusual insistences. Like lots of blankets, then a set of cooler clothes, which Hiccup couldn't find. They never had any real warm weather and he wouldn't have a reason to own a set of light clothes. But he packed up what he could and once he was set they went out.

. . .

They would have reached the village in a day if it wasn't for the fact that Hiccup couldn't go as high up as Toothless could comfortably. It was too cold and the air was too thin. So they spent the night on some floating island they passed, and reached it about noon the next day.

It got hot fast. By the second day Hiccup was tempted to just remove his clothes, and by the time they reached their destination it was broiling. He kept comfortably cool while they were flying at full speed, but it started to become difficult when they reached the island.

From the sky Hiccup could see small buildings, and just a few boats. The island was a bit flatter than Berk was, but the village didn't look as large as theirs. It also had very few trees. There were two other islands close by. The smaller one had another larger village, and the largest of the three was probably where they went to hunt, because it was a large forest.

'Something seems odd about this place…' Hiccup thought as they flew in closer. The heat was getting to him, but he could ignore it. A dragon flew past them and Hiccup had to smile. 'Dragons live even out here huh?' He looked back at the island. They were close enough that Hiccups eyes widened with surprise.

The little village was filled with dragons.



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(1) I will be mixing common dragon-lore with a bunch of made up bull-***. Just so you are warned.

(2) Based on the boy:girl ratio in Dragon Training class.


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