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The sound of young growls, a human's laughter, and little claws scrapping up dirt filled the clearing.

Toothless flattened his ears again to try and block out the sounds, before realizing there was no hope for furthering his nap. His head turned towards the source of the sound and one yellow-green eye opened. He was resting in a shady spot beneath a tree, making it all the easier to see the sounds origin just beyond the shadows, basking in sun next to the water of their home.

The sound had come from his beautiful Mate and three young dragons. The young Viking, it seemed, was having some difficulty dealing with their children. The little black dragons were climbing all over him, batting, biting, and threatening each other as they tried to get the humans attention on each of them alone. Each of them trying to take him from the others. "My Hiccup!" They claimed. "Mine!"

Hiccup was laughing, the sound strong and loving, trying in vein to keep them separated. The scene was warming, just like the one Toothless had envisioned seasons ago. He lifted his head, and smiled to himself.

Things had settled down immediately after the incident with the Dragon Killer. Ragnar had been thoroughly punished for his crime, but although Toothless had thought death to be a more satisfying conclusion, his kindhearted Mate had rejected such a thing. The man had been banished instead, his entire boat painted black so that no matter where he sailed, no others would be deceived by him.

Bigeyes, the forced hatchling that Hiccup had been so worried about, had woken up to them perfectly healthy. The early hatching had affected his growth, but not as much as feared. He would forever be smaller then his siblings, taking longer to learn to walk, swim, and fly, but for all that he lack in size he made up with cleverness.

Three baby dragons had managed to crawl out of the nest on their own. He remembered Hiccups sleepy confusion as he woke, wondering why his bedroll was moving. When they went to clean the shells out of the nest; they found another who had not managed to reach the surface on her own. She had been aggravated they hadn't let her find her way, but had nothing but forgiveness when Hiccup presented her with a whole pile of fish.

The Dragon Rider had named her Ashes, both from the way that they had found her, and because her scales had taken on a more gray coloring, which wasn't unusual for females. She laid somewhere to the side, watching with a kind of attitude of: 'I'm too good for such silly games. Daddy still loves me most'.

Toothless had tried to warn his little Mate that naming them would only make it harder for him to let them go, but Hiccup was insistent. In the end it hadn't made much difference. After their initial flights all but one of them had come back.

Bigeyes, Ashes, Ari, who's love for Hiccup seemed only to be matched by his love of causing trouble across the village, and Nightshade, whom in all appearances seemed to have taken the role of protector for his smallest brother. The only one to not return had been Eitri, the wildest. Hiccup looked for him on the horizon every night before the sun set.

The others, of course, rarely gave him a moment to really think on it. One of them always wanted to play, and any moment where that wasn't the case was taken up by Toothless, doing 'alone time' things, and his duties to the village.

Toothless could feel how happy his human was. Surrounded by his children, his Mate. It was due to that happiness that Hiccup had given in to something else that Toothless wanted. A human child. Hiccups child.

The girl that had agreed to the job they had borrowed from Garvanisha. Someone quiet and willing to stay out of danger through the pregnancy, unlike most Viking women. She seemed pretty enough too, but Toothless hoped that the child would take after his father more then anything.

Stoick loved his grandchildren. The village loved them. Each one of them seemed to be hoping that one of them would take one of their children as a rider. The dragons were a little young for that yet, but Bigeyes had made it clear by the way he sniffed around the surrogate mother that he planned to carry his little brother or sister. Clever little thing.

"Toothless!" Came a shout that brought the dragon out of the haze of his memories. Hiccup was pinned beneath Ari, with Bigeyes licking his head. The young things were growing fast, and would soon be too big to do such things. "Help me!"

Toothless let out a throaty laugh. Casually he got to his feet, walked over, and with one playful swipe knocked all three of them off. Hiccup scrambled to his own feet and them up into the saddle, which had long been fixed, before the hatchlings could compose themselves. When they did, they squawked at them.

Toothless growled, crouching as a challenge. "My Hiccup." He corrected.

The dragons growled back, this time Ashes jumped up as well, each of them shouting equally possessive claims. Toothless might have been their father, but they would not let him take their Hiccup.

They lunged. Being the older more experienced dragon that he was, Toothless had no trouble dodging all of them. He wasted no time waiting for them to land and reposition themselves, before jumping into the sky. Roars of pseudo-rage could be heard and four dark blurs shot up after them.

Hiccup was still laughing, having fun with the game they played rather often. Toothless could feel how much love the boy felt for him and their children. Love that he mirrored and set right back. Hiccup smiled sentimentally, glancing back to see the little ones gaining on them too quickly. "Come on Buddy." He muttered, leaning forward and running one hand over his dragon's strong neck. "Lets play."

The End

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