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The serene silence that came after death was what Jinkuro…existed for.


This simple absence of sound, though, and movement always made his heart soar with joy.

Although, fighting was always fun.

Yes, that is one thing he couldn't deny, he LOVED fighting.

The rush of adrenalin was more addicting than sake had ever been.


'Such a pretty voice.'

He turned slowly, so he wouldn't startle the owner of the pretty voice,

And he was glad he took said precautions.

There stood a doe-eyed brunette.

Such an enchanting innocence radiated from her eyes that it almost made him regret killing,

Almost, but not quite.

He knew, deep within his heart that he was born to kill,

To become the mortal version of Shinigami-sama himself.

But this girl!

Oh how she made him question every move!

Every nod, every smile, every brush of their hands seemed like an elaborate dance to Jinkuro.

Had he moved his hand at the right time?

Did he smile at her at the right time?

Did he look okay?

Was here any blood on his clothes?

"Yes Momohime?"

Such a pretty smile adorned her gentle face.

"Will you walk with me? I-I have a feeling someone…will get hurt tonight."

Ah, the famous woman's intuition.

"Of course Momohime, please allow me a moment to gather my equipment."

Quickly, almost at an inhuman rate, he gathered his armor and…

His sword.

"Shall we?" He stood from his kneeling position, and took in his surroundings.

It was a rather elaborate garden in which the young woman and he liked to haunt.

Sakura trees filled the air with sweet perfumes, soft green grass made it a perfect resting place, and one couldn't forget….

The kind young princess that wandered within it.

Whom was watching him quietly.

"Yes, momohime?"

The blush informed him that he wasn't supposed to catch her watching.

"Jinkuro, would you save me… if I were to be kidnapped?"

Why would she ask such a question?

"Of course."

Didn't their friendship, or in his case secret crush, tell her as much?

A dark, eerie smile broke across her soft features, and an even more disturbing voice came forth from her red lips.

"Come and get her then, Jinkuro..."

And with that, the girl, his Momohime disappeared in a flash of red light…

And left behind only her sweet scent.

Jinkuro remembered that horrid voice,

It was the voice of the one whom wished only for his death…

the monk Shinigami.

"Don't worry Momohime…I'll get you back, no matter what the cost, I'll search for you…"

And with that simple vow he set off to recover his lost love.

Little did he know, those simple words bound his soul to hers...

"Forever and always."

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