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Chapter 6

The Giant boar charged wildly at Jinkuro, an angered roar escaping his horrifying snout. A tusk nicked the samurai's side as he leapt over the giant pig, and he sliced its furry side with a practiced ease. The giant boar turned, anger gleaming in its red eyes, and made another pass at the samurai. This time, Jinkuro dodged the god gracefully, and ran his sword down the length of his opponent. The pig howled in rage and agony, as Jinkuro stabbed him in the side. Then he turned, so quickly Jinkuro had little time to react, and knocked the samurai to the side. The sword was ripped out by the massive pig, and hurled onto the now bloodied snow.

"Mortal, you have made a fatal mistake in crossing Izasaou! FEEL MY WRATH!"

The boar tossed back its head and let loose a roar that knocked Jinkuro off his feet. The samurai shielded his eyes as a blinding, white light curled around the god. Suddenly, the light was gone, and a huge, imposing figure replaced the pig. The god was so tall, that his body stretched high into the heavens, and large, purple waves of magic radiated from the figure. Then, Izasaou's foot rushed at him, giving Jinkuro a small window of opportunity to dive and pick up his sword.

"I will crush you like a BUG, mortal!"

Again the foot came at him; instead of a kick, the god stomped his foot down sharply, causing a shockwave to radiate outwards from it. Jinkuro jumped over the wave, and landed upon the foot. The samurai delivered a series of punishing blows to the green foot, causing the god to howl with rage. Swiftly, Izasaou kicked his foot back and forth, knocking Jinkuro into the soft snow. Pain blossomed from his back, and stars exploded from behind his closed lids. The mountain god cackled gleefully, and brought his foot down for another stomp. The tanned warriors recovered just in time to dodge the foot and the shockwave; he landed upon the foot lightly and waited.

The god pulled his foot up to deliver another stomp, but saw the warrior leap into the clouds that surrounded his head. A surprised sound escaped his tusked mouth, as the samurai lunged at his face. Slice after slice was delivered to his face, and, in a panic, the god let loose a large pin wheel of pure power. Jinkuro snarled and hit it back towards Izasaou. When it connected, the god fell back, transforming as he did so. The samurai fell too, but his landing was cushioned by the giant pig's body.

Quickly, he lashed out at the dazed god, cutting up his side furiously.

"Wait mortal! I-I can't….I concede!"

Jinkuro backed away cautiously and allowed the god to get up. The red faded from the Izasaou's eyes, and the mountain god now watched Jinkuro with blue eyes.

"I am sorry mortal, that monk's spell…it twisted my mind. Thank you for freeing me; let me show you to a hot spring in return."

Jinkuro was doubtful of the god's words, but a small, sweet voice chimed in from beside him.

"Jinkuro…his words are true."

When the samurai turned, he saw a small, pink orb with Momohime's face on it. It smiled sweetly at him, and he gaped at it.