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Last time:


Telling the children about our short separation was hard.

Anthony was always too perceptive for his own good.

Beth had started to gravitate towards Emmett about 2 months ago. She and I had talked, though she knew that if she waited to be with him, she could not have children. She preferred it this way. She wanted love not lust.


Chapter 41: Epilogue 10 years ahead


We moved around some, keeping ahead of the Volturi. They had started hunting us 3 years ago. The Denali Coven moved with us, afraid to be targeted alone.

Peter and Charlotte, Jasper's friends, joined us as well.

Beth and Emmett had been married 5 years ago. They were so happy together.

Anthony found his mate while running one day 3 years ago. Bree Tanner had been changed by the Volturi.

They were still dating and taking things slow. It was nice to see them happy.

My Beautiful and I still spent most of our time alone, together… the family realized that with the twins we never had a honeymoon, never got to just be married.

No one hunted alone, no one walked alone. Always in two's or more.

One day we would have to fight the Volturi. One day my mate and I would die protecting our children… Alice had seen it. No matter how long we ran, it was the same event in a different way.

We started recruiting last month. Searching for aid.

Only Time will tell.


I still remember every human memory I lived.

I knew that Edward and I were biding our time.

But we stayed together. The Family ran with us and the twins were kept in the dark about the unavoidable outcome.

Hopefully the friends we made would be enough to win. If not, enough to keep the twins and their mates alive.


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