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Happy Aerials(and the first one was called "Naughty Aerials"

Skydive was tired. And annoyed. And sore. But mostly tired. That day's patrol had not been kind to him, and he resented Prime for making him tour that area all alone, he resented Starscream and his trine for ambushing him and taking him on with a clearly unfair advantage; most of all though, he resented himself. In the back of his processor, he knew he could have fought better.

It wasn't that Skydive had turned tailfin and ran for his Spark. He fought like any other soldier would do, but still he felt that his skills were somehow….lacking. Skydive never had the desire to fight. He never had met it with as much relish as Slingshot, or with as crazed suicidal tendencies as Air Raid. He supposed that this desire got in the way of his skills, which made himself, in his opinion, less competent than his brothers.

Yet Skydive forced himself to take on the three Seeker jets himself. Eventually though, he made himself radio for help; with damage to both of his wings and part of his fuel tank, and enduring Starscream's nasally, screeching caterwaul had gotten to him; he needed help.

Luckily Fireflight had happened to be in his area. What he was doing there Skydive hadn't the foggiest, but given his present situation he wasn't about to question an event he considered nothing less than a miracle. Yes, the F-4 may be the youngest, and most innocent and chipper Aerialbot of the bunch, but mess with one of his brothers, and his was a frightful force to reckon with. Fireflight was able to muster enough firepower to cover Skydive as he made a hasty retreat back to the base.

And then, as if the day's patrol was not enough, he was forced to sit in the medbay for two breems, while an unholy irate Ratchet hammered his audio receptors with threats so crude they would have made Megatron himself blush. Ratchet ended with an oh-so-classy flourish of "come back again all slagged up and I'll mount your wings on my wall, flyboy," and unceremoniously kicked the F-16 out of his bay. Skydive went on his way, making a mental note to pay First Aid a visit the next time he was injured.

As Skydive neared the entrance to the Aerialbots' quarters, he allowed himself a small smile. Even after a long, pain-in-the-aft day, he always had a home to go to, a home that gave him everything he needed; safety, recharge,energon, and his family. Sighing, half from exhaustion and half from anticipation, he opened the large metallic door…..

Before the door was even halfway open, three bodies came at him in a blur, pushed him back, and together all four of them flew backwards. Skydive barely had time to let out a yelp of surprise before they hit the wall outside the door. The breath was knocked out of Skydive and he almost fainted; he thought he was under attack again. When he came to, three voices-3 familiar voices- all slammed into his audios at once,

"Skydive! You're alive!"

"Haha knew those Cons wasn't a match for our SIC!"

"So where in Primus's name have you been, you slagger?"

Skydive was finally able to focus his vision. He was in the hallway, slumped against the wall. Right next to him, more closer than comfort, actually, were the overjoyed and happy faces of Fireflight and Air Raid. The third voice belonged to, of course, Slingshot, who was leaning against the entrance of the doorway with a smug look on his faceplates.

Skydive managed a crooked smile as he tried to stop his helm from spinning again, "Nice to…see you guys too. I was –"

"Awwwwww, 'Flight already filled us in!" Air Raid interrupted, waving a hand dismissively, "Heard you gave Ole' Starscreech and the Screamettes a run for their energon!"

"In fact," Slingshot said, slipping from his place by the doorway to kneel on Skydive's other side, "By all accounts, 'Flight saved your sorry aft from near annihilation. You are one lucky bastard."

"Sooo the lost bird returns to the nest after all."

As Skydive expected, the last Aerialbot had finally arrived.

Silverbolt smirked at the pile of jets in front of him, "Well it seems you now have a fan club."

Skydive shrugged, "Heh, what can I say? Looks like I've been missed."

Fireflight nodded his helm vigorously and nuzzled Skydive's neck wiring.

"I wasn't worried!" Air Raid declared, as Silverbolt offered a hand and pulled the F-16 to his feet. Skydive wobbled a little, still slightly disoriented from his fall. Silverbolt placed a steadying hand on his shoulder and turned concerned blue optics on his SIC.

"All right bots," Silverbolt addressed his entire team, "I think we're all in need of a good recharge."

Slingshot, Air Raid, and Fireflight scrambled up from the ground and all at once ran towards the door, forgetting that it was only meant to be entered one at a time, and all three got stuck in a mess of arms, legs, and wings. After some struggling and a few choice words from Slingshot, they finally pushed their way through.

Skydive stared after his teammates, sensing the excitement from their shared bond coming off in waves. He sighed .

"You know boss, I have the strangest feeling…that I'm not sleeping in my own berth tonight."

Beside him, Silverbolt chuckled. "Brother, you have the processor of a psychic, I swear." When Skydive didn't answer, Silverbolt turned to him, with more seriousness in his optics. "They missed you, 'Dive. Slings hasn't talked since you came back just now, and Air Raid wasn't as lively until we knew you were safe in the medbay. They need to be close to you again." He placed a hand on Skydive's mended wing gently. "We need you."

Skydive managed a small grin. He knew that he would much rather recharge in his own, nice warm berth, and all the quietness it offered, instead of trying to cram five jets into one berth. He would rather drift calmly to sleep rather than listening to the shut down chirps of his teammates systems, and the snores as they reached total shutdown mode. He was awfully tired and sore, and he needed his strength for what the next day would bring, and he might not get a lot of rest.

But he followed his leader inside the common room, because somehow, he was okay with that.

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