It was around midnight when it had happened. By it England meant some lunatic banging on his door. You know, America.

"ENGLAND! Open up!" England couldn't help but blush. Damn these perverted thoughts. He blamed France for this. It was all that frog's fault. Or at least he blamed him.

"What the hell do you want at this time of night?" He asked as he opened the door. ...He really wished he hadn't asked.

America was standing there in only his boxers with three children clinging on him. One child with dark blonde hair that could be mistaken for brown was holding on his leg without any shoes. Another child was holding onto his head trying not to fall off as America stood there huffing and puffing. This child had blonde hair and green eyes much like himself. The third child was in his arms with his legs on both of the American's sides.

"My state gained personification. T-T" You could hear the emoticon in his voice as he tried to nudge himself into England's home with one of the youngsters started to gnaw on his leg.

"Oh my..." That was all that was said as America sat down on the couch and the children ran about doing things that children do. Okay, so England wasn't paying attention to the children since he was staring at America's chest and his abs.

"What am I gonna do? I am totally screwed! I'm too young for kids and now I have three of 'em. Oh god, what if more appear? I HAVE FIFTY FUCKING STATES! DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT WOULD BE TO TAKE CARE OF FIFTY CHILDREN?" England supposed that was the appropriate response to this situation. A very appropriate response.

"Calm down. We can't sort anything out if you're in this state of mind." He tried to reassure America, but he really wasn't sure what to do.

"Ken! Stop that, you'll break it." England looked over to the child with brownish hair who was pulling on some sort of cloth on his table.

"Ken?" He gave America a questioning glance.

"Kentucky. That one is Ken and that blonde with the green eyes over there is Tennessee and that child who is hanging on your table, don't ask me why, is Indiana. Only those three so far." At least America sounded a bit happy.

"So, what are the other two's names since that one is Ken?" He asked as Ken started chewing on his foot. He seemed around two or three. A mere babe. At least the others seemed around five or so.

"Tennessee is Tenny and Indiana is Indi... Want a last name for 'em?" He shook his head. At least the first name had made a bit of sense.

"No, thank you. When did this happen?" He gestured towards the children who seemed to be playing together now. How cute! They even looked like America... And someone else. He couldn't quite put his finger on who though.

"Do they remind you of someone?" He asked to try and pin point who exactly the children held a similarity to.

"Tennessee kinda looks like you, don't ask me why and the other two sorta look like me, but Indiana kinda looks like Canada."


"The one France took care of. You know, the person up north from me?" England stared at him with a blank face.

"Doesn't ring a bell. Have you left anyone to look over your house?" That earned him a strange glance. He just sighed and shook his head.

"Why would I have someone look over my house?" England grunted and raised himself to go make some tea.

"Just in case more of them pop up." He called back as walked into the kitchen. He was fairly sure he had heard an 'OH SHIT!' and America rushing to call someone to go look over his house, but it could have been his imagination... Yeah right.

"America, would you like some tea?" He yelled to make sure America heard him in his living room. He was fairly sure he had heard him to because he heard a sort of muffled, 'Sure, but make it coffee.' He had scoffed at that, but did it anyway.

He walked back into the living room to see America in fetal position on the floor making sniffling noises. He quietly sat the cups down on the coffee table debating on whether or not to speak up and tell him to get his arse off the damned floor.

"Ohio and Maine appeared along with Virginia and West Virginia. T-T" If seven children had the great American hero in a fetal position he could only wonder what fifty would do to him. The poor boy. He was still a child to, but maybe this would be a bit good for him. Teach him a bit of maturity and whatnot.

"What will you name them?" England asked to try and comfort him a bit. Maybe get his mind off of things... That wasn't likely, though.

"Io, May, Vira, and Wera." Apparently America wasn't very good at coming up with names. Well, the second one was alright.

"How about you join me on the couch? It might make you feel better.~" England said in a sing song voice.

"You sounding like Russia doesn't really make me wanna come up there with you..." He rolled his eyes.

"Get your arse up here you git!" Great, now he was cussing in front of children and Ken started to cry.

"Damn it! Make it stop!" America cried in fetal position and started rocking somehow. England just went to the child and picked him up and started to sing him an old lullaby.

"Hush little baby don't you cry~ Mama's gonna sing you a~... da da da~" Flip. He forgot the words. Damn his old age. He was blaming this on his age. Hell, he was forever old and had no buisness crushing on someone centuries younger than him. ...Well then... He had just confirmed mentally that he was crushing on America. How nice. -_-''' He felt the emoticon in his mind was necessary.

"Lullaby~" America said from the floor.

"Yes, yes that." The child had already fallen asleep in his arm from his humming the rest of the tune he didn't know.

"You're a good mama." That made England blush but he didn't say anything back. He just enjoyed the silence of a sleeping child in his arms and the other children whispering to each other about something.

"I'm serious. You'd be a great mother."

"I'm not a girl."

"I don't care. You're the perfect mama. You were great with me." No one said anything after that, but just sat in silence letting the words sink in.

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