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A drunken homeless man teetered down the alley way looking for a warm place to sleep. He had long unruly hair, an unkempt beard, and blood shot eyes. His clothes were filthy and he smelled putrid. No one would have recognized him as the Savior of Olympus. He was now merely the forgotten hero. Once he defeated Kronos, no one really paid attention to him. Annabeth had broke up with him, his mother started a new family, and his father never had time for him. At Camp Half-blood, he was merely a has been. Perseus Jackson was feeling left out and forgotten so he simply just left. So, he found peace at the bottom of a bottle.

Artemis, Goddess of the moon, was called before her father, Zeus, because she once again went on a man hating tirade. Many of the other gods began to complain that something needed to be done. Artemis was out of control.

"Artemis you know why you're here. You have been out of line with many of the male gods so now I've decided that you need to be put in your place," Zeus said calmly.

"Put in my place," questioned Artemis? "What exactly is that supposed to mean?"

"You will be married and learn to be a loving and caring wife," answered Zeus. "You need to find happiness Artemis. You are always so angry and upset that being a maiden is no longer doing you any good."

Artemis was shocked. It took her a while to respond while she just glared at her father. "Are you insane!" "She bellowed at the top of her lungs." "I will certainly not be married!"

"Silence!" Zeus said "Artemis you have brought this upon yourself. I will give you one week to find a suitable husband but after that I will pick one for you." "You cannot and will not wiggle your way out of this." "Defy me and you will most surely pay dearly as well as your hunters." "I've already talked to the rest of the council and with the exception of Athena they have agreed." "I have forbade Athena to help you in this matter so don't seek aid from her." "You have one week." Zeus disappeared in a flash of lightning bolts and thunder.

Artemis just stood there in total shock. This couldn't be happening she thought to herself. She felt a tear trickle down her cheek and she covered her face with both hands and began to cry uncontrollably for the first time in a four thousand years. After a while, she regained her composure and wiped her tears. She thought about who would be a suitable husband. If he is to be her husband, he must be respectful to woman, be kind, loyal, handsome, and heroic. Most importantly he must be faithful. Who is she kidding she thought. No man has all these traits. She sat upon her throne deep in thought for hours. Then it hit her like a ton of bricks. Perseus Jackson. A smile came to her lips and she vanished in a flash of silver light.

Artemis appeared in a dark alley when she heard laughter and yelling. She noticed two young men beating on a homeless person. She became enraged and turned the men into mice. The mice scurried off in a panic. She approached the homeless man wondering where Perseus was when it dawned on her. She bent down and lifted the vagrant's head and looked into his blood shot eyes and noticed they were green. "Perseus," she questioned? "What happened to you?"

"L-Lady A-Artemis," he slurred in reply. He was invincible so she knew he wasn't badly injured but he definitely was drunk. Percy took a deep breath and said "Please k-kill me." "I have no wish to endure this pain."

"What?" Artemis was once again shocked. How did such a proud hero become this. "Perseus why do you want me to kill you?" "What kind of pain are you in." "I'll have Apollo ease the pain."

"He can't cure a broken heart Artemis." "No one wants me around." "Please just end my misery," begged Percy.

Artemis started to feel tears well up in her eyes as she looked over the broken man in front of her. She didn't know why but she felt so heart broken for him. She grabbed him and spirited him off to her camp. Once there, the Huntresses gathered around wondering what on earth Artemis was doing with a filthy and smelly man. Huntresses are maidens who vowed to forsake men and serve Artemis. In turn, Artemis gives them immortality.

"What on earth is going on Artemis," asked Thalia? "Who is that?" Thalia was Artemis's lieutenant and daughter of Zeus. She was also a friend of Percy's from Camp Halfblood.

Artemis didn't answer her but instead guided Percy to the river to clean him up.

"Artemis let some of the girls do that for you please," Thalia ordered. She turned around and called two young Hunters to take over for Artemis.

"No!" "I'll do it my self," replied Artemis. "Go back to what you were doing."

Thalia didn't listen to her and she followed Artemis and Percy to the river. She couldn't believe she was undressing a man and washing him in the river. This was just to much. "What's going on Artemis?" "This isn't like you."

Artemis didn't answer but instead said, "Perseus, you need to allow yourself to get wet." "Really, she smell awful." With that Percy began to get wet. Percy was a son of Poseidon and had the ability to control water.

Thalia gasped in disbelief. That can't be Percy can it. "Percy, is that really you."

Percy lifted his head and slurred "Hi Thals."

"Oh my gods, Percy." "What happened to you?" Thalia leaped into the river to help Artemis unclothe Percy. Percy was down to his boxers and was just standing there. He looked like a skeleton. His ribs were all clearly visible and had almost no muscle mass to speak off.

"Percy, how on earth did you become like this," Thalia asked again.

"He's broken hearted and he wishes for me to kill him," answered Artemis.

Thalia's jaw just dropped. "He wants you to kill him." "Why?" Thalia became enraged. "Did Annabeth do this to you," demanded Thalia. "I am gonna have some words with that girl."

"Relax Thalia." "Everyone's to blame." "You, the camp, the gods, and yes Annabeth." "We all took Perseus for granted. After the war, we all kind of just shut him out. We treated him like he was no longer needed or wanted."

Thalia hung her head down in shame. "What do we do with him now," questioned Thalia.

"Actually, I'm glad you asked. You see, my father has demanded that I get married." "I have one week to find a suitable husband or he will find one for me." "He has the support of all the gods except for Athena but forbade her from helping me." "If I refuse, he will punish me and my hunters severely."

"Are you serious," Thalia answered angrily! "Please tell me your kidding."

"I wish that I was. So, I thought of Perseus here." "He will be my husband and he better love me the way he loved Annabeth or there will be Hades to pay." Percy didn't really hear the conversation as he was passed out. Artemis leaned down and touched Perseus making him immortal. Perseus was now part of the Hunt. Percy's body immediately filled out like it was before. He had a glow about him and Artemis couldn't shake the thought of how handsome he was. Percy woke up suddenly sober and looked around confused.

"What in Hades," he questioned. He turned around and saw Artemis looking at him. He blushed as he was naked under a sheet. Artemis noticed his discomfort and giggled.

"It's all right Perseus. Your immortal now and part of my hunt. Your are naked because I had to burn your clothes. They smelled horrible and I was not going to attempt to wash them." Percy noticed he was clean shaven and his hair had been trimmed.

"Uh, thanks and all but I don't wish to be immortal. I appreciate everything you've done for me though. No ones even thought about me in a long time. For that. I am grateful."

"Actually Perseus, you'll not only be immortal you will be a God. I intend to make you my husband."

"Uh, what?" was Percy's only response. I must still be drunk thought Percy. Artemis the eternal maiden was going to marry me. Yeah right. Percy stared at Artemis in disbelief.

"It seems my father has decided to make me marry. So, I am choosing you to be my husband." "I find that you are loyal, loving, brave, and faithful." "You also have always showed respect to women and for that I am grateful." "Perseus, I'm am so sorry that I forgot about what you did for us. For me. I will spend the rest of my immortal life making it up to you." "I will honor you, respect you, love you, and if you so choose to bear your children." "I only ask two things of you." "That you love me and remain faithful." "Do you accept my offer of marriage Perseus?"

"Your serious aren't you." Percy hesitated to answer and thought for a minute. This can only end badly he thought to himself. "Artemis, love has not been kind to me." "Aphrodite herself said she would play havoc with my love life." "I do not want to disrespect you in anyway but-"

Artemis cut him off. "Don't worry about Aphrodite." "I'll have a word with her." Percy thought about it for a moment. Do I really want to be a God. And on top of that do I really want to marry Artemis who hates men. She seems to be marrying me only because her father is making her. She does seem sincere. I guess it can't be worse than living in the streets.

"I accept your offer then but aren't you going to hate me because you are being forced into this marriage. I don't want to enter into a marriage that will result into something like Aphrodite's and Hephaestus's marriage." Artemis knew his words made sense. She still couldn't believe that she was going to be with a man. The mere thought of it sickened her. She detested men with a passion but Percy was different. He has been the first man she has been able to tolerate since Orion.

"No, Perseus. I will not hate you or place blame on you for this. If you are ready I'd like to introduce you to my Hunters."

"Oh, shit." "They are definitely going to hate me."

"Yes, I'm pretty sure there will be some resentment towards you."

Artemis introduced Percy as the first male member of the hunt and that he is intended to be Artemis's husband. She explained Zeus's decision but stated Percy was her choice. She also said no harm was to be done to him. With that said, they vanished in a silver flash. They arrived on Mt. Olympus and headed towards the thrown room.

"Artemis, before we go in, uh, I just wanted to say," Percy said but hesitated. "I know this is a big honor and everything, uhm." "Look, I am really grateful ok." "Everyone just forgot about me." "I thought my life was over." "I so wanted to die." "You saved my life and in all the world you chose me." "I will be eternally grateful and will try to make you happy." "Although, I will understand if after we are wed and fulfill your father's demand you order me away."

"Perseus, don't be a fool." "I intend to honor our marriage and if you ever try to leave me you will have a very pissed off goddess hunting you down. Now, I'm not naïve. I know I'm very independent and we will probably clash at times but I promise to make every effort to compromise."

Percy gulped and said, "Ok then, lets get this show on the road." They entered the thrown room and approached Zeus. They bowed and greeted him.

"Please tell me your kidding Artemis," Zeus asked.

"I don't understand father. I was told to choose my husband and I have. I have chosen Perseus Jackson, savior of Olympus, son of Poseidon." Zeus's eyes glowed bright with little lighting bolts flashing. His fists clenched tightly and his brow furrowed.

"Darling daughter, I didn't mean you could choose a son of Poseidon to be your husband. I thought you knew better."

"I agree with you brother. No son of mine shall be wed to one of your daughters," stated Poseidon.

"Your no father of mine," spat Percy. "Where were you when I needed you in the last five years." "I was drunken bum living off the streets." "After all I did for you, none of you gave me the time of day." "All the pain and heartache I suffered is because no one gave a dam about me." "Not Annabeth, not the camp, not my mother, and certainly not you," he said pointing a finger towards his father.

"Now, just one dam minute Percy. I've been busy rebuilding my palace." "I have other children you know."

"If it wasn't for me, you wouldn't have a palace or children," spat Percy. The throne room started to tremble with Percy's power. He glowed with a bluish green hue. His eye glowed green.

Artemis touched Percy on the shoulder to calm him down. Percy relaxed at her touch and became quit. The thrown room quit shaking and the glow was gone. The rest of the Olympians mouths dropped in awe at the control Artemis already had over the hot headed Percy.

"Father, I have agreed to your decision. I didn't pick Perseus to anger you or cause strife amongst the council. I merely sought out a man who is loyal, faithful, brave, and treats women with respect. Of course, it would help if he was handsome. It was a short list. Actually, the list contained one name and that name was Perseus. I have honored your request as well as that of the majority of the council."

"I agree with her father," Athena politely spoke. "We did give her an ultimatum and she obeyed it." "It's a little late in the game to change the rules on her." "If she must be wed, it should be to whom she wants it to be."

"I agree also," Aphrodite screamed with joy. "I think you two make a grand pair."

"I agree also," Apollo said. Hermes, Hades, Dionysus, Hephaestus, Ares, and Hera all agreed also.

"Aaaargh!" Poseidon shouted. "Percy, think about what you are doing son. You can't want this."

"She has my life in her hands to do with as she wishes," responded Percy. "I begged her to take my life and she did." "She chose to give me life rather than end it." "I owe my allegiance to her."

"What?" Asked Poseidon. "Your allegiance is to me. You are my son."

"I am her Hunter," Percy stated calmly.

"Enough," yelled Zeus! "Very well, Artemis." "You have the council's consent to wed Percy."

The gods threw an impromptu wedding in their grand hall the following week. Demigods, Hunters of Artemis, and Gods all showed up. Artemis getting married turned into a very big deal. She was after all the Goddess of Maidens. The wedding went off without a hitch. Although, Percy was quite and avoiding most of his friends. He still had some resentment towards them. Annabeth found him and walked up to him.

"Hey seaweed brain, how have you been?" she asked.

Percy glared daggers at her and turned to walk away. Annabeth was caught of guard by his anger and reached to grab his arm. "What is wrong with you Percy? I haven't seen you in years and this is how you treat me. Where were you? I looked everywhere for you."

"You were supposed to be my friend. My best friend. The prophecy was over so you no longer needed me did you. You always had to be the best. Did that also mean you had to date the best as well. All of a sudden, you were infatuated with the new hero. You just had to be on his quests didn't you." "I loved you Annabeth but you betrayed me along with everyone at that camp." "My mother and father forgot about me." "I had nothing after all I did." Percy turned and walked away.

"Percy," Annabeth mumble. "Please, let me explain." Artemis noticed Percy and Annabeth talking and became jealous. She walked up to Annabeth to stop her from following him.

"You know it's not a good idea to get him worked up at his wedding." "It might put his bride in a foul mood," Artemis angrily whispered.

"Lady Artemis, I'm so sorry. I didn't know he would react like this." "I just wanted to say hi to him and congratulate him on his marriage to you."

"Stay away from my husband," Artemis jealously said. She turned and went after Percy. She found him on the balcony getting some fresh air.

"Are you ok?" She asked shyly.

"I am now," he joked. "I'm sorry if I'm putting a damper on our wedding." "I promise I'll make it up to you."

"You better," Artemis cooed. She smiled slyly and took Percy by the arm and walked out of the balcony. "Why don't we go to bed early. There is something I've been curious about for thousands of years." She looked at him and winked. He smiled and allowed her to escort him to their palace.

Annabeth was sitting at a table lost in her own thoughts when Thalia approached her. "Hey Annabeth, how have you been," asked Thalia?

"Oh my gods!" Annabeth said. "I haven't seen you in for ever." "Well, I had been doing great till just now."

"Really, what happened?"

"I don't know exactly to be honest. Percy was furious with me. He said I betrayed him."

"We all did Annabeth." "You should have seen him when Artemis brought him to camp."

"What do you mean?" "I thought he was doing fine." "I mean he is the great hero of Olympus and all."

"Yeah, we all thought that." "The reality is everyone just moved on without him. It's like we used him to defeat Kronos and then moved on to the next best thing." "We took him for granted." "He was a homeless drunk."

"What?" Annabeth asked in disbelief.

"Yep, his mother, the camp, the gods, and you all forgot about him."

"He begged Artemis to kill him and put him out of his misery." "Of course she refused and instead married him." "He's not the same Annabeth." "He's no longer the fun loving Percy." "He just broods all the time." "Artemis is the only one he loosens up with." "He only talks to me or the Hunters when he has to."

Annabeth was stunned. She had loved Percy with her whole heart and then moved on to the next great hero. It was her fatal flaw. She always had to be the best. And Percy had been replaced as the high profile demigod with the new prophecy so she jumped ship. How could she be so heartless. She wasn't even with Jake anymore. He dumped her after the prophecy was fulfilled. He said she was to bossy and got angry to easily. She felt used by him. He picked her brain and when he didn't need it anymore she was dumped. She gave up everything for him. God forbid she goes near water. She missed the beach. She missed Percy. "Thalia, I have to fix this. I can't have Percy hate me." "I know what I did was wrong but he has to forgive me. I'm his best friend aren't I?"

"Actually, I think that honor now belongs to Artemis." "And, I don't think she's going to give that up anytime soon." "Actually, she's probably giving it up right now," Thalia giggled.

Annabeth blushed at that statement but said, "Oh my gods, Thalia." "You are so wrong." She couldn't help but feel a pang of jealousy wash over her.

Thalia and Annabeth finished catching up. The rest of the Olympians and demigods continued to enjoy the festivities. Chiron and Grover were taking shots. All in all, everyone had a good time. In the morning, Percy was going to become a god.

Artemis woke up early as usual. She glanced sidewise to the man next to her and smiled. Last night was amazing she thought. She rolled over and cuddled with him. She began to think that he was to good. That he must have had a lot of practice and began to get jealous. She suddenly became furious and punched Percy hard on the shoulder.

"What the hell?" He yelled a little startled and bolted upright.

"How many women have you been with and don't lie to me Perseus?" Artemis growled.

"What are you talking about?" "I haven't been with anyone except you." "I mean Annabeth and I made out a lot but we never did anything more." "I swear on the River Styx that I was a virgin." A loud thunder in the background could be heard.

"Oh, Perseus I'm so sorry. I just thought last night was amazing and that you probably had a ton of experience." "Not even Calypso?" She glanced at Percy for his answer.

"Not even Calypso." "Although, she did look hot in that Greek dress of hers," Percy said wiggling his eye brows. This earned him a murderous glare from Artemis. Ok, no joking about other women around Artemis. "Ahem, sorry about that."

"Just get dressed already, Artemis growled. Your initiation ceremony is in a couple of hours and I want to have a nice breakfast."

"Ok, but first I think I'll make love to my sweet wife," Percy said as he slyly pulled the covers off Artemis to reveal her naked body.

"Do you plan on taking advantage of me against my will Perseus?"


Artemis and Percy had to rush to get something to eat quickly because their morning turned out to be a little more passionate than they intended it to be. They didn't have long before the ceremony. Artemis was giggling like a little kid. The servants were awe struck at her behavior. She was even mimicking Percy when he would thank the servants. They couldn't help but smile at her change in attitude. Percy was indeed going to be good for her they thought.

As they entered the thrown room, they greeted the gods and Percy knelt before Zeus. Artemis took her thrown.

"Well, sister it appears you have a glow about you this morning," quipped Apollo.

Artemis simply smiled and blushed at the remark. She turned her attention back to Percy.

"I don't believe it. Your really not going to start a fight with me over my comment. Who are you and what have you done with my sister."

Artemis calmly replied, "It is Perseus's big day and I do not want to ruin it with childish games." "So, please Apollo do not instigate a fight with me today."

"Please?" "What in the world." "Artemis, you've been married one night and already you are taking on his mannerisms."

"I am pleased also Artemis to see this marriage has changed you for the better," replied Zeus.

"I have one request father. If this new attitude of mine is pleasing to you and you wish for me to keep it, I ask that you order Aphrodite not to mess with Percy's nor my love life."

"Agreed. Aphrodite leave their marriage alone." Aphrodite gasped. She was about to respond when Zeus stated, "No arguments Aphrodite, lest you want to incur my wrath." Aphrodite slumped in her throne in defeat.

The council of gods voted on Percy becoming a god and it was approved. He was named God of Heroes so that no other heroes may be forgotten. He was to replace Dionysis at camp half blood immediately. Percy was happy about his assignment but couldn't help but feel sad about the distance he will have with Artemis. They walked back to Artemis's palace in silence.

"Is something troubling you husband. I thought that this would make you happy. I had asked father to make you god of heroes."

"It's just that I was hoping to be god of hunters or something so that I could be with you always. Now we must be separated a great deal of the time. You at your camp and me at mine."

"I'm so sorry Perseus. I did not think of that. I was." She hesitated. "I was just." Again, she hesitated. "I was so caught up in the moment that all I thought about was what would make you happy."

"You make me happy." "All I ever need or want is you."

"Oh, Perseus." Artemis started to cry and put her head on his shoulder.

"I tell you what. Why don't we make a promise to never sleep apart if we can help it." "I'll stay at your camp in the evenings." "The camp has Chiron so they could get along fine without me."

Artemis hugged Percy tightly and said, "Agreed lover."

Mean while at camp, the campers heard the news that Dionysis was being replaced by Percy. Everyone was happy that they were getting rid of Dionysus except Chiron and Grover.

"This could turn our badly for us couldn't it," Grover said.

"Yes, Dionysis was never happy here and he hated the campers but Percy was," Chiron trailed off. "Let's just hope he's not being vengeful."

Percy and Artemis showed up for lunch at Camp Half-Blood. All the campers gawked at the newly wed gods. They got their food and made their offering to each other. The both laughed and went to sit at the main table. Chiron and Grover both bowed respectfully and said, "Lady Artemis and Lord Perseus."

Perseus said nothing so Artemis said, "Gentlemen, please be seated. We're sorry to barge in on you like this but Perseus thought it best to get acquainted with the campers. I don't know if you have heard but Perseus has replaced Dionysus." Both Grover and Chiron were a bit thrown off by Artemis's kindness.

"Yes, of course. Lord Dionysus informed me prior to his departure. Welcome back to camp Lord Perseus," Chiron said.

Percy hadn't responded to him yet so Artemis put her hand on his shoulder and whispered, "You need to have these men in your good graces if you hope the camp to run well. I'm not saying forgive them. Merely, try to get along."

Percy turned to Chiron and smiled, "It's good to be back Chiron. I'm looking forward to working with you again. And you as well Grover." "We just wanted to come and let you know that I'll be taking a two week hiatus for my honeymoon. The Hunters are going to be staying here during that time."

"Yes of course." "If I may Lord Perseus, allow me to introduce you to your campers," Chiron said. Chiron stomped his hoof loudly and said, "Campers, listen up. I have an announcement to make. Lord Perseus, God of Heroes, will be taking over Camp Director from Lord Dionysus. Please welcome him." Applause arrupted across the pavilion.

Percy stood to greet the campers. "Thank you for that. It is a great honor to be God of Heroes and I intend to do my very best to serve you heroes. I am living proof that hard work and dedication pays off." "Much of my success was attributed to my inherited attributes from my father but it was only through training and discipline that I learned here which allowed me to reach my full potential. Also, without the support of friends that I made here I would not have been successful. It takes the support of many demigods to have a successful campaign. So, continue to keep up the hard work and maybe a few of you will be the next heroes of Olympus."

The campers cheered and applauded his speech. When they sat down one camper remained standing and proceeded to ask a question. "I have a question Lord Perseus," asked Annabeth? She was head counselor of the Athena cabin and Percy's ex-girlfriend.

Percy glared at her briefly and then stated, "What is your question Annabeth?" Artemis gently grabbed his hand for support.

"Are we going to form an immortal group like the Hunters. I mean you're the god of heroes and all. I just thought it would make sense to have an immortal group of demi-gods to fight for us." "The Hunters were a great deal of help in the war and I just can't help but think that Camp Half-Blood would benefit from a similar group."

The camper erupted into cheers and applause. All voicing their agreement with the proposition. Percy knew Annabeth had said this to upset Artemis. Artemis would not approve of such a group. Her Hunters were always the tip of the spear in any emergency and she loathed anything that would make them less important.

"That's an excellent proposal and I'll look into it," said Percy. He glanced at Artemis who did not look pleased.

"What's to look into, Percy." "It's a group that would not only benefit the camp but the Gods as well," Annabeth boldly stated. This time Artemis stood up to speak.

"Silence!" Artemis shouted. "Annabeth you will show Lord Perseus respect by calling him by his title and do not think to question his judgement." "He said he would think about it." Artemis turned to Chiron and said, "Lord Perseus will have his answer later today." "Perseus, I wish to leave." Percy and Artemis disappeared in a flash of silver light.

Percy and Artemis appeared at the Hunter's camp. "What on Earth was that about," asked Artemis. "She is jealous and she is trying to upset me."

"I think your right." "She ambushed me with that question." "My first day and she put that question right after my first speech." "She got the camper's hopes up and when I say no I'll look like an ass." "If I say yes, which she is obviously hoping for, I upset you." "Oh well, looks like she will be disappointed."

"Your not going to allow a group of immortal campers," asked Artemis.

"No I am not." "First off, how can there be new generations of heroes if we always rely of the same group of heroes." "Second, I am not going to alienate a group that I am currently a member of as well as the husband of their leader." Artemis smiled and put her arms around his waist and rested her head on his shoulder. She was pleased that he was loyal to her and thought of her before his ex-girlfriends wishes.

"If Annabeth wants to be part of an immortal group she can join the Hunters," said Percy.

"I will definitely not allow that," Artemis growled.

"Now who's jealous," laughed Percy.

Artemis punched him in the arm and said, "Dam right I'm jealous. Your mine and I will not let some want to be immortal get between us." "I mean it Percy." "I know you probably have some feelings for her still but if she even thinks about making a move on you I'll-"

"Relax babe, I'm not going any where." "She only wants to be with me because I'm back on top." "You took me in when I was nothing."

"Oh, so she does want you back!," Artemis screamed.

"I don't know Artemis and I don't care." "I'll do my job and do right by the campers and more importantly you. I may be a god now but I'm first and foremost your husband and your Hunter."

Artemis smiled and grabbed Percy's hand and headed towards their tent. On the way, she saw Thalia and said for her to take to Hunters to Camp Half-Blood for a couple of weeks.

"I'm always glad to go to camp but why may I ask."

"Percy and I are going on a honeymoon."

"Really, well I hope you remember your oath Artemis," Thalia laughed.

"What?" "Thalia that is-"

"Babe, she is just joking with you. She knows she'll get a rise out you," Percy calmly stated.

"Urgh, Why must everyone be so annoying," Artemis said and stormed off.

"Way to ruin the mood pinecone face."

"My pleasure kelp for brains." Thalia then walked off smiling.

Percy entered their tent and found Artemis lying in bed. "Don't even think about it," she said. "I am no longer in the mood."

"Ok, I'll just undress then and maybe go for a swim." Percy stripped nude and stood in front of her while putting on a pair of speedo's that were a size to small. Artemis just stared at him in disbelief. He was practically naked. She felt her heart beating wildly and her cheeks flush at the sight of her scantily clad husband.

"Your not going out there looking like that," she growled.

"What? I don't see a problem. All the important parts are covered."

"My Hunters are virgins and your going out there practically naked." "I don't think so."

"OK, Percy took off the Speedo's and proceeded to walk outside naked." Artemis flew out off bed and grabbed him before he reached the exit.

"Fine. I never knew I was going to be marrying a blackmailer," said Artemis as she led Percy to the bed.

"Wow, that was easier than I thought it be," Percy said giggling.

"Whatever, your lucky your hot or I would send you to Hades."

"Well, then I'm just going to have to send you to heaven," Percy said with a smile.

Later in the evening Artemis was lying with Percy when she said, "I said you would tell Chiron your answer by this evening." "Are you sure your going to deny them an immortal group?"

"If some of the girls want to join the Hunters and you approve of them then that's fine. Otherwise, they have to fulfill a great prophecy or accomplish some impossible deeds and win the approval of the Olympians to gain their immortality." "Now, if they choose to create a group of elite demi-gods by specialized training or advanced weapons then I'm all for it. The training and weapons can be handed down to later generations."

"I think that's fair," Artemis said. "I could use some more Hunters." "Thank you Percy." "It means a lot to me that you didn't go against me or the Hunters."

Percy smiled and said, "I would do anything for you."

"Hurry up and go to camp and get back here quickly," Artemis said hugging him and kissing him lightly.

Percy appeared in the big house where Grover, Chiron, and Annabeth were talking. Annabeth seemed to be going over some details of the proposed demi-god group. "Good evening, I hope I didn't keep you guys waiting to long."

"Lord Perseus," they all stated in unison and bowed.

"So, what's going on?" Percy asked.

"I was just giving Chiron some proposals for an immortal Demi-god group of heroes," Annabeth said.

"Well, I've decided against it."

"What!" Annabeth yelled. "I can't believe your letting your wife boss you around like this." "She is the only reason your not doing this because it will take away from her precious Hunters isn't it."

"Annabeth," Chiron said. "You are out of line." Grover bleated in fear.

"Annabeth, why is there a sudden need to have an immortal group of heroes. Every generation of half bloods deserves a chance to be heroes." "If I make them immortal, the same group of demi-gods will always get the quests and always have the glory." "Everyone of them deserves a chance to win the favor of the gods and achieve immortality if they deserve it."

"That's rich coming from someone who achieved immortality." "You can't stand anyone else becoming immortal and stealing your thunder ," quipped Annabeth.

"First of all Annabeth, I turned down immortality for you. Secondly, Artemis made me immortal when I was unconscious. I told her I did not wish to be immortal when I found out. I preferred death instead. I did not want to be reminded for all eternity that everyone I thought cared about me actually didn't." Grover and Chiron bowed their heads in shame. Annabeth looked Percy dead in the eyes without remorse.

"Now, Chiron let me explain something to you." "If you choose to raise a group of heroes, you may." "Make them highly trained in whatever field or specialty you choose." "Give them enchanted armor or weapons or anything else that might give them an edge." "I don't care." "As long as they're not immortal." "The training and weapons may be passed down to later generations." "This I will approve of." "Now if they earn the favor of the gods during their exploits then they may achieve immortality."

"Actually, Lord Perseus I think that is a wonderful idea." "Kind of a Knights of the Round Table mystique." "Only the honorable and brave should be permitted to join." "It will give the younger campers something to strive for."

"And, if any of the female campers wish to remain a virgin and swear an oath to Artemis, she will allow them into the Hunt if they are worthy." "Incidentally Annabeth, they will become immortal." "I am not trying to keep anyone from becoming immortal." "Now, I must be getting back," Percy said.

"Percy, can I talk to you for a second? In private," asked Annabeth.

"Gentlemen, it really was good to see you gain," Percy said. He started to walk out the door when he turned to Annabeth and said, "I'll be at the pier."

Once they got to the pier Annabeth said, "Percy, I'm sorry. I love you ok. What am I supposed to do just sit here and watch the love of my life be happily married to someone else."

"Annabeth, you broke up with me." "You cheated on me with your new hero." "You didn't just break my heart." "You destroyed me." "Then everyone else followed your lead and forgot about me." "Am I supposed to look back kindly on the treatment given to me by my so called friends." "Artemis was there for me when I needed someone."

"Oh please," Annabeth grumbled. "She only married you because her father made her." "Where was she when you were homeless." "She didn't think about you till she had no choice." "You saved her life and she forgot about you along with everyone else." "How can you forgive her and not me."

"She wasn't my best friend or the one I loved." "She is not the one who I shared so much with." "I have to go now." "See you later Annabeth."

Percy showed up at the Hunter's Camp to find Artemis anxiously waiting his return. "How did it go," asked Artemis. "Did Annabeth give you a hard time."

"Everything went fine." "Chiron was pleased with my recommendation and I told him that any of the female campers who where willing would be accepted into the Hunt upon your approval."

"That's great. I need to postpone our activities for this evening. I am being summoned to Olympus for an emergency meeting."

"Oh yeah. What's it about?"

"I'm not sure but they said it was very important that I attend. I was waiting for you before I headed out."

"I'll go to Olympus with you and just hang out while you handle your business my lady," Percy said with a bow.

Artemis was the last Olympian to arrive at the council meeting. Everyone had a grim look on their face which worried Artemis.

"Now that Artemis is here we can begin," said Zeus. I have summoned you here because Gaia has-" Zeus was cut off by the appearance of Rhea in front of the Council.

"Gods of Olympus, Gaia hasn't been pleased with the way you have handled the planet." "The planet is in decay and she is removing you as King of the Gods," Rhea said pointing towards Zeus.

"What on Earth are you talking about?" Boomed Zeus. "Replace me? I have ruled over this planet for several thousand years." "Who would replace me?" "I already defeated Kronus and his Titans." Zeus laughed at this. "Who on this planet has the power to defeat me."

In a flash of light Percy appeared before the council. He looked stunned to be here. He looked at Artemis and asked, "Uh, What am I doing here?"

"Leave him be Rhea," Artemis said with conviction.

"Gaia will give Perseus her blessing making him a very powerful Titan," explained Rhea.

Artemis flew off her thrown and charged Rhea who just waved her hand. Artemis flew across the room hitting the floor hard. Percy tried to run after her but was held in place by Rhea. "Artemis!" He screamed.

She struggled to a kneeling position and looked at Percy with tears in her eyes. "Please, don't do this," Percy pleaded to Rhea. Zeus and the other Olympians tried to charge Rhea but were rooted to their thrones.

"Gaia has thought about this a great deal and has come to realize that action must be taken," Rhea simply stated. "She understands that we are all family and doesn't mind that the Pantheon of Gods is in power. She merely wants a change at the top." "She could have chosen Poseidon, Hades, or even Hera to rule but Perseus had proven to be loyal and fair." "Gaia was mightily impressed that he turned down immortality for the good of all Gods and Demi-gods."

"I will not allow this to stand," boomed Zeus. "You think this whelp can stand up to me then so be it." "I declare war on Perseus God of Heroes."

Poseidon became enraged and was about to reply in kind but Rhea held up her hand to silence him. "As it stands now, Gaia simply wants Zeus to step down. She will allow the rest of the council to keep their seats under the rule of Perseus." "However, if you choose to wage war against Perseus and Gaia then you will be removed from the Pantheon of Gods."

"I will not do it," Percy calmly stated. "I do not wish to be a part of this coup nor do I wish for power." "I am content with my current state."

"I'm sorry Perseus but you have no choice." "Gaia will wipe your mind of your past if you don't agree willingly." "She is determined to have you rule." Rhea then grabbed Percy and they vanished in a flash of light.

"Perseus!" Artemis yelled frantically. She broke out in tears and crumpled to the floor. She didn't care how she appeared in front of the other Gods at this moment.

"We can defeat Gaia as we defeated Kronos," Zeus stated calmly. "Athena come up with a plan to defeat her immediately."

"We must raise an army of Gods and Demigods immediately," she stated. "We must attack quickly before she realizes what we are up to." "She is much more powerful and craftier than Kronos is."

"Percy said Camp Halfblood could make a specialized force of demigods using advanced weaponry and training," Artemis said. "We could initiate that program on a much larger scale to include the entire Olympian Army."

"Hephaestus go to Camp Halfblood and see what you can come up with as far and weaponry and armor is concerned," Athena said. "Ares and I will come up with new training and tactics."

"I'm sorry but I cannot join in the fight," mumbled Artemis. "I need to find Perseus before it is to late." "Perseus is to proud and stubborn to give in so Rhea will have to wipe his mind."

"I understand of course," Athena said. Of course, I'll keep an eye on you. You've become much to close to Perseus from my liking. I can't take the chance that you would want to be with Perseus as his Queen. Perseus must die. I will not submit to the sea spawn.

"I will help you Artemis." "He still is my son despite how he feels about me." Artemis acknowledge him with a nod and vanished in a silver flash of light.

Zeus eyed Poseidon warily and said, "Are you sure you are still on our side Poseidon." He knew that Poseidon would prefer Perseus to him. The boy must die.

Poseidon had been thinking about what Rhea had said. He would much prefer Percy as king than Zeus. In fact, it was a no brainer. Replace Zeus and everyone keeps their positions without war. "Zeus you are the only one that has anything to lose here." "You are right in that if Percy was king I would be better off." "Percy, however, does not wish to be ruler of the Gods or to even be immortal." "I will side with Percy and his wife." He then disappeared in flash of water.

"I'll see if I can help Artemis but call me if you need me," Apollo said and vanished in a bright light.

"Now that they're gone what are we really going to do about Perseus," asked Ares. "No way in hell am I going to bow down to that punk." "He must die."

"Is there anyone else here that feels the same way," asked Zeus? "The boy must die." "That of course will anger Poseidon and Artemis." "Apollo of course will side with his sister." "There may be war." No one else disagreed. "We must get to Hades and get him on our side."

Artemis reappered at Camp Halfblood and marched into her cabin. "Lady Artemis, are you alright," Thalia asked. Artemis had tears pouring down her cheeks.

"Thalia go tell Chiron we need a quest to find Perseus that is very dangerous and that the Hunters and I will assist them."

"My Lady want happened to Percy," asked Thalia.

"Rhea abducted him," Artemis said simply. She didn't want to tell Thalia the whole story in case she sides with her father. She knew Zeus will ask for Perseus's death. She will not allow that to happen. "Now go quickly. Time is of the essence."

Thalia left immediately and sprinted to the big house and told Chiron. Chiron called for an emergency meeting of counselor heads. While the demigods were gathering Hestia appeared in Artemis's cabin. "Artemis we need to talk."

"Phoebe take the Hunters to the archery range for a bit." While they filed out Artemis had a sinking feeling that Hestia was here to tell her that Zeus is going to kill Perseus. "What is it?"

"Zeus and most of the council has agreed to killing Perseus." "I am fond of the boy myself and do not wish to see him killed." "If there was a way to avoid war, I'm for it." "However, I don't see that as an option." "So, I give you my allegiance my queen."

There was a bright flash of light and Apollo appeared. "As do I, my queen," he said with a low bow.

The room suddenly got very cold and dark and Hades appeared. "I hear Zeus is being deposed and I am invited." "Tsk, tsk Artemis." "Although I have no love for the boy, I would love to see Zeus on a bent knee for a change." "I, of course, have a price."

"What would your price be," asked Apollo.

"I think I've spent enough time in the underworld and I would like to have a new domain." "Now don't worry. I don't want Poseidon's domain."

"Lord of the sky has a nice ring to it." "Don't you think."

"Exactly what would Percy's domain be," Artemis angrily asked.

"Not my problem I'm afraid," Hades said with amusement. "I would of course like a seat on the council as well."

The room became bright with light and Poseidon appeared. "My Lady," he said with a bow. "I don't know what your intentions are but if you are willing to hear me out I think Percy would make a fine king."

"We were just discussing negotiations with Hades on that matter," Hestia spoke. "Zeus has ordered the death of Perseus."

Poseidon looked enraged. The ground started to trembled as his eyes glowed green with power. "I knew it." "That coward." "Very well then, I accept war with the sky king."

"I intend to be the knew sky king," Hades chuckled.

"What would Percy's domain be I wonder," Poseidon glared. Just then three figures rose from the ground in front of them. Gaia, Rhea, and Percy.

"Perseus!" Artemis screamed and ran to him and embraced him in a hug.

"I thought I'd lost you." "Your still Perseus aren't you."

"Yes, Artemis it's me." "What's all this?" Percy asked looking around the room.

"Perseus, father has ordered your death and we were discussing having you as our king," Artemis said in between sobs. "Hades has pledged us his support for a new domain." "Specifically the sky."

Gaia spoke excitedly, "Then it's agreed." "We have our rebellion." "I had hoped there would be no bloodshed." "We then need to find new recruits to fill our ranks." "First off we need a new Lord of the Underworld." "Percy any ideas of who you would like to fill that role."

"Hades would Nico be ok to fill that role for you." "Only if he agrees to it." "I will not force anyone into that position."

Nico appeared before them and Hades said, "Ask him yourself."

Percy looked at Nico and asked, "Nico, answer carefully and think about it before you do." "Do you wish to be Lord of the Underworld?"

"What?" Nico looked at Percy with a shocked expression. He looked at his father who nodded. "What's going on?"

"A rebellion against the current Olympians." "Your father has agreed to fight with us but he wants a different domain." "So, it's up to you. I will not force you into it."

"I'll be a god? Then I accept," Nico said with happiness."

"Actually, you'll be a titan," Percy stated.

"Perseus, it seems you have accepted my offer to be king," Gaia said. He looked at Artemis who nodded her approval.

"Yes, I have."

Gaia raised one of her hands and placed it on Hades and the other on Nico and spoke in some ancient language and then they both passed out. "It's done." She then walked up to Percy and placed a hand on him and chanted some ancient words and he passed out.

"What domain will Percy have," asked Poseidon.

"He will be the Father of Time of course." Artemis smiled at this. "Now they have numbers on their side but we have the most powerful Gods and Titans." "Artemis come here dear." She placed a hand on her forehead and Artemis passed out. "She is now also the Titan of Time. Not quite as powerful as Percy but powerful none the less." "Percy and Artemis kept their previous powers but Hades powers over the Underworld have been removed. He now has the power of Ouronus, a true sky king."

"I'm sure the Olympians are recruiting the demigods so who will be in our army," asked Poseidon.

"That is for Lord Perseus to answer," Rhea said.

Percy, Hades, Nico, and Artemis woke up two days later. They were recovering in Poseidon's palace. Gaia, Rhea, Hestia, Apollo, and Poseidon have been marshaling some of their forces to combat the Olympians. The Hunters were camped out somewhere in New York awaiting Artemis's orders. Apollo had evacuated his cabin and had them staying with the Hunters. Gaia had placed some giants around the Hunter's camp for protection.

The newly awakened Titans walked into the thrown room of Atlantis and greeted the other Titans and Gods waiting for them. "What's going on?" Percy asked.

"Poseidon has his army ready and Apollo has his children and the Hunters camped out in New York." "I have my giants prepared for war as well," Gaia stated. "I have also enlisted the help of the satyrs and the nyphms."

"Can we do this without any blood shed?" "I really don't want to see any gods, demi-gods, or humans lose their life in a needless power struggle."

Meanwhile at Camp Halfblood, Hephaestus, Ares, and Athena had been improving their war making capabilities. Mystical armor that provides the wearing with enhanced speed and strength. Ares and Athena had taught them new fighting tactics. The campers were excited about the new hardware and fighting knowledge. They were in the pavilion when Zeus spoke to the Gods and Demi-gods.

"Once again the time has come to fight for our way of life," Zeus spat. "The treacherous Perseus Jackson and his followers are attempting to over throw the Council and put Titans in charge." "He has enlisted the help of Artemis, Apollo, Hestia, Poseidon, and Hades." The demi-gods became fearful at this point. Those were some heavy hitters to be going against. Two of the big three, the sun and moon, and Hestia. Not to mention Percy who defeated several Titans including Kronus. At this point there was a bright light and Percy and Artemis appeared.

"You!" Shouted Zeus. Percy froze Zeus in time and Artemis froze the other gods as well. The demi-gods jump up ready for battle but hesitated when the other members of Percy's council showed up. Hades, Poseidon, Hestia, Gaia, Apollo, and Rhea.

"Hear me out heroes please." "I have no wish to war with you." "To be honest I have no wish to be King of the Gods or Titans." "I honestly don't think I'm up to it." Artemis squeezed his hand in support. "My Queen thinks otherwise." "Mother Earth wishes me to be king." "I had no ill feeling towards Zeus till he chose to have me killed just to defeat Gaia's plan." "No rescue attempt was even considered." "Why should I stay loyal to a King who has tried to kill me on numerous occasions." "Many of you know the stories of our past and Zeus has routinely been cruel to gods and demigods alike for no apparent reason." "Yes, I am part God and part Titan." "Just as your are part God and part mortal." "I will try to be a fair and just ruler for both Titan and God." "Please lay down your arms and no harm will befall you."

"What becomes of our parent's," asked Annabeth. "Are we to believe that you will just look the other way." "What happens when the Gods get released from your hold and defeat you." "What becomes of us then." "We are loyal to our family."

"The offer was to have Zeus stand down and all other Gods would remain in power." "Zeus chose not to and put everyone at risk for his own greed." "The other gods that sided with him of course have issues with me." "I want peace." "I was elected so to speak by Gaia against my will." "I refused to side with her till Zeus ordered me killed." "I still offer amnesty to those Gods that are on the council with the exception of Zeus." "I of course will add members to that council."

"How can we trust you." "You have sided with Titans." "You are a traitor," screamed Annabeth.

"Heroes hear me." "Vote your conscious." "Annabeth hates me for personal reasons." "If you choose to go to war then so be it." "I pray that it doesn't evolve to that." "You have twenty four hours." The Titans disappeared in a flash of light with Zeus and Hera. They ended up in the middle of the Hunters camp.

"Artemis is that Zeus," asked Thalia. "What happened to him?"

"Yes." "Perseus froze him in time." "We are doing everything we can to prevent bloodshed I assure you Thalia." "Please side with us sister."

"And If I don't." "What happens to me." She took a defensive posture.

"Thalia, I don't want to see anyone get hurt especially you." "I understand if your loyal to your father." "Artemis please release her from her oath so she can join the other demigods." "They will need a leader anyway and Annabeth isn't thinking to clearly right now."

"Thalia is this what you want?" Artemis said with a tear in her eye.

"Yes, Milady." "I can't go along with this." "I don't understand it at all."

"To be honest, I don't either." "I just know I'm tired of looking over my shoulder for some god, namely your father, to kill me."

"And you Artemis. You would go against our father." "You as well Apollo."

"Thalia, you must understand that I don't want this," Artemis said with a cracked voice and watery eyes. "I love Perseus so much that I will risk all for him."

"Thalia, Gaia said everyone could keep their seats of power except Zeus," Apollo said. "He has been a poor ruler and Gaia is fed up with him." "She wants change and she chose Percy." "Percy doesn't have a choice in the matter." "And, I always support my little sister." Artemis glared at him for that remark.