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Annabeth was stunned to learn that he was from the future. That means Percy won the war. Questions immediately started going through her head like what happened to her mother and are the rest of the demi-gods alright. "What happened to my mother?" She finally asked.

"Well," he started then stopped. He had a look of annoyance for a moment then said, "Look, we need to get out of here quickly if you want to live. My parents are arriving and they're not so happy with you right now. In the future, my father mellows out a bit but my mom. Not so much."

"I can't just leave my mother!" Annabeth yelled.

"Uh, what do you think killing yourself is," Orion replied frustrated. "Fine. Apparantly, you and Thalia forgave each other and it was her idea for me to marry you. She thought it would annoy my father. If you want to live, we have to go now."

Annabeth was struggling with the decision. If she stays, she dies. If she goes to the future, she can get another chance at life. "Fine," she finally agrees. Orion smiles and grabs her hand and they disappear in a flash of light.

It was dawn and Percy and his followers were at the border of Camp Half-Blood. The conch horn sounded and the campers started getting into defensive positions. Ares and Athena both noticed that their numbers were down. "Where the hell are the Hermes and Hephaestus kids," Ares yelled. "Where is Hermes and Hephaestus for that matter."

"Father," Clarisse said. "Most of our armor and weapons are missing. A lot more of it is destroyed."

"We have been betrayed," Athena growled. "Where's Annabeth?"

"Missing," an Athena camper said. "She never went to bed last night."

The Aphrodite and Demeter cabins looked at each other. They new that they were not Spartan type warriors. That honor belonged to the Ares and Athena cabins. Drew, head counselor for the Aphrodite cabin, asked Katie, head counselor for the Demeter cabin, "how could the Hermes and Hephaestus cabins not tell us they were leaving?"

"We can't win this war," Katie said. "I hope our mother's see the light and negotiate a truce."

"Are you kidding me?" Drew groaned. "Ares is my mother's lover. I don't think she will abandon him."

Demeter saw Percy and his followers approaching just past Halfblood hill. A powerful force indeed. Poseidon and Hades alone could defeat our forces by themselves. Add the former Queens, Percy, and Artemis and it is nearly impossible. Now that we lost a considerable amount of demigods and weapons, our cause is hopeless. She turned to look at Aphrodite and the unspoken words they shared said it all. We. Are. Doomed.

Aphrodite walked quietly to Drew and said, "Drew, I'm afraid we cannot win this war as it stands. So, I'm going to tell Ares that your cabin is retiring from the battlefield. Gather up your siblings and head for the ocean. I'll ask Poseidon for help." Drew's eyes teared up as she embraced her mother. "Quickly now. You must go." Drew ran to her siblings.

Demeter saw what Aphrodite did and nodded her approval. She turned to her daughter and said something similar. Katie embraced her mother as well and ran off with her siblings to the beach. "Ares, we are grossly out numbered and out manned. My cabin is retiring from the battlefield. The cause is hopeless. If what Perseus says is true and I can keep my seat of power, then I shall submit to his rule. He really isn't all that bad." Ares and Athena were both shocked. They had already lost many campers and now they were losing more. He started to glow red with rage.

"Calm down Ares," Aphrodite said. "I have my cabin retiring as well. You didn't really expect Demeter's and my cabin to fight against that," she said pointing towards Percy.

"If we stick to the plan, we can win," said Athena. "We have to fight. He is just a boy and can be easily out maneuvered."

"Artemis, Hades, and Poseidon are not children," Demeter spoke. "They can advise him."

"That just it," Athena yelled. "Percy will not be in charge. It will probably Poseidon manipulating his son. Or worse yet, Hades."

"You just don't want to submit to Percy because he's Poseidon's son," Aphrodite said. "You never gave him a chance. Even when he saved Olympus, he still wasn't good enough for you."

"I will never submit to him! Never!" Athena spat.

"Nor will I!" Ares shouted. "We don't need you anyway. My children are the greatest warriors ever born." The Ares cabin shouted in unison.

"My children never lose a battle," Athena also yelled. "Never." The Athena cabin cheered in approval.

"Best of luck then," Demeter said as she and Aphrodite walked to the beach to join their children. Poseidon had agreed to give them sanctuary if they laid down their arms.

The Ares and Athena cabins formed a defensive circle around Ares and Athena. "Fight to the death," one of the Ares campers shouted.

Percy approached them with Riptide out. He sighed. "Do you really want to go threw with this," he said. "Is submitting to me worth the lives of your children. I cannot let you keep your seats on the council for what you did to Thalia but I can keep your kids here at camp. Think of the future. Your kids will not be allowed in camp. Who will train them. Where will they be safe."

"Shut up, punk!" Ares yelled. "Are we going to fight or jerk each other off."

Nico couldn't restraint himself any longer, "Bring. It. On." He yelled. A large cracked opened up in the ground and skeleton soldiers poured out by the hundreds. They formed up in front while Poseidon's Marines stormed out of the ocean and formed up on their flank. Artemis's Hunters took up positions up high in the trees. Thalia slowly walked up with electricity emanating around her. She raised her hand and brought down a huge lightning bolt that hit the defenders' sheilds. Because bronze is a decent conductor of electricity, the bolt knocked down many campers. The Hunters let a barrage of arrows go hit many campers in the confusion. Ares jumped out of the circle and charged Nico destroying many skeleton warriors on his way.

"Die Punk," Ares spat and swung his sword at Nico's head. Nico ducked and counter with a front kick. He hit Ares square in the chest and sent him flying backwards several feet. Ares looked up in astonishment when he saw a gleaming black sword coming down on him. He rolled away narrowly missing the blade. Thalia took advantage of the chaos and attacked Athena with her bow. Athena noticed the arrow at the last second and tried to avoid it. It grazed her left side and she fell to a knee.

Artemis was picking off the demi-gods one by one. She was just maiming them though. Percy didn't let her kill them. Hades unleashed a monster bolt that leveled all the remaining demi-gods. Athena looked at Hades and mouthed, "What the fuck?" She was beleaguered by Hades actions. Where did he get that kind of power she thought?

Ares noticed all the campers were down so he tried to retreat but was cut off by Poseidon's Marines. He was swarmed by very good swordsmen. He was fighting them off but Apollo showed up out of now where landed several heavy handed blows. Ares staggered backwards and Nico pounced on him and he fell down face first. Nico rained elbows down on the back of Ares head. Ares rolled over tossing Nico aside and got kicked in the face by a Apollo and had his leg slashed by one of Poseidon's Marines. Ares cried out in pain but got to his feat. He fought off Apollo when Poseidon's large fist sent him flying backwards.

Athena didn't retreat like Ares did. Instead she attacked Artemis with her spear. Percy, however, blocked it with Riptide and Thalia landed a kick to her side. Athena fell to the ground in agony but she didn't quit. She got up and grabbed her sheild and spear and squared off with Percy. The Hunters let another barrage of arrows go and Athena blocked them with her sheild. While her shield was up, Percy squatted and slashed her knee. Athena cried out in pain and limped backwards. Artemis ran forward and kicked Athena's shield knocking her backwards. She did noticed some of the Hunters circling behind her. They fired their arrows and Athena spun around to block them with her shield when Percy took advantage and threw his sword at her. She spun around again and blocked the sword with her shiedl. Hestia focused on the shield and it began to heat up till Athena couldn't take it anymore and dropped it. She deftly dodged more arrows but couldn't avoid Rip Tide a second time. It plunged into her lower back and busted out of her abdomen. She dropped to her knees and looked down in amazement. Thalia walked up to her and slammed her shield into the back of her head. Athena fell to the ground unconscious.

Ares struggled to his feet and was blasted by lightning for his efforts. He fell back to his knees and looked up to see Hades crackling with electricity. WTF. He didn't understand. Nico swung his stygian sword and decapitated Ares. It was over. Percy was now King of the Gods and Titans.

Percy hugged Artemis and said, "It is finally over." Artemis looked over his shoulder and saw Hades crackling with energy.

"Did you really think I would serve you," Hades said and fired a giant thunderbolt towards Percy. There wasn't any time for Artemis to react so she willed time to stop. Percy was unaffected by the time stop. Artemis turned him and he saw what Hades had done.

"Well, that's a shame. Can't say I didn't expect it though. I hate that this will affect Nico," Percy said. He put Hades and Athena in celestial bronze chains. He also covered Ares body with a celestial bronze net. "Alright, lets get the show on the road shall we. Artemis nodded and unfroze time. The lightning bolt flew harmlessly by them.

"What the," Hades stammered. "Get these chains off me!"

"Dad, I can't believe what you just did," Nico said solemnly. "He made you Lord of the Sky and practically gave you Olympus. Why dad? Why? After all this time, isn't that what you wanted."

"You expect me to submit to a kid," Hades grumbled. "I'm Hades. I bow to now one."

"Whatever, dad. After several thousand years in the Underworld, you couldn't last a few weeks as the Lord of the Sky. Have fun in Tartarus"

"Actually, he's not going to Tartarus," Percy said. "Gaea has a nice little prison for him and Zeus at the deepest depths of my father's domain. I appreciate what you and Thalia did for me today but I can't let him and Zeus run amok. They're to wily and crafty for that. I want peace."

Thalia glared at Percy hard for a while then said, "Who will be the next Lord of the Sky?"

"Well, it depends."

"On what?"

"On whether you want to remain in the Underworld with Nico or not. I'll remove you as the Titan of War and make you Lord of the Sky if you wish it. But you can't spend all your Time in the Underworld. You must remain in Olympus most of the time as Nico has to run things down there."

"Oh," she said and look sadly at Nico.

He gave her a sad smile and said, "you don't have to stay if you don't want Thals. I understand. Go." Thalia teared up and gave Nico a bone crushing hug.

"Your not getting rid of me that easily. I'll stay."

Percy laughed and said, "I knew that was going to be your answer. Let's head to Olympus and claim our thrones shall we."

Up on Olympus, Hermes, Hephaestus, Aphrodite, and Demeter showed up and tentatively walked up to their thrones. Percy eyed them as they took their seats. "It seems we have some we some new seats to fill," Percy said. "We are missing a Gaea, Rhea, Thalia, and Nico would you please take a seat. Does anyone know what happened to Dionysis?"

Gaea spoke up, "He didn't want to serve you but when our numbers increased he decided to take his children out of camp and remain neutral."

"Well, that figures," Percy mumbled. "We have twelve here anyway. The council will be responsible for all decisions. Gaea, Rhea, and Hera will ensure that any decisions will be fair and just. They have much experience ruling the world and I hope they will guide us to the right path. Are there any objections." No one raised their hands. "Very well, let peace reign."