It's been a while since a prompt over at the kink meme tempted me this much. Corrected a few minor mistakes for more authenticity.

If It's Us
By – Hime no Ichigo

Genre: Romance
Rating: G
Pairings: Kida x Mikado
Story Type: One-shot/Drabble
Summary: It's for life if we walk down the aisle, and of course there's no hesitation at this point.

Disclaimer: Durarara! is the property of Narita Ryougo.

Spoilers: None, total artistic licence here.

Notes: Written for the Durarara! kink meme, the original prompt being "Kida/Mikado – marriage, honeymoon - Going to the chapel and we're gonna get marrrieeeddd~"

It's not like Kida to be nervous, constantly adjusting his already perfectly aligned grey ascot tie and smoothing out the flat and non-wrinkled lapels, but it's not up to him to decide anymore because today's The Day.

He was the one to pop the question, going on his right knee and singing praises for Mikado's ears to hear in the privacy of his apartment, a bouquet of flowers absent but making the plain band in its cushioned box all the more significant. Kida had been afraid of rejection, but he figured they'd been going steady for several years now, and because of his playful nature, if he hadbeen rejected, he could still laugh it off while being hurt. To his surprise and delight, Mikado had nodded - face flushed prettily but blue eyes sparkling - and Kida felt like he was the luckiest man in the world.

No, he isthe luckiest man in the world, because Mikado deserves better but he still chose him in the end.

I love you, I love you, I love you.

Kida fiddles with his sleeves now, idly wondering what's taking so long. He's alone by the altar, waiting for Mikado to walk through the set of double doors. It's a small chapel fit for the small ceremony; only a handful of people are present - Celty, Shinra, Shizuo, and a few of their classmates back from their school days. They don't bother with an elaborate reception; there's no needto.

He looks down at his shoes and squints for the non-existent out-of-place crease in his pants. The butterflies in his stomach refuse to leave his system, and the past seven minutes and thirty-two seconds feel like the longest time he's been standing. Alone. Where the heck is Mikado? Why is he taking so long with Anri?

The doors creak open like the way in dramas Kida always makes fun of, but he doesn't notice it and instead stares. Mikado stands awkwardly at the start of the carpet leading down the aisle in a black tuxedo that matches his hair, an air of somethingthat's very Mikado-like. Anri pats him on the back, gives him a little push and a dazzling smile so different from her usual quiet self, and slides into the seat reserved for her.

Mikado breathes, and there's no one else in the chapel right now except the two of them.

As Mikado takes his place beside Kida, the ex-blond tries to focus on the words that detail their marriage, but he's fidgeting again, sweat on his cold hands. He temporarily forgets his hand is being held, and a sudden squeeze startles him - but he's reassured, because this is real, they're real. When Mikado says I do, Kida almost collapses.

He needs a nudge to remember that yes, he has to say I doas well.

"You may now ki—"

He doesn't even wait for the end of the sentence before he spins Mikado around ninety degrees and kisses him like he's never done before. Their small audience claps and the few whistles here and there only encourage Kida.

"Masaomi, wait—"

Kida ignores the request, scoops him up, and runs up the aisle amidst the cheers. "You'd better hold on tight, Mikado~ Okinawa and the Great Kida Masaomi wait for no one."

- Owari -

Authoress' Notes: Hurr.