I'm stupid. This whole time I had been rejecting his…this whole time I was too scared to hear the opposite, and yet I…I'm such a dumbass! I can't believe I—

"Sanji… you okay? You don't…have ta believe me. I'm sorry for makin' you…wait so long." Don't you apologize to me. Don't you apologize for a damn thing. Just shut up! "You can be pissed off. I should've just said it… I was too much of a coward to just spit it out…and I spoiled your time and…" Shut the hell up, Usopp! All this time I've been thinking of you as a goddamn liar… I kept thinking you were kidding around. Playing and toying with me when I was just pushing you away, over and over—"If you don't want to…try anymore, I understand." Just shut your damn mouth!

The cook hadn't said a word. Being stuck within his mind, feeling self-hatred for being so impatient, so frightened for a negative response, Usopp felt that maybe it was too late. His dizziness hadn't faded much, but he had enough energy and sense to stand up and leave the room. He let go of Sanji's coat and moved back. He placed his feet on the floor and stood. Though wobbly, he managed to walk a few steps towards the door. Sanji had been stuck in a daze, his eyes still wide as they could get. Where are you going? Wait! Come back! Had the shock been that bad to where he remained unresponsive? He strived to break free from the surprise of it all, but it just didn't work. None of it sinked in all the way.

"I'll be outside wit de others. My mind's still mixed up from the alcohol… ah, maybe I was jus' ramblin' and what not. I'm sorry I…got the message to you too late, huh?" Not too late ya damn idiot! Just in time! The sniper had felt something deep within him wither away. This wasn't the way he thought Sanji would react. He at least hoped the man would give him a smile or a 'holy shit, this is awesome!' or something along those lines. Instead…he remained in a catatonic state with bulging eyes that frightened Usopp. He felt he said it wrong, or Sanji had finally given up. His confidence was drained, but he tried to muster up all his courage for one final move. Kneeling before the cook, he placed his hands on Sanji's knees. What are you doing? "I guess the most I could do iz finally return a kiss." Kiss? Yes! A kiss! Just do it! I'll kiss you back, I promise! Usopp had taken a few moments to prepare himself. He pulled Sanji's tied downward, bringing the stiff being just a bit closer. The sniper reeked of grape wine. Tilting his head to the side, Usopp puckered his quivering lips and met his with Sanji's.

For a while Usopp held the kiss, hoping Sanji would take part in it. He pressed on harder, thinking that he'd be swept into the cook's arms or something like that. He shivered when nothing happened. He slowly broke the one-sided kiss and gave out the saddest eyes he could muster. Don't stop! I don't know what the hell is wrong with me! Usopp, don't look that way!

"I knew I…made you wait too long!" His tone was breaking, his voice shaky just like his body. Even when half way drunk he was still a failure at getting the cook to know just how much he felt for him. "Sanji?" The blond had twitched, his head began to bob slightly, his fingers scrunching up into a fist and releasing into a relaxed state. He gritted his teeth, raging at himself for acting like a damn fool. How could he not respond to such a sweet voice? To such a sweet action? What more could he do, other than return what the long nosed liar had just given to him.

Sanji had grabbed Usopp's suspenders, pulling him as close as he could and kissing him much harder than he anticipated. This is what he had longed for, what he held back all this time, what he yearned for since that first kiss. How many chances did he have before? Usopp had his own stiff moment but reacted once he realized Sanji's lips were mashing with his. Sanji quickly inserted his tongue, making sure to open Usopp's mouth fully. He sucked on the boys bottom lip, nipping at it and soon biting. Usopp whimpered, pulling back only because it emitted a strange feeling that welled up below his waist. Sanji had the same problem, only he was sure what to do about it.

His hands slid under the straps, slowly pulling them off Usopp's shoulders and allowing them to hang at his sides.

"U-Uhn! S-Sanji, hey!" In between breaths, Usopp managed to squeak out. Sanji moved back for a quick breather, wiping his lips and looked down at Usopp's chest. It had always been bare, but he had to take the time to notice it all over again. This kid really had been working out. Fully built pecs, abs and even his arm muscles were well defined. What happened to his scrawny sniper? Not that he cared of course; he just moved a hand onto his chest, gliding over his pecs. Usopp flinched, not used to the odd feeling of another's hand exploring him in such a way. I can't help myself.

"Usopp, you ready?" Sanji gulped, asking in a needy voice.

"Ready f-for what?" The obvious had hit him in less than a second. "A-ah, oh no! I'm not, I mean I just—"

"Yeah, and I like you too. Now let's do it."

"U-Uh, no? I can't do that now! Plus, my head's hurting? You're lucky I'm sober now, but still, no thanks. I rather wait." What the shit. "We…should save it for another time?" What the goddamn shit.

"Oi…you finally tell me you like me, and we can't have—"

"No! We JUST got together! No need rushing!" Excuses! Excuses! EXCUSES! But why should he complain? He got what he wanted, and that was Usopp's 'love' back—even though sex seemed out of the question. Sanji sighed, trying to look irritated though Usopp just laughed, knowing he was at least overjoyed.

"Two damn years and you're still too scared of sex?"

"I'm not scared! Just not ready!"

"Uh huh." He shook his head. He at least said he liked me. I mean that oughta be enough. But goddamn, I just noticed how nice of a body he has.

The door had opened again. Goddamn it. Franky burst in and pointed behind him.

"We got marines on our asses, you two need to get out here and help out, alright?" He huffed out quickly. Usopp pulled his suspenders, snapping them back into place. He stood up and nodding, though walking still proved a bit problematic. Sanji stood after him, placing a hand on his back to help him balance. Franky couldn't help but grin. What were these two doing?

"We'll be right out. Just a sec, idiot here is still a bit drunk."

"Haha, well shake the alcohol off! You'll need your whole brain for this one!" Franky then escaped onto the deck, the door closing behind him. Usopp turned to Sanji and rubbed his lip.

"I think you made it swollen…" He murmured. It had hurt a bit.

"Your lips are pretty big already, I can barely tell."

"Ass. Heh, well help me get around. I still can't see perfectly straight." Sanji smirked. He pulled out another cigarette and placed it in his mouth. He didn't light it just yet, but was ready to get going. The boat rocked, a cannon ball must've hit the waters nearby.

"I'll keep you safe. Just act like normal, yeah? I don't think the whole crew needs to know just yet." This alone was true. Though Luffy and Zoro made it obvious since day one, Sanji believed it was best to lay low till things slowed down for them some. It was great that they finally understood one another, now it was just time to kick some marine ass and plan the sentimental times for later on that evening. Usopp hurried to the door, nearly tripping over his own boots. He giggled, the last of the liquor leaving him finally to where he could open the door. Sanji had rushed to the door way, pushing Usopp out of the way and kicking the oncoming marine that could've slashed Usopp to high Heaven. "Be careful, dumbass!" He spouted, though he sounded extremely cheerful. Usopp smiled once seeing him speed off to the next uniform wearing enemy. He pulled out his Black Kabuto, getting ready to brace for a fight. Though he was almost unseen by the new enemies that bombarded the ship, he at least kept his eyes on the blond cook that kicked the living shit out of the ones that seemed to notice the long nosed liar first.

Holy shit. I've finished something, and it's a SanUso story. HECK YES. Anyways, how was that? I was so unsure on how to end this. I'm sorry there was no lemon .o. It just didn't seem right. It's Usopp, so no way in hell would Sanji get a piece of that just yet. lawls, I know he'd probably beg for a long while. But yeah, the first part made me so sad. I was ready to end this story with some sadness, but I love happy endings. Ero-cook couldn't just out stretch his hands to such news! Even though he's pretty flamboyant, he'd be in total shock from pushing the poor sniper away! Must suck to no end, amiright? But yeah, they're together now and the gotta be discreet about it.

I want to write more, save a lemon for its own story. Sanji smoked too much in this XD He should lay off, the idiot. But graaaawr! I like how it was ended. That last paragraph and/or sentence XD made me smile. Protect your baby, Sanji!

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