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I moaned as Kendall started sucking on my neck. We were alone in the apartment, so we decided to watch a movie. Of course we never paid attention to the movie we were watching. Kendall kept distracting me. We haven't touched each other in over a week. There was just never anytime for us. So we were glad when we were finally alone.

James and Carlos went to see a movie and Mrs. Knight took Katie shopping. Kendall and I were trying to watch a movie, but he kept distracting me. He would place his hand on my knee, then slowly move it up till it was close to my crotch. I would shift in my seat, but he would only move closer to me.

I knew exactly what he wanted. We haven't had sex in over two weeks or maybe even more. And it was driving us crazy. But mostly Kendall. I couldn't resist the urge to just pounce on him. I was the one to make the first move.

I immediately attacked Kendall's lips. He was shocked because I never make the first move. But I wanted it just as bad as he did. He quickly relaxed and kissed me back. He lowered me down on my back and climbed on top of me. Our lips never separating.

I parted my lips and Kendall stuck his tongue in my mouth. I moaned into the kiss as he mapped out my entire mouth. He never left a spot untouched. I could feel myself getting hard and I knew Kendall was too. I could feel his erection brush against mine. I moaned at the friction it was causing.

Kendall lowered his hand down to my crotch. He unbuckled my belt and unzipped my pants. He stuck his hand down my jeans and rubbed my cock. I moaned even louder. He started sucking my neck and another moan escaped my mouth as he sucked my pulse point.

Our little moment was interrupted when my phone started ringing. We both groaned. Kendall ignored the annoying ring and went back to sucking my neck. My phone stopped and we continued on what we were doing. Not even a minute later, my phone started ringing again.

"Kendall, I have to answer it" I said.

"Just let it go to voicemail" Kendall said.

"I cant. It could be important" I said.

"Its not Logie. Just ignore it" he said.

"I have to answer it." I said.

Kendall sighed and sat up. I quickly grabbed my phone and answered it. It was my mom.

"Hello" I said.

"His sweetie. How are you?"

"Oh hi mom. I'm doing good. What about you?"

Kendall rolled his eyes and went into the kitchen. I grabbed a pillow and threw it at him.

"I'm doing good. But I was wondering if you would like to come and visit sometime"

"You mean all the way back in Texas?" I asked.

My parents moved back to our old house in Dallas after I moved to California. They didn't want to live in Minnesota anymore. They missed being in Texas.

"If you cant because of work, I understand"

"No its ok. We have this weekend off anyway. When I can I visit?" I asked.

"Is Friday too soon?"

"No that's fine" I said.

"Great. I'll see you soon. Bye honey. I love you."

"Love you too. Bye" I said.

I hung up the phone and placed it back on the coffee table.

"What did she want?" Kendall asked.

"She wanted to know if I could visit" I said.

"In Texas?"


"Are you gonna go?" Kendall asked.

"Yeah, they're my parents and I haven't seen them in a while" I said.


"Do you not want me to go?" I asked.

"No its fine. When are you leaving?" he asked.

"I guess Thursday. She wants me there by Friday" I said.

"So I'm going to be all alone for a whole weekend?" Kendall asked.

"You still have Carlos and James." I said.

"Yeah, but I want to spend my weekend with you" he said.

I stood up and walked over to him. "Aw baby, it will only be for a few days"

"That's too long for me Logie. I want you here with me all the time" he said.

"How about you come with me?" I asked.

"Really? Would your parents mind?" he asked.

"No they love you. And I don't think they would mind if my boyfriend came with me" I said.

Kendall smiled and gave me a kiss on the lips. After a few seconds we pulled apart.

"Are you sure they wont mind me going? I don't think they are okay with us dating" Kendall said.

"Baby relax. They are going to be fine. And they already said they were okay with us going out" I said.

"I don't know Logie" he said.

"Please Kendall. It will be fun. I can show you around and everything. Plus, we will be all alone." I said.


"Or you can be stuck with Carlos and James. Your choice" I said.

"Then again, Texas sounds fun" Kendall said.

I smiled and wrapped my arms around his neck.

"Now, where were we"

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