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Chapter 24

After returning McGarrett to his home and both of them catching a few hours sleep, Danny was once again driving Steve back to HPD. Bernardo Alverez had landed in the hospital thanks to Steve's marksmanship and now they were going in to interview Javier Alverez. Jenna Kaye had delivered to them all the information she had dug up on the brother's operation and they had also been given the information gleaned from the cell phone that had been found in a car two blocks from Steve's house. Javier had quickly called in a lawyer who was going to be present for the questioning.

As they entered the interview room, Javier looked up sullenly at the two members of the 5-0 team. His lawyer had warned him to keep his mouth shut but had not told him who would be conducting the interrogation. Steve maneuvered his crutches through the narrow door as Danny followed him inside. Without taking a seat….Steve stood across the table from the younger Alverez brother. A flash of annoyance crossed Javier's face as he recognized Steve and he shifted slightly to glare at his lawyer for not informing him who he would be seeing.

The man representing him was a middle-aged, dapper gentleman who was no stranger to high profile, questionable clients. He shook his head and coughed discreetly, trying to calm his client. He had handled many drug cases in the past and hoped to get through this interview quickly.

"My client has nothing to say to you," Edward Michelson spoke swiftly. Steve shifted his gaze to the man, his stern glare causing the lawyer to flinch.

"You…..shut up," Steve ordered curtly. "I don't care what your client has to say. Right now I want him to listen." Steve turned back to Javier, balancing on his crutches as his eyes bored into the seated man.

Michelson swallowed quickly and watched the 5-0 leader warily. He had been briefed on Lt. Commander Steve McGarrett and was realizing that his staff had not been exaggerating. Steve and Danny exchanged a quick look and Danny set a cell phone on the table in front of Alverez.

"This is Bart Maxwell's cell phone," Danny informed Javier helpfully.

"I don't know any Bart Maxwell," Javier responded contemptuously as Michelson tried to hush him.

"He certainly knew you," Steve stated. "The call log from this phone has at least two calls to your private office and more than one to him from your home phone. Bart Maxwell died last night trying to kill me."

"Not before he also killed a cop," Danny said bitterly. "Thanks to Paulie Koy and Det. John Liwai, we have all we need to connect you to a nifty little cocaine trade. You and brother Bernardo are going to spend a long time in prison buddy."

"There is no proof that my client received or made those phone calls," Michelson interjected as Javier looked at him, alarm written on his face. He calmed as his lawyer continued.

"Don't relax too much Javier, we have more proof," Steve said watching the interplay between lawyer and client. "We have what we need to connect the dots. " He looked intensely at the Colombian. "Your first mistake was assuming that removing me would cripple 5-0. All you did was make my team hunt you down faster."

"Those phone calls and the testimony of questionable witnesses isn't enough to convict my client…"Michelson began again. Javier kept his mouth shut and smiled smugly.

Danny picked up the cell phone and then set a file folder in front of the two men.

"Then ask your client to explain these ledgers and know we've found the warehouse with the drugs. Your client was sloppy, he didn't hide his records very well," Danny said tapping the file with a finger. "Oh….these are just copies and not very complete ones. We have so much more and that includes notes on Mr. Maxwell that Javier here had in his safe. HPD went through the house and office after the raid…..I would advise making a full confession and hope the judge is in a good mood."

Steve nodded a cold smile on his face and then turned and left the room with Danny right behind him. Angry voices could be heard through the closed door as they stopped outside the room.

"I do believe we ruined Javier's morning," Danny snickered.

"And the rest of his day is not going to get any better," Steve agreed feeling very satisfied as they headed down the hall.

*H 5-0*

Two weeks after the shooting on Wa'ahila Ridge, Danny gave Steve a ride to the Hilton Hawaiian Village to meet Catherine Rollins. They sat at a table and ordered a couple of beers while they waited for her to arrive. Danny's eyes danced with delight at the thought of getting a peek into Steve's personal life.

"You are positive that Catherine is coming? This isn't some grand scheme to make me look like a fool is it? She is planning on giving you a ride home, right?"

"I spoke to her earlier and she confirmed she would be here," Steve replied.

"That's what she did? She "confirmed" your date?" Danny asked with raised eyebrows. "Did you two set the time in Army talk too?"

"It's the Navy Danny," Steve sighed.

"I know that you big goof. Are you two really that formal?" Danny pressed on. "No wonder you're so uptight all the time, you don't know how to behave with a woman," he stated….warming up for a rant. He paused as a delighted smile broke over Steve's face as he looked passed Danny's right shoulder. The Jersey native could see the happiness reach his partner's eyes, giving him a peek at a totally different Steve McGarrett. Twisting in his seat, Danny saw a gorgeous brunette in a sleeveless black dress approaching their table. She smiled as she saw Steve wave and waved back.

"This I presume is Catherine," Danny said knowing Steve was only half listening to him.

"Yes this is," Steve confirmed.

"Well if she had been on the recruiting posters when I was younger…..I would have seriously considered enlisting," Danny muttered as Catherine reached them and leaned in to kiss Steve hello quickly.

"Hello Sailor, it's good to see you," she said huskily, then turned and smiled at Danny.

"Danny, this is Lt. Catherine Rollins. Cath, this is my partner Danny Williams," Steve quickly introduced them as Danny jumped to his feet and pulled out the chair next to Steve for Catherine. They exchanged greetings and a handshake; then Danny sat back down. It did not escape his notice that Steve immediately took Catherine's hand, holding it in his on the table top.

"So it seems that you had quite the adventure while I was at sea," Catherine commented as she looked at Steve's cast and the crutches propped against the table.

"Was Steve this kind of trouble magnet in the Navy?" Danny asked curiously.

"I'm afraid that Steve's Navy career is mostly classified," Catherine replied with a twinkle in her eye. "Sorry Danny….even I don't know the whole of it."

"You told her not to say anything," Danny accused Steve as McGarrett chuckled. "Not fair Steven."

"I've told you Danny, my Navy career is not open for discussion," Steve grinned smugly.

"Are you joining us for dinner Danny? I am sure we can find some subjects we can discuss," Catherine enquired sweetly.

"No…..thanks for asking but I have a date tonight," he smiled.

"You have a date?" Steve asked with interest.

"Yes…..I go on dates," Danny said indignantly. "I have a life."

"You could bring her here and join us," Steve offered, his own interest now raised.

"Thank you for the offer but no thanks," Danny declined, and then a grin spread over his face. "Rachel and I are taking Grace for pizza and a movie. Step-Stan is out of town and Gracie doesn't want her mom sitting home alone," he finished with a shrug.

"Of course," Steve replied but couldn't keep the amusement off his face.

Aware of the direction his partner's thoughts were headed, Danny got to his feet.

"It was wonderful to meet you Catherine and I hope to see you again. Take care of the big guy," he said quickly.

"It was nice to meet you too Danny," Catherine said with pleasure.

"Have fun," Steve added and Danny waved as he headed out.

There was a pause and Catherine gave Steve a squeeze of her fingers in his. She smiled at him warmly.

"He's everything you said he was," she said. "I like him."

"He is one of the best," Steve agreed. "And you…..are a sight for sore eyes. It is so good to have you home." His eyes travelled her face as if reacquainting himself with her features.

"I am so relieved to find you alive," she said seriously. "And I am finally getting a dinner in a restaurant, you are a man of your word," she said lightening her mood and looking around the area in appreciation.

"Of course I am," Steve said with a grin. "How long is your leave?"

"I have a week." Her smile became dazzling and her eyes glowed. "Could you use some TLC?"

"I would love nothing more," Steve answered and leaned in to kiss her.

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