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"You stupid son of a dog!" Kagome complained in a loud shout, her voice rising in the built up rage she literally let out in burst of fury. If InuYasha was any closer she would have pointed an arrow at his head.

Rolling his eyes InuYasha retorted, "I am the son of a dog if you hadn't noticed."

That's what he said when he was in a pine tree. What a coward. Kagome's eyes shined with a living but unperceivable flame. "You are totally lost and I'm so done with you now, InuYasha." Kagome turned around, fists balled up. Of course he'd face her like that. How dare he! She was so sick of him. All he ever cared about was that friggin' Kikyo! He showed no concern for Kagome or his other companions. What a horrible person to travel with. For all she cared could dance with the devil as Kikyo sang her heart out in joy that she had succeeded in her hatred.

As if sneaking off to meet Kikyo wasn't enough, even though she loved him, she had been brought back to life because of anger and that wasn't something that could be let go easily. How could one forget their purpose at a second chance at life? Kagome had gotten injured while he was away visiting her.

Kagome reached out and grabbed her arm then, feeling a faint pain grow stronger as the bite wound was touched. Stupid oni. Stupid InuYasha. Stupid Kikyo. Her life was in threads, the lifeless color suddenly tainted with the scarlet of her blood and the boiling the liquid held in its core. Kagome then stalked off into the nearby forest. She felt anger, but beneath that strong emotion another feeling was hiding, the disbelief of betrayal. This mixed with regret and sadness caused an unbearable concoction of misery. She shook her head, finally alone the tears flowed, but her fists stayed in their balled position.

She reached a sudden fallen tree. Along its bark lively green mold and beautiful ivy grew, leaving a blanket atop the rotting wood. Kagome sat down on the trunk; her confused emotions making her mind run a blank. Unable to think through constant chaos she laid down, letting her head rest among the ivy. Kagome slowly fell into the darkness of sleep.

"Kagura, retrieve that wretched girl," Naraku instructed, watching the scenes enfold from far away. A glowing crystal glob floated in front of him, telling him things that he should not know. He smirked. The group that had become his sworn enemies did not know that not one of their secrets were safe. Though he could only get glimpses with the globe, he was never one step behind.

Kagura seems annoyed to be sent on another errand but tossed her feather out the window and obligingly hopped onto it.

"Wait! Before you go, take the infant." Naraku held the baby out to Kagura who took hold of him, incautiously cradling it in one arm.

"What do I do with it?" she questioned, though it was obvious that she held no interest in the answer

Seeing this boredom Naraku answered, "The infant will know, and Kagura…Do NOT fail me."

Kagura stared at him for a moment before nodding and riding her wind feather in the direction of Kagome. She mumbled incoherently and the infant turned his eyes up at her.

"You really are going to die for your lack of loyalty," he practically spit at her.

"Whatever. You and Kanna are just too foolish to see anything though my eyes. After that they did not talk again, well at least not until they reached Kagome. The girl was sleeping on a fallen tree, looking absolutely innocent and helpless.

Kagura let out a short laugh and the infant then ordered, "Put me down near her heart."

Laying the infant down on Kagome's chest the girl barely stirred. He then peered into her soul, taking grasp with his hands, his eyes wide open but unseeing of Kagura or his surroundings. Instead his vision was replaced with a deep and dark blackness. In this he would see brief flashes of the girl's happiness. Her little brother, the demon slayer, the little fox demon, the demon cat, her mother, her grandfather, her friends, but not InuYasha. Actually, what showed strongest was a burning red light of anger and unhappiness with InuYasha, and then a similar one of Kikyo. The infant had found what he wanted. He imagined himself in this world Kagome's soul had created. As soon as his form had entered the darkness she wrapped his hands around these two troubling things, coaxing them to relish in their anger, hatred, sadness, and anguish. He now had control of Kagome's soul, and without a soul, a body was nothing.

That is what InuYasha's gang was soon to learn.