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Third Person POV

Sesshomaru held his sword high, watching as the lightning reflected off of it. "So, Naraku, do you plan on making this an easy death?"

Naraku answered stoically, "Does it seem that way to you?"

"I would hope to see that my enemy is not that weak," Sesshomaru acknowledged.

Naraku narrowed his eyes. "You shall see at the end of this fight…from your gravesite in hell!"

"As you wish! The fight shall be fought with hard power!" Sesshomaru swung his mighty Tokijin, meeting the miasma cloud head on.

"Those attacks are harmless!" Naraku shouted.

"What's truly harmless are these pathetic billows of miasma," Sesshomaru responded.

"These do not reveal the true potential of my poison!" Naraku informed his rival.

"How can I be so sure you are not bluffing?" sneered the dog demon lord.

"I will show you then!" Naraku lifted his arm high, and with great force brought it back down. Around him Miasma licked down his arms in an odd liquid form. Then it rushed at Sesshomaru. Its quick speed devoured the life around it, not even giving the mobile creatures chance to escape. "Is that enough for you, Sesshomaru?"

Leaping over the cloud and landing on a nearby ledge. "You cannot face me and possibly win?"

"Is that so?" Naraku questioned.

"Obviously." Sesshomaru once again swung his sword, unleashing its most powerful attack. "Dragon strike!"

Naraku held up his hand, a pink barrier created. It protected him from the burst of blue energy. "I admire your determination. Too bad it will prove useless."

Thunder echoed around them; the noise and light from the storm fitting quite well with the fight. The pouring rain fogged their figures, but the two could clearly see the firing line. It was easy for them to not lose focus in such a distracting environment.

"I would beg to differ. Dragon strike!" Another wave of energy blasted the barrier, but only a small crack shone despite his effort.

"Is that the only assault your sword is capable of?" Naraku taunted the other demon.

"It would appear your only move against me is your miasma," Sesshomaru retorted.

"Then this is a fair battle." Naraku raised his arm, miasma leaking around his barrier.

"It would seem so." Sesshomaru lifted his word, pointing it at his opponent.

And with that two great demons faced each other in an unforgettable battle.