Much More Than Bromance

A HariPo two-shot

by mew-tsubaki

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"James, have you seen Teddy?"

James glanced up from his book. His sister, Lily, had a frown on her face. "Nah, not today."

"Oh… Well, you two are always so bloody chummy, I figured you would," she groused.

James sat up on the couch and gave her an encouraging smile. "It's not as if we're best mates, Lils. We just get along."

Their brother, Al, snorted from his place at the kitchen table. "You're a walking contradiction."

"What? You like Teddy okay enough, too."

"That's because he's kind of family. But I changed my attitude as good older brothers do when he showed interest in our little sis."

Lily rolled her eyes. "Well, be happy, because I'm going to cure him of his interest if he goes missing one more time when we're having a serious conversation."

Both wizards narrowed their eyes at her.

"Oh, good Godric… Not that kind of serious conversation, you two! Though I'll have you know that I am seventeen."

"And we're nineteen and twenty-one and we still don't want those kinds of thoughts wandering into that brain of yours," Al retorted.

Lily shook her head, cursed, and headed back upstairs to her room. James and Al heard her slam her door. Then the house was quiet once again.

"You know," Al began, "you really should've been more against them. You're the oldest."

"But who says I have to be a jerk about them?" James retorted, getting warm under the collar from all the attention. He picked up his book again but found he couldn't continue reading with Al needling him. "You know, he's an all right bloke, Al. And need I remind you we grew up with him?"

"Ah, talking about Lily and Teddy again, I see," Harry said as he entered the kitchen through the back door. He picked up an apple and bit into it. "You all grew up together."

"Precisely," James said with a pointed look at his brother.

"Then it should be like a brother and sister together," Al griped.

Harry gave his younger son a look as he opened the fridge. "And if you were in Lily's shoes, it'd still be the same 'sibling' label others might see on you."

"Aw, gross, Dad, brother and brother?" Al pulled a face.

"My point was wizard and wizard, Albus."

James rolled his eyes at the two of them and stood up. "Well, while you continue your bitching, Al, I think I'm going out for a bit."

"Will you be back for dinner?" Harry asked. "Your mother will want to know."

"Dunno, really… I'd say no, in that case." James entered the kitchen, mocked Al's annoyed expression, and took a spare butterbeer from his father. "I'm probably gonna just go right to my flat when I'm done for the day."

Harry laughed. "Your mother and I still don't get it… Why on Earth did you get a flat when you're here half the time?"

"And at Teddy's the rest. Are you sure you two aren't best mates and hiding it?" Al insisted.

James ignored his brother. "I'll let you guys know if I'm stopping by for dessert, okay?" He said "bye" to his family and left the house in Godric's Hollow, only to Disapparate at the end of the street.

He Apparated to a road that was similar to Godric's Hollow, only this road had come to possess a little more meaning to James Sirius Potter as of late. He strode to a tan building and entered, taking the steps two at a time. When he came to a door that read "T. Lupin," he knocked twice, but there was no response.

James grumbled, wondering where the hell that damned Metamorphmagus had gotten to, but he took a breath and tried to clear his mind. It was a Saturday in early summer, so there wasn't much of a reason for Teddy not to be home. The only thing was, James didn't really know anywhere else to look. It was doubtful that Teddy would be hanging out with his mates, because they were away on vacation. And, to James' knowledge, Teddy hadn't gone away either… Besides, Lily had said they'd been having a serious conversation, and James knew Teddy hated those kinds of talks. James felt the need coming on again to push Teddy to end it with his sister; he was pretty sure Lily was going to end it, anyway.

At those thoughts, a hand touched the small of James' back and he yelped. He turned around and glared at Teddy, who grinned at him. "Need something?" the turquoise-haired man said, laughter evident in his voice.

"I've told you, don't do that to me, Teddy," James sniped as he followed Teddy into the older wizard's apartment. He closed the door behind him and shrugged out of his light traveling cloak.

Teddy raised his eyebrows. "And I thought I told you never to undress any bit of you within my sight." His eyes drifted across James, roving up and down and back up until they met James' soft brown gaze.

"You are such a perv." James hung his cloak up and looked in the bag. "Food? You went out to buy food?"

The Lupin son shrugged. "What can I say? Listening to Lils' whining made me hungry."

"Teddy, you really should—"

"I know, I know. I'll tell her tomorrow, promise." Teddy sighed. "I just—I can't work with girls, you know? First Vic, now Lily. I mean, I don't really work with boys, so to speak, either…"

"…just me," James supplied, his lips curving up at the corners on their own. He fought his goofy grin but lost, and he did his best to shy away from Teddy then, for he could see that particular glint making its appearance in the older wizard's ever-changing eyes.

"Correct," Teddy said. He lifted out a gallon of vanilla ice-cream and a bottle of chocolate syrup. The jar of cherries came last. He held up a paper bowl to James. "Sundae?"

"No, it's Saturday." James laughed at the exasperated look on Teddy's face.

"You know, I really ought to cure you of your horrible puns."

James pursed his lips. "'Cure' me? Funny. Lily used the same turn of phrase earlier." Just as quickly as his heart had soared, James felt it plummeting to the pit of his stomach.

Teddy looked at James from under his long eyelashes and sighed. "Oh, James, don't start. I've spent quite a bit of time with your sister, you know that."

The eldest Potter couldn't help but pout. "Not…that much time, I hope."

"James, would you like the truth?" Teddy angrily jammed a spoon into the ice-cream and then sat down on his coffee table in front of where James sat on his couch. "I haven't even kissed Lily. I just… I dunno. I kinda get queasy thinking of kissing her."

"Oh." James ducked his head.

"It was the same with Vic." Teddy turned and grabbed a spoonful of the ice-cream. He twirled the utensil in his fingers, watching the food soften. A drop of vanilla ice-cream trudged along the bottom of the spoon, and Teddy flicked his eyes back to James. "But you…"

The brunet wasn't expecting it when Teddy fed him the spoonful. James coughed and swallowed, and Teddy smiled. James could feel a bit of the liquid smeared in one corner of his mouth, but Teddy helpfully leaned forward and licked it off.

"You, my lovely, are quite tasty."

James blushed bright red and glared at Teddy as he laughed. "Merlin, you're such a wanker… I hate you, you know that?"

"If you hated me, then I wouldn't be allowed to kiss you, would I?" The Metamorphmagus sighed happily and looked at the food. He looked back at James. "You know, James…"

"What?" James hated that he was half distracted by trying to wipe away Teddy's spit on his mouth.

"I'd love to do more than kiss you."

James froze. He loved making out with Teddy and having the occasional grope…and he'd certainly entertained the same thoughts Teddy seemed to be having now…but wasn't it a bit much to let Teddy get the upper hand thrice in one day?

Teddy took James' quiet as a negative response. "All right, then. One Potter doesn't want me in his pants, another Potter has pants in which I'd rather not even glimpse. It's been a great fucking day." Teddy's grin was tight as he made a sundae for himself and started to eat.

"You can't get angry at me, Teddy. You know you have a habit of rushing into things." James sighed and smiled gently at his love—yeah, that sounded right… He could easily admit to his family that he wasn't Teddy's best mate. No, he loved Teddy. And now Teddy was officially asking him to be his lover.

Who could say "no" to that?

James glanced at Teddy's door, frowned as he thought of the cake his mother had said earlier in the day that she would be making for dessert after supper, and smiled when he realized that, duh, Teddy had bought the makings for sundaes. He could only send a little prayer to Merlin that Harry and Al didn't eat the entire cake before Ginny had a chance to put away the leftovers. "Teddy…"

"Hnn." Teddy gave him a mopey stare.

"Just one question: Where's the whipped cream?"

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