"That sounds wonderful. I'm starving. Yesterday was a long, tiring, emotional, wonderful day and I didn't feel like I got a lot to eat yesterday." Christopher says as he looks down on his wife's lovely face.

"I didn't eat very much yesterday either. I was nervous yesterday and even during the wedding dinner I didn't eat that much then either. Elinor was trying to stay calm and trying to help me stay calm and none of that really succeeded. I was nervous waiting to marry you." Marianne says quietly.

"You weren't nervous about marrying me, were you? You weren't having doubts, were you? You shouldn't have been. We trust each other." Christopher says as he pulls back the curtain and looks down on the garden.

"I wasn't having doubts about marrying you. I was hoping, when I was getting dressed, that you weren't having doubts, not that my heart ever doubted your affection for me, but my mind suddenly started asking all these questions and I had great difficulty silencing them. I tried not to show it yesterday." Marianne whispers. She hates to admit that she was fearful of getting married.

"You didn't show it yesterday at all. You didn't doubt me, did you? I explained, when I asked you to marry me, just how much I love and care for you and there was still a part of you that doubted all this." Christopher is surprised at Marianne's confession. "I have to say though that I was terribly nervous yesterday. I could hardly button my uniform tunic. My hands were shaking. I was even pacing the front of the church before you arrived." Christopher says quietly.

"You didn't say anything about that yesterday when we finally got a chance to talk just the two of us. Why didn't you say anything? It would have been nice to know you were nervous too." Marianne says. She's very confused. Christopher never seemed like the nervous type before.

"How do you suppose I wasn't going to be nervous? It's not as if I've ever been married before and I didn't want to disappoint you in any way. When I saw you walk down the aisle I was amazed. My mind was clear and I certainly had no doubts in my mind. You smiled at me and I melted." Christopher says as they walk in the direction of the breakfast room.

"I didn't have any doubts once I saw you either. I saw you in your red tunic and I felt so lucky. You looked so handsome yesterday. Your smile made me melt. I felt so loved. You have no idea how important that was to me." Marianne says as Christopher pulls out her chair for her.