Harry woke up early the next day, it was Daphne's fourteenth birthday and Harry was going over early to surprise her. Daphne wanted a quiet birthday, so they were going to hang out at Potter Manor and watch movies and then have dinner with Amelia and Sirius and the Greengrass parents. Blaise, Tracey, Neville, and Hermione were coming over at noon, as was Ginny. Harry wanted to be their when Daphne woke up to give her his present and then she and Astoria would come over. Harry got dressed in a pair of Nike Basket ball shorts and a black muscle shirt, he put socks on but didn't bother with shoes, it was 35.2*C.

Harry picked up Daphne's present and made his way down stairs, it was eight in the morning; he had about an hour before Daphne would start to wake up. Harry made his way to the kitchen where Mips had pancakes ready and was working on Daphne's birthday dinner.

"Hey Mips, Sirius, Remus" Harry said as he walked in. Mips nodded to him and continued on with her work, she was making Daphne's cake.

"Hey pup," Sirius said barely glancing away from his pancakes.

"Cub," Remus said looking up from the paper.

"I can't believe you still read that after all those people agreed with Skeeter," Harry said getting some pancakes and setting Daphne's present on the counter.

"It's either this or the Quibbler, while the Quibbler is funny it's not very informative unless you can decipher Lovegood's stories. It's easier to read the Prophet."

"If ever get the chance to I'm pulling one massive prank on Skeeter," Harry muttered.

"Here, Here," Sirius said.

"Hey Sirius, why do you have to wait for Sirius to be convicted before you can violate the contract Narcissa is in.

"Terms of the contract, my aunt and uncle were as big of jackasses as my parents, both Heads of the Families have to agree to end the contract, unless the terms are violated then the spouses family can end the contract. Narcissa's contract says that it can only be broken if the spouse commits a crime unbecoming of the family in the Head's eyes, being a convicted Death Eater is unbecoming in my book. It also states that any children will stay with Narcissa, and that they be given half the Malfoy family fortune as well as Narcissa's dowry is to be returned, Malfoy gets to keep his house, though I'm sure Narcissa will relieve him of some of the more expensive items in the house."

"You better get going if you want to surprise Daphne," Remus added. Harry looked at the clock it was eight forty-five. Harry took one more bite, picked up her present and made his way to the floo.

"Greengrass Estate," Harry called out and with a whoosh of green flames he was gone.

"Hello Harry," Evelyn said as she was passing by, "Daphne's still asleep, go on up."

"Thanks, Evelyn," Harry said as he made his way to the stairs. He arrived at Daphne's room and quietly opened the door and tiptoed over to the bed. Daphne was sleeping on her back with one arm thrown over her head, Harry smiled at the sight. He leaned down and kissed her lips. Daphne's eyes fluttered but didn't open so Harry pressed another soft kiss to her lips, and this time she opened her eyes.

Harry smiled at her, "Happy birthday, baby."

Daphne smiled and made to kiss him but Harry pulled back, she frowned at him and pouted. Harry smiled at pulled her present from behind his back for her to see. Her pout quickly turned into a smile as she took the box from Harry. She pulled the bow off and opened the small box and gasped, inside was deep blood red ruby carved in the shape of a heart, and it was about an inch in width and height. The heart had a little notch cut into it so it could be worn on the necklace Harry gave her. She picked up the heart and examined it; inside of the heart was a rune for protection.

"Harry it's beautiful," Daphne said and jumped forward to give him a kiss that soon deepened and lasted for about thirty seconds before Harry pulled back.

"Hephaestus helped me pick the stone, it's said to be protection against misfortune and bad health, warriors and kings use to wear them into battle." Harry got a bit quiet before continuing, "It's said when given as a gift it symbolizes friendship and love," he whispered out the last word.

Daphne took in a deep breath as Harry finished, understanding what he was trying to say. She pulled his head up to face her and she looked into his eyes and he nodded in response to her unasked question.

"I love you too," Daphne whispered and pulled him into a kiss. The kiss deepened and Harry slipped his tongue into her mouth. Daphne pushed against Harry and he fell back onto her bed, with Daphne moving on top of him, just then the door flew open.

"Harry and Daphne sittin in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G," Astoria sung out only to be interrupted by Daphne's scream of rage.

"You little!" Daphne screamed and took off after her sister who started running down the hall giggling like mad. Harry flopped back onto Daphne's bed not sure if he wanted to join her in killing her little sister, or thank Astoria on bended knee. Harry got off the bed and made his way to the Greengrass kitchen to await Daphne and Astoria. Evelyn was sitting at the table and raised an eyebrow at Harry, the sounds of Daphne chasing Astoria through the house. Harry looked sheepish and shrugged, making Evelyn laugh.

A half hour later Daphne and Astoria came into the kitchen giggling together, Astoria sporting neon pink hair. They were both dressed in jean shorts and t-shirts, Daphne's tee was in the Union Jack pattern and Astoria had a tee shirt that Harry got her that read I'm not short, I'm fun size.

"So what do you want to do while we wait for the others," Harry asked as they were about to step into the floo.

"Let's go flying," She said before using the floo to arrive at Potter Manor. They were greeted by Susan who jumped her friend.

"Happy Birthday!" Susan squealed out in a tone Harry was sure only teenage girls could produce.

"Let's go fly," Harry said and they all moved out to the pitch at Potter Manor. Daphne was on her Comet Two Sixty, Astoria had her own Comet Two Sixty, Susan was on her Cleansweep Seven, and Harry was on his Firebolt. They fooled around in the air for a couple hours, Harry letting them take turns on the Firebolt. For awhile he and Daphne flew together on his broom. They played shuntbumps using conjured lances made of foam and they played about five feet off the ground, the Potter Pitch was laced with cushioning charms. At eleven thirty they went back to the house and Sirius left to get Hermione and popped back in with her a minute or so later.

"Happy birthday," Hermione said giving her a hug. Sirius took the present; they were saving them for the dinner when Daphne's parents would be over. The floo flashed in quick succession as Blaise, Neville, and Tracey were deposited into Potter Manor.

"I'm going to mention to Severus to teach you all about apperating," Sirius muttered, "Have fun guys we'll leave you to it," he said louder for them all to here. They moved off to the game room.

"What movie first Daph?" Hermione asked as she walked over to the wall of movies. They all took various seats around the room, Blaise in a lazyboy, Tracey, Susan, Ginny, and Astoria took a couch off to the side of the big screen T.V., Harry and Daphne were on a love seat, Daphne curled into his side.

"The Goonies," Daphne answered cheerfully. Harry smiled as he liked the movie, he and Sirius watched after he first got out of prison.

"The Goonies?" Blaise asked skeptically.

"Trust me; you'll like it," Harry answered, "besides its Daph's day." Blaise snorted in response. After The Goonies, they watched Gremlins and were given two bowls of popcorn by Mips. After Gremlins they watched Gone With the Wind, much to the chagrin of the boys but they soldiered through it, well except Blaise who slept. After that Sirius came in to get them for dinner.

"Well the first two were good, but damn Daph that last one was boring," Blaise said earning a slap from Tracey.

"Idiot boys," Tracey muttered and Neville and Harry chuckled at their friend's expense. That night at dinner which consisted of Daphne's favorites, she received a rare book on Norse Runes from Hermione who found it in Obscurus Books in the alley. Blaise gave her a hair clip that was silver, Neville gave her a eucalyptus tree, Tracey gave her some perfume, and Susan gave her a book on Ancient Egyptian Runes. Her parents gave her a new saddle for her horse and Sirius and Amelia gave her a bracelet that was in a twist design and was platinum with protection Runes etched into it, as well as the words future god-daughter-in-law. Ginny gave her a dragon hide bracelet that she made herself with Bill's wand and it had the Norse rune for sister, both Astoria and Daphne wrapped the littlest Weasley into a hug after that one.

The day after Daphne's birthday was Lucius Malfoy's trial. One reporter from the Daily Profit had been informed, Nellie Bly, who was known for good solid reporting, in fact she was usually the only one to get the facts straight at the Daily Prophet. Fudge was stewing over the fact that Malfoy one of his top 'advisors' was sitting in a Ministry holding cell and would be convicted of being a Death Eater, it would not look good in the eyes of the public. So he had left the organizing of the trail up to Amelia. It was to be in front of the Wizenmagot and Malfoy per a little known law passed after the first war with Voldemort would be forced fed Veritaserum. The law was passed after so many suspected Death Eaters were found to have been 'imperioused.' The law was passed by one vote in the Wizenmagot and it stated that if any of the 'imperioused' Death Eaters were to be found in a trial for similar crimes they were to be given Veritaserum, willingly or not.

At ten in the morning the trial began with Madam Black as presiding judge and questioner. Fudge was in attendance but could not partake do to his close relationship with the defendant. Lucius Malfoy was brought out from his cell with two aurors and a dementor guarding him. Amelia had to cover a snort of laughter as she saw one of the men she most detested; it was probably the first time Malfoy had ever gone without a bath, or even a comb. The man's usually perfect blonde locks looked as if his head was a bird's nest. His face and clothes were smudge with dirt, his fingernails looked almost black, if Amelia had to guess the prick was more upset about that then the fact that he was about to be convicted of being a Death Eater.

"Lucius Abraxas Malfoy, you are hear by charge with four counts of assaulting muggles, two counts of assaulting muggle minors, four counts of usage of an unforgivable curse, the imperius, six counts of assaulting a Ministry official, and one count a disturbing the peace." Amelia read his charges that were the result of the World Cup attack. "If found guilty of these crimes the court will review pervious charges against you. How do you plea?"

"Not guilty," The Malfoy patriarch tried to sneer out as if the whole court was below him, however he failed rather spectacularly as his voice was shaking from the presence of the dementor.

"Very well, the court will note he pleaded not guilty. As per law 1128b you are to be given Veritaserum and questioned. Aurors please administer the potion," Amelia said nodding to Dawlish and Shacklebolt as Lucius paled quiet considerably. Shacklebolt came forward and wrench Malfoy's mouth open and Dawlish poured the potion into the man's throat, Shacklebolt forced him to swallow and then released Malfoy.

"State your name and birthday for the record?" Amelia spoke in a loud clear voice.

Lucius's eyes were clouded over from the potion and he spoke in a monotone, "Lucius Abraxas Malfoy. May 19, 1954."

"Describe the events that took place after the Quidditch World Cup on August 25, 1994."

"The old crew and I were sharing some drinks after the match and going on about the disgracefulness that there had been muggles present and that we had to use muggle property for the Quidditch World Cup. And as if that wasn't bad enough I had to spend the game in the same box as those damn bloodtraitor Weasleys and a damn house elf because Crouch the old bastard didn't show up. So in retaliation we decided to have a little fun and took out our old robes and masks. We imperioused the mudblood filth and tortured them in the air, and we burned tents and through spells at random, it was almost like the good old days. But then the worthless aurors had to go and spoil our fun with the muggles. I was petrified by a spell and saw the dark mark go up, so we all scattered. Our Lord would be displeased with us having claimed imperius." Malfoy finished his statement most of the court had gasped throughout it as they now realized the implications of his statement.

Amelia banged the gavel for quiet, "In light of the nature of your statement the court is now allowed to examine old charges. Lucius Malfoy was you a loyal Death Eater to the Dark Lord Voldemort?" The crowd gasped as she said his name, Amelia tried to stop from rolling her eyes at them.


"Are you still a loyal Death Eater?"

"Absolutely and when my Lord returns I shall be rewarded."

"Who do you know of that was also loyal but claimed imperius?" As soon as Amelia asked the question a loud bang was heard throughout the courtroom and smoke filled the air. Spells rocketed towards Malfoy but Kingsley dove for him and knocked Malfoy chair and all over to the ground. Dawlish and Shacklebolt managed to unchain Malfoy and drag him out with the dementor following. When the smoke cleared panic was rampant, people were screaming and shouting and trying to flee. And another loud bang was heard, this time from Dumbledore's wand.

"SILENCE!" The old man roared at the crowd of Wizenmagot members.

"Thank you, Dumbledore," Amelia spoke once the crowd quieted. She spoke next in a loud clear voice as more aurors filled the courtroom, "Everybody is to remain in their seats and will not move as the aurors check wands." Amelia's tone broke no opposition not that it mattered while the smoke was still there; those that threw the spells had cleared their wands. After twenty minutes the aurors all shook their heads at Amelia, confirming they had no suspects.

"The rest of the trial will proceed without the defendant being present. In light of his testimony Lucius Malfoy is guilty on all charges. The former charges against him, six counts of murder, three counts of rape, twenty counts of torture by use of the cruciatus curse, and five counts of the use of the imperious court, will be brought against him once more, which he is also found guilty of. Sentencing will be held next."

As Amelia was speaking a loud cry of, "Expecto Patronum," was heard. Amelia recognized the voice of Shacklebolt. Suddenly Dawlish burst back into the court room.

"The Dementor went rouge and kissed Malfoy before we could stop it," he called out loud enough for the crowd to here. Murmurs and gasps went through the crowd once again. Amelia banged the gavel for silence.

"Case closed, court adjourned," She formally dismissed everyone and sat heavily back down in her chair. Once the room had cleared of the Wizenmagot Amelia shouted, "DAMN IT To the bloody depths of hell!" Her aurors were taken aback never having heard their boss swear before. "Take his sorry carcass to Azkaban and let him rot! Where's that dementor now?" She barked out her order to Dawlish.

"Gone ma'am."


Harry, Susan, and Draco arrived at Platform Nine and three quarters with Sirius and Narcissa who had made a portkey, Harry and Aiolos still hated the form of travel, even if he could land. Amelia was busy at the Ministry dealing with the aftermath of Lucius Malfoy being kissed before he could be sentenced or give them more information. They couldn't actually go back and question any of those who claimed imperius because some of them actually had been and it was some very important people, Amelia could not justify re-questioning all of them under veritaserum, with, Fudge refusing to accept yet that Voldemort may be back.

Draco and Narcissa were both taking Lucius's kiss rather well, Draco was quiet for a few days and stayed mostly to himself flying but he came out of it rather quickly and was back to his somewhat spoiled but friendly way. Narcissa on the other hand was rather ecstatic; she seemed to drift around the house in a blissful daze. Since Lucius had been kissed before he could be sentenced, Sirius did not have to claim the contract violated. All the Malfoy fortune now reverted to Draco, who was taken to Gringotts to claim his Lordship. Narcissa and Draco were trying to decide whether they wanted to sell Malfoy Manor or keep it, they couldn't live in it as the Dark Lord had access to it and knew where it was.

Sirius and Narcissa hugged them all goodbye with warnings to be careful and be on their guard, the Dark Lord was more dangerous now than ever, as he could operate in secret and without being checked as Fudge was denying the warnings around him.

"Hey, Harry," Daphne said as she and her family came over to them. Harry gave Daphne a quick kiss and the kids made their way to the train.

"I'll see you guys, I'm going to find Theo," Draco said after storing his stuff with theirs.

"See yah at the Feast," they replied. Draco and Theo usually sat with Padma Patil and Terry Boot.

"So did anyone spill on what was going on at Hogwarts," Tracey asked.

"Nope Amelia said it was classified information according to the Minister and not to be released until he says so," Harry answered.

"Impervius," Harry and his friends muttered as one as they disembarked from the train to get to the carriages, a massive thunderstorm was drenching everything that wasn't spelled. The carriages pulled themselves to the front entrance of the castle which was being lit by lightning strikes; Harry thought the castle was a rather fighting stage for a horror movie tonight. When they got to the entrance hall they arrived in time to see Peeves soak some Gryffindors, Weasley the worst, with water balloons. Professor McGonagall came out yelling at the poltergeist.

"PEEVES! Peeves come down here at once," McGonagall shouted at the poltergeist as she ran out and skidded across the floor. She had to grab onto Hermione who was near her to stop from falling. She continued yelling after apologizing to Hermione, which did absolutely nothing to deter the prank loving menace.

"Peeves," Harry called out to the Poltergeist, "The Bloody Baron won't be pleased with you interrupting the feast," he calmly said to the poltergeist. Peeves looked around and took off down the hall abandoning his water balloon assault.

"Thank you, Hadrian," Professor McGonagall said turning to face him. Harry nodded to her as he, Daphne, Tracey, and Blaise made their way to the Slytherin table and Susan, Neville, and Hermione, went to their own tables. Harry sat down next to Draco and Aaron who had a prefect badge on.

"Nice job, Vaisey," Harry said as he sat down next to the fifth year.

"Thanks Harry."

"So who was made captain," Harry asked not seeing Montague, Warrington, or Urquhart around yet, hoping it wasn't Warrington, though he didn't think Severus would ever make the boy captain, but you never know.

"We don't know yet, Beau didn't get anything and neither did Warrington or Urquhart." Aaron like Draco and Harry looked worried at that statement but before anything more could be exchange Professor McGonagall entered with the new arrivals. As they watched the sorting in quiet at the Slytherin table Harry had a good feeling whatever was happening at Hogwarts this year was going to interfere with Quidditch.

"Creevey, Dennis," Professor McGonagall called.

Harry banged his head against the table, "There's two of them?" He groaned out. The Slytherins who heard him chuckled; Colin Creevey had not given up on Harry being his idol even though Harry was Slytherin.

Finally the sorting ended Slytherin received three first year boys and two girls. Dumbledore stood and lifted his hands for silence.

"I just have two words now, Tuck In." He sat back down and as one people moved to start eating.

"There's still an open seat at the head table," Daphne spoke looking up at the table, the seat next to Professor McGonagall was still open.

"It's gotta be for the new Defense Professor," Blaise answered.

"I thought the Professor's had to be present at Feasts," Harry answered.

"They do," Tracey said just as the door to the Great Hall was thrown open with a loud bang. In walked a scarred man who had a pronounced limp and spinning eye, dressed in a traveling cloak and leaning on a staff.

"Moody?" Daphne questioned as old man Twinkles stood up.

Everybody turned to look between the two men, "Ahh welcome your new Defense Professor Alastor Moody," Dumbledore announced. The two men shock hands and Moody sat to the murmur of students conversing about him, he took a pull from a flask on his hip.

"I thought Moody said he wanted a quiet retirement," Tracey asked with a confused look.

"He did, but maybe he changed his mind," Harry said unsurely.

"Wait what about Tonks?"

"Third year at the Academy you shadow a routine field officer, she's shadowing Kingsley Shacklebolt. Moody was mostly a trainer at the Academy for the last five years or so she said." Harry told Blaise who nodded in understanding.

Dumbledore stood again at the end of the Feast, "Welcome back to another year at Hogwarts and welcome to the first years. The Forbidden Forest as always is forbidden to students and fanged Frisbees, along with 497 other items are on the banned items list, for the full list see Mr. Filch's office door.

Now in other news the Quidditch season for this year has been canceled." As Dumbledore said this shouts of anger rang out from all the Quidditch players and fans. Dumbledore held his hands up for silence which came slowly. "Quidditch will be canceled because this year Hogwarts is playing host to a most prestigious event…The TRIWIZARD TOURNAMENT!" Murmurs went through the four tables. "The tournament has not been active since the 1792 due to the death toll, but our Departments of International Cooperation and Sports and Games have brought it back, however they have added a stipulation of the champions must be seventeen years of age to enter." More protests rang out from the students. *BANG*, Professor McGonagall sent off a loud noise with her wand and glared at the students; they quieted but had surly looks on their faces. "The champion from three schools will be chosen by an impartial judge and will compete in three tasks, three dangerous tasks, enter at your own risk, the winner will gain not only eternal glory but 1000 galleons." As he finished the students were getting louder again protesting the age limit, notably Fred and George Weasley. Dumbledore raised his arms again for quiet, "Now because of the age limit we are adding three more competitions for the schools, a quidditch tournament, dueling tournament, as well as an academic competition. Tryouts for the three other competitions will be held next week for each team, Madam Hooch will be in charge of the Quidditch team, Professors' Snape and Flitwick will handle the dueling competition, and Professor McGonagall and Madam Prince will be heading up the academic team, they will be posting the information tomorrow or the day after. Now you are all dismissed."

The next day at breakfast Hermione joined the Slytherins, while Neville sat with Hannah and Susan at the Hufflepuff table. Neville, Hannah, and Susan had Herbology first thing while the snakes had Charms with the Ravens.

"Hello everyone," Professor Flitwick squeaked out, "Did you have a nice break?" The class replied in the affirmative and Flitwick squeaked out, "Good, Good. Today were going to work on the Avis charm. The Avis charm conjurs birds out of your wand, Avis will conjure a small white dove; you can change the birds by adding the Latin name of the bird you want to conjure ahead of Avis. There are no wand motions with this spell. "Falco Avis," Flitwick said and out of his wand shot five Merlin falcons. "The more concentration and the better visual picture the more life like the birds, start with a bird you know well, begin."

Harry thought of a simple white dove he often saw around Potter Manor, "Avis, "out of Harry's wand came five small white doves that fluttered around the classroom for a minute until they popped out of existence.

"Very good Mr. Potter, five points to Slytherin." Flitwick spoke and then came a bit closer to Harry and Daphne's table, "Please see me after class," Harry nodded and went back to working on the charm and helping Daphne out, by the end of class Hermione had gotten the charm as did, Daphne, Tracey, and Blaise, plus a few other ravens. After class Harry stayed behind while Daphne waited for him with Tracey.

"Hadrian, I finished the charm and I think it will work. Now the painting you have is it a full size or a head shot."

"Full size," Harry answered.

"Then I think we're going to go with the two you drew of them standing. Now I must say Mr. Potter I was quite shocked when I received these paintings, after receiving the second set I made an educated guess as to who the first one was of. Am I correct?"

Harry looked at the tiny Professor hard before nodding, "Yes sir you are."

"I should like to meet them when this is through if I may?"

"Of course they wanted to come back here anyways but all their other portraits have been destroyed except for one and they have no idea where that one is. That one may interest you more sir, the other painting has all four of the founders." Flitwick gasped at that and almost started bouncing in his seat.

"The painting is lost somewhere here in Hogwarts, except they are not sure where, wherever it is they can't be heard by others, not even house elves. When can we do the spell sir?"

"Hmm," Flitwick said looking over his calendar, "assuming that you don't want to move the painting from your home, how about the first Hogsmeade visit, October 25. That way you can leave the school."

"Alright, thank you sir this means a lot to me and to them," Harry said smiling his crocked grin.

"It was enjoyable," Flitwick said smiling back, "I'll look into where the painting might be. Are you going to try out for the tournament, maybe even try and fool the judge like your friends the Weasley twins," Flitwick asked with a laugh.

"No sir I'm not interested in the Triwaizard Tournament, but the Quidditch one and maybe the dueling one would be awesome, are we allowed to do more than one?"

"The only ones allowed to do more than one are those selected for the Triwizard Tournament itself, and then only one other. I suspect you'll choose Quidditch?"

"Yes sir," Harry said with a laugh, "but Daph was talking about trying out for dueling and academic."

"Good, good," Professor Flitwick said as he dismissed Harry.

"Tryouts are posted," Neville said as he took a seat at the Hufflepuff table, it was Tuesday their second day of term. "Quidditch tryouts are Friday at six and Saturday beginning at nine, Dueling Saturday starting at three and Sunday starting at nine, and then Academic Sunday at two and Monday at six."

"So are you guys trying out for anything," Hannah asked?

"Quidditch," Harry answered with a smirk.

"Oh, really never would have guessed it," Hannah replied back with a laugh, and the others joined her.

"Academic and Dueling," Daphne answered.

"Dueling," Blaise answered as did Neville.

"Academic, possibly dueling, I'm not sure." Hermione answered.

"Well you certainly know enough for both if you do tryout," Tracey said, "I think I might go out for the academic."

"I'm not doing any of them, more content to watch and learn for now," Susan answered. "Did anyone mention if they're going to go out for the Triwizard competition? Cedric said he was going to, he's probably the best hope of Hufflepuff getting a Champion."

"Angelina mentioned she might go out for it and of course Fred and George are plotting. They're probably the only ones that could possibly screw the impartial judge up bad enough to make it even though they're under seventeen," Neville answered.

"If Fred and George can't do it nobody can," Hannah agreed.

"Are you going out for any of the teams," Harry asked?

"Nope, I'm just gonna enjoy the games."

"So what do we have today," Harry asked Daph.

"History of magic and Double Potions both with the Griffs." *thump* They looked over and saw Blaise's head bang against the table.

"Why do we always have potions with the Griffs, no offense Neville. Somebody always tries to sabotage and my potions are shitty enough as it is."

Finally Friday arrived and the school was practically buzzing with excitement as the first tryout was to be held, for Quidditch Madam Hooch was there with another younger woman who was wearing practice uniform for the Holyhead Harpies. Harry recognized her as Gwenog Jones the captain of the Holyhead Harpies.

"Holy shit, Daph's gonna freak," Harry muttered to Draco.

"Why," Harry just nodded his head in the direction of Hooch and Jones.

"Oh shite," Draco said. Sure enough Daphne who was in the stands with Harry's friends was thoroughly freaking out.

The stands we're filled with students wanting to watch and support their friends. All of the Quidditch players were there as well as this years hopefuls.

"Hey Ginny, nice broom," Draco said as they made their way over to the middle of the pitch.

"Thanks, Bill wrote Charlie and told him I was going to try out for Slytherin this year, and apparently that means I get a new broom. He told me to keep the Weasley tradition alive and to bring it to Slytherin." Ginny was holding a Nimbus Two Thousand curtsey of Charlie Weasley.

"Alright listen up," Madam Hooch yelled out, "As you may have noticed beside me is Gwenog Jones of the Holyhead Harpies." A cheer went out form the Holyhead fans. "She has graciously given us her time for the tryouts today and tomorrow. Now first I want the keeper hopefuls over here," Hooch said pointing out to a spot on the pitch, nine hopefuls made their way over. "The Chasers, over there," a mass of twenty people moved over. "Beaters over here," ten people made their way over. "And seekers," there were only the four house seekers from last year trying out.

"Hey Cedric," Harry said as he moved over to where Hooch had pointed out, "Sue and Hannah said you were going to enter the Triwizard tournament?"

"Yeah I figured I give it a shot."

"Well you're the best in seventh year, good luck mate," Harry answered with a grin towards his Quidditch competition and friend. Harry ignored Cho Chang who was trying to decide who to flirt with, Harry or Cedric. Tryouts lasted until ten at night, and they only got through the seekers and keepers. The next day Gwenog was back again and signing autographs before the tryout started. They went through the day by Gwenog watching the beaters and Madam Hooch breaking the Chasers into two large groups before further breaking them down. They used most of the allotted time for the tryout finishing with an hour left, Madam Hooch dismissed them and she was going to make up the teams and post them later tonight or tomorrow morning.

"Har-ry," somebody called in a sing-song voice, "Har-ry wake-uuuppp." Harry blinked his eyes opened to see Daphne standing over him. As his eyes fluttered open Daphne leaned down and pressed her lips to his in a sensual lingering kiss.

She pulled back and smiled at him, "I wanted to be the first to congratulate you," she said giving him a radiant smile and handing him a piece of parchment. Harry sat up and pulled Daphne onto the bed to sit next to him, he wrapped an arm around her and she absent mindedly ran her nails softly over his chest. Harry shivered a little and opened the parchment:

Hogwarts Qudiditch Team:

Keeper: Aaron Vaisey. Alternate: Cormac McLaggen

Beater: Fred Weasley. Alternate: Jess Urquhart

Beater: George Weasley. Alternate: Evan Deverill

Chaser: Angelina Johnson. Alternate: Katie Bell

Chaser: Rodger Davis, Co-Captain. Alternate: Beau Montague

Chaser: Alicia Spinnent. Alternate: Draco Malfoy

Seeker: Hadrian Potter, Co-Captain. Alternate Cedric Diggory

Alternate Fliers: Ginerva Weasley and Edward Carmichael

First practice Monday at 7:00pm, all fliers must attend.

"Wow,"Harry said quietly, "she made me a co- captain."

"Harry people listen to you, you going to have to get used to it and best of all it's not because you're the 'Boy-Who-Lived,'" Daphne said rolling her eyes at the hyphenated name Harry detested. "It's because you have a certain presence about you that people are intimidated and drawn in by, it's rather hot," Daphne finished with a grin, in response Harry tickled her for five minutes until she screamed, "I'm gonna pee!"

"You ready for this afternoon's tryout?"

"Yeah, I'm just wondering what Severus has planned for a tryout. Now you need to get dressed, I'll see you in the common room." She gave him a quick kiss and left the room. Harry got dressed in street clothes and made his way to join his friends. As he walked into the common room more than a few people congratulated him like they had with the other Slytherins who had made the team. It hadn't surprised most people that it was comprised mainly of Slytherins and Gryffindor they were the only Houses with consistently good teams at Hogwarts.

The dueling tryouts were being held in the Great Hall with Professor Flitwick and Professor Snape presiding over it. There were a lot of students trying out for the dueling team; Harry wasn't sure how they were going to finish the tryout in two days. The team was open to those who wanted to try out but a trained observer could already tell about half of them didn't stand a chance, simply by the way they were dressed or their stance. Harry was in the stands that had been set up for spectators, with Susan, Hermione, who had decided not to try out, and Susan. Neville, Blaise, Tracey, who decided to try out, and Daphne were standing in a group down on the floor with Draco and Theo. Neville was looking determined and glaring at Ron Weasley, earlier in the day when Neville had been talking about trying out the Weasel had called him an almost squib who didn't stand a chance.

Severus and Flitwick walked up to the center of the main platform where Flitwick let off a loud bang with his wand, bringing the room to attention. Severus spoke, "We're going to start by randomly pairing you against another in your year, and if you win you will continue to the next round." They're were only two second years there, a Slytherin named Robert Smithstone and a Ravenclaw named Dylan McCarty. The Slytherin won but neither student used anything above a third year curse. There were six third years, and the three that made it through were all from Slytherin, Astoria, Aiofe, and Malcolm Baddock.

The fourth years were up next Professor Snape looked like he was trying to contain a gleeful grin when he called out the next two names out of hat, "Longbottom and Weasley." He continued pulling names and ended up with, Daphne v. Seamus Finnegan, Tracey v. Su Li, Blaise v. Michael Corner, Draco v. Ernie MacMillan, and Theo v. Padma Patil. They were lined up on the dueling platforms and Professor Flitwick spoke, "Begin." Blaise immediately began casting spells at Corner who put up a shield but it collapsed under the spells and Blaise's stunner hit Corner knocking him unconscious, Blaise summoned his opponent's wand and his duel ended.

Daphne held her wand as a fencer would and stood in what could be perceived as a lazy stand. Finnegan threw the first spell a jelly-legs jinx and Harry shook his head, "do they really think that will be enough," Harry said in a disgusted tone, "Durmstrang is famous for covering the dark arts."

"They've probably never even heard of Durmstrang," Hermione commented shaking her head, "Oh nice one Daph." Daphne had been sidestepping Finnegan's pathetic attempts and he was beginning to get more irate, finally Daphne cast a spell, aguamenti, Finnegan was showered in water and so was the dueling platform. Finnegan rushed her and Daphne spoke calmly, "Glacies," the platform froze into solid ice and the charging Finnegan was thrown into the air and fell knocking his head against the ice and rendering him unconscious, Daphne smirked and summoned his wand.

Draco had already beaten Ernie and Padma had just lost to Theo, though she put up a good fight. Weasley was turning as red as his hair as Neville was still holding the shield he had cast in the very beginning of his duel finally Weasley stopped casting and took a breath, Neville didn't even speak aloud as he used expelliarmus to summon the wand from Weasley's grip without trouble. Harry and the others cheered for Neville making Weasley turn even redder. Tracey had just finished with Su Li who had put up an amazing fight against Tracey.

"Mione what do you know about Su Li," Susan asked eyeing the small Ravenclaw who was shaking Tracey's hand.

"She's quiet, really quiet and really good at potions. Her dad was a dueling champion in China before they moved here for her mum's job at the Ministry, she's the ambassador."

"Before we continue Su Li and Padma Patil will be permitted to carry on," Severus announced after conferring with Flitwick. They got through the rest of the years in time for dinner, two fifth years, most were focused on their owls, and ten sixth years went on, plus two seventh years, again most were either focused on N.E.W.T.'s or the tournament proper.

"Clever Daph," Harry said as he gave his girlfriend a kiss as they sat down for dinner in the Great Hall.

"Man little Su Li packs a punch," Tracey commented rubbing her shoulder which had been hit by part of a diffindo that made it through her shield.

The next day Severus and Flitwick had them dueling against the others no matter what year, randomly chosen, again. Theo lost to a seventh year Ravenclaw in his first duel, Thomas Kensington. Draco won against one of the fifth years, Marietta Edgecombe, with a well placed reducto that launched her off her feet; she dropped her wand and was left open to his stunner. The second year was taken out by Padma. Su Li lost to Samantha Fawcett, Malcolm and Aiofe years were taken out by a fifth and one of the sixth years. Blaise was paired up against a sixth year and one with a bit of help from his illusions combined with his speed at casting. Tracey faced Astoria and won though it was close Astoria fought like her sister, using her slyness. Daphne was paired against Stebbins, a sixth year Hufflepuff; he went into the match cocky and came out shamed. The last fifth year, from Hufflepuff, was taken out by Towler from Gryffindor. The last fourth year a Ravenclaw, was taken out by Lee Jordan. Warrington one of the remaining sixth years was taken out by the last seventh year, Jason Murray of Hufflepuff. Ethan Chambers of Hufflepuff was taken out of the competition by Thomas Avery. Neville took out a sixth year from Slytherin, Jasmine Gibbons, it was hard fought duel but Neville overpowered her, surprising many of those watching.

They were left with thirteen after the second cut of people, there were going to be seven spots for the dueling team. They decided to test the accuracy of those left using dummies. "Alright," Professor Flitwick called, "the nest phase will test your speed and accuracy from there we will determine the final team." Severus was conjuring the dummies as Flitwick was talking, "You will be casting stinging hexes at the dummies, the dummies are designed to light up, your task will be to hit the lit area with the stinging hex as fast as you can and as accurately, in two minutes." They were each lined up across from a dummy about ten yards away. "Begin," Severus called out. Stinging hexes went flying as the dummies lit up in various areas with red lights. The randomly lit areas were lit for only a short time you had to hit in that time period to score a point. "Time," Severus called out. Severus and Flitwick went over to the dummies to receive the results. "The team will be comprised of Thomas Kensington, Jason Murray, Thomas Avery, Blaise Zabini, Neville Longbottom, and Daphne Greengrass. Alternate will be Lee Jordan," Professor Flitwick announced as the spectators cheered. "The first practice will be held Tuesday night at six."

"Congrats Daph," Harry said as he pulled her into a searing kiss for congratulations. When he pulled back Daphne was breathing hard and Harry was smiling his lopsided grin. "Nice job guys," Harry said looking to the others.

"Yeah, you're not going to try and snog us too are ya," Neville asked Harry with a mock worried look on his face, causing them to laugh.

Harry just rolled his eyes at his friend, "You're hilarious Longbottom."

The academic tryout consisted of Professor McGonagall and Madam Prince giving the hopefuls a rather long test and this one was only on three subjects, Charms, Potions, and Runes. After that the hopefuls were given an hour break for dinner and then they had a test on Astronomy and Arithmancy. Monday night they were tested on Transfiguration and History. They're team was posted the next night in the common room.

Academic Team

Hermione Granger

Tracey Davis

Padma Patil

Andrew Harper

Nathan Clearwater

Alternate: Blair Simon

It didn't escape the notice of the school that the majority of those chosen to represent them were Slytherins.


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