There's a lemon at the end so fair warning

Harry was pacing in front of the wall as the others arrived. 'I need the room of hidden things,' Harry repeated as he paced in front of the door. Harry was dressed in a pair of ripped jeans, a dirty pair of Chucks that he wore in the stables, and old t-shirt that read, People Like You Are The Reason People Like Me Need Medication, Blaise laughed until he couldn't breathe at that one and said something about wearing it the next time he went to a family reunion. As the doors appeared in the wall Daphne came up to him and wrapped an arm around his waist as they moved into the room.

"Alright," Severus spoke as they moved into the enormous room that was lined with junk piled high up into the air; it looked like a city of junk. "Don't touch anything that you don't know what it is, especially old potions." Severus pointed out several old congealed potions that were strewn about in their general vicinity. Harry noticed some empty sherry bottles near the door.

Harry snickered, "So anyone knows who drinks sherry?" Harry said lifting up one of the many empty bottles.

Severus just shook his head, "if you find it or something you want me to look at send up red sparks with your wand, the incantation is periculum. Spread out, everyone take an aisle."

"Damn I wonder what poor idiot was on the other side of that," Neville said pointing to a bloody axe that was rest up against some furniture, as he moved down into his aisles of stuff.

Harry moved down his aisle looking around for the painting. He passed loads of busted up furniture that seemed to make up the majority of the junk. 'What the hell,' Harry thought as he came across a life-sized stuffed troll. Harry was halfway through the aisle when he came upon something he had seen in Borgin & Burkes. It was a tall black cabinet that had gold markings on it, the same markings as the one in Borgin & Burkes.

"Periculum," Harry said raising his wand into the air and firing off the red sparks. He waited for a minute or two before Severus showed up as did Daphne, Tracey, and Hermione. After another minute Neville came in from the opposite side carrying a rather wicked looking plant that was moving around and seemed to be sniffing things. Finally Blaise came tumbling down a pile of junk to Harry's left. They stared at him.

"What it was shorter than walking around on in the last aisle," Blaise shrugged, "oh I found this." Blaise was holding a polished black case with gold castings, inside were three books, Blaise had found: True History of the Founders by Ivan Holm grandson of Helga Hufflepuff, Runes of the Viking Battle Mages by Harald Sigurdsson, and, The Thief's Spell book by Rodger Godbberd.

"Where did you find the one on the founders," Severus asked?

"It was just thrown with some other stuff, I looked all around the painting isn't there," Blaise answered.

"Hadrian why the sparks," Severus asked?

"This cabinet I seen it before in Borgin & Burkes, the exact one." Harry explained gesturing to the cabinet. Severus ran his hand over the cabinet before he opened it. There was nothing in it and Severus closed it and tapped it muttering a spell with his wand held to the cabinet, it glowed gold.

"It's a vanishing cabinet. Are you sure the exact copy was at Borgin & Burkes," Severus said.

"Yes sir, I remember the designs," Harry answered.

"Back up," Severus said to them, they did as he said and Severus held up his wand, "Reducto maxima," the cabinet exploded into a shower of slithers and dust. "Twin vanishing cabinets can be used as passageways; I'm not taking the chance of this one being used if its twin is at Borgin and Burkes. Keep searching it's almost lunch."

They spread back out, and Harry wandered down his aisles again. 'This is going to take forever,' he thought to himself and pulled out his mirror, "Padfoot," he spoke into it. About a minute later Sirius's face appeared.

"What do you need pup?" Sirius asked with a smile.

"Are you at the Manor?" Sirius nodded, "Can you tell Sirius and Godric we're looking for the painting and we need them to make as much noise as they can."

"Will do, hold on." Sirius disappeared. Harry conjured his patronus and sent it off to his friends and Professor, with a message to be quiet and listen for them. "Alright pup message delivered good luck," Sirius said nodding into the mirror.

"Thanks, Padfoot," Harry replied and slipped the mirror back into his pocket. Harry listened; the giant room was silent which made it a bit eerie in Harry's opinion. He started moving towards the back. As Harry was moving he could hear muffled yelling, it was soft and he couldn't pinpoint it. Thinking fast Harry transformed into Bay and perked his ears straight as he listened.

He heard it to his left farther down. He took off running towards his name being called; as he was running he let out a howl. Daphne transformed into Snow at the howl and was still for a moment before she heard their names being called and started towards it. The others moved towards the sound of the howl, only Severs thinking to transform into his raven. Severus flew above them and Snow and Bay ran to where they heard it. Bay reached the area first he could hear them now perfectly in fact they were too loud so he transformed back. Harry started to move furniture out from the area he could hear them.

"Sal, Godric, can you hear me?" Harry said loudly.

"Yes Harry we're here there's something covering the painting." Just as Salazar spoke Snow appeared next to him and transformed into Daphne and a raven dropped out of the air transforming into Severus before he even stopped flying.

"Daphne put your wand away, magic may interfere, will have to move everything by hand," Severus spoke moving to help Harry move furniture. Tracey and Hermione arrived next followed by Susan and Neville, who were toting bags, and Blaise who now had another bag of stuff. Daphne just shook her head.

"Drop the bags we have to do it by hand," Daphne said as she and Hermione moved a desk out of the way.

"Ahh, damn," Neville said as he jerked his hand away from a chair that he had touched it was burned.

"Kick it out of the way," Severus said studying the chair.

Neville did so and noticed that his shoe was burnt on the side that had touched it, "who curses a chair?"

"Maybe it was a prank," Blaise said with a shrug as he tossed a chest full of clothes out of the way.

"Like one of those shock things you put on your hand when you shake someone else's hand," Hermione suggested when Neville still looked at the chair like it was a fascinating plant.

"Forget the chair and get us out of here," A women's voice sounded.

"Row they are coming, calm down," Godric's voice answered. "Oww damn Row that hurt," they heard Godric say. They started laughing as they were clearing junk finally they came to a blacked out case that had a large combination lock on it that you would find on a safe.

"Blaise let me see that Thief's book," Severus said holding his hand out for it. Blaise handed it over to the Professor. Severus flipped through it and came to a stop on one of the pages, "aperui numeri," above the dial where his wand was three purple numbers appeared like smoke, 7, 13, 9. Severus put the combination in and the dial clicked open and Severus pulled the latch and opened the blacked out container. Inside was a painting of the Four Founders, Salazar and Godric were now easily recognizable to the teens and their Professor; the painting was about four feet tall and eight feet wide. They were able to identify Rowena Ravenclaw as Godric was hiding behind the other woman in the painting.

Rowena Ravenclaw was a beautiful woman who looked to be around thirty or so at the time of painting. She looked regal and screamed elegance; she had high cheek bones, pale skin and lips with dark brown almost black hair and dark brown eyes. She was tall, almost as tall as Godric who was probably around six foot at least. She was dressed in a dark blue dress that was in the style of Roman and Greek style, it hugged her form and had deeper neck then Harry would have expected, it was tied around the waist with a long belt that was made of a gold material. Around her neck was a gold necklace with an eagle pendant, the eagle's eyes were light blue sapphires, on her head was the diadem, they destroyed in the chamber.

The other woman who Godric was hiding behind was heavier then Rowena and shorter, but still just as easy on the eyes, she looked a bit older than Rowena. Helga Hufflepuff was dressed in a similar style gown but hers was black with yellowish-gold trimmings around the wrists and neckline, she too had, a long belt on that was in a yellowish-gold material. She was smiling as she helped to calm Rowena down and her eyes held an amused glint in them. Her eyes were a light blue almost crystal color, she had dark red hair that was pulled up in an elaborate way. She had a darker complexion then Rowena but not by much, she had rosy cheeks and reminded Harry of the archetype for a mother, she had a sense of home, and caring about her even in a painting. Helga also wore a matching cloak that was held together by a badger broach.

"Hmmhmm," Severus cleared his throat to get the occupants of the paintings attention, "as interesting as it would be to see you turn Godric into a teapot or something perhaps you could wait until we get you out of this room." They all turned to the on looking teens and Professor in surprise.

"Hmph, only one of each of our students, Helga should we be worried," Rowena asked amused as she studied the group.

"Hey Hermione counts for like four Ravenclaws and same with Sue," Blaise said speaking up for his friends.

"And if you would notice there's only one of mine too," Godric said.

"Well one of them is your heir so he counts for two," Rowena said.

"They're like an old married couple," Neville said under his breath to his friends. Rowena and Godric both glared at him. "What you are."

"Fascinating, Hadrian did you bring your invisibility cloak," Severus asked.

"Yes," Harry replied bringing it out as Severus cast a detection spell around the painting, finding nothing he levitated the painting out of the case.

"I'm going to take this painting down to my office, do you all want to stay and search for something, it is a weekend," Severus asked them.

"Yeah I'd like to look around more," Hadrian said looking towards Daphne and the others who nodded.

"Alright, call for Dobby if you're not sure. They nodded and Harry threw the invisibility cloak over the painting and Severus started to walk out.

"So where do you guys wanna start," Harry asked?"

"Well I pretty much got through my aisle of stuff, other than this stuff it was furniture and nasty congealed potions," Blaise said.

"Same with mine," Susan said, "I got some jewelry that was in buried other than that there was just junk like fanged Frisbees and other prank stuff."

"I got halfway through mine I don't think there was anything else worth anything except the plant."

"Alright so let's work from Neville's aisles on down," Hermione said. "Susan, Blaise, and I will take the rest of Neville's. And Harry, Tracey, Daphne, and Neville, can take the one I was in and we'll see what time it is when we finish seeing if we can get the other aisles."

"Sounds good," Tracey said and they moved off to their aisles. They ended up getting through Neville's, Hermione's, and Harry's aisles by dinner and only had to call Dobby twice, thanks to Tracey's knowledge on items. They still had to come back and do Daphne's and Tracey's. They ended up with more books all with promising battle art spells, and to Blaise's amazement Tracey found a book titled, An Illusionist's Manifesto by Trent Baliey. They found a Silver Arrow broomstick that was in near perfect condition, which would fetch about 500 galleons at auction maybe more, they decided since Susan was the one to recognize it she could get the profits. Harry found a found Sirius's Christmas present, a perfectly intact bottle of 1937 Rare Collection Glenfiddich bottle of Whiskey, Harry starred at the bottle for about five minutes before Daphne snapped him out of it. They found a case of herbs that were at one point used as medicinal herbs but in concentration were lethal; Daphne identified a few like false or white hellebores. Hermione though found a book which she kept to herself only stating they would find out later what it was. She was going to give it to Harry as Christmas present; it was a diary entitled, An Accounting of the Infamous Pranks of Messer's. Mooney, Padfoot, Prongs, and Wormtail. One of them must have gotten caught with it and ditched it in the room.

Term had finally ended yesterday and Harry was all for it. So far he had been followed around from class to class, meal to meal, and even to the dungeons by girls from Hogwarts, Beauxbatons, and even two out of the five Durmstrang girls. It seemed they all wanted him to escort them to the ball and no matter how many times he or Daphne made it clear he already had a date more kept popping up. The most persistent of his admires was Cho Chang, the fifth year Ravenclaw seeker who had two years earlier tried to knock him off his broom, really did she think she had even a snowball's chance in hell, especially after last year. Daphne had launched her signature dung bomb prank assault on the older girl but then Harry guessed it wasn't quite as effective if they still didn't know who had done it. The girl had cornered Harry at one point when he was on his way back from the bathroom to rejoin his friends in the library. She had on an outfit that made her look like a cheap hooker and had practically forced herself on him when she was thrown violently to the other end of the hall by Daphne's banishing charm.

Daphne almost laughed at Harry's frightened look but mange to keep her face in her ice mask, as her friends had labeled it, "Go near my boyfriend again and I promise you won't show your face in public for a month, got it," Daphne said calmly to the older girl who just huffed and stormed off.

"Daph I tried to get her off," Harry rapidly fired out once the other girl was gone. Daphne turned and looked at Harry who was pale as ghost and had the same expression as a five year old who had just seen the movie Alien for the first time, completely utterly horrified. She lost it and almost fell over she was laughing so hard.

"You…" she gasped trying to speak through her laughter, "should see your face, right now."

Harry just glared at her but couldn't help grinning as he watched her continue to struggle with her laughter. "Alright, come on Chuckles, we need to get back to the others." That incident had happened two days ago and so far Cho was heeding the warning, well that and Harry was using the marauder's map to avoid the girl. She made him feel like he was a piece meat about to be served to one of Marge's Bulldogs, when she starred at him.

"Hey lets go for a swim in the Room of Requirement, there's nothing else to do and Harry can avoid the swarm of females in heat," Blaise said to Daphne, Tracey, and Harry who were starring about the common room trying to think of something to do, they had ruled out the usual and Daphne and Harry both didn't feel like going outside in the blizzard.

"Alright let's go," Daphne said getting up off the couch and holding her hand out to Harry. They asked Draco and Theo plus Astoria, Ginny, and Aiofie if they wanted to go too. Draco, Theo, and Astoria decided to join them; Ginny and Aiofie were working on their Ancient Runes project so they could get it out of the way.

The group of Slytherins got to the Room of Requirement and were joined by Susan, Hannah, Cedric, and Ernie MacMillan as those four were still the only sane ones in Hufflepuff they stuck together, Neville, Hermione, and surprisingly Viktor and Fleur who were in the library with Hermione when they called her on the mirror. Harry was pacing in front of the Room and the door appeared just as Hermione, Viktor, and Fleur arrived. They entered and saw a nice size pool for all of them and a hot tub in one corner, on the left side was a door that said boys and on the right a door that said girls.

"There should be suits in the locker rooms," Harry said to the group as they filed in, the doors shut and sealed themselves as the room was in use. The guys made it out of the locker rooms first, so surprise there really. They were all dressed in swim trunks, Harry though kept one of his muscle shirts on, he was fine with Daphne seeing his scars but that was it for right now. As it was the others could still see some of the scars on his arms left by Vernon or Dudley and the scars surrounding his ankle and part of his left leg, thanks to Ripper. Some of the guys looked curious but Blaise and Neville gave them all a look that said ask and die, so none of them said anything.

Suddenly Cedric grinned a bit wickedly for a Hufflepuff and caught Viktor's eye and nodded towards Harry with a smirk. Viktor returned the smirk and they subtly walked over behind Harry.

"How's the water?" Harry asked Blaise who had just put his toes in.

"Let's find out," Cedric said and at once he and Viktor picked Harry up and tossed him in the pool.

Harry came up spitting water and glaring, "Bloody wankers," Harry muttered.

"Well how is it?" Cedric asked.

"I don't know why don't you find out," Harry said and smirked as he saw Blaise and Neville come up behind his to sneak attackers and push them in the pull. Both Viktor and Cedric came up out of the water but didn't have time to say anything as Draco, Theo, Blaise, and Neville, cannon balled in to the pool right in front of them.

When Draco came up he grinned at the two older boys, "Do something to one snake it's gonna get returned tenfold."

"Slytherins," Cedric said with a grin and splashed them back starting a splash war that lasted until the girls came out. All of them except for Fleur, Astoria, and Hermione were dressed in bikinis, not that the one piece's weren't flattering they were, and all the boys present gulped as one.

"So how ez the water," Fleur asked. They all looked at each other and grinned.

"That's become a dangerous question," Draco snickered.

"What did you do?" Daphne, Tracey, Hermione, and Susan asked at the same time, earning another round of snickers from the boys.

"The water's great, perfect actually," Harry answered the question seeing the look on

Daphne and Astoria's faces that was normally on Evelyn's face whenever they were about to get it for some prank. The girls nodded and Fleur, Hermione, Hannah, and Tracey moved to the ladder to enter while Daphne, Astoria, and Susan just jumped into the pool. Harry was looking oddly at Fleur when Daphne swam over.

"What's up," Daphne asked quietly.

"Look around none of the guys are making an arse out of themselves in front of Fleur, and if I lower my shields there's no pull like usual."

"Harry think about it in terms of wand cores," Daphne suggested.

It took a minute but it dawned on him Fleur was warning a swim cap, "Their hair's what gives off the allure?" Harry said questioningly.

"Yep at least for those who are half-blooded or less," Daphne replied, "we asked her." Daphne shrugged and then ducked Harry under. Harry returned the favor. They ended up dragging everyone into another splash battle for about ten minutes, and then a net appeared over part of the pool along with volleyball. They split up into teams girls verse guys. The girls won, unsurprisingly, for some reason the guys kept getting distracted. They swam around and played various games for about another two hours before some of them got changed and left, Viktor and Fleur both had to get back to their school contingents, Draco, Theo and Ernie left to work on some homework and Hannah and Neville left to spend some time together. Harry and the others got out about a half-hour later. After they changed and had come back out of the locker rooms the room had changed into a comfortable smaller version of the Slytherin common room. Harry brought out his bag which had his egg in it.

"So do you think the room can help me figure this out?" Harry asked looking at his friends as he did so the room changed and a smaller pool appeared off to the side as did the boys' locker room again.

"A pool," Blaise asked incredulously.

"Maybe it wants you to open it in the water," Astoria said as she and the others starred at the pool in question, "I mean none of you thought of a pool again right?"

They all shook their heads that they hadn't. "Well it's worth a shot," Daphne said.

"Fine," Harry sighed and went back into the locker room to change again. He came back out in his swim wear he took the egg and opened it, it let out it's now familiar shrieking and Harry tossed it into the pool. Surprisingly they couldn't hear the loud incessant wailing anymore; they couldn't hear anything from it. Harry dived into the pool and almost lost his breath when instead of screeching heard a rather beautiful chorus of voices singing. Harry listened to the song and then grabbed the egg and swam back to the surface with a murderous look of rage on his face. As he hopped out of the pool Harry through the egg into the air and without even thinking summoned his wand from its resting place in the locker room. While the egg was still in the air Harry hissed out in parseltongue, "confrigo." The egg exploded into dust that floated down to the ground, Harry's friends steeped back from him as his aurora started to appear and he continued to cast spells, the room conjuring plenty of items for him to smash.

Daphne stepped forward and touched her hand to the back of Harry's now glowing neck. Harry's glow faded at her touch and he lowered his wand instantly and Daphne wrapped her arms around him and Harry's anger seemed to deflate. Harry pulled her tighter to him; seemingly holding on to her like she would float away. She was whispering quietly to him as they held on to each other.

Finally Astoria broke the silence in the room, "Harry what is it?"

Harry sighed and pulled away from Daphne, "let me change and calm down a little." He released Daphne reluctantly and moved into the locker room where he stepped into a hot shower that helped to soother him; unbeknownst to him the room had laced the water with a calming potion. Harry changed into his street clothes and rejoined his friends, Daphne was pacing and Astoria and Tracey were trying to calm her. Susan was being calmed by Hermione and Blaise. As Harry came out Daphne stopped short and moved back into his arms, Harry led her over to one of the chairs in the room and sat pulling her down into his lap. The others moved to the chairs around him waiting for him to start.

"The screeching was really a song that could only be heard underwater." Hermione gasped at that and Harry nodded to her, "merfolk were singing, I'm guessing we have a colony in the Black Lake?"

"Yes we do a small one," Hermione answered, "it was put there in 1802 when they had to be moved out of Loch Ness."

"They're going to take something," Harry added air quotes around his next words, "that I'll surely miss." Harry's harsh look came back, "The only thing I'll surely miss isn't a thing but you all especially Daph," Harry held her tighter as he spoke, "I don't care about anything else I have so it has to be one of you. Hermione?"

Hermione paled at Harry's words and looked rather angry herself as she answered, "I thought they would change the task. Traditionally they take a person the champion will miss the most and hide them for the second task, the champion then has to find them. With the tournament council wanting to make it as safe as possible I figured they would change it."

"That's why you're so pissed," Blaise said, angry himself, "they're gonna take Daphne." Harry nodded and Blaise adopted a fierce look. Susan interrupted before he could say anything more.

"What did the rest of it say?"

"I'll have an hour to find her and then it said past an hour prospect's black, it won't come back."

"They wouldn't really put her danger Harry," Susan tried to reassure everyone, not just Harry, but it didn't work not even for herself.

"I don't trust Dumbledore or the bloody Ministry to keep anyone safe," Harry scowled.
Astoria seeing everyone start to get anxious and knowing Harry's plan for Christmas suggested, "Why don't we wait until after Christmas to deal with this, we have until February. Enjoy the holiday and then we can talk to Professor Snape and plan until we've covered every possibility but for now let's just rest. You deserve it, you've done the first task and the first match and even Hooch and the others gave you all off until after Christmas. You need some time to unwind before we do this."

Harry woke up late Christmas morning and smiled at seeing the presents piled on his trunk at the end of his bed. It still amazed him that he was given presents for Christmas.

"Well are ya gonna open 'em or just stare at them," Blaise said as he came out of their bathroom. Blaise had opened his already, "Thanks for the necklace mate."

"Your welcome," Harry replied and as opened his first present. Harry had given Blaise, Neville, Draco, and Theo, each a leather necklace with a dragon fang hanging from it, the dragons were willing to part with them to Harry at least. Harry opened his presents receiving from Amelia and Sirius gave him a black folding knife that Sirius said was an Emerson CQC 7, it was titanium and recommended by David Granger. Amelia provided him with a dragon hide leg holster for the knife. From Astoria he got a box of ten chocolate frogs, Tracey gave him a book on chess strategies since he still sucked at it according to the note, Susan gave him a box of prank items from Zonko's,Ginny gave him a new copy of Quidditch Through the Ages because his had gotten broom polish spilt on it, Neville gave him a book titled Rare Ingredients and Rarer Potions by Hector Dagworth-Granger, Blaise gave him a subscription to the magazine Potions Aficionado, and Daphne gave him a pair of silver snitch cuff-links. When Harry opened Hermione's present he almost fainted from shock, as he turned the journal over and over in his hands and then opened it finding his father's handwritting and Sirius, plus one others Harry thought was Remus's. 'I need to get Mione another present,' Harry thought as he hid the book in the secret part of his trunk not wanting anyone to find it. The rest of his friends gave him an assortment of candy like Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans, licorice wands, and ice mice to name a few.

Harry got up and showered and decided to just put on a pair of Slytherin sweat pants and a muscle shirt, which showed off Aiolos in tattoo form. He joined his friends in the Slytherin common room. There was a buffet type set up in the common room as they were banned from the Great Hall for now while the Professors were preparing it for the Ball. The common room seemed as crowded as usual and smaller as everyone in it were rowdier than usual. At one point someone set off a Filibuster's No Heat Fireworks, and Severus came in and dragged a sixth year out by his ear for that one. Ever-Bashing Boomerang's were being thrown about as were Fanged Frisbees, and various games were being played around the common room. At around one and two o'clock the common room started to empty as the girls left to get dressed.

"Why does it take three hours for women to get ready?" Blaise asked as they, the males of the house were the only ones left in the common room.

"That is a mystery that will never be fully solved," Vaisey called out from his spot in the common room, his comment got laughs from everyone. Harry was sitting at a table watching what was turning out to be a rather epic chess match between Draco and Urquhart. There was a pop from his right and Harry turned to see Dobby standing there.

"Hey Dobby, let's go to my room," Harry suggested. Dobby nodded and followed Harry back into his dorm room. "I want the room to be the view from the deck on the Eiffel tower, and I guess just dessert since we'll be eating at the ball. Um how about tiramisu, can you do that?"

Dobby nodded eagerly, "Oh yes it was favorite of Madam Malfoy," Dobby said in his usual happy manner since being freed.

Harry breathed out a sigh of relief, "Okay well, um and I have a gift for you as a thank you for helping me. Draco said you liked these." Harry said and handed over a wrapped package to Dobby. Dobby opened it and started bouncing on his toes so fast Harry was afraid he'd get whiplash.

"Ohhh thank you, thank you, thank you, Mr. Harry Potter Sir. Dobby loves socks." Harry had given the freed strange little elf a pack of eight pairs of woolen socks that were all mismatched and bright colors with designs on them. Dobby popped out soon after that and Harry sighed the little elf had to have a stash of speed somewhere. Harry sat on his bed and Aiolos rose out of his skin and slithered down the bed as Harry grabbed his copy of Moste Pontente Potions, Harry was looking through the book and came to Felix Felicis.

"Now thisss I could definitely ussse," he hissed to Aiolos.

Aiolos moved so she could see what Harry was talking about, "Felix Felicisss the luck potion, you don't need luck ssshe lovesss you."

"Maybe but it would certainly help the nervesss," Harry hissed.

"Maybe you sssshould have kept the whissskey for yourssself," Aiolos hissed laughingly.

Harry chuckled and kept flipping through the book, he stopped when he came to an interesting potion, Veritaserum, was among one he flagged he had the ingredients for it at Potter Manor and thought he could probably brew it. He also saw one that was labeled Dragon's Breath, supposedly allowed the drinker to breath fire up to twenty feet. Finally Blaise came in about two hours later.

"Harry better start getting ready mate," Blaise said.

Harry nodded and turned to Aiolos, "Are you going to come with me tonight?"

Aiolos let out the snake equivalent of a snort, "I think I'll sssstay here, no telling what you two young love birdsss will get up to."

Harry looked at Aiolos as if she had a second head and then snorted, "You need to ssstop reading Tracey'sss romance novelsss." Aiolos didn't even dignify him with a response just curled into a coil and shut her eyes.

"So that's where Tracey's dirty books go," Blaise asked looking like he was trying to figure out how a snake could read.

"Yep and don't ask how all I know is one day I came here and she had one of the books propped up." Blaise laughed but Harry looked kind of disturb by his familiar's choice of reading material. Harry got dressed in his tux and spiked his hair all over as Daphne requested. He put his new silver cuff links in and made his way out to common room conjuring a corsage as he did. It was seven thirty and the common room had some people moving about waiting for their dates, Blaise came out and waved to Harry as he left, Blaise was dressed in traditional dress robes that were all black. Blaise's date was Padma Patil from Ravenclaw and Blaise was headed to the Ravenclaw common room to meet her. Tracey came out of the Slytherin girls dorm dressed in a red wrap dress that was strapless and hugged her upper body before flaring out.

"Hey handsome," Tracey said in greeting to Harry.

"You don't look to bad yourself," Harry said to Tracey giving her hug as Theo came over to claim her hand.

"Oh you better do better than that with Daph," Tracey laughing said as she waved goodbye. Draco and Harry were the only fourth year boys left in the common room.

"You know if you hurt her or make her cry I'll kill you, right?" Harry said turning to Draco was about to laugh but saw Harry was serious and nodded. Harry smirked and then slapped him on the back as Astoria came out in a pretty dark purple dress and fur stole. Draco looked like he swallowed his tongue, Harry pushed him forward and he managed to talk.

"You look lovely," Draco said squeakily. Astoria blushed a bit and took his hand and they left the common room. Finally Daphne came out and Harry's mouth drop open, Daphne looked stunning. She had on a navy blue dress that was over one shoulder and hugged her upper body but flared not as wide as Tracey's. It also had a silver pattern that ran along the side of the dress and twisted up towards her covered shoulder.

"Daph, you look… beautiful," Harry said looking stunned.

Daphne smiled at him, "Thank you," she said softly.

"Here this is for you," Harry said placing the corsage on her wrist; he conjured it to be a navy blue rose and baby's breath. Daphne smiled at him and reached up and gave him a soft kiss. "Come on we need to go," Harry said pulling back a little, wishing they didn't have to go to the Ball. Harry offered her his arm, and they left the common room making their way to the Great Hall.

"Oh good you've arrived," Professor McGonagall said in a tartan red gown. Harry shot Daphne a look and she just laughed, "Alright over here please," McGonagall said ushering them over to the other champions. Harry and Daphne both smiled widely at the other champions, Fleur had somehow gotten Bill Weasley here as he was standing there in dress robes of a dark forest green, and Fleur was wearing a stunning silver dress. Viktor was like Harry dressed in a tux his was all black including the vest but his tie matched Hermione's periwinkle blue dress. Hermione looked amazing and had the brightest smile Harry had ever seen on her face, he eyes were sparkling as much as her dress. Cedric was in traditional wizard dress robes, his looked like a traditional black and white tux but with a robe, his date was a seventh year Hufflepuff, known for being one of the beauties of the school, Melissa Bennet who was dressed in a white Grecian style gown.

"The others will be forming a receiving line you will walk passed and take your seats at the head table; you'll be next to the judges. After the meal the Weird Sisters will take the stage and play a waltz which you will open. After that you are free to do what you will and join your friends," McGonagall said. "Miss Delacour and Mr. Weasley you will lead the champions in, followed by Miss Granger and Mr. Krum, then Mr. Diggory and Miss Bennet, and lastly Mr. Potter and Miss Greengrass your end the line of champions." They lined up and the hall doors opened on either side of the doors was a long line of clapping students and their dates. As he passed by with Daphne, Harry smiled and nodded to some of his friends that he could spot. The hall was beautifully decorated even more so than it usually was around Christmas time, with everlasting icicles, fairies, ice sculptures, and other decorations that transformed the hall inter a sort of winter wonder land. The four house tables had been replaced by smaller round tables that fit up to a dozen students. Harry and Daphne followed the other champions to the head table and were seated next to Percy Weasley, much to their chagrin and apparently Bill's, who was across from them.

"Percy," Bill said tersely.

"William," Percy replied back in the same tone and gave Fleur a disapproving look. Bill looked like he wanted to reach across the table and smack him a few times for the look as it was; Harry subtly took his wand out and subtly used a switching spell. Harry switched the contents of Percy's drink with that of a potion vial in his pocket, Harry gave Bill and Fleur a smirk that Bill recognized as the one Harry wore when he pranked somebody. Bill smiled in return. Finally Dumbledore moved his ancient arse up to the Head table and motioned for everyone to sit.

Dumbles picked up his menu and looked at it then said loudly into his plate, "Pork Chops," his meal appeared.

Harry looked at his menu and decided on, "Prime Rib."

The others ordered and everyone's meal appeared, Percy started to drone on about getting promoted to personal assistant for Mr. Crouch. Harry just looked at Daphne and smirked, two seconds later Percy took a sip of his drink and a poof of smoke enveloped him. When the smoke cleared sitting in Percy's place was a little organ grinder's monkey dressed in a little suit and with little a drum around his waist and little drumsticks in his hands. The whole table started laughing followed quickly by the school as Monkey Percy hoped on the table and started to make his way out of the hall, banging his drum as he went. Professor McGonagall a little ways down the table placed her head in her hands and sighed.

"So Viktor how does Durmstrang compare to Hogwarts," Harry asked his friend's date who was sitting across and to Harry's right.

"Vell it is larger, Durmstrang haf' four floor, only. The fires at Durmstrang are light for magical purposes only. But ve haf' vast ground with lakes and mountains," Viktor explained only to be interrupted by Karkaroff.

"Come now Viktor, don't be giving away all our secrets," Igor said silencing Viktor and getting drawn into a conversation with Dumbledore over the magical school's secrecy.

"Why do you not allow muggleborns," Hermione asked not so much accusingly but curious.

"Vell, it's more to do wif' size than anything, like I said ve haf' only four floors. Durmstrang serve more than one country, many country send students, vhere as Hogwarts and Beauxbaton both serve only one country," Viktor explained. Hermione nodded excepting his explanation as did the rest of the table. "There are still those that are against muggleborn but more just because of size, than prejudice."

"That makes sense, how many countries feed into Durmstrang," Daphne asked?

It was Karkaroff that answered this time, "Right now we have students from ten countries."

"What about Beauxbatons Fleur, you said it looked like the French Palace anything else," Hermione asked?

"Well we don't 'ave O.W.L.'s or N.E.W.T.'s as you call them, we sit exams after six years. Then if you choose to you can go for mastery, so technically I'm a sixth year student by your system."

"Where do you live in France," Bill asked his date?

"My family home ez in Bordeaux." The Champions and their dates talked quietly sometimes to just each other and sometimes to the others. Harry and Daphne were enjoying the meal now that Percy was gone.

"So how long until the potion wears off," Daphne whispered to Harry.

"Two days," Harry smirked.

"When are we going to prank Skeeter?"

"I finished the potion two days ago. I was hoping she be here tonight so I could use it but I don't see it."

"Does she have to drink it?"

"No this one just has to have skin contact but its fine if she drinks it."

"You'd think she be here," Daphne said scanning the room.

As the dinner finished Dumbledore stood before the whole school, in his red and green Christmas robes that made him look even more like an escaped loon.

"Your attention please," Dumbledore spoke in a loud voice with his hands up for silence. "Before I introduce our musical guests, I have a few announcements. First the next Quidditch Match will be January 10th Beauxbatons verses Durmstrang, and the next dueling competition will be February 6th Durmstrang verses Hogwarts," a cheer went up at these announcements. "Also for those of you wanting pictures of tonight, a photographer is stationed in the fairy grotto outside the main doors. And now without further ado, I give you the WEIRD SISTERS!" Another cheer went up as Dumbledore introduced them.

As Dumbledore had been talking, McGonagall had moved the champions to the dance floor. The Weird Sisters came out and started gathering their instruments. Harry took Daphne's waist as the music started playing. Harry and Daphne twirled around the floor with the other champions, Harry was blocking out the crowd that had gathered to watch the opening dance and was focusing his attention solely on Daphne's eyes. The ice blue orbs were hypnotic to Harry as they moved around the dance floor. Daphne was staring back into his eyes with a look of adoration as Harry spun her. When the song ended the crowd applauded the champions and those who had joined them on the dance floor. Harry was startled a bit by the applause and looked around to see that the Heads of all three schools, Ludo Bagman and his wife, and some of the other students and professors had joined them on the dance floor for the first dance.

"ARE YOU READY TO ROCK, HOGWARTS!" The lead singer of the Weird Sisters announced to which a mass of students rushed the stage and cheered. The Weird Sisters broke into their newest single and the students started dancing. Harry offered Daphne his hand and they made their way over to their group of friends and started dancing. After about a half hour of straight dancing switching off partners with each other, they made their way to a table.

"Anyone want some punch," Harry asked? More than a few of his friends nodded, so he, Blaise, Neville, and Viktor left to get drinks. "So how's it going with Padma?"

"Good she's almost as smart as Mione and she's a great dancer," Blaise answered as they waited to get punch.

"Yes Hermy-one, very smart," Viktor added.

Harry chuckled, "just call her Mione if it's easier she won't mind."

"Mi-ne," Viktor tried it out, "That I can say."

They got the punch and brought it back to the girls who were giggling about something, more than likely having to do with him since Daphne was blushing bright.

After they finished their punch Neville, Hannah, Susan and her date Ernie, Padma, Blaise, Hermione and Viktor went back dancing while Harry held Daphne back. "You want to get our picture taken, the line was relatively short."

Daphne nodded and Harry took Harry's hand and together they walked to the fairy grotto that had been set up. It was amazingly down with roses in bloom among the ice bushes and fairies lighting up the small area. There were only a few couples in front of them so they waited in line, Daphne moved in front of him and had Harry wrap his arms around her. They stood waiting for their turn with Daphne's back to Harry's front, Daphne wrapped in his arms, his head resting on her shoulder. When it was their turn they adopted the same pose but Harry leaned down and whispered in Daphne's ear.

"I love you," and he kissed her right under her ear smiling at the camera. Daphne's smile could have lit up the darkest black hole as Harry whispered it to her.

"That was the best picture I've taken all night," the photographer said, "you'll picture will come Owl Posted in the next week."

"Thank you, sir," Harry said and gave the man a galleon tip.

As they were moving back into the castle Daphne went to speak but was interrupted by shouting. They moved quickly to the shouting and found Ronald Weasley, Seamus, and Dean all with their dates, mocking out Ginny and her date Michael Corner. Ginny had her wand drawn as did Corner but they had yet to cast a spell, Ginny for her part was doing rather well showing her indifference to her brother's comments about slimy rotten snakes.

"Go get Bill, I think he'll want to know about this," Harry said to Daphne who nodded and left. Harry drew his wand and came quietly up behind the group he raised his wand and nodded to Ginny.

As one they cast Ginny out loud Harry silently. Harry fired out two silent 'petrificus totalus' he hit Dean and Seamus, Ginny had fired aloud, "Chiroptera mucosa." She hit Ron who immediately clutched at his face. Their dates, well Seamus's and Dean's, Lavender Brown and Parvati Patil, turned and fired, Lavender at Harry, and Parvati at Ginny.

"Petrificus totalus," Corner got off before Parvati could get her spell off, Ginny had bound her brother who was now screaming as bats came out of his nose, but unable to do anything.

Harry silently shielded Lavender's spell with, 'protego echo.' Harry's silent shield glowed blue as Lavender's spell was deflected and came back at her at twice the speed, her binding spell, struck herself. Daphne, Bill, and Fleur, came up behind Harry, causing those bound on the ground to pale. Bill waved his wand and released the all but Ron who still had bats coming out of his nose.

"Leave, now." Bill bit out and the four fourth years fled leaving their friend behind. "Ginny, Michael you can leave if you'd like same to you Daphne, Harry. Ron and I are going to have a little chat." Ginny and Michael nodded and started to leave, but Fleur reached out to Ginny to check and see if she was okay. Ginny smiled at the older girl before continuing on with her date.

"Thank you Harry, Daphne, we'll see you later," Bill said still looking at his little brother, whose nose had finally stopped sprouting bats but was now significantly paler since his eldest brother was standing over him.

"Don't mention it, have a good night," Harry said to both Fleur and Bill before leaving the court yard.

"One more dance and then I have a surprise for you," Harry said as he pulled Daphne into his side and back into the Great Hall.

"Really," Daphne said with glee and then a pout trying to get him to tell her.

"Ah ah, not even pouting will get you answers this time," Harry said and leaned down giving her a languid kiss before spinning her on to the dance floor where a slow song had just started. They spent the dance holding tight to each other in their own little bubble, Daphne was surprised when she was being led off the dance floor not having heard the music stop she was so caught up. Harry led Daphne from the room and up to the seventh floor corridor and to Barnabus the Barmy where a door appeared as they moved closer. Harry pulled out a handkerchief and grinned at her.

"Indulge me," Harry said holding it up to her. Daphne pouted at him so he leaned in and gave her a searing kiss, slipping his tongue into her mouth and tasting her. He pulled back so that their lips were barely apart and spoke softly, "please."

Daphne sighed, "Okay." Harry pulled back with a triumphant grin on his face which made Daphne roll her eyes. Harry moved behind her and tied the handkerchief around her eyes. Harry took her elbow and opened the door to the Room of Requirement. Harry had to stop himself from gasping; Dobby had out done himself, although he really shouldn't have expected anything less from Narcissa Malfoy's former house elf. They were indeed on the highest observation deck, Dobby had one table that was setup for two with a dozen roses on it and a candle with the tiramisu and a bottle of fake champagne, which made Harry chuckle to himself. The view was Paris lit up at night but the best part was even though it was lit up, the stars were perfectly visible thanks to the magic of the room and there was music playing faintly in the background.

"Are you ready," Harry asked in a whisper right next to her ear.

Daphne let out an impatient huff, "Yes!" She wanted to see what Harry had planned for her, Harry undid the silk handkerchief and Daphne gasped as she took in her surroundings.

"I had planned to actually take you here but with the ball I had to bring Paris to us," Harry whispered still standing behind her with her in his arms. "Do you like it?" He asked shyly.

"Harry it's perfect," Daphne whispered back, talking loudly seemed like it would ruin the moment. Harry led her over to the table where she smiled at the sight of one of her favorite deserts. Harry held out her chair for her and she sat gracefully and then smiled playfully as Harry poured the fake champagne into her glass.

"Thank you Harry, I love it," Daphne spoke as she looked around. Harry was about to reply but almost swallowed his tongue instead as Daphne took a bite of the tiramisu and moaned with her eyes closed. They ate in relative silence content to just be with each other and hold hands across the table. Finally they finished and Harry stood before Daphne could say anything.

"I have one more surprise for you," Harry whispered, his voice shaking a little as he came next to Daphne's chair. She turned towards him and gasped as he kneeled in front of her and took her hand. "Daphne Anne Greengrass, I know you're betrothed to marry me but I hope and ask that you accept this ring because you want to. I love you and promise to continue loving you until the day we die. Daphne will you marry?" Harry managed to get out though he could hardly breathe and his heart felt like it was going to beat out of his chest. He held out the ring box with his other hand and used a bit of wandless magic for the box to open.

Daphne didn't even looked at the ring but started crying as she sat forward and wrapped her arms around Harry and whispered in his ear, "Yes." Harry's face broke out into a blinding smile one that had never before been seen on his face and would only be seen a few more times over the course of his life. Daphne pulled back and their lips met in a soft, lingering kiss, before Harry stopped it to put the ring on her finger. Daphne watched as he slid the ring onto her finger in awe. The ring was a platinum band with a two carat princess cut diamond that had a smaller pear cut icy sapphire stone on either side.

"Do you like it," Harry asked uncertainly and babbled, "If you don't we can get another one."

Daphne stopped his babbling by leaning in and kissing him, she slipped her tongue into his mouth and proceeded to explore his mouth for the next the two minutes. When they parted they were both breathing hard, Harry had goofy smile on his face. "I love it," Daphne said and pulled him up so they were both standing. Harry leaned in and gave her what started out as a sweet soft kiss but turned heated within seconds. Daphne had her hands buried in his hair while Harry's was tracing patterns down Daphne's back to her bum where he cupped it. She moaned and raked her nails down Harry's back and moved her hands to push his jacket off. Harry moved from Daphne's lips down to her neck. Daphne's hands moved to strip Harry of his tie but fumbled with the knot; Daphne brandished her wand and banished the tie completely which made Harry pull back and smirk at her.

"Shut up," Daphne muttered quietly and pulled Harry back in for another heated kiss, Harry, Daphne decided had an immensely talented tongue. Harry's tongue caressed hers as she undid the buttons on his shirt and threw it off of him. Harry pulled her tighter to him and moaned into her neck as Daphne's hands started to explore the contours of Harry's back. She traced over the scars with her nails, making Harry shiver. Daphne pulled back from Harry and pushed him so he fell back on a queen sized bed the room had conjured. Harry lay on the bed with his legs hanging off and shirtless staring at Daphne he smiled shyly at him. She reached behind her and started to undo the zipper on her dress, she slowly brought it down and then reached up and slid the one strap off and let the dress fall into a pool at her feet. Harry's breath hitched at the sight of his fiancé's barely clothed body, all she had on was a pair of lacy navy blue boy shorts and a strapless lace bra.

Daphne smiled pleased with the effect she was having on her man and moved to straddle him on the bed. Daphne smirked internally when she felt the bulge in Harry's pants grow as she leaned down and pressed soft languid kisses on Harry's chest paying particular attention to the scars that littered his chest. Harry meanwhile was running his hands up and down Daphne's sides awed at her smooth, flawless skin. Finally Daphne moved her kisses back to Harry's lips and Harry's tongue immediately plunged into her mouth and explored her honey and mint tasting mouth. Daphne moaned and reached her hands down to undo Harry's pants she pushed them down a bit but Harry flipped them over and up the bed. Harry kicked his pants off as he kissed down Daphne's neck to her chest where he started to explore much to Daphne's appreciation.

"Harry…more," Daphne moaned out as she hooked her one of her legs around his and pushing up into him. Harry's breath turned haggard as she did and he pulled back and looked at her for permission with his hands at her bra clasp. Daphne nodded and bit her bottom lip as Harry undid her bra and gently slid it off of her body, he tossed it somewhere. Harry starred at her from his spot above her and Daphne moaned as she felt him grow larger against her thigh. Harry moved his head to her right breast and brought his lips to her. He explored with his tongue and his hands. He swirled his tongue around her nipple and Daphne moaned out and arched into him again. Harry moved from her breasts and kissed a heated trail down her smooth stomach to her boy shorts, Harry once again looked at her permission and Daphne nodded. Harry hooked his thumbs under them and started to bring them down her legs, kissing as he did. He kissed down her legs as he slid the underwear off and then he kissed back up both her legs, Daphne in turn was a mess as she laid panting on the bed. Harry stopped at the apex of her thighs, Harry starred at Daphne's nether regions which were bare in awe before Daphne made an impatient sound and tried to rub her thighs together, a bit difficult since Harry was in between her legs. Harry started to explore Daphne's folds with his fingers paying attention to what made her arch and moan. As Daphne became wetter Harry became bolder with his actions and slipped a finger into her, Daphne moaned the loudest yet and Harry increased the speed of his finger and added another one. Daphne was a mess of quivering limbs as Harry's fingers brought her higher and then he curled them up in her and she let out a scream as she climaxed.

Daphne's orgasm flooded Harry's fingers and he pulled them out, Harry curiously looked at his fingers and brought them to his mouth his tongue came out and licked them, Daphne moaned at the sight and Harry at the taste. Just as Daphne was coming down from her high Harry gave her folds a lick, Daphne arched into him.

"Daph I'm gonna try something," Harry whispered to her before returning to between her legs. Harry's tongue started to caress her folds and Daphne couldn't contain a scream, Harry was using parsletongue on her folds and Daphne gripped on to the sheets as she arched up. Harry was fully enjoying the unique taste Daphne and the way she was moaning and arching and it was all because of him, he tried not to smirk in triumph, and Sirius said this was hard.

After a few minutes of Harry caressing her folds Daphne screamed out, "HHAAARRRRY!" Harry kissed his way back up Daphne's stomach stopping to play with her navel before kissing each of her breasts only to be pulled by his hair up to Daphne who locked him into a searing kiss that left Harry breathless. Daphne used her legs to flip Harry over so she was back on top. Daphne and Harry's tongues continued to tangle with each other as Daphne moved her hands down to Harry's boxers. Daphne's hand slipped into his boxers and started to stroke him, she gasped as she took in his size, he was large, something that both excited her and worried her. She started used her other hand to pull his boxers down and Harry managed to get them off the rest of the way. Daphne stroked him as she kissed and nipped at his jaw line and neck. Harry moaned at a rather fierce nip to his neck enjoying Daphne marking him. It didn't take much of Daphne stroking him before he gasped and tensed his orgasm over taking him. Daphne moved down his chest further and paid special attention to his delicious looking v. Daphne's tongue traced his v and Harry's member started to grow again. Daphne finally moved so she was leaning over his somewhat hard cock. Daphne took it in her hand once again and marveled at it as it grew in her hand back to its full length and hardness.

"You don't have to," Harry said rather quietly as Daphne examined him, she had a look of wonder on her face and Harry wasn't sure it was a good thing.

Daphne looked at him like he was crazy, "Harry, relax and enjoy," Daphne said in a husky voice and leaned down and enveloped him with her mouth. Harry groaned as he saw himself be taken by his fiancé's mouth. Daphne for her part was trying to remember the tips given by the older Slytherin girls. Harry's head fell back as Daphne swirled her tongue around him as she suckled him. Harry threaded his hand into her hair almost involuntarily as she continued to take his length in her mouth. She bobbed her had up and down and moaned as Harry's hand tugged a little on her hair. Daphne reached her hand down and gripped his sack and the rest of his shaft that she couldn't fit into her mouth.

That did it for Harry who groaned out, "Daphne," as he came into her waiting mouth. Daphne swallowed all he gave her and wonder a little at the taste it wasn't bad but salty. Harry was panting trying to catch his breath as Daphne kissed back up his body and placed a kiss under his chin on his neck, she lingered there for a moment before pulling away so she was level with Harry. Harry put a hand behind her neck and gently brought his lips to hers, in a soft but passionate kiss. Daphne rested her head on his chest and Harry pulled the covers up over them, and wrapped her in his arms, as they drifted off to sleep.


So that was my first attempt at ever writing anything remotely lemony, so was it good, bad, horrible, hated it, loved it, too much too soon, tell me what ya think, please. And no more heat advisory *Woot Woot*, however its still humid beyond belief and it freakin hailed yesterday morning, good ol' Northeast Ohio where mother nature PMS's every day of the year.

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