Six Months Later

Harry looked out over the gathered guests with a quirky smile as he reveled in the quietness of his life since the defeat of the Voldemort. He was honored along with the other fighters at Hogwarts for bravery and courage and of course killing Voldemort but after that he was mostly left alone. Of course the two month trip he and Daphne took around the world helped avoid most of the fever of well wishes. Also most wizards seemed put out that all it took to kill Voldemort was a muggle knife, nobody intended on telling the general public of horcruxes Voldemort's unnatural extension of his life was now classified as the highest of state secrets.

Today Harry and Daphne had the honor of hosting Bill and Fleur's wedding. The clearing where Sirius and Amelia's wedding was held was decorated with fairy lights tones of gold, silver, and sapphire. Fairies flitted around proud to be a part of another magical creature's wedding, as they considered Fleur. Fleur literally glowed with happiness, Harry figured it had to due with her Veela nature or a woman thing, now that he thought about it. Her white dress shimmered with faint tones of blue as Bill spun her around the dance floor for their first dance.

They were soon joined by Tonks, who was her matron of honor, in a light sapphire blue dress that hung of the shoulder with a gold sash around her waist. Fedor was dressed in modern looking dress robes with a gold vest showing him as a part of the wedding party. Fedor and Tonks and eloped quietly after the war with only Harry and Daphne present at a ceremony at the Temple of Hera in Olympia, Greece.

Joining Tonks and Fedor was Charlie Weasley, Bill's best man. Charlie was dressed in the same colors as Tonks, while his date, a fellow dragon keeper was dressed in a light green dress robes. She was a native Romanian much to his mother's displeasure. Harry laughed quietly causing Daphne to turn towards him with an eyebrow raised, he nodded in the direction of Mrs. Weasley. Ginny had shown off her power earlier, albeit covertly, as she silenced her mother during the ceremony. Daphne laughed along with her husband as Mrs. Weasley was still silenced and was being ignored by Mr. Weasley.

Harry's eyes fell on Draco and Astoria who were sitting with Xavier and Evelyn, Remus and Narcissa, Sirius and Amelia, and Severus and Amelia. Draco despite missing his arm looked like the pureblood prince he was and Astoria looked just as charming. Sirius was sitting with two of the triplets in his lap, his wheelchair was a gleaming chrome and black, according to some, monstrosity that went as fast as his motorcycle and was charmed to fly.

Severus had regained most of his eyesight largely due to a potion created by Harry, Belladonna, and himself. It worked to repair and strengthen damaged nerves, the only drawbacks were the potion was expensive and needed to be taken once a month or the effects would recede. Neville had bought the majority of the potion and was giving it to his parents under the care of a squib doctor.

Neville and Hannah joined the floor with other couples as the dance opened up to all others. Neville asked Hannah to marry him soon after the battle ended in fact there was a horde of engagements announced after the battle. Neville and Hannah planned on a long engagement choosing to wait for his parents to awaken and be able to participate in the wedding. They were showing progress with the new potion.

Ginny's laughter caught his attention, Shea was dancing with the little groom figurine from the top of the cake. Theo took Ginny's hand and twirled her on to the dance floor. Theo had inherited his family's fortune. The first thing he did was burry his mother's remain in a place away from the Nott family mausoleum and in a graveyard where the Potter's were buried. After that he burned down the entire manor and sold the property to a relatively new pureblood family. Theo decided to build a home in Godric's Hollow.

Blaise spun into view with Tracey in his arms. Blaise refused to leave Tracey side as she laid in the hospital wing. Blaise looked smooth as silk in his tuxedo and Tracey was smiling wide in a lavender dress. Tracey and Blaise tended to fight like cats and dogs but they seemed to be going strong.

His gaze fell on Susan who was dancing with Ernie Macmillan, he glared at him making the Hufflepuff stumble in his footing. Susan glared back at Harry and gave him the finger. Harry laughed a deep belly laugh.

"Alright leave Susan alone and dance with me," Daphne said standing from her seat at the wedding party's table. Daphne along with Ginny was dressed in soft gold off the shoulder dress with a sapphire blue sash the opposite of Tonks. Harry was dressed similarly to Charlie and Fred and George. Harry faked a groan as Daphne pulled him up. Fred and George laughed at him and he turned and flashed them a smile.

Harry drew Daphne in close as he took her waist in his hands. He held her to him as they danced the end of Fleur and Bill's song. The dancing sped up as a reel played. Harry and Daphne danced the steps with the others enjoying the festivities late into the night.

One Year Later

Hogwarts had been rebuilt in the months following the final battle. Most of the damage to the school had been done by the Giants yet the school endured. School resumed as normal once the damage had been cleaned from the area. The only difference was Argus Filch and Mrs. Norris decided to retire having had enough of the magical school during Harry's years.

"Wizards and Witches I present to you the Hogwarts class of 1999!" Headmaster Flitwick announced to the gathered crowd of parents and students. The former seventh years shot to their feet with cheers while throwing their hats into the air. Harry grabbed Daphne and kissed her as the hats came down around them. He released her with a smile that made her heart flutter. She smiled back at him and he reached down grabbing their hats. Harry's was easy to find as his had a both a green ribbon for Slytherin and a white one signifying his potion's mastery. Daphne's was also easy to find as it had a purple ribbon as well as a green. Professor Babbling had pushed Daphne to complete her runes mastery while in her final year.

Suddenly Harry was grabbed around the legs by little hands. He looked down and spotted little Lyra sporting green hair and smiling up at him.

" 'Rry up!" She said with a smile. Harry laughed and picked her up flipping her onto his shoulders. She giggled the entire time, "Yay up!" Fly!" She said in her broken baby speak. 'Flying' was her favorite activity, being on someone's shoulders as they ran. Harry grinned at Daphne who laughed and took the hats from him as he started running to where Sirius and Amelia were seated.

"Sorry Harry, she wiggled free," Amelia said with a laugh.

"Its fine," Harry was laughing as he tickled Lyra. She shrieked with laughter and grabbed onto his hair to keep her balance. Harry winced but his smile returned as Daphne took his hand.

"So did you enjoy your one normal year of school," Amelia asked Harry while passing a squirming RJ to Daphne. RJ giggled as Daphne held him perched on her hip. Her slight baby bump showing with the way her robe hugged her body.

"It was great no one tried to kill me," Harry answered with a grin.

"Daphne how are you both," Sirius asked wheeling up Eddie in his lap.

"Were good Madam Pomfrey said I'm three months along and everything's fine."

"What happened to waiting a few years?" Evelyn asked with an eyebrow raised at her daughter. Daphne blushed scarlet and muttered under her breath along with Harry. Evelyn started laughing showing she was joking and Daphne glared at her mum. D

"Daph!" Can you believe we're done!" Tracey exclaimed as she through her arms around her friend.

Blaise came with her and clapped Harry on the back. He reached up and tickled Lyra, "That's finished finally!" Harry just laughed as the others came over to him.

"So Sue, Hermione did you decide what you're going to do now?" Amelia asked as they came over.

"I'm going to the Baba Yaga Institute in Russia," Hermione answered. Viktor smiled widely at that, international portkey's were horrible.

"I've decided to go to the auror academy," Susan answered. Amelia and Daphne both immediately hit Sirius and Harry on the back of their heads.

"That's wonderful Sue," Amelia said giving her a big hug.

"Mmhmm great," Harry and Sirius muttered under their breath. Susan rolled her eyes.

"Alright let's go before my Gran has a coronary," Neville said eyeing his grandmother who was holding a party for the graduates at promptly two o' clock, it was now five minutes until two.

"Alright let's go to the gates the portkey's down there," Amelia announced taking Lyra and RJ from Harry and Daphne and placing them in Sirius's lap. Sirius gunned the engine his wheelchair his kids squealing with delight. Harry smiled after them.

"You ready?" Daphne asked as Harry had turned back to look at the school.

"Yeah let's go," Harry said softly pulling Daphne into a kiss before they followed the others down and out the gates of Hogwarts.


So short sweet little epilogue for you guys. I will more than likely come back to this story and post more short little oneshots of what's going on with the characters in the years following but for now I'm going to be focusing on Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum.

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