"This is an important letter!" Ryoga yelled, snatching an envelope away from a dog he has been saved by. The dog tilts his head to the side. "You wanna hear about it?"


"...His name is Ranma Saotome…he's strong, kind, and…handsome," Ryoga blushes at the thought of calling Ranma handsome in person. "…I wrote down all my feelings for him in this letter and didn't hold back anything…but someday…I'll send it to him,"

(Ryoga's imagination)

"Ranma! You have mail!" Akane said handing Ranma a letter.

"Mail? For me?" Ranma questioned while taking the letter from Akane. He began to read it.

"Who's it from?" Akane asked.

Ranma smiles, "Someone special," he says, while walking out of the room and hopping onto the room top. "…Ryoga…" he sighs. "You finally opened up your feelings to me…."

(End of daydream)

Ryoga's blush deepens, "just imagine."

"Ruff, Ruff!"


"Ranma!" Genma called, standing next to Ranma, both wearing blind folds, and standing in battle position. "A martial artist must keep his senses sharp!" he announced. "Alert to every change in your surroundings,"

"Right!" Ranma replies.

"Now assume battle stance! Ready?...be on your guard!"

They both stood there in silence till something, heavy, jumps on their heads. Causing them to fall in the pond they were standing in front of. They both emerged from the water, gasping for air.

"Damn it! Who did that?" Ranma questioned, now in female form. He removed his blind fold, only to see a dog.

"What a cute dog!" Kasumi said, walking outside into the porch bringing a tray of cookies and tea. "Come here boy!" she said cheerfully, kneeling down on her knees, careful not to drop what's on her tray. "What a good boy, do you have an owner?" she asked, putting her tray down next to her, so she could be able to pet the dog.

Genma, now in panda form, ran towards the dog, with a sign that read, 'Get away mutt!' He then tripped over a rock. The dog jumped as high as he could, to prevent getting squashed by Genma. Causing Genma to fall on his face, and the dog to land on top of him. "Wow! How clever!" Kasumi complemented.

"Nice move for a dog," Ranma said to himself. "I didn't even sense him."

"Oh? Where did this dog come from?" Soun asked, walking out, into the porch with his second daughter, Nabiki.

"He wandered over here," Kasumi answered, caressing the dogs face.

"What an odd pattern," Nabiki said, referring to the way the dog looks. Half black, and half white.

"He's cute," Kasumi then said.

"Shake! Shake!" Soun said to the dog, standing in front of the dog gesturing it to shake his hand.

"Oh Ranma, you're all wet," Kasumi said, noticing Ranma stand up from the pond. The dog turns his head to the person Kasumi just called Ranma.

"You just noticed I'm wet?" Ranma asked, walking over to Kasumi and grabbing a cup of tea from her tray, pouring it on his head, turning back into a male. The dog walked over to Ranma, waging its tail. "Hey boy, did you push me into the pond?" Ranma asked playfully.

He then notices an envelope that the dog was holding. "What's that?" Ranma questioned, kneeling down, to be at the dog's height. The dog moves his head forward, gesturing Ranma to grab the letter. "For me?" Ranma asked, making the dog nod in response. Ranma grabs the envelope and rips it, taking out the letter that was inside. He began to read it.

Who's it from?" Nabiki asked.

"…I don't know," Ranma said, looking around the letter, looking for the anonyms persons name. "They forgot to write it down."

"What's it say?" Soun asked.

"It's a love letter," Ranma replies.

'What?' Genma questioned on his writing board.

"Who do you think it's from?" Kasumi asked.

"…It's probably from Shampoo, Ukyo, Kodachi, or…" Ranma hesitates.

"Or?" Nabiki questioned.

"Never mind…" Ranma says, making a sad expression.

'Are you gonna write back to them?' Genma asked on his board.

"I don't know," Ranma says folding it and tucking it away in his clothes.


"The letter, where's the letter?" Ryoga yelled, desperately looking for the letter he has written for Ranma. He notices, dog prints on his traveling bag. "Where's the dog?"

Authors note*

So this is my own re-write of the episode when Ryoga meets the ninja dog. Episode 158.

This is Yaoi! Pairing Ranma and Ryoga. Dont like don't read! Uke? Seme? You tell me!

I dont own this episode, or Ranma 1/2