"You're Loves Light?" Ranma questioned softly, staring at Ryoga's expressionless face. Ryoga, his rival, the one who claimed to be in love with someone else, was the man behind the mask.

"I guess so," Ryoga smirked. "Surprised?"

"…Why…" a million questions formed in Ranma's head. But one question had to be answered. "…Why did you disguise yourself?" He asked narrowing his eyes at Ryoga. "To humiliate me...To mess with me...To shatter my heart?"

Silence filled the room. For each second that passed Ranma's heart ached. Why isn't Ryoga answering him? Did he really disguise himself to humiliate him? "Answer me!" Ranma hissed, tears threatening to fall from the corner of his eyes.

"I did this to get closer to you!" Ryoga finally said. "I wanted to make you fall in love with me..." Ryoga began to laugh as he ran his hand through his hair. "Who am I kidding? In your eyes, I'm just another rival," Ryoga said, standing up to his feet. "I disguise myself because if you were to find out I, Ryoga Hibiki, sent you that love letter, you'd just laugh at me in pity."


"But if Loves Light send you that letter-" Ryoga said, walking towards the door to the outside. "-it changes everything, right?" Ryoga asked, about ready to walk out the room.

"Wait, Ryoga!" Ranma pleaded, running behind Ryoga and wrapping his arms around his chest, preventing him from leaving. "Everything you wrote in that letter...Did you mean it?" Ranma asked. Ryoga pulled away from Ranma's embrace and turned to face him.

"Everything I wrote in that letter is the truth," Ryoga said, placing his hand on Ranma's cheek. "I love you Ranma..." He said softly placing his lips on Ranma's.

"I love you too," Ranma said, as soon as they pulled away.

"Are you sure?" Ryoga questioned. "Are you sure you're not in love with 'Loves Light?"

"Positive," Ranma said, reuniting his and Ryoga's lips together. Ryoga gladly complied as he leaned forward to deepen the kiss. Ranma wrapped his arms around Ryoga torso, gripping on to the back of his cape. Ryoga's hands rested on Ranma's hips, slowly rubbing up and down.

Their lips moved together with much passion. Both lightly sucking at each others lips, wanting more of each other. Ryoga began to walk forward, guiding Ranma to the bed. Ranma, not noticing Ryoga's actions, sucked roughly at Ryoga's bottom lip, asking access into his mouth. Ryoga complied, allowing Ranma to enter as he laid them both down on the bed, Ryoga on top.

Ryoga's hands traveled from Ranma's hips to his chest, slowly rubbing circles around his nipples. A loud moan irrupted from Ranma, in between the kiss. Ryoga smirks; enjoying the sweet sounds he is making his lover do. Their tongues played, fought, danced together, trying to savor the moment as they felt each other up.

Ranma's hands moved from Ryoga's back down to his ass, gently giving it a tight squeeze. Ryoga jumped, almost separating from the kiss but refused too. Even out of breath, both men refused to separate. Ranma, delighted to see Ryoga's reaction, decided to go further. He flips their positions, Ryoga now underneath him.

Ranma pulled away from the kiss making Ryoga groan from the loss of contact. Ranma leaned down and left a trail of kisses on Ryoga's jaw line, slowly working his way up to Ryoga's ear. He nibbled on Ryoga's ear as moans escaped his mouth. "Ranma," Ryoga moaned as he thrust his hips against Ranma's leg, causing friction. Ranma moaned into Ryoga's ear, slightly trembling.

Ryoga ran his hand over Ranma's chest, pulling his shirt over his head. "Mine," he growled in lust as he bit down on Ranma's neck, drawing blood.

"Ah," Ranma moan both in pain and pleasure as Ryoga continued to suck on his neck, licking the bite wound. Ryoga's hand roamed around Ranma's chest once again, pinching and flicking his hard nipples. "Ah R-Ryoga," he moaned as he thrust his hips against Ryoga's groin.

"Mn," Ryoga hissed in pleasure as he flips their positions once again. Ryoga began to unbutton his white suit and flung it at the other side of the room along with his cape, tie, and under shirt. He bended down and gave Ranma a light peck on the lips as he slowly worked his way down. He kissed Ranma's stomach, slowly unzipping Ranma's pants

"Ryoga," Ranma stopped, making Ryoga look him in the eye. He sits up from the bed, "I..." he trailed off as a blush spread on his cheeks.

Ryoga raised an eyebrow as he placed his hand on Ranma's cheek. "Ranma-" he started, "-are you still a virgin?" he asked as Ranma's blush became darker.

"No! Of course not!" Ranma claims, averting his eyes.

Ryoga smiled as he brought Ranma down to a kiss. "Don't be embarrassed," Ryoga said separating from the kiss, "I'm a virgin too." He says as Ranma's eyes widen in shock.

"Reall-" he was interrupted by Ryoga's lips, forcing him to lay back down. Ryoga's hands went inside Ranma's pants, stroking Ranma's hard member. "Ah," Ranma moaned, the blush on his face still visible and his eyes half closed. "Ryoga,"

Ryoga smirked at the sound of his name being moaned out. He lowered back down to Ranma's erection and lightly flicked the tip with his tongue. Ranma moaned even louder as Ryoga began to suck on the head.

"Ryoga," Ranma moaned as a wave of pleasure ran through his body. Ryoga bobbed his head as his hands played with Ranma's testicles, driving Ranma insane. Ryoga pulled away, continuing to stroke Ranma's erection with his hand. Ryoga began to spread Ranma's legs further apart, running his tongue over Ranma's entrance, "Ryoga! Wha-What-" Ranma panted out, "are you d-doing?"

"Getting you ready," Ryoga said as he continued to lick and stretch Ranma's entrance with his tongue and fingers. Ranma shivered, he's never felt anything like this before. It's a new strange feeling that oddly feels great! Ryoga pulled away, as he kissed Ranma's lips.

Ryoga began to unzip his dress pants and pulled out his hard member. He hovered over Ranma. "You know, we can stop if you want," Ryoga smiled down at Ranma.

"..N-No," Ranma said, gulping, "Don't stop." He said as he grabbed the back of Ryoga's neck and pulled him down to a kiss.

Ryoga smiled into the kiss as he positioned himself and Ranma. He placed the head of his erection on Ranma's entrance and slowly pushed inside him.

"AH!," Ranma groaned in pain, a he gripped on to Ryoga's back.

"Relax a little," Ryoga said as he continued to push inside Ranma, his cock all the way inside.

"Nng," Ranma groaned, his nails digging in Ryoga's back.

Ryoga hissed at the pain but bared with it, Ranma is in much more pain then he is right now. Ryoga stayed still for a moment letting Ranma adjust. Ranma's eyes were squinted shut, as he clutched onto Ryoga's back, trying his best to relax. He suddenly felt Ryoga's lips on his. He opened his eyes.

"Mm," Ranma moaned, relaxing a little. Ryoga pulled away from the kiss and began to suck on Ranma's neck as his hands played with his hard nipples. "Ah," Ranma, moaned as he arched his back.

'Looks like he's relaxed,' Ryoga thought as he nibbled on Ranma's ear, moving his erection in and out of Ranma slowly.

"Ah," Ranma moaned as Ryoga moved. 'Feels so different,' Ranma thought as Ryoga bit down on Ranma's neck. "Ah," he moaned, his eyes half closed. Ryoga smirked as he continued to suck on Ranma's neck, his hips moving slightly faster. "There!" Ranma moaned out as he trembled from the pleasure. "Hit me there again!" Ranma pleaded, wrapping his legs around Ryoga's waist and grabbed on to his back.

Ryoga smirked as he pulled almost all the way out of Ranma and pushed his way in again, hitting Ranma's gold spot.

"Ah!" Ranma moaned. "Faster!" Ranma pleaded as Ryoga nodded in agreement, quickening his pace. "Oh god!" Ranma moaned, his eyes rolling to the back of his head. "So-Good!" Ranma moaned out as he rocked his hips with Ryoga.

"Me too!" Ryoga panted as well, feeling his climax coming near. He grabbed Ranma's cock and stroked it with his hand, his pace becoming quicker and harder.

"Ryoga!" Ranma moaned. "I'm ah-gonna cum!"

"Me too!" Ryoga said, a thick layer of sweat covering his and Ranma's body.

"Ah!" Ranma panted as he reached the end of his peek. "Ryoga!" he cried, cumin all over their stomachs and Ryoga's hand.

"Ng!" Ryoga moaned, cumin to the sound of Ranma shouting his name.

Ryoga pulled out of Ranma and collapsed on top of him, both tired and out of breath. 'That was amazing!' Ryoga thought as he felt a pair of arms wrap around him. He looked down at Ranma, only to see his happy, tearful face.

"I'm glad you're finally mine," Ranma said as he brought Ryoga down into a sweet, passionate kiss.

"I've always been yours-" Ryoga said, separating from the kiss and putting his hand on Ranma's cheek, wiping away a tear with his thumb, "-now and forever,"

"I love you," Ranma said, hugging Ryoga tightly.

"I love you too,"


Genma's eye slightly open, only to see the moon, the stars, and the dog from earlier.

"BARK!" The dog barked happily.

"Mm?" Genam questioned as he stood up from the pond. 'What happened?' he thought as he looked at his panda form. 'Where's Ranma?'

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