This is my first Klaine fic. It's based completely off the half-second clip we got in the preview during the hiatus of Blaine shoving Karofsky in the hallway. I wanted to post it before NON, but my computer committed suicide and only got back from the shop yesterday... This was the head-canon I lived with until NON aired. Personally, I like my version better than the actual show (more klaine)... ^_^ It's kind of a slow start (I debated getting rid of the scene with Brittany), but just stick it out, because the ending is definitely the best part. Since is this is my first attempt at writing Klaine, I'd really love some feedback. Please leave reviews!

This is also my first time posting here. All the other fanfics I've written (all Kradam [Kris Allen/Adam Lambert]) I've posted on LiveJournal, but I thought I'd give this site a try. Hopefully I can keep figuring out how it works. LOL.

Writing began: April 7, 2011


Kurt started down the hallway to the choir room. Now that he was back in New Directions he had practice almost every day immediately after school. His phone vibrated in his pocket, and he pulled it out, seeing a text message from Blaine.

Turn around.

He raised an eyebrow in confusion as he slowed to a stop and looked behind him. Blaine stood in the hallway, out of uniform, cell phone in hand, with a grin on his face.

"Blaine?" Kurt asked in surprise, "What are you doing here?"

"I thought we should hang out this afternoon," he said, closing the distance between them, "I haven't seen you all week." Kurt melted into his tight embrace for a moment before glancing back up at his boyfriend's face.

"What about school?" he asked.

"I left after lunch."

"Don't the Warblers still practice on Thursdays?"

"You're more important," Blaine said simply, "and Jeff has the latest solo anyway. They won't miss me tonight."

Kurt smiled. "Well, I still have practice, and I don't really want to skip. You could come with me, if you want."

"That sounds like a plan." Kurt took his hand and led the way. When they stepped into the choir room, all heads turned in their direction. Puck let out a wolf whistle. Kurt's friends chuckled and grinned as he blushed and quickly took a seat.

From the chair beside him, Blaine glanced at Kurt, who was still a shade of red, aware that the glee club was still watching them both with amused expressions.

Mr. Schuester entered the room a few minutes later, new sheet music in his hands. "Okay guys," he began, "I know we have to start thinking about Nationals, but today I thought we'd take it easy and just have a little fun."

"Mr. Schuester?" Rachel called out loudly from her seat, hand raised high, "You've always said that it was okay to bring a guest to rehearsal as long as we introduce them to everyone before we begin."

All eyes turned to the left, and Mr. Schue followed their gazes, finally noticing the extra body in the room. He smiled.

"Rachel's right, Kurt," he said, "Bring Blai—I mean, bring your guest up here and introduce him to us."

"Everyone already knows him," Kurt insisted, "You just said his name, Mr. Schue."

"Come on, Kurt!" his classmates encouraged.

Rolling his eyes, he stood and pulled Blaine along to the center of the room. "Well, since you won't rest until I show him off," he began, making Blaine laugh, "This is my boyfriend, Blaine Anderson." He waved. "You all know him from the Dalton Academy Warblers in Westerville."

"I was coming to abduct Kurt, but he had practice, so I thought I would just join him this afternoon," Blaine explained.

With his classmates satisfied, Kurt returned to his seat while Mr. Schue handed out parts to the new music. Blaine contentedly watched his competition sing through the number, glancing at Kurt's music from time to time.

"This must be really boring for you," Kurt said after a while, "Sorry I dragged you here."

"No, really, I'm enjoying myself. It's nice to see a different dynamic than the Warblers. It's not so serious."

"What's a Warbler?" Brittany asked suddenly. She was seated behind them in her Cheerios uniform, obviously eavesdropping on their conversation. Blaine grinned and answered her, "Well, an actual warbler is a type of bird."

"I didn't know you were part bird," she said.

"Brittany," Kurt sighed, "They just named themselves after the bird. They're not actually-"

"So are you like, terrified of cats?"

Blaine had to stifle a laugh, but before he could answer, Mr. Schue called for everyone's attention again.

Finally the hour-long practice was over. Most of the New Directions milled around to chat, but Kurt and Blaine hurriedly said goodbye and left, eager to take advantage of their time together. They started toward the front of the school on the way to the parking lot, their footsteps echoing in the empty hallway.

"Oh, wait," Kurt groaned in annoyance, "I forgot about my research paper."

They backtracked past the choir room and turned down another hallway to Kurt's locker. He quickly spun the dial to his combination and pulled it open, stuffing a few sheets from English class into his bag. Blaine glanced up at the locker door, smiling. Cut out letters from a magazine spelled out "courage." Above that, Kurt had taped a picture of them taken on his last day before transferring back to WMHS. He noticed Kurt's eyes flit up to the picture and a smile tug at the corner of his lips before he closed the locker.

As Kurt turned around to face him, Blaine took a few steps forward, trapping him against the wall. Silently, their lips met in a chaste kiss that quickly turned passionate. Blaine pressed their bodies together, brushing his fingertips across Kurt's neck. The week apart had left them with a desire for one another that they were desperate to sate.

A moment later, Kurt paused, and Blaine took a breath, letting his eyes flutter open. His boyfriend's face did not reflect the emotions Blaine would have expected after a kiss like that. There should bliss, but instead he saw anxiety. Kurt's eyes should be sparkling like they always did, but they were staring straight over Blaine's shoulder, oblivious. Confused, Blaine turned his head to follow his gaze, brows furrowing as he realized the source of his boyfriend's sudden break in their kiss.

"Can we help you, David?" Blaine asked coolly. Karofsky smirked.

"Yeah," he replied, "You could go be homos somewhere else. I don't want to see it."

Kurt gently pushed against Blaine, slipping out of his grasp and stepping away from the locker, approaching Karofsky with his arms crossed. "You can't keep doing this," he said calmly, "Bullying Santana and me hasn't changed who we are, and it isn't going to change you either."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"You know what I mean. You kissed me. You can't change who you are, Dave, no matter how much you might want to. I know this is hard to accept, but the sooner you do, the better." Blaine watched his boyfriend with an awed expression. For the first time, he felt that he truly understood Kurt's choice to transfer back. He was brave enough to face his demons when Blaine had run from his.

"You can't do anything about it," Karofsky said quickly, hiding behind another threatening façade.

"There are people you can talk to about this," Kurt insisted, "If you won't help yourself, then I'll have to talk to them for you."

"You wouldn't," he breathed.

"Try me." Kurt refused to be intimidated.

Karofsky's eyes flashed with an emotion, fear or anger, Kurt couldn't tell. The hulking football player took a step toward him, fists clenched tightly against his sides. "I swear, you'll regret it, fag. You wouldn't dare."

Blaine glared as he moved away from the wall, less than a foot away from Karofsky. "He's trying to help you," he said in a heated tone, "And you thank him by threatening him? If you ever touch Kurt again, you'll regret it. And if you ever call him that again…"

"Call him what? A fag?" Karofsky taunted, "I'm only being honest."

There was a single second of silence in the hallway. Blaine felt anger tearing at his gut. How could someone be so twisted? He thought of all the torture Kurt had been put through because of the ignorant boy standing inches away. Suddenly he closed the distance between them, and his hands flew up, pushing against Karofsky's chest. The football player was forced backward. Blaine met his eyes with daggers, daring him to strike back.

Just as quickly as Blaine had acted, Karofsky attacked. Out of nowhere, Blaine felt a fist crash down against his eye. He stumbled, but struck out with his own fist, seeing a trickle of red as his aim landed a blow on Karofsky's nose. Slammed back against the wall of lockers, he felt the air knocked out of his lungs. Blaine was vaguely aware of Kurt trying to break them apart, but another punch landing on his jaw only kept his rage at its peak, even as he coughed and gasped for breath.

"Hey! Break it up!" Mr. Schue's shout echoed down the hall as he came running from the nearby choir room, several New Directions members on his heels. Karofsky was able to land one more punch before several pairs of hands joined the fray, pulling the two apart. Still trying to catch his breath, Blaine slouched against the lockers, sinking to the floor. Kurt immediately kneeled beside him, concern lacing his features. He stole a glance at Karofsky. Near the opposite wall, Finn and Puck were holding him back.

"What happened?" Mr. Schue asked, his face serious.

"Karofsky called me a fag," Kurt answered bluntly. Someone exhaled through their teeth, a frustrated hiss. "Blaine told him not to. He did it again, so Blaine pushed him. Then Karofsky went batshit and started throwing punches."

"Detention, David. And I'll be expecting you to join me Monday morning in Principal Figgins' office."

Karofsky's eyes narrowed. A bloody nose made him look even more menacing than usual. He forced his way out of Puck and Finn's grasp and shot a glare at Kurt and Blaine before stalking off down the hallway. Mr. Schue shook his head as he watched him go then turned his attention to the other participant in the fight.

"Blaine," he said, "It was noble of you to stand up for Kurt like that, but you didn't need to resort to violence. Karofsky's a very…" he searched for a word, "intense guy. Provoking him wasn't the smartest thing to do. You okay?" he asked.

Blaine nodded slowly, "I'll be okay."

"And are you okay, Kurt?"

"I'm fine. He didn't touch me."

"Okay. Since you aren't a student here, Blaine, I can't give you detention, but don't let it happen again. You could get banned from campus next time."

Blaine nodded again. Kurt put an arm around his back and helped him to his feet, offering him support.

"You got him?" Finn asked.

"Yeah. I'm gonna go get him cleaned up," Kurt said, "See you at home, Finn. Thank you, Mr. Schuester."

The drive to the Hummel-Hudson residence was short, but Kurt was constantly glancing at Blaine with worry. A dark bruise had already begun to form around his left eye, and the tissue he held against his lip was bloody.

Once inside, Kurt led Blaine into his bedroom. "Stay here," he instructed. Blaine sat on the edge of Kurt's bed, waiting patiently. Kurt returned a few minutes later with an ice pack, a wet washcloth, and a small first-aid kit. He pulled a chair up beside the bed and grabbed the washcloth, gently rubbing it across Blaine's face. The entire fight had occurred in less than half a minute, but in addition to his anger, it had been enough to cause him to break out into a sweat. Blaine winced as the cloth brushed over his newly formed bruise.

Kurt opened the lid to the first-aid kit, ripped open a small package, and took out a piece of gauze.

"What's that for?" Blaine asked.

"We need to stop your lip from bleeding."

"I have a tissue," he said.

"And it's probably covered in all sorts of germs that are crawling their way into your body right now," Kurt replied. He folded the gauze up and pulled Blaine's tissue-holding hand away from his mouth. Kurt stuffed the soft square of fabric against the cut inside Blaine's lower lip.

"How do you know wha' you're doin'?" the gauze made articulation difficult.

"Google told me," Kurt said with a smirk. He put the chair back and went to shut the door before returning to the bed. Kurt sat back against the pillows, and Blaine joined him, leaning against his side. Silently, Kurt wrapped an arm around him, holding the ice pack gently against Blaine's eye while the fingers of his other hand absentmindedly stroked patterns against his boyfriend's palm.

"Thanks for doing that," Kurt finally said, "Standing up for me like that, I mean."

"You make it soun' like you think I wouldn' stan' up for you," Blaine replied.

"I'm just glad you did, is all. It was really brave of you."

"If anyone was brave today, i' was you," Blaine said, "After everythin' K'rofsky's pu' you through, you still try t' help him. Tha's really admirable, Kur'."

"I remember when I was going through a horrible time at school, and you were there for me. Even though it was his fault, I still know what it feels like to think you're alone, and I don't want anyone to go through that. Not even Dave," he said, "And in a way, I think I kind of owe him..."


"If he hadn't started bullying me, I wouldn't have met you."

They were silent for a moment, letting it sink in. Then Blaine spoke again.

"How lon' do I nee' to keep this gauze in my mouth?"

"Google said the bleeding should stop in about fifteen minutes, and it's been five, so only about 10 more minutes, hopefully," Kurt replied, "Why so eager?"

"I wann' kiss you so bad."

Kurt grinned and readjusted the ice pack, pressing his lips against Blaine's cheek before resting his head against his shoulder.