Raising Princess Beyoncé

We dint own! Got it! Set after Jimmy leaves the prison

Lucy was sitting in the courtyard, rubbing her swollen stomach were her and Jimmy's baby was growing. She smiled at the thought of Jimmy. So far he was the first boyfriend she had that she didn't want to somewhat kill. Probably because he knocked her up. She wasn't going to deny it, she was going to kill him, then she thought she might as well get some breakfast and that was when she met Jimmy's mom.

"You are going to be so beautiful." she said.

"Or handsome, you never know Luce," came the voice of a female. Lucy looked up and spotted her best friend in prison, Izzy, Or better known as her cousin. Everyone called her Izzy because Elizabeth was too English, Lizzie or Lizzy was to over used, Ellie was a possibility bit she didn't want to be mistakes for an Eleanor. So she stuck with Izzy.

"Haha, very funny Izz but I'm pretty sure it's a girl." Lucy said, as Izzy took a seat next to Lucy.

"So any names picked out yet?" Izzy asked excitedly.

"Yup! Princess Beyoncé Carlyle Chance for a girl, or Prince Brett Carlyle Chance for a boy." Lucy replied smiling.

"OHNYGOD! those names are so beautiful!" Izzy gushed.

"I know right!" Lucy equally squealed.

Just then Warden Cynthia approached Lucy.

"Miss Carlyle, it's time to go back to your cell, Dr. Anderson will be by later today for your check up."

"Fine..,see ya Izzy!" She waved to her cousin before the warden brought her back to her holding cell.

She sat on her bed, once again, rubbing her stomach, "Hello Princess Beyoncé...or Prince Brett, mommy can't wait till your out here in the world. They'll let mommy go, and we can live a happy life with me and your daddy. Because you know what? I won't kill him, because he is your father and I wouldn't do that to you, oh no I won't." she said, in a baby voice.

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