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A few weeks passed by. Lucy was laying down on her bed, rubbing her stomach. When all of a sudden she felt a huge pang.

"AHHHHHH!" she screamed, Cynthia came running in.

"What the he-" but she stopped wen she saw that Lucy's water had broke. "I'll get Dr. Anderson." she said quickly.

"And Izzy!" she screamed at the warden's retreating form. She felt another pain course throughout her body.

Cynthia returned quickly, Dr. Anderson and Izzy trailing in her wake.

"Okay Lucy, just breathe and calm down, okay?" Dr. Anderson said in his soothing tone.

"Yea you try pushing out a baby out a 10 centimeter hole and them you tell me to calm down!" Lucy shouted at him.

"Hey, Luce, calm down okay, men are idiots, and besides, if it wasn't for us, they wouldn't be here." Izzy said, holding her cousins hand.

Lucy scowled at her.

"Okay, Lucy, push!" Dr. Anderson commanded. Lucy screamed.

It went on like this for a few hours, the people who were in Lucy's wing were sent to the courtyard so they wouldn't hear her screams.

Two hours later, Princess Beyoncé Carlyle Chance was born, 8 pounds, 8 ounces, 20 1/2 inches long.

"She's so pretty." Izzy said, holding her cousin.

"Well she has me for a mother and Jimmy for a father, of course she's beautiful." Lucy said smugly, holding out her hands.

Izzy laughed and placed Princess Beyoncé in her mothers arms.

"Who's a pretty baby? Ah, you are, oh yes you are, such a pretty little bitty baby." Lucy cooed to the baby, who could only help but gurgle.

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