This story was insired by the Anime "Sonic X" and the video games that it was based on. Credit for the games, Anime, and charecters goes to Sega.

Chapter Two A New Player

It's been a weak since the Sonic and his friends moved back into Chris's Mansion. Amy and Cream were cooking with Ella, Tails was showing Chuck the Blue Typhoon, Rouge was on a mission with Topaz, Who knows what Kuckles was doing, Shadow was looking for any files that can give him answers, and Sonic was working on an upgraded version of the hover shoes that Chris made. Chris made these new shoes to work like Shadows, able to turn on and off at will. The test was going good until the shoes shut off without warning and sent Sonic tembling a few feet.

"Looks like they still need work Chris." Sonic slipped the hover shoes of his usual shoes and handed them over to Chris.

"If only I could get the designs to Shadows shoes." Sonic laughed.

"Like thats ever going to happen." Chris put the shoes in a box for later than turned to Sonic.

"So what was this robot that overpowered Eggman?" Sonic looked got serious before explaining.

"The robot was build a ong time ago. Before we came here the first time. It was made to be the perfect match for me." Sonic looked right at Chris.

"His name is Metal Sonic."

"Metal Sonic?" Sonic nodded.

"Metal Sonic was designed to be just like me. Metal looks like me, can move almost as fast as me thanks to a built in jet in his body, he can even curl into a ball to attack like me." Chris jumped at that last one.

"He can do the X-Drive?" Sonic looked at Chris puzzled.

"X-Drive?" Chris looked a little imberessed.

"Oh sorry. Since the last time we've seen each other I noticed you never actualy called that move anything. So I kinda came up with a name for it." Sonic smiled.

"I like it. kinda catchy." They both laughed before Chris got back to the Subject.

"So how hard is it to beat Metal Sonic?"

"It's pretty tough, even with a Power Ring. But last time he combined data about all of us with the power of Chaos to turn into a monster robot. He was as big as Perfect Chaos."

"Wow. how did you beat him?" Sonic smiled.

"With the Chaos Emeralds of course. I even took Tails and Knuckles with me." Chris was confeused.

"What do you mean"

"I created a shield of Chaos energy around them that powered them up to help me." Chris thought for a moment.

"Have Tails or Knuckles ever used the Emeralds to go super." Sonic looked surprised.

"Yes, but they haven't done it it years. What was happening was Eggman was creating a massive space station called the Death Egg. I realy needed the help."

"Was that the only time?" Sonic nodded.


"But why didn't they go super and help you and Shadow fight the Meterex?" Sonic chuckled.

"It was a one time thing Chris. Trust me." Both of them decided to head in. They were watching tv in the living room when Ella walked in.

"That man should stop leaving stuff in his labcoat pockets." Ella handed Chris the letter.

"Chris could you be a dear and give thsi to your Grandfather?" Ella explained to him.

"Sure thing Ella." Ella quickly left. Chris noticed that there was no return address.

"Thats odd. Theres no return address." Chris started to read the letter.

"I don't think you should be reading you Gandpa's stuff." Chris ignored him and handed it to Sonic. He shrugged and read it too. Sonic smiled.

"At least he's on our side." Suddenly the show they were watching was interupted by a news report.

"Scarlet Garsia here reporting that Eggman has started trouble for the first time in years. Apparently he has somwhere around sixty of his "Egg-Pawns" looking for somthing." Sonic jumped up.

"Egghead must be looking for a Chaos Emerald." Sonic bolted out the door and Chris ran to the Garage were Tail and Chuck were. Chris burst in and Chuck turned to him.

"Chris! Whats Wrong?"

"Eggmans at it again. Where's Tails?"

"He's checking the X-Tornado." Chris heading for the jet.

Sonic was running towords the area were Eggman was causing trouble. Soon he saw the "Egg-Pawns" up ahead. He blasted through at least ten of them then jumped on top of a Semi's Trailer. Eggman hovered down.

"Well well if it isn't Sonic. what brings you here?" Sonic crossed his arms.

"Looking for a Chaos Emerald Eggman?"

"What makes you think I'm looking for one?" Sonic looked unamused.

"What else would you be looking for in Station Square?"

"Hmm, Good point. But you wont stop me sonic." Sonic chuckled before looking to the side and saw a car comming.

"I think my friends are the ones you should be worrieing about Egghead." Eggman looked and saw Chuck dropping off Amy and Chris before driving off to a safe distance.

"Even with your little friends it's still not enough. Egg-Pawns, ATTACK!" Amy, Chris, and Sonic jumped into action and started fighting. Sonic used his speed, Amy used her Hammer, and Chris used his Karate. This time Chris was doing damage because he had strangth to back it up. Sonic destroyed another ten while Amy destroyed five with her Hammer, Chris was able to take out five himself. Unfortunatly the robots started ganging up on them and surrounded them. They were boxed in and Eggman laughed.

"HAHAHAHA! Looks like my Egg-Pawns are proving to be too much for you." Everyone heard a Jet and looked to the sky to see Tails in the X-Tornado fly by and shot at least fifteen robots. by now there were only fifteen robots left. Eggman just laughed.

"Don't think thats all I have." Eggman pushed some buttons in his hover craft. Soon another fifty Egg-Pawns showed up making it sixty five robots in total.

"HAHAHAHA! Looks like your out of luck hedgehog." Things weren't looking good until somthing fell infront of Sonic, Amy, and Chris. It started releaseing smoke, it was a smoke bomb! Another three were fell in the robots surrounding them, and another fell right in Eggman's hovercraft. Eggman caughed and struggled to find the smoke bomb and get rid of it. Smoke was everywere and nobody could see a thing. Soon everyone heard metal clashing mutiple times.

Once the clashing stopped the smoke started to clear. everyone could see a figure stanig between Sonic, Amy, Chris and the Robots. Soon the smoke cleared revealing the figure and twenty destroyed robots. The figure was a young man with medium length brown wavy hair parted down the middle, blue eyes, and a shaggy beard wearing all black skater shoes, blue jeans, a blue cotten t-shirt, a black open button up poliester t-shirt with blue flames on the bottom and the ends of the sleeves, a belt with a skull belt buckle, a Dragon pendent worn around his neck by a string, a gold bracelet, and in his hand was a thirty in Hand and Half Sword and a sheath was strapped to his back for the sword. Eggman was surprised and confeused.

"Whats going on here?" The young man smirked.

"Nice to finaly meet you Dr. Eggman." Eggman was getting annoyed.

"Who the heck are you?" The young man chuckled.

"I'm the guy who took out twenty of your robots." Eggman looked at the robots that were just destroyed. They were sliced in half.

"Just who are you kid?"

"The names Joe. I've been wondering when you'd start trouble again." Eggman looked at Joe for a moment.

"let me guess, you some sort of crazed fan arent you?" Joe laughed.

"Crazed? No. Fan? Yes. You see, years ago Sonic was and is my hero. I've always dreamed of fighting you along side Sonic and the others. I was actualy kinda jelous of Chris. But now that everyones back I'm not missing out on this." Eggman chuckled.

"Well unfortunatly that dream is going to be chortly lived. ATTACK!" Everyone jumped into action and started bashing robots. Amy smashed robots with her hammer again. Chris actualy threw one robot into another, Sonic sped straight through five robots, and Joe slashed robots in half. Amy even smashed a robot in the side sending it to Joe who sliced it in mid-air. Everyone destroyed ten robots each. Sonic saw the last five robots were standing in a triangle formation. Sonic curled up into a ball and started the X-Drive, then took of into the robots and took them all out. Joe said one word.

"Strike!" Eggman was feuming.

"Don't think this is OVER YET!" Eggman pressed more buttons and then a small carrier aircraft dropped of a big purple Scorpion robot.

"Say hello to Scorpio!" Sonic smiled.

"I'd rather say goodbye." Joe shouted.

"Thats what I was ganna say!" Sonic started laughing and started attacking with his X-Drive attack. It wasn't doing any damage, and Scorpio swated Sonic away with one of its hug claws, thankfully Sonic landed on his feet. Joe and Amy then tried attacking with thier weapons, no dice. Sonic opened his wrist comunicator.

"Tails! I'm going to need a Power Ring here!" Tails replied on the other end.

"Got it Sonic!" Soon Tails flew by in the X-Tornado and shot a Power Ring to Sonic. Once Sonic caught the Power Ring he gripped it in has hand and bright light came from his hand blinding everyone. When the light faded Sonic was using his X-Drive attack now powered by the Power Ring.

Sonic shot of at Scorpio. The metal scorpion tried to block Sonic with his giant claw, but Sonic went striaght through the claw and Scorpio. The robot callapsed before blowing up. Eggman shouted in anger.

"You won't get away with this!" After Eggman flew off in defeat, Joe took the sword sheath of his back and sheathed his sword before putting it back over his back. Sonic, Amy, and Chris walked over to Joe. Sonic was the first to speak up.

"Nice moves out there. Whats your name again?" Joe smirked.

"My names Joe. It's an honor to finaly meet you Sonic. It's nice to meet guys too." Sonic grinned while chris spoke up.

"I heard what you said to Eggman. What made you want to fight with us?" Joe turned to Chris.

"It happened years ago when you guys first fought for a Choas Emerald in our world." Joe held up his right arm showing the Gold Barcelet he was wearing. But the thing is the Bracelet was glowing. Sonic shouted.

"Thats a Power Ring!" Amy and Chris stepped foword and took a look. Amy spoke next.

"Were did you get that?" Joe lowered his arm.

"When Sonic was fighting Eggman for the Chaos Emerald, a Ring was tossed to him. But he couldn't reach it, guess were it landed." Chris knew.

"Right in your hands."

"No right on my head. I remember it smarted. I've kept the Ring safe and wore it as a Bracelet ever since. Ever since I saw you were in on the fun I started preparing my self for when ever I got the chance. I have to admit... I was always jelous of you Chris." Chris's eyes widened.

"Me? Why?"

"Because you were always going on adventures with Sonic and everyone else while I was stuck at home playing Video Games." Joe looked a little depressed. Sonic spoke up.

"Well it looks like you've joined the party." Joe's eyes widend.


"Sure. We can use some help fighting Egghead." Joe smirked.

"Sweet." Amy walked around him to get a look at his sword.

"Were did you get that sword?" Joe looked behind him at Amy.

"I got it from the BUDK catalog website. It cost $250." Chris spoke next.

"It looks kind of big for you." Joe looked at Chris and shrugged.

"I know but its better than nothing. So what was Eggman doing here?" Chris turned to Sonic.

"Yeah what was he doing here Sonic?"

"Eggman's Robots looked like they were looking for somthing. I asked Eggman if he was looking for a Chaos emerald. I got him to admit it." Everyone laughed.

"why don't we start looking around." Everyone started looking in places were the Emrald might be. Amy looked in the smashed cars, unfortunatly no luck. Sonic had Tails get a birds-eye-view, nothing. Chris looked under some cars, no dice. Joe checked a Jewelery store that was wrecked by the robots, He saw somthing glowing. He moved a broken chair and saw the light blue Emerald and chuckled.

"My favorite one." Joe picked it up and went to find the others. Joe found Amy nearby checking another car.

"Looking for this?" Amy turned around.

"Were'd you find it?"

"In the Jewelery store back there. Those retards keep thinking the Emeralds are regulare gems." Amy rolled her eyeswhile Sonic and Chris walked over and heard Joe.

"Thats seriously getting annoying." Joe handed Amy the Emerald. Everyone saw Chuck drive over to them.

"How'd it go?" Amy proudly held up the Emerald in the air before Joe held her arm back down.

"See, things like will get the Emerald stollen from Egghead or a Bat." Amy blushed feeling a little silly. Joe turned to Chuck.

"You must be Chuck Thorndike. I'm assuming you got my letter?" Chuck looked at him funny.

"Letter?" Chuck remembered the letter with no return address and the lightning bolt.

"It was you?" Joe nodded.

"The names Joe. Nice to meet you." Joe held out his hand and Chuck shook it. He noticed the sword on Joe's back then turned to the others.

"Did he help you take out these robots?" Everyone nodded and Chris spoke.

"You should have seen it Grampa. His sword was able to slice through Eggman's robots." Chuck smilled.

"Why don't we all head back while you tell me what happend." Everyone got in the car except Joe. Chuck turned to him.

"Aren't you comming?"

"You guys want me to come with you?" Sonic spoke next.

"Of course. You halped use with Eggman so why not?" Joe smilled before litteraly jumping in the back. Sonic and the others explained to Chuck and Tial what happened. They had a radio in the car to speak with Tails in the X-Tornado. Once they got to the mansion Joe's eyes almost popped out of his head.

"Holy sh-uh crap that place looks big." Minutes later Sonic was telling everyone else what happend. Tails started asking Joe about his sword.

"were did you get that sword?" Joe turned to Tails.

"I got it from the BUDK catalog website. It cost $250" Tails eyes widened.

"Thats seems expensive."

"It was worth it. You know Tails, I drew up some ideas I've haover the years. Maybe you, Chris, and Chuck can take a look at them?" Tails smilled.

"Sure, what kinds of ideas are they."

"Thier kind of random." As Joe and Tails talked Sonic was thinking to himself. {He'll be a big help with Eggman. I can feel it.}