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The hotel was small, out of the way, and made expressly for secret affairs, it seemed. Grimmjow pulled Kurosaki along the deserted, off-white corridors to their assigned room, grinning like he'd just won a brand new luxury car. When they reached the door that read 106, he paused and looked behind him at the orange-haired boy holding the key.

"Gimme," he demanded.

Kurosaki scowled and snatched his hand out of Grimmjow's grasp. "Don't tell me what to do!"

It was Grimmjow's turn to scowl. "Jus' open the fuckin' door."

"Fuck you!"

"Yeah, well, that's the point here, but yer draggin' yer feet!"

"Jeez, yer an idiot. What's the rush anyway?"

Grimmjow let Kurosaki step up to the door, but put his arms around the shorter teen's waist and rested his chin on one of the boy's shoulders. "Can ya blame me for wantin' to be alone with you?"

He grinned as he watched Kurosaki's ear go red. "Shut up, pervert," the orange-haired teen grumbled before the key was swiped through the lock, and they both traipsed inside.

Grimmjow slowly took in the room, eyes big and stunned. Then, he promptly burst into laughter. Kurosaki, on the other hand, remained absolutely still, jaw on the floor and brown eyes nearly popping out of his head.

"What the fuck?" he breathed.

It appeared they'd been given a "honeymoon suite." The room wasn't really a suite, but the honeymoon part had been dramatic in its over-exaggeration. Heavy, red velvet drapes covered the one window in the room, while a ridiculous, heart-shaped bed took up the center of the space. The carpet was a gaudy crimson, and the jacuzzi in the corner was also in the shape of the time-honored symbol for love. Hell, even the walls were an offensive blood-red.

It was positively hilarious. Kurosaki didn't think so, though.

"What the hell is this shit?" he screeched. He swung narrowed, accusatory eyes in Grimmjow's direction. "You did this, didn't you?"

Grimmjow's mouth fell open in genuine shock. "Wha-?"

"You had somethin' ta do with this! This has your fuckin' name written all over it!"

"Hey, ya lil shit! I'm a victim jus' like you!"

"Yeah, right! You probably requested this room or something!"

"Oh yeah, Kurosaki. Sure. Mind tellin' me when I had time ta do somethin' like that with you right there next ta me?"

Grimmjow couldn't believe the cheek. The nerve. Kurosaki was fucking retarded.

Kurosaki's nose scrunched as he glared at the room for a moment. "It's so ugly," he said, voice finally lowering from the rafters.

"Ya got that right. Don't do a thing fer my hair," Grimmjow agreed.

"Eww, you sound like a girl," Kurosaki chuckled as he gave Grimmjow the universal "I hope you're joking" look.

Grimmjow started to retort, but was distracted by Kurosaki's dimples and twinkling brown eyes. The appalling room was forgotten as he strolled over to the other teen and smirked down at him.

"You should smile more often, Kurosaki."

Kurosaki's ears went red again as he stared up at Grimmjow with a frown. It was like he was confused, or didn't quite know how to take what Grimmjow had just said to him. Understandable. They were still working on the "former enemies" hurdle, so it would take some time and adjustment.

"I like hearing you say that, but it feels weird too," Kurosaki replied, head tilted to the side.

"Like a guilty pleasure, right?"

Kurosaki smiled. "Yeah, somethin' like that."

Grimmjow suddenly got a wicked idea and grinned. Before the other boy could question him, however, he bent his legs and scooped Kurosaki off his feet, holding him in his arms bridal style.

"What the hell?! Let me down, dumbass!"

"Christ, Kurosaki! I didn't know ya were this heavy. Ya look like a light-weight."

Kurosaki's legs beat the air, but his hands clung to Grimmjow's hoodie for dear life. It was such a contradiction, it made the blue-haired teen laugh.

"Put me down! Now! This is fuckin' embarrassin'!"

"Aww, c'mon, honey. Live a little," Grimmjow teased, thoroughly enjoying the maroon shade covering Kurosaki's face.

"Fuck you!"

"No, no. Other way around."

Grimmjow carried the orange-haired spitfire to the heart-shaped bed and promptly dropped him onto it. He never would have guessed Kurosaki was so solid.


Kurosaki barely bounced on the mattress before he was off it and leaping at Grimmjow, arms swinging with abandon. OK, Grimmjow hadn't been expecting that. He stumbled back and tripped on the carpet, falling to his ass before he was completely overwhelmed by the other boy. All he could do was throw up his hands to protect his face as he shook and howled with uncontrollable laughter.

"Ya think it's funny, jerk?" Kurosaki shouted. "Got a kick outta that, huh?"

Grimmjow soon grew tired of being pummeled, so he grabbed Kurosaki's wrists and gave them a good, hard yank, throwing the teen off balance. Kurosaki fell onto Grimmjow's chest, and straddled his legs. Very nice, Grimmjow thought with a saucy grin. He leaned forward and kissed Kurosaki's jaw, giving a quiet chuckle when the boy froze and glared down at him. But with the other boy unmoving, Grimmjow took advantage of the moment and put a hand at the back of Kurosaki's neck, drawing him into a full-on lip-lock. Once Kurosaki was putty in his hands, Grimmjow pulled back and grinned again.

"Now, tha's better, ain't it?"

"You're an asshole," Kurosaki murmured, but the heat in his voice was long gone.

Grimmjow was pushed onto his back as Kurosaki leaned in and connected their lips again. Now, this was indeed nice. Rough hands came up and framed the sides of Grimmjow's face, the gentle gesture making his eyes slide shut. Warmth was instantaneous while he enjoyed the sensation of Kurosaki perched on top of him, body slim, yet incredibly solid. Grimmjow's hand traveled down the side of the orange-haired boy's neck, down over a sturdy shoulder, and down Kurosaki's side. The first hand made its way to the shorter teen's back, where it met with Grimmjow's other hand and locked together. That was about the time the kiss deepened. Kurosaki passed his warm, slick tongue across Grimmjow's bottom lip as if silently asking permission to take a dip inside his mouth. Grimmjow didn't mind one bit, so he parted his lips and met Kurosaki's tongue with his own.

"Mm," he moaned quietly, relishing the unique taste the other boy possessed.

Kurosaki mirrored his desire with a moan of his own and a slow roll of his hips. The resulting friction made Grimmjow's heart rate skyrocket. He got a good grip on the small of Kurosaki's back and lifted his own hips from the floor, rubbing their quickly forming erections together with more force. Grimmjow had wanted this again since the Halloween party at the Grantz mansion. He'd wanted the chance to redeem himself, and it was an even bigger opportunity now that he knew that "Gambit" was Kurosaki, the teen he'd been secretly lusting after during all three years of high school.

But first...

Grimmjow pulled out of the kiss and studied Kurosaki with half-lidded blue eyes. "Much as I like where this is goin', I'm not too fond of the floor, Kurosaki."

Kurosaki gave a half-assed glance around the room before focusing on Grimmjow again. "Stop callin' me Kurosaki, Grimmjow."

With that, the orange-haired brat eased off of him and climbed to his feet. He turned his back and stared at the absurd-looking bed, head shaking back and forth.

"This bed – this room takes me all the way outta the mood," Kurosaki went on, but Grimmjow was still on his last statement.

Stop callin' me Kurosaki, Grimmjow

So, Kurosaki wanted him to call him by his first name? Butterflies erupted in his gut at the thought. He'd never even considered calling Kurosaki anything but his surname – unless it was an insult, but that didn't really count. Grimmjow sat up and rubbed the back of his head. Why was he so nervous all of a sudden? It was just a fucking name. He stood and put his hands on his hips, eyes glued to the floor. He opened his mouth to say the kid's first name, but it wouldn't come out. That made him snort a derisive chuckle, which in turn drew Kurosaki's attention.

"What's so funny? I'm serious. This room really sucks."

At long last, Grimmjow's eyes left the bright-red floor and locked onto the boy he was going to officially make his boyfriend.

"Um," he said.

Well, that was intelligent.

Kurosaki arched an orange brow, obviously amused. "You OK?" he asked, mouth twisted into a sideways smirk. "Or ya havin' another one of your dummy moments?"

Grimmjow frowned, but stalked over to Kurosaki and stood over him. "Shut up for a second. I'm trying to do something."

The idiot still opened his mouth like he was going to say something else, but Grimmjow put one hand over it and placed the other on the boy's hip, which Grimmjow used to pull him closer. Once Kurosaki was in his arms, Grimmjow put his mouth next to the teen's ear and lowered his voice to a growl.

"Be quiet." When Kurosaki went silent, brown eyes wide, Grimmjow went on. "Ya said ya don' want me ta call ya 'Kurosaki', right?"

Kurosaki nodded, a muffled noise emanating from behind Grimmjow's hand.

"So that means ya want me ta call ya I-"

Grimmjow abruptly cut himself off, still ridiculously nervous. Why? He had no clue. There was no real reason for him to have a fluttering stomach, but the fact still remained that he did.

Kurosaki grinned under Grimmjow's hand, and Grimmjow could practically taste the smugness rolling off the slighter body. More muffled noises were made, until Grimmjow decided to have mercy and lifted his hand away from Kurosaki's mouth. Kurosaki licked his lips and grinned like a fiend.

"Are you nervous, Grimmjow?"

"You know what? Fuck you!"

Grimmjow felt himself pouting as he stormed over to the bathroom, but ask him if he cared. He had to get away for a minute to think.


"Well, that was the plan!" Ichigo called to Grimmjow's retreating back.

The bathroom door slammed, and Ichigo burst into laughter. Grimmjow was so fucking cute. How come Ichigo had never seen that before? The blue-haired teenager was pouting. Literally pouting and practically throwing a tantrum. And why? Ichigo had a feeling it was because Grimmjow wasn't accustomed to using Ichigo's first name, and it actually made him uncomfortable trying to do so. Now that Ichigo was aware of that, he was going to tease the other boy until he begged for mercy.

He moved over to the hideous bed and plopped down onto it. His eyebrows instantly hit the ceiling in surprise. Even though the thing was perfect for a romantic parody, it was undeniably soft. He ended up kicking off his sneakers and lying on his back, arms thrown behind his head. As Ichigo waited for Grimmjow to emerge from his hiding spot, he thought about how far they'd come in such a short amount of time. He really liked the blue-haired boy. Now that Ichigo could see the nicer side of Grimmjow, he was fond of what he'd discovered. And was still discovering, at that. When Grimmjow had his guard down, he was easily flustered. Easily riled up. Easily teased. It was a cornucopia of fun to be had.

The bathroom door swung open with abrupt force, and Grimmjow appeared, face flushed, mouth drawn into a tight ball. "Are you gonna stop bein' an asshole now?" he growled from across the room.

Ichigo smirked and patted the spot next to him on the bed. "C'mere, big baby."

Blue eyes darkened as Grimmjow edged closer. All of a sudden, the predator was back. Grimmjow's feral grin exposed itself as he stripped out of his hoodie and kicked his sneakers off. After that, he made short work of the warm-up pants he wore. Ichigo's playful demeanor slipped as he stared. Grimmjow was coming out of his blue, Captain America t-shirt now, and it was getting pretty hard to concentrate on teasing the guy. Ichigo's attention was busy focusing on all the skin being revealed.

"Wow," he mumbled as Grimmjow sauntered over to the bed, now dressed in nothing but a pair of black boxers.

Grimmjow's abdomen was sharp and defined, as were his arms and legs and chest. Hell, the boy was like a living comic strip hero, muscles spread about in abundance and devastating good looks to boot. How on Earth was that fair?

Grimmjow crawled onto the bed, nudged Ichigo's legs apart and settled between them, rakish grin taking up half of his face. However, he must've changed his mind about his position because a moment later he was suddenly on the move again, this time not stopping until he was hovering directly over Ichigo. He leaned down and dropped a kiss on Ichigo's lips, making Ichigo nearly pant with want.

"Ya called me, baby?"

Oh. The asshole was being facetious, but Ichigo was close to a lusty breakdown from the boy's close proximity, not to mention enticing scent, so the playful sarcasm didn't really register the way it should have. Ichigo reached up and ran his hands over the taller boy's chest, down his abdomen, where he followed the line of dark-blue hair from his navel to the waistband of those black boxers. When his eyes took a break from molesting Grimmjow's gorgeous body, they locked with the boy's stunning ocean-blue eyes. No relief there, either.

"Say my name," Ichigo said quietly, determined to hear Grimmjow's deep voice wrap around his first name. "Please?"

He did say he was determined.

Grimmjow's wide grin faltered for a split second, but he recovered with equal speed and kissed Ichigo again. "Hmm, jus' yer name?"

"I don't care if you tack 'strawberry' on the end of it. I just wanna hear you say it. I just realized you've never called me anything other than my surname. And how the hell're we gonna be a couple, with you callin' me 'Kurosaki' all the time?"

Grimmjow kissed him again, and Ichigo had the sneaking suspicion that Grimmjow was only doing it to shut him up.

"A couple, huh?"

That made him go silent. Wasn't that what Grimmjow had been saying on the phone before they'd met up at Dango's? Or had Ichigo been mistaken? Had he read between the lines the wrong way? That would suck.

"Th-that was..."

The next kiss was no longer playful. Grimmjow pried Ichigo's lips apart and slid his tongue into Ichigo's mouth with the ease bred from experience. Ichigo would admit he was distracted for a brief moment, but his thoughts were pulled right back to the matter at hand as soon as Grimmjow broke the steamy kiss. However, all his doubts were dispelled when the blue-haired boy spoke.

"Don' worry. Yer gonna be my boyfriend, Ichigo."

Heat speared straight to his face, ears and groin. He hadn't been ready for that. In fact, he'd been prepared to fight Grimmjow every step of the way, just so he could hear the boy say his name. Turned out his preparations had been for nothing. Grimmjow's voice had been low and rough, eyes hooded and sexy. Ichigo's arms went around the taller boy as he lifted his head from a heart-shaped pillow and kissed him. He paused his assault long enough to meet Grimmjow's amorous gaze and give a genuine smile.

"You're totally cute when you wanna be," he said.

Grimmjow didn't get pissed. Hell, he didn't even frown. Instead, he grinned back. "Only 'cuz I like ya."

Words kind of went out the window after that. Grimmjow's fingers latched on to the hem of Ichigo's t-shirt and tugged. All the while, their lips never disconnected, tongues never disengaged. Ichigo decided to be helpful and aided Grimmjow in getting his t-shirt off, the article forgotten as soon as it passed over his head. Grimmjow's hands were big and rough as they gently slid over Ichigo's abdomen, a total contradiction of the boy's usual behavior. Ichigo didn't mind. Hell no. In fact, he really liked it.

Grimmjow's lips were joined with his again, this time more aggressive, more passionate. The blue-haired boy let free a low growl as his lips traveled over Ichigo's jaw and down under his chin. Ichigo tilted his head back and sighed. The soft, moist pressure of Grimmjow's lips against the sensitive skin of his neck was like nirvana. And this time, he could take his time enjoying it. He wasn't falling-down drunk or over-eager for release. This time around, he would make sure he found everything that made the teen straddling him feel good.

Wet heat slid over his collarbone and distracted him from his thoughts. Not only that, but when Grimmjow's obviously experienced tongue wound its way down the center of his chest, Ichigo bit back a moan.

I'm already this excited?

"I wanna hear you," Grimmjow grunted, blue eyes peering up at Ichigo and devilish smirk pasted to his face.

The boy would be the death of him. Ichigo grinned through another restrained moan as Grimmjow's tongue and lips found his left nipple. His nipples were even more sensitive than his neck, so the effort to keep relatively silent was a lot harder. However, Grimmjow clearly had something up his sleeve to knock Ichigo's silence out of existence.

"This ain't gonna work," the other boy mumbled.

Ichigo watched as blue hair drifted closer to his face, until he and Grimmjow were again kissing. His toes curled at the persistent aggressiveness of Grimmjow's tongue and the arousing sensation of the boy's hands all over his torso. But just as he was arching into the touch, Grimmjow gripped both of his wrists and lifted Ichigo's arms above his own head. Grimmjow shifted his weight, kneeing Ichigo's legs apart and settling between them as both of Ichigo's wrists were held in one large hand. The friction was glorious, but it was nothing compared to what happened next. The kiss deepened as the blue-haired teen's free hand crept down Ichigo's chest, pausing to tweak already hardened nipples and tenderly running across the ridges of Ichigo's abdomen. And then that hand crept beneath the waistband of his sweats and boxers, teasing his pubic hair.

There went his toes again.

Still...he managed to keep it together. That was until Grimmjow wrapped long fingers around the erection tenting Ichigo's sweats. Heat erupted all over his body and prickled his skin. He broke away from the kiss as Grimmjow gave three, slow yet strong strokes. There was no way in hell he would've been able to hold back the moan that seemed to start in his gut before barreling up his throat and out past his lips.


"There you go," Grimmjow murmured with a grin, lips pressed to the side of Ichigo's face. "Lemme hear you."

"Shit," Ichigo choked.

Grimmjow was relentless. His hand sped up and tightened, making Ichigo's back arch off the bed, even as his hips tried to match the other boy's rhythm. However, the pleasure was crowding his mind, kicking coherent thought off the premises. Grimmjow's lips latched onto Ichigo's Adam's apple and sucked, the taller teen's hips rotating in a slow, firm grind.

He couldn't take it anymore.

"Take these off," Ichigo blurted, trying his hardest not to pant with need. He didn't really think it was working. "Mine and yours. I gotta feel all of you right now."

Grimmjow chuckled even though he moved to comply. "That was so hot, Ku – I mean, Ichigo."

Ichigo grinned in return, eyes glued to the rigid length that had just bobbed into view. Yes, he absently savored the sound of Grimmjow saying his name, but he was really too busy staring at the other boy's dick like it held the cure for the common cold.

"That's nice," he purred.

Grimmjow paused, bottomless blue eyes going wide. "Oh my God," he breathed.

It was like they moved in unison. Ichigo had already divested himself of his cumbersome boxers while he'd watched Grimmjow do the same. Therefore, there was no clothing hindering them when they came together this time around. Grimmjow again made himself at home between Ichigo's legs, and the feeling was just amazing. Grimmjow's skin was warm and soft, his muscles hard in some places, supple and pliant in others. The blue-haired boy seemed like the embodiment of sex and strength, not to mention mischievous affection. Ichigo threw his head back and relished the moan that escaped him. His arms wound around Grimmjow's shoulders, pulling the teen closer as they shared another soul-deep kiss.

Grimmjow's tongue teasingly circled the inside of Ichigo's mouth, and his hips mimicked the movement, driving Ichigo to absolute madness. Ichigo was being ground into the satin-covered mattress and loving every second of it. But now, he also had the added pleasure of hearing Grimmjow's brief grunts and groans as the friction steadily increased in pace and urgency. It was a heady feeling knowing he could turn such a headstrong teenager into a writhing pile of lust.

Grimmjow backed out of the kiss and hissed, pale-blue brows scrunched and alluring, blue eyes hooded. "Fuck, Ichigo."

Ichigo nodded, mind gone with the wind. "Mmhm, tha's right. Fuck Ichigo," he muttered before closing his eyes and exposing his neck.

Grimmjow didn't waste the presented opportunity and used his mouth to make love to the long, ruggedly elegant column. He propped himself over Ichigo with one hand and used the other to spread Ichigo's legs even further by cupping the back of a knee. Then, he rubbed his thick, unyielding shaft right along the seam of Ichigo's raised rear.

"Feel good?" Grimmjow rumbled.

Ichigo gripped the sheet where his hands had fallen to the bed. He felt drunk. No, better yet, he felt high. Yeah, that was it. He felt high as a crow's nest.

" know it does," he mourned.

Grimmjow knew exactly what he was doing, and it just wasn't fair. Ichigo gasped when the other boy's erection nudged his tight opening, placing pressure just where Ichigo wanted it. Grimmjow pulled back, then pushed forward again, harder this time like he was trying to breach Ichigo without any form of preparation. But then he was gone, taking his blunt heat with him. Even though he didn't particularly wish for Grimmjow to penetrate him dry, it didn't mean he wanted the boy to stop everything, either. He tried to sit up, but was pushed flat to the bed again.

"Wait a minute," Grimmjow quietly said.

The large hand that had kept Ichigo from rising was now on its way down his chest and abdomen. Grimmjow was sitting back on his heels, one hand holding Ichigo's left thigh as he turned lecherous eyes to Ichigo's throbbing length. The request was on the tip of Ichigo's tongue, but before he could voice it, the blue-haired boy's other hand was wrapped around Ichigo's shaft. He groaned and let his head roll back against the ugly, red, heart-shaped pillow. A couple of strong strokes was all it took to have him hissing and cursing, his hips bucking and trying to find some type of rhythm. However, Grimmjow was being a tease. The boy wore a smirk as he slowed his hand's movements to a crawl. Ichigo growled, but it transformed into a whine when Grimmjow squeezed his dick before removing his hand.

"Asshole," he panted.

God, he was horny. He just wanted to have Grimmjow fill him up and put him out of his impassioned misery. He closed his eyes, prepared to go through hell and high water with the stubborn, blue-haired idiot. Imagine his surprise when wet heat surrounded the head of his shaft. Without his consent, his hips left the bed, and his hands grappled for purchase in Grimmjow's wild, blue hair. He made a nonsensical noise, heart racing and body aflame.

"Mmmm," Grimmjow moaned and lowered his mouth, taking more of Ichigo into it.

The vibrations coupled with the slick descent made Ichigo shudder like he was freezing cold. Grimmjow added a perfect amount of pressure as he sped up and settled into a brisk rhythm, the wet, erotic sounds spiking in the silence of the room. It was almost too much. Ichigo's legs were spread open like a book, one of Grimmjow's hands settling on Ichigo's left thigh, while the other gently caressed Ichigo's right side. Ichigo opened his eyes and raised himself to his elbows, where he watched with half-lidded eyes as Grimmjow sucked him off. Never would he have thought this would happen. Never. However, it was, and the blow job was a work of art. A few times, Ichigo allowed his head to roll back, eyes closed, mouth open and left hand anchored in Grimmjow's soft hair.

It was fucking bliss.

Then, Grimmjow upped the ante. He gathered Ichigo's balls into his hand and rolled, massaged, and groped. Ichigo instantly jerked his hips and widened the space between his legs.

"Oh, yeah," he muttered. Through the haze of his desire-addled brain, Ichigo decided he wanted to try something with his newly established boyfriend. "Hey," he called, gently tugging on Grimmjow's hair.

"Hm?" Grimmjow grunted, never slowing his mouth.

"Fuck," Ichigo hissed. "Ease up for a sec."

Blue eyes finally revealed themselves as Grimmjow lifted his head and pulled away from Ichigo's damp erection. They didn't look happy, either.


Ichigo managed a smirk. "C'mere."

The other boy moved towards him, the annoyance in his eyes slowly disappearing, but Ichigo stopped him when he realized Grimmjow didn't understand what he'd meant.

"Other way," he said with a teasing grin.

"Ku – Ichigo, what the fuck ya talkin' 'bout?" Grimmjow snapped at last.

"Turn around an' back up to my face, dumbass. I wanna suck yours too."

Grimmjow's eyes went wide as he stared at Ichigo and lost the battle against the blush devouring his face. Ichigo wanted to be peeved with the amount of time Grimmjow was wasting, but the look on the other boy's face prevented that. All he could do instead was smile and shake his head.

"I never knew you could be so goddamned cute."

That shucked the bigger boy out of his daze. Blue eyes narrowed. "Why don' 'chu turn around instead. I'll show ya cute," he growled.

Ichigo actually liked the sound of that. He smirked and sat up before slowly climbing to his hands and knees. "How ya wanna do this, stud?"

Grimmjow shook his head, but his "dirty little secret" grin was back in full force. He crawled in front of Ichigo and connected their lips for a quick but thorough kiss. Then, he lowered himself onto his back on the bed. Once he'd made himself comfortable, he crooked a finger at Ichigo and lifted the right side of his mouth in a lazy smirk.

"Come on up here, cowboy."

"Wow, that was so lame," Ichigo chortled, but did as requested.

Grimmjow shrugged and smirked, blue eyes practically dancing with mirth. Ichigo was still buzzing from the near orgasm he'd had a few minutes ago, so the sight of Grimmjow's highly enthused arousal almost had him on the edge again. On his way over the other boy's body, Ichigo paused and ran the fingertips of his right hand over the thick, straining length nestled in a thatch of dark-blue pubic hair. Grimmjow's manly area really was a great thing to look at; Ichigo hadn't been lying when he'd said that. He dipped his head for a cursory taste, tongue seeming to spontaneously combust at the onslaught of sensory enticement. Grimmjow's pre-cum was slightly bitter, but mostly musky.

Grimmjow hissed. "Get yer ass up here, Ichigo."

"Tch. Pushy, pushy."

He might've made a fuss, but in reality, he was eager to feel Grimmjow's mouth on him again. He turned his back to the blue-haired boy and backed over his torso, slowly making his way to that sinful mouth. As soon as Ichigo was in place, Grimmjow's slick tongue traced the underside of his erection.

"Mmm," Ichigo moaned and sighed all at the same time.

He didn't neglect the bobbing shaft before him, though. Without preamble, he gripped it by its base and lowered his mouth over it. Oh, it was divine. Grimmjow's slim hips gave an erratic jolt upwards as he groaned and wrapped his arms around Ichigo's waist. His mouth was on the move as well and soon, Ichigo found himself competing with the bigger boy. Ichigo was trying to make Grimmjow cry out the same way he had earlier. Then again, that might be a bit hard since Grimmjow had his mouth full already. Didn't stop the boy's hips, though. They rotated and lifted from the bed. It was so sexy. Ichigo slid his hands around to Grimmjow's firm, perfectly rounded rear and squeezed and kneaded. His eyes were closed as he enjoyed the feeling of that thick length sliding in and out of his mouth, while his own arousal was sucked in return.

But suddenly, the pleasure jacked up. Grimmjow had just eased a slicked finger into Ichigo's opening. On the fourth back and forth pass, Ichigo pulled away from Grimmjow's dampened manhood and gave a soft, almost helpless, open-mouthed moan. By the time Grimmjow had inserted three fingers, Ichigo felt like he was a dandelion seed pod, floating away with the wind. He could barely hold himself up, and he was ashamed to admit that he was unable to continue the blow job Grimmjow deserved. Every time he tried, the blue-haired boy crooked his fingers and made everything else disappear.

"Ichigo," Grimmjow called, voice a deep husk.


"Let's fuck now."

"Second best thing you've said all night," Ichigo grunted in agreement.

He lowered his head and made sure Grimmjow's length was extra wet with his saliva before he climbed to his knees and slid forward. He hovered over the other boy's lap, expecting Grimmjow to grip his waist or his hips, and was surprised when the teen did neither. Grimmjow sat up and guided Ichigo's body around to face him. Then, he wrapped his arms around him.

"I wanna see your face when I make you cum," Grimmjow murmured, blue eyes bright with want.

A blush fought its way across Ichigo's nose as he put his hands on the bigger boy's sturdy shoulders. Grimmjow grinned and lifted one hand from Ichigo's waist before placing it at the back of Ichigo's head. After that, their lips connected softly. Gently. Tenderly. Ichigo got butterflies. He parted his lips and slid his tongue along Grimmjow's bottom lip. Grimmjow opened his mouth and their tongues met tentatively at first, as if they were just learning each other. But the kiss quickly consumed them, the urgent smacking punctuated with harsh breathing. Ichigo lifted his hips, and after gripping Grimmjow's stiff length, he guided himself down onto it.

Their mouths separated, but their foreheads came together as they shared harsh breaths and deep groans. Grimmjow's arms tightened around Ichigo's waist, and his blue brows pulled together as they locked eyes.

"So good," Ichigo panted.

"Mmm," Grimmjow rumbled.

After allowing himself time to adjust Grimmjow's tight fit, Ichigo sighed and started to move. It was incredible. Each descent seemed to knock the breath clean from his lungs. It didn't help that Grimmjow met each of those downward thrusts with an upward one of his own. Ichigo's arms went around the other boy's neck as he further spread his legs and steadied himself. One of his hands wound its way into the hair at Grimmjow's nape as he kissed the boy again. His erection rubbed vigorously against Grimmjow's lower abdomen, and it made Ichigo give a very unmanly whimper.


Grimmjow grunted at the noise and buried his face in Ichigo's neck, both hands now gripping Ichigo's waist. It was too much. They'd only just started and Ichigo felt like he was close to letting the guns go already. So many emotions raced through him as he rode and held onto the boy that used to be his most hated enemy. Their hips formed minds of their own and hiked up the pace. Oh, God, he was so hot. His blood felt like rivers of boiling water. Not to mention, he suddenly felt vulnerable and emotional. Ichigo tugged on Grimmjow's hair and made the boy lift his face from Ichigo's neck. He kissed the blue-haired teen and pulled back, hooked on the way Grimmjow watched him in return. This time, it was Grimmjow who leaned forward and briefly connected their lips before backing away and locking eyes again. The longer Ichigo looked into Grimmjow's captivating, sea-blue eyes, the more those emotions frothed and made a mess of his head and heart.

What the hell was going on?

Grimmjow's guttural groan broke up Ichigo's thoughts. He honed in on the other boy's expression and groaned himself. Grimmjow's eyes were so hooded with lust, they were nearly closed, and he had his full, bottom lip tucked between his teeth. His eyebrows were scrunched with a pleasure so intense, it looked painful. His thrusts became erratic, but also more firm. More aggressive. Ichigo dropped a kiss at the corner of Grimmjow's mouth before moving on to the boy's cheeks, his nose, his eyes, his forehead; Ichigo didn't miss a thing on that perfect face.

Grimmjow's hands tightened on Ichigo's hips as he gasped, "I-Ichigo!"

Between all the rubbing amidst their lower bodies and the thick heat driving itself in and out of him, Ichigo had already been dangerously walking the tightrope of release. But after hearing Grimmjow's deep voice call out his name so desperately, Ichigo tumbled off, falling into a sea of euphoria with arms wide open.

"Oh! Grimm!" he shouted, head thrown back, body trembling, and nails digging into the blue-haired boy's strong shoulders.

Ichigo literally rode out his climax until he felt boneless and content. When he opened his eyes, Grimmjow was watching him with a shy kind of grin. It was shocking enough to pierce through the cloud of pure satisfaction surrounding him.

"What's with that goofy grin?" he mumbled, too complacent to really put any heat in his voice.

He leaned into his boyfriend (the notion still made him blush and squirm) and placed their foreheads together. Grimmjow's lopsided smile spread as he too leaned forward. He kissed Ichigo and shrugged, the look on his face one of clear disbelief.

"I think I'm fallin' in love with you."

Next time...