{A/N: Kinda realized today that I had never put this up on here. Sort of a continuation of the chapter before, aka whenever I feel like writing bondage, it's going in this story file. JSYK.}

It had been a fabulous day.

It was their weekend off, for one, so they slept in together in America's overly soft bed and woke up slow, with smiling kisses to the neck and lingering touches. The lingering touches turned into soft morning sex, England taking his time with America to a soundtrack of 'I love you's.

They made breakfast together – it was the one thing England didn't burn, as long as he was only trusted with the bacon and sausages – and ate on the couch, watching the news and gossiping about the subjects or governments on the features. America took England to a matinee showing of a movie they had both had a secret desire to see, and were surprised to find it better than they had expected - England even let him hold his hand for the entire movie, even though it wasn't the least bit frightening. They took the long way home with all of the windows rolled down; the weather was autumn beautiful, and America's satellite radio never ceased its playlist of '70s hits to sing along to.

Then, after a dinner of ham sandwiches and Oreos, England pulled America back to the bedroom by his belt loops, kissing away his laughter and 'Again already?'

He pushed America back onto the bed, then bit his lip at the panting, disheveled man sprawled out in front of him and knelt down on the floor to dig around under the bed.

America sat up on his elbows and quirked his eyebrows down at the thumping curses below his knees, waiting until England's head reemerged with dust in his hair and a familiar flustered expression on his face.

"Having trouble?" he asked, smirking just a little. England huffed, but chucked his prize onto the bed by America's stomach.

It was a beat-up plastic Home Depot bag. America's grin widened.

"Can we keep it in here this time?" England asked as he unbuttoned his own shirt, scowling at America, who was fishing for the last piece of rope left fully intact from the slicings of his pocketknife. America beamed at him.

"Will do, cap'n." England rolled his eyes as he shrugged off his shirt, then let America pull him down and lay him across the bed, kissing him fiercely and gripping his hair while he still could. America let himself be kissed for now while he tied the familiar few loops around England's neck, then pulled away and held onto England's wrists, forcing them back to press the insides of them against the rope at his neck. England closed his eyes as America quickly tied each wrist tight against the collar, just enough to put pressure on his circulation. He wound his fingers in his own hair and purred when he was done, smiling through hooded eyes up at America.

America pecked him on the nose with a cheeky grin. "It's always so fun to see how quickly you fall apart from this," he murmured into his cheek, running his hands down England's sides before leaning over to dig in the nightstand drawer. England was too flustered to respond.

He came back with the lube, the pocketknife, and one of the most hideous ties known to mankind (Wales had given it to England as a birthday present years ago, and it made a perfect gag). England's lazy smile twitched up at the tie, and he spread his elbows as far as the ties would allow and held his fingers from the back of his head. America chuckled and pulled him up into a sitting position, crushing England's bare chest to his clothed one and bent into the cage of England's arms, kissing him desperately, eyes clenched shut. England sighed into his mouth, and they pulled apart with a few stray brushes of lips, never able to get enough.

"Open up," America ordered softly. England opened his mouth with a glint in his eye, and America kissed his face as he pressed the tie over his tongue and tied it behind his head, careful, not to get any hair caught in the knot. England made sure he could mostly close his mouth before falling forward to rest his forehead on America's shoulder, panting him in.

A fit of affection shot through America, and he hugged England too tight, too close on a whim, burying his face in England's hair. "I love you so much," he whispered. England nuzzled his shoulder in reply.

When he held him still for too long, though, England grunted past the tie and poked America in the ribs with his bent elbows. America laughed and laid him back, kissing his neck as he worked off England's pants and socks before flipping him over onto his knees. England bent his head forward so he could grasp the bars of the headboard, spreading his knees with America's help for balance. America swished the ends of the tie across the skin of his shoulders lightly, making England twitch and spasm with muffled laughter. He bent over and kissed the base of his neck, trailing down his spine with soft kisses and wandering hands. By the time he reached the divots in England's lower back, he had a writhing mass in his arms, panting and groaning and rutting in open air.

America hummed into his skin as he opened the lube, squirting some onto his fingers and warming it up before slowly pushing in two fingers, because it really hadn't been that long since the last time.

England gasped and jerked forward reflexively, then stilled as America held him by one hip and spread him out. He clenched his eyes and ground his teeth against the tie, sweat dripping from his hair onto the mattress.

As America prepared him slowly, his free hand rubbed deep circles in England's flesh as he considered what he could do to make things more interesting. He loved sex with England under any circumstance, but he had quickly found that while their usual sex was as romantic and vanilla as can be, as soon as England pulled that bag from under the bed, all of their weird kinks came out to play.

So when three fingers wasn't enough for England anymore, America pulled them out and rolled off the bed and reached under it for the spare suitcase that was his sex toy hiding place. England whined above him, trying to yell but thwarted by the cloth holding his tongue down. America came back soon enough, though, after digging in the lining of the suitcase for his rarely-used (these days) vibrator.

England's head was still bent down, so he saw America's new plan between his tied arm and his body upside down. He closed his eyes and smiled; America didn't see, already kneeling behind him again and spreading England's knees even wider so he was almost lying on his stomach before lubing the vibrator up and slowly pushing it in.

England moaned, the wood in his hands creaking from his grip. America looped an arm around his waist to keep him from falling down completely, kissing England's shoulder blades. He switched it on.

"Let go," America whispered, and England relaxed, releasing the bed frame while melting into the man above him and the plastic pumping in and out of him. America sat back, holding England in his lap, and pulled out one of the knots tying England's wrists to his neck with his teeth, letting go of the vibrator for a moment to untie the other one.

When his arms were free again, England rolled his shoulders a few times before turning his head to kiss America around the tie, one hand in his hair and the other around his neck. America hummed into the kiss, turning England in his lap so he was sitting sideways across his thighs, hand back on the vibrator, thrusting it shallow. He twisted it halfway around, and England arched back, his gag rendering his scream guttural. America followed his arch with his mouth, kissing and licking down his neck in a line, down his chest. When he straightened, England was looking at him with wide pupils and wide eyes, but scowling lightly. He laughed and kissed his cheek above the tie, the corner of his eye. He flicked the vibrator's switch back and forth just to be annoying, making England convulse and dig his nails in the back of his neck, panting and trying to force out a protest around the tie pressing his tongue down.

"You're so much fun like this." England glared the best he could. America grinned cheekily and nuzzled into his neck, leaving the switch off for now. He laid him out on his stomach, keeping a hand on the trailing ends hanging from the back of England's neck and pulling, making him arch back, the other hand holding England's ankles and bending them forward. The rope didn't quite make it enough to wrap around them, so America shrugged and let them fall back down, pulling England's torso up and pushing him forward enough that he could use two pieces of rope to tie his knees to the posts of his headboard. England leaned forward against the wall behind it, pressing his cheek against the cool plaster and trying to catch his breath.

America pressed forward behind him, flicking the vibrator's switch on and off one more time before pulling it out, trailing kisses down his spine and running his hands all over England, down his thighs, over his stomach, tracing down his cock and diverting to catch his hands. He wove the fingers of both hands through England's, pulling them back slowly as he traced the divots of his lower back with his tongue. England was whining against the gag, probably impatient as hell and just ready to get off already, but America always took too long with this. It was fun watching him squirm.

He turned his hands so England's were on top, kissing down the backs of them, tugging on a finger's skin with his teeth until he got to the end of it and sucked it into his mouth. England hooked it behind his teeth and tugged insistently, and he grinned around it and bit down lightly before letting it go and straightening, bending England's arms along the way so his forearms rested along his spine. "Fine, if you're going to be so impatient," he purred into his ear, pulling his hands from England's after a final squeeze and pinning them there with his body so he could take the ends of the neck rope and tie his wrists with them, individually and then together. He made England bend in on himself a little so his forehead rested on top of the headboard before mouthing at his useless fingers and pushing into him at last, groaning as he did.

As had become a typical problem with the Home Depot-inspired sex, however, America drew out the foreplay so cursedly long that neither of them lasted very long once they actually started having sex. When America's wandering hands wrapped around England's cock, he sobbed and he was gone, leaving bite marks in the tie and moaning around it as he came. America held him as close as he could with England's arms in the way, biting his shoulder as he climaxed, his mind going white.

When he'd floated down enough from his high to have awareness of his surroundings, he tilted his head to pull at the knot of the tie with his teeth. It wasn't very effective, but it worked enough for England's jaw and tongue to push it away so it fell around his neck, and they turned to kiss softly, America's tongue wiping away the taste of cheap nylon from England's mouth.

"Well, that was nice," America hummed against his mouth when they pulled away, smiling like a fool. It infected England a little bit, who let himself rest his temple against America's forehead and sigh.

"Yes, it was. Now untie me."

"Bossy." But America complied, untying his hands, then his neck, then bent for one knee while England got the other. After he was completely detached from his bedframe, America pulled out and hugged England close, sliding down with him to spoon on the bed. England sighed in contentment and twisted their legs together, bending his head forward a little as America kissed his hairline along his neck up to his ear, laying down an 'I love you' with each movement.

England rested his arms over America's at his waist. "Thank you."

"Of course, honey bun." England flushed, but didn't really feel like fighting the pet name tonight, especially when America yawned into his ear. "G'night."

"Good night, love." America smiled against his skin and nodded off. England relaxed in his arms and let his mind wander after him.