Notes: The idea for this was bouncing around in my head ever since I rewatched the movie with a friend at her house. I automatically went to the meme when I got home to check if there was a prompt for it and there was so... I dunno, I like prompts! :3
Title: Paper Lanterns
Pairing: Delic/Hibiya
Part: I. Prologue
Words: 558 words
Disclaimer: It's not mine. It all belongs to others who I am in no way associated with and I make nothing from writing this, got it?

I. Prologue

For some reason, all of these stories start the same way; you know how it goes, 'once upon on a time there was a princess.' Well, in this case all of this has to do with a prince – but not the kind that you're thinking. But anyway, we'll get to that later.

Once upon a time, there was a drop of sunlight that fell to earth and bloomed into a magical flower. Now, this flower was no ordinary flower (hence why it's magical) and it had the power to heal the sick and injured – it could even turn back time for those who knew its secret.

As the years passed, a kingdom rose in the lands nearby. This kingdom was ruled over by a king and queen who were much beloved by their people. All that was missing to complete this picture was a child, and eventually, the queen became pregnant. But this happiness was short-lived when the queen fell deathly ill.

With the queen's illness, the people prayed for her swift recovery, but it became obvious that her condition was just getting worse rather than better. It was at this point that the people started to get a little bit desperate and began to search for a miracle. Like, say, a magical flower.

Now, for the hundreds of years that this flower had been in existence, no one had found it. You might be wondering why that is since a magical flower would certainly get a lot of attention and people flocking to it for its miraculous qualities. That wasn't the case. This is because an old woman, Namie, had hidden from the world and was using its powers to keep herself young for all those centuries.

And to do that, she just had to sing a little incantation and she was young once again.

But fortunately for the queen, a little accident occurred that lead to the discovery of the flower. With a medicine made from the flower, the queen was healed and she later gave birth to a child; a beautiful, healthy prince with long blond hair.

If you're wondering, that prince is who this story is about. They named him Hibiya, and to celebrate his birth and the miracle of the queen's recovered health, they launched a floating lantern into the sky.

Because you already know how this story starts, you should know that things don't stay happy for long, and in this case things went downhill that very night.

Namie broke into the castle and kidnapped the young prince. And although an extensive search was launched to find her and the missing prince, they never found him. The king and queen were heartbroken, but prayed that their son would one day return to them. To this end, they would launch hundreds of lanterns into the air on the even of the prince's birthday.

But meanwhile, Namie took the kidnapped prince and raised him as her own. She was determined that this time she wouldn't let her flower slip through her fingers again and kept him locked away in a tower from the rest of the world. But every year with the launching of the lanterns into the sky, the young prince would sneak to the window to watch them light up the night sky.

And that is where the story begins.

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Reviews are very much appreciated and are loved very much! I'll try to have more of this up very soon – and I'm hoping that I'll be able to land regular updates with this fic along with Fragility. It's my first Disney inspired fic, I'm kind of excited about that... also, first time writing Hibiya and Delic. I'm just giggling right now; I was listening to the Tangled soundtrack on repeat for most of today and I adore it.

I hope that you like this!