A/N: Just a short little ficlit I wrote (with the idea assistance from my Tumblr buddy...love her!) Boredom and insomnia do wonders when combined together!


x Ceecee

"Hey, I got you a little something!" Blaine announced over the phone, his voice raising several octaves in his excitement. Kurt grinned to himself, picturing his boyfriend's eager expression; the way he puts on a dorky little grin and his eyes sparkle like a child who's just been given his favorite candy.

"Ohhh what is it, a puppy?" he asked jokingly. The other end was silent for a moment. "Blaine? You still there, hon?"

"Don't chew on my tie! I need tha-yes, what?" Blaine's voice sounded distracted, as he chastised an unknown presence on the other line. Kurt drummed his fingers against his desk thoughtfully.

"Tie-chewing?" he asked, puzzled. "Blaine...did you ACTUALLY get a puppy?"

"What? Uh-no. No of course no-HEY HEY NO, THAT'S MY SHOE. PUT IT DOWN, PUT IT-WHERE ARE YOU GOING? NO DON'T RUN OUTSIDE! UGGGH! Kurt, I need to call you back."

Kurt smirked in self-satisfaction. "You got a puppy...didn't you, Blaine?"

Blaine grumbled something incoherent before giving him a quick goodbye and hanging up the phone. Kurt shook his head and set the phone back down on the receiver.

"Oh Blaine, dearest." he said, "never change."