Ranma 1/2: Change a single identity and you get...

Part 1: Here's Ranma, or a typical fanfic beginning.

"A fiancée'?!" cried Nabiki in shock.

"Yes, he's the son of a very good friend of mine." Soun sagely looked off into the yard; anywhere to avoid the glares he was getting.

"Oh my, I do hope he's older," muttered Kasumi to herself.

"What's he like?" asked Nabiki hopefully.

"I don't know, I've never met him," answered Soun. "If one of you three girls were to marry him then the Tendo family legacy would be secure." Akane just growled.

"They just returned from a long trip to China, they'll be here any minute," said Soun.

"OOh! China!" Nabiki looked happier than ever.

"So they went to China big deal," muttered Akane.

"Hey, cut it out pops! I'm goin!" said a voice from the hall, everyone's attention turned to the two new voices in the home.

"Oh my, we have visitors," said Kasumi sweetly as she stood and looked towards the door.

"OOH! It must be Ranma!" said Nabiki excitedly rushing into the hallway to meet the guests.

"Saotome! My old friend! I've been waiting!" called Soun as he followed his daughter.

Kasumi brushed her hair back with a worried expression, Akane just grumbled from behind her.

They found their father had already embraced the red haired boy; the man was crying as usual. Standing behind the scene was a younger looking man, he seemed happy to see Soun. The newcomer was a well-built man and had spiky black hair and an air about him almost like Kasumi.

Soun stopped and frowned as he hugged the 'boy' tightly; He pulled back and looked at the person in his arms. She just looked annoyed and said nothing. The man moved his hands up and down her body at her sides and looked at his old friend.

The girl's father just looked embarrassed. "You should have heard his mother when she found out," he said sheepishly. Nabiki poked at the breast on what was now obviously a girl.

"Could you please stop that?" the girl asked impatiently.

"Ranma isn't a boy she's a girl!" she said angrily.

Soun passed out.

He came too and looked around the room. His friend just sat and watched from beside him, they were alone. "I'm real sorry about that, We kinda had an accident," said the man as he scratched the back of his head and looked away.

Soun sat up and looked hopeful. "You mean, that wasn't...?"

"Oh, that was Ranma all right, let me explain," said the man with an exasperated sigh; he had Soun's full attention.

Akane frowned as her sister glared at Ranma. The poor girl just slumped down and gave the three of them shy glances.

"Stop it Nabiki. Don't be so rude! He, she is our guest!" cried Akane as she finally felt sorry for the girl who had endured Nabiki for so long. She turned to her and smiled. "I'm Akane, you wanna be friends?" she asked.

The girl just nodded shyly.

A few moments later they stood in the dojo. Akane smiled and turned to her. "So you study kempo?" she asked cheerfully.

"A...little," replied the girl.

"Well, lets have a little match then!" said Akane laughing at the girl's quiet nature.

"OK..." said Ranma she simply stood and waited.

"Don't worry I won't hurt you," said Akane reassuringly; unfortunately that was the farthest thing from Ranma's mind.

"Would you like me if I was a boy?" Ranma asked suddenly.

"Huh?" said Akane suddenly. She peered at the girl's outfit it was a gray tunic that exposed her chest a little. She was really a girl, Nabiki had made sure of that. So why would she ask something like that? "Sure I would, Why?"

"Just asking," said Ranma, it looked like she wanted to say more but was still unsure.

"Let's start," said Akane as she swung at Ranma who moved out of the way easily.

Akane blinked and kept up her attack and suddenly felt a finger touching her neck. She hadn't even seen Ranma move, yet there she was standing beside her.

"Let's go again!" said Akane in mild annoyance.

About a half-hour later Akane stood panting in the middle of the dojo floor.

"Uh, maybe we should stop. I don't think your enjoying this very much," said
Ranma finally.

"Of course I am!" snapped Akane, she had yet to see any of the attacks Ranma had tagged her with, no one could move that fast, it was impossible! She stopped when Ranma shrunk back a little from her outburst.

"I knew this was a bad idea," muttered the girl to herself.
"Maybe your right," said Akane with a small sigh. "I'm just glad you're not a boy."

"What?" said Ranma in an almost panicked voice.

"It's just that, I'd really hate to lose to a boy," explained Akane.

"No! Don't say things like that!" cried Ranma in what appeared to be shocked terror.

"Huh? Why?" said Akane.

Kasumi chose this moment to walk in. "She's right Akane, that isn't a very nice thing to say," chided the older girl. "Oh, I'll show you to your room," she said motioning to Ranma, the girl just followed quietly.

"I like your father, he's a very nice man," said Kasumi as they walked up the stairs.

"Yeah, most people do," said Ranma with a little pride in her voice.

"Here's where you'll be staying. I'll get you a bath ready," said Kasumi as she showed Ranma the guestroom.

"Thanks, I really need to change," said Ranma obliviously. Surely his father had explained things by now. Kasumi took his words completely different than he had meant and smiled as she left.

"Akane, the bath is ready," said Kasumi.

Akane smiled and scampered up the stairs. She entered the bathroom and smiled as she looked into the clothesbasket, Ranma's clothes were piled messily in the basket. "I guess we can both take our baths," she said cheerfully as she began to undress...

Ranma sat in the hot water and smiled as his form returned to normal. "I wonder if I should go out like this?" he wondered. "I guess I should," He stepped out of the water and smiled at his own reflection. "That Akane seems nice, I wonder if she'd like to be..." he thought as he began to towel his hair off.

The furo door opened and Akane stood there in the nude. Ranma gave her a passing glance and continued to dry his hair. Akane froze in fear.

Ranma walked up to the door and looked at her as she stood in his way. "Are you gonna stand there all night or are you gonna take a bath? I'm done now so you can," he said in mild annoyance.

Soun sat with his daughters and the stranger at the table.

"So what's this all about? You look familiar, Who are you?" asked Nabiki she seemed a bit confused, she hated that. Nabiki Tendo is never confused, it just didn't happen.

That's when the scream came. "Augghhh! You pervert!" cried Akane from the top of the stairs. A young boy clad only in a towel rushed over the railing and jumped down to the ground before continuing on his mad trek away from the flying bath items tossed by the angry Akane.

Ranma dove behind his father and hid; he peeked around his shoulder and was pegged by a shampoo bottle on his forehead. He rubbed the spot in confusion, it was obvious he didn't realize what he had done wrong.

"Son, what did you do?" said the man looking at the pair in confusion.

"I don't know, I was leaving the bath when this crazy girl attacked me for no reason!" screamed Ranma in confused anger.

"No reason?! You looked at my body you lecher!" retorted Akane, she was leaning against the railing and clad in a towel. In her arms were various objects she could lob at the unfortunate Ranma.

"Hey! You walked in on me!" said Ranma defensively.

Akane's expression changed when she realized something. "Son?" she said dumbly.

"Yes, this is the boy I was telling you about," said Soun with a somewhat forced smile.

"My name is Saotome, Saotome Goku, and this is my son..." said the man finally.

"Ranma," finished the boy. His tail was twitching slightly behind him and he was looking apologetically at Akane.

Every one of the Tendo's froze when they saw this except for Soun.

"He looks just like his father," laughed the eldest Tendo.

"I do...?" said Ranma in unsure confusion.

"Yeah, he growed up pretty good," agreed Goku with a laugh.

"H-he's got a tail?!!" said Akane in a sort of disgusted shock.

Nabiki only nodded with an equally shocked look, she just didn't seem to be repulsed as Akane was. "Then who was that girl?" she asked after recovering quickly.

"It's better to see," said Goku, he grabbed Ranma's shoulder as the boy tried to scramble away. Ranma stopped and resigned to his fate. A moment later Goku had dumped the drink he had asked for and not touched yet over the poor boy's head, instant topless red head.

Akane froze again, a sort of confused and hurt look crossed her face.

Ranma felt like dirt at the moment. She cringed under Akane's gaze and just sat quietly.

"It started a few months back..." said Goku as he started his story.

Ranma stood in the clearing just before the springs that spread across the large valley. The guide stood behind them and smiled. "Here sirs we come to training ground of cursed spring, Jusenkyo," said the man as he turned to face his two customers.

"Ready squirt?" asked Goku as he jumped up on one of the many bamboo poles jutting from the springs.

"Anytime old timer," snorted Ranma as he followed.

"No! Sirs! I no finished my tragic story!" wailed the guide as he watched in horror.

"Don't go easy pop," said Ranma with a smirk.
"Like I ever would," said Goku as he duplicated the expression exactly without realizing it. The both of them launched themselves into the air and cried out as they clashed into a flurry of punches and kicks in midair.

The guide relaxed as they fought. They were good, maybe they wouldn't fall in...

Ranma kicked off his father's chest and back flipped onto one of the poles to await the next attack. "C'mon pop, we could have done this at home,"

Goku stopped in midair just above the surface of one of the pools. He righted himself and smiled. "It was a fun trip though,"

Goku blurred for a moment and vanished. Ranma gasped and spun around angrily to face his father. "No fair teleporting! You know I can't do that yet!" he cried as he searched for where his father would appear. He felt hands on his back and realized that he had been duped. Goku had teleported to directly in front of where he had been.

"You'll never learn if I don't, his father appeared directly in front of him and punched the boy in his chest. Ranma cursed that his reaction was so predictable.

He felt his body fly through the air and slam into one of the cold pools.
When he struggled up to the surface he saw a flurry of images. His father was staring in shock and the guide was shaking his head as he explained the situation.

"To bad, you fall in spring of drowned girl..." Ranma stopped hearing at about that point as he noticed the ample chest he seemed to have grown.

His hearing returned just in time to hear, "...Take body of young girl."

Goku knew what was coming the minute his son got that look in his eyes. The water around Ranma started to boil instantly and Goku quickly tucked the guide under his arm and shot into the air. The guide started to protest in fear and shock; then he saw a tiny white light below them. It grew gradually larger until it enveloped almost all the springs in the valley.

Goku frowned and watched the blast, Ranma still didn't have enough control to live safely in the city with his mother. It was rather fortunate for him at the moment his mother was going to kill him for this one. The ancient springs had been reduced to a large steam cloud.

A few moments later Goku landed and walked over to the smoldering crater that remained where Jusenkyo had once been.

A now male Ranma stood in the center of what remained. He looked down at his hands and sighed. He didn't seem to notice his form had changed back. That or he didn't care.

"Don't worry son, it just takes practice," reassured Goku as he walked over to him.

"I wish I could learn faster," muttered Ranma.

"Sir, you destroy Jusenkyo!" gasped the guide.

"Yea, sorry," Ranma hung his head in embarrassment.
"Is OK. Now, no more curses, but no can cure now," said the Guide a little wistfully. "No need guide anymore, maybe I retire."

"Cure? But he's normal," said Goku in confusion.

"Only for little while, Curse say, Cold water turn into girl, hot water turn into boy. No more magic here, only peace now though. Maybe you get lucky?" The guide looked Ranma up and down, suddenly it started to rain and Ranma shifted forms instantly.

"Or maybe not."

Ranma fell on her face as she wavered from the transformation. "I can't stand up!" she cried in panic.

"Aw, that's just cause you don't have a tail, you'll get used to it," said Goku as he looked at the hole in the back of Ranma's pants and noticed that the hole was empty. "Hey! I was right! I knew girls didn't have tails!"

"What?!" cried Ranma in panic again as he felt his bottom.

"Nodoka-chan was pretty mad, but she took it well. All she did was kick us out for a few months," said Goku cheerfully.

"Both of you?" asked Nabiki.

"Just pop, I only have to come because of the whole engagement thing," answered Ranma earning another collective glare from the girls.

Soun did not help matters any; he appeared beside Ranma and grabbed her shoulder. "Well it seems your problem isn't so bad after all. These are my three daughters, Kasumi, Nabiki, and Akane. Pick any one you want and she'll be your new fiancée."

Ranma was about to speak up when Nabiki and Kasumi intervened.

"Oh, he wants Akane," said Nabiki.

"Oh definitely," agreed Kasumi.

"Why would I want?!!" retorted Akane.

"Because you hate boys don't you? Well your in luck, he's half girl," said Nabiki with a sly grin.

"Are you nuts!? He's got a tail, A TAIL!" said Akane in shocked disbelief.

"You said you wouldn't be mad!" said Ranma with a stern look on his face. "You lied to me!"

"Look who's talking!" returned Akane.

"They're already the perfect couple," laughed Soun.

Goku just smiled and said nothing.

"He's a couple by himself! Besides we are fighting!" snapped Akane.

"We-we are?" Ranma looked surprise.

"Of course we are!!" yelled Akane.

"Great, I get a new fiancée and we're fighting already," muttered Ranma.

"It's not so bad son, remember what I said about how your mother and I met?" said Goku with a smile.

"The 'Pat-pat' incident?" asked Ranma as he ignored Akane now.

His father nodded. "I almost lost my head over that one, her and that damn family katana of hers," muttered the man.

Akane made a frustrated growl and stormed up to her room.

"What did I do?" muttered Ranma in confusion again.

Nabiki smiled, this could make for some very interesting opportunities, especially with Ranma being as gullible as he seemed.


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Time line, The Ranma time is obvious. So we won't go into that.
Everything that occurred before DBZ has occurred, with the single exception of Chi-chi. I'll go into that more later; the world is like Ranma though, no dinosaurs or weird hut villages here. The stories still stay the same. Yes, the

Dragon balls and the Tenka-Ichi Budokai both exist in this universe. Goku has long since retired from his title though... Goku brought Ranma to meet his friends at Kame senin's island and Raditz never showed up. The Saiyans and every story after have not yet occurred. The first divergences in DragonBall story line occur around Takabon 15.

Ranma and Goku's powers are much advanced, why? Because Goku had been training with Kame senin with Kurririn and Happosai with Soun over the years that's why.

That's at least sixteen years, in DBZ only five had passed. He learned teleportation on his own, no Kaio ken's or Soul bombs. Ranma still can't teleport and is a long way from achieving it. He also has less control over his own flight power, he's pretty much where Goku was at the beginning of DBZ, before he was killed by Raditz, Goku is better than Ranma but not nearly as advanced as he would be after Kai samma's training.

Ranma will not become Gohan either, he's been training with his father and Piccolo has had no real influence on him [he does know him though.], therefore his powers will be mostly Goku's stuff with a little of his own twist on things.

He does not know the Hiryushoutenha or anything else Cologne would have taught him, including the chestnut fist, but that one won't really matter much will it?

Where to go with this?

Well, Ranma and Goku can both fly, so they have stayed in contact with Ranma's mother, [Nodoka, not Chi-chi.]

I didn't want Ranma growing up to be a scholar like Gohan. Besides, Chi-chi wouldn't let them go off like I needed them too when they went to China and all.

The Machoism obsessed Nodoka would have especially considering the fact that they would visit frequently. [Goku wouldn't care too much about her 'coddling' like Genma would.] This approach also makes for a deeper 'Ryoga' rivalry.

Ranma seems to be having trouble with all his power in the Jusenkyo scene. I have plans for that and an explanation.

I'm not sure how much of the DB cast will appear, Piccolo is definite, as well as Yamcha and Bulma. The Saiyans have not appeared yet, Kurririn the ever killed and Kame senin will also be there. More may be added later on but I want to get the Ranma stuff in there as this is mostly his story.

C&C to: CarrotGlace@juno.com

Ranma: A Saiyan tail

Akane jogged around the corner in her morning routine. She smiled as she passed a neighbor and waved politely. She turned into the gates of her home and stopped as a crash could be heard. "What is it with that family anyway?" she mumbled to herself.

Nabiki came barreling out of her home with a camera in her hand and a huge grin plastered across her face. "Akane come quick, you've got to see this!"

Ranma stood across from his father and smirked. Goku was standing on the other side of the koi pond smiling cheerfully. Soun stood watching from the porch.

Akane stopped and frowned as Nabiki stood with her camera ready. "What's the big deal?" she said unimpressed.

"Ready squirt?" asked Goku.

"Sure pop," chirped Ranma.

"Round two! GO!" cried the elder Saotome.

Goku shot into the air ten feet over the pond and Ranma engaged him just above it. The two exchanged blows and Ranma gained the upper hand quickly.

"They are pretty good," muttered Akane reluctantly.

"You don't know the half of it yet," said Nabiki excitedly.

Akane began to realize something was wrong immediately, those two were in the air way too long.

Ranma kicked his father back over the Dojo roof and Goku stopped and smirked at his son in midair. Ranma smiled proudly over the koi and said nothing.

Akane's jaw fell as if it was made of lead.

"Pretty cool huh?" said Nabiki as she kept the camera rolling. "I knew I recognized these two."

Akane didn't hear her, "He's flying?" she muttered.

Ranma was sent into the pond with a loud splash. "Stupid old man! You can't win without cheating!" she cried angrily to her laughing father.

Akane felt weak, "No way," she whispered.

"Ranma! Mr. Saotome! Breakfast!" called Kasumi from the table.

"All right!" cried Goku happily.

"Hey wait up! Don't hog all the pickles pop!" cried Ranma as she pulled herself from the water.

"School?" said Ranma in surprise.

"Well, we are going to be here a while," said Goku cheerfully.

"Yeah, but only a few months right?" said Ranma obliviously.

"Uh, no son, we are moving in with them, your mom is madder than I thought. I'd send you to live with her, but you still don't have enough control to live alone with her," said Goku apologetically.

"What about, Uncle Kurillin?" asked Ranma.

"Well, I would but you're not engaged to one of his daughters, he doesn't even have any," answered Goku with a shrug.

Ranma just frowned a moment and then cheered up. "Maybe I can get to know my fiancée better?" he said hopefully.

"That's the spirit son!" agreed Soun.

"You'll be going to the same school as Akane and me, see ya!" said Nabiki as she rushed off.

"Hey Nabiki! Wait up I'll walk with you!" cried Akane as she chased after her sister.

"What do you mean? Ranma is your fiancée, you should walk him to school," said Nabiki as she kept going. Akane turned and glared at the smiling Ranma, he was dressed in a school uniform and cheerfully standing with a large simple looking grin on his face. His tail was poking out from behind his pants.

"What are you so happy about?" she muttered. "Lets go."

Akane walked briskly along the sidewalk with Ranma perched atop the fence keeping time with her. Akane glared at him when she realized that he was mimicking her pace and steps exactly.

"When we get to school we don't know each other all right?" said the angry girl.

"Huh? But Akane, I do know you," said Ranma.

"I know that! Just pretend you don't!" said Akane.

"Why?" asked Ranma obliviously.

Akane snorted out loud and glared at him. "Just forget it," she said in frustration.

"Forget what?" said Ranma as he cheered up again.

Akane just clenched her fist and grit her teeth, she kept walking.

"Now what's wrong?" asked Ranma as he floated off the fence and down beside her.

"Could you not do that?!" said Akane as she was taken by surprise and almost had a heart attack from the fright.

"Su-" Ranma walked directly into the path of an old lady emptying out a pail of water onto the street. "Great, now I have to be a girl all day."

"All you need is hot water right? Come on," sighed Akane.

Ranma stood just outside a small clinic and frowned as she waited impatiently.
She didn't want to be late for school. What did it matter which form she was in? Akane had said something about her being embarrassed and it was perverted if anyone found out about the engagement that way. "I didn't know being engaged was perverted," muttered Ranma to herself. She spun around as a tall man with glasses neared her.

The man looked surprised, he had a skeleton in his arms and was wearing a brown dogi, he laughed, "I guess I couldn't sneak up on you."

"Why would you want to do that?" asked Ranma cautiously. The man's voice sounded strangely familiar, but he couldn't place his finger on it.

"As a joke of course! I must say, I'm very impressed," said the man. "I'm Dr. Tofu. Is there something I can help you with?"

"No thanks, Akane said we should stop by for something," said Ranma cheerfully, the man did not appear to be a threat.

"Oh, You know Akane?" asked Dr. Tofu.

"Yeah, she's my fiance..." Ranma was stopped as Akane covered her mouth and laughed nervously.

"Oh, Hi Dr. Tofu, I just needed to borrow some hot water for my friend here," she said as she blushed badly.

A few moments later Ranma was walking again with Akane. "Now what did I do?" he asked dumbly. Akane had seemed flustered and angry since they left the Doctor's office.

"You jerk! Don't tell people I'm your fiancée when you're a girl!" cried Akane angrily.

"Why?" asked Ranma.

"Because it's perverted that's why!" retorted the angry girl.

"I just don't understand girls at all," said Ranma as she hung her head and followed quietly.

As they neared the gates of Furinkan high Akane became more tense by the moment. Ranma noticed this and said nothing. He hung back and waited. Then he saw the crowd massed at the gate. "What the?"

"Akane! I love you! I'm doing this for you! Be mine!" cried various boys in the crowd, Akane growled and charged into it.

Ranma just stared and floated up to the wall to watch Akane clean up the boys easily, he smirked and turned to see Nabiki in the window.

"Ranma, get to class or you're going to be late!" cried Akane's sister.

"But, what about her?" asked the dumbfounded boy.

"She'll be fine, this happens every morning," said Nabiki reassuringly.

"Oh, OK," said Ranma as he jumped down next to Akane as she finished up. "Wow, that looks fun! Can I try tomorrow?" he asked her.

"What? Are you insane?" she said angrily. She never got an answer as she had to turn around and catch a darting object from the air, Akane frowned as a few petals fell from the rose that had been tossed to her.

"Ah, what fools these mortals be, but fools I hold them not! For the prize far exceeds the payment. They fight for the honor of your company should they defeat you Akane Tendo," said a strange voice from behind a tree.

Kuno was about to turn around and face his beauty when someone stood in his way.

"Cool! Can I talketh Like that?" asked Ranma.

Akane almost fell over in shock.

"Fool! Who are you to address the mighty Blue Thunder of Furninkan high in such a manner?!" roared Kuno angrily. He turned to see Ranma standing innocently beside him. "Humph, I shall allow this transgression this once because you are obviously new to these hallowed halls. I am the rising new star of the high school fencing world, the sound of my voice sends fear into the hearts of my peers, They call me the blue thunder of Furinkan High! Tatewaki Kuno, age seventeen," recited the boy he raised his bukoten to the sky dramatically and the lightening rolled behind him.

"Hey! Someone's taking on Kuno!" cried a voice from the school.

In the steadily growing crowd forming in the windows Nabiki watched with her two associates. "Last I heard he was calling himself 'Shooting star," said one of the girls.

Nabiki smiled, "I'm afraid Kuno-chan is in, way, -way-, over his head this time."

"What?" said the other girl in shock.

"Wow, that's a pretty big name, is it OK if I just call you Kuno?" asked Ranma.

"No! You must call me Kuno-sempai!" said Kuno arrogantly. "Now stand aside ruffian so that I may gaze upon the fair Akane Tendo, and graciously give her the chance to date with me!"

"OK," said Ranma as he turned and walked back to Akane. "So, um, you know this guy?"

"Whelp! Who said you could speak to Akane in such a familiar manner?! Or at all for that matter!?" cried Kuno.

"Why shouldn't I? We're engaged," said Ranma dumbly.

Akane was beginning to think he was trying to embarrass her, the windows of the school had long since filled and the student body gave a collective gasp.

"It isn't true! Our parents..." stammered Akane lamely.

"Of course it's true," said Ranma. "We got engaged last night remember?" asked Ranma in confusion turning his attention away from Kuno. Akane turned and was about to pound him when Kuno finally stopped gaping at him and sprung to life.

"What?! I shall never allow it!" he roared.

"But, I don't need your permission," said Ranma looking more confused than ever.

"I challenge thee!" cried Kuno as he charged with his bukoten raised over his head.

Ranma understood that, "I am Ranma Saotome of the Anything Goes school of martial arts, and current champion of the Tenka-Ichi Budokai. I accept your challenge," said Ranma as he jumped back to avoid the Kendoist blow, he landed in a ready position.

Everyone including Kuno froze in place with looks of total shock. The students became silent and Nabiki smirked. "Feeling the pressure now eh, Kuno baby?"

"Ah, at last the gods send me a worthy opponent! Surely I shall smite thee and prove that none can surpass my skill!" cried Kuno as he looked almost, elated.

"Now you're reaching," said Akane, she was still in shock from Ranma's proclamation. No wonder he had beaten her so easily, if he was good enough to even compete in that tournament he was leagues away from her skills, as much as she hated to admit it; I mean she really hated it.

Kuno rushed forward and slashed at Ranma. The boy simply floated up and stood against the side of a tree. He stayed there and Kuno looked up angrily. "Be still so that I might smite thee!"

"But that wouldn't be very smart," said Ranma as he finally floated down as Kuno slashed through a large branch.

"Silence fool!" Ranma saw the drops of rain beginning to fall around him and frowned. He would not lose this challenge. He punched Kuno quickly in the head and the Kendoist staggered as his eyes could not follow the movements of Ranma's hands, all he knew for sure was it was more than one strike. He slumped down and looked up to find Ranma and Akane had vanished.

"You dare run away!?" he roared.

"Kuno baby, They didn't run, you lost," called Nabiki as the crowd turned away from the windows to go to their classes.

"Never! I do not concede defeat! I will never accept this travesty, this false hood of an engagement!" cried Kuno. He rubbed at the sore spot on his forehead and staggered into the building.

"So Mr. Baka. What do you think of my sisters fiancée now?" said Nabiki smugly as she sat and watched Kuno poke at the Kanji that Ranma had placed on his forehead in confusion.

He desperately looked for some flaw in the scrawl. None was there, the strokes were perfect, Kuno growled. "I shall never accept it, the boy will learn the true terror of the Blue thunder of Furinkan high soon enough."

"Give it up Kuno baby, He's the world champion, your just some pathetic regional champ from a high school. His dad won it eleven times himself. You don't stand a chance. I always knew you were a fool, now you have it tattooed on your forehead." said Nabiki with an evil looking smirk.

"You dare!? I will free Akane Tendo from this villain who has used his powerful title to win her heart and the heart of your father. I shall defeat him in honorable combat and reclaim her heart once again!" cried Kuno dramatically.

"Again?" asked Nabiki.

An eraser shot through the air and struck Kuno dead in the face. "Kuno! Go stand in the hall!" cried the teacher.

"Yessir," mumbled the boy.

Ranma stood in the front of the classroom and smiled. "Well class it seems we have a bit of a celebrity in the class. His name is Ranma Saotome, world champion martial artist, it seems he has just returned from a long training trip to China. So lets all give him a warm 'Nihao' welcome!" The teacher introduced the boy and shifted his glasses.

Akane was the only one to notice Ranma tense up at the phrase 'Nihao'. "What's that all about?" she wondered.

"This does not however excuse them for being late, go stand in the hall," said the man.

"What was that all about earlier, can I try it tomorrow?" asked Ranma suddenly as he held both buckets on his tail easily.

"No you can't!" growled Akane.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean..." stammered Ranma at the sudden anger.

Akane sighed. "Look, it all started at the beginning of the semester, Kuno gave this stupid speech..."

A flash back with Kuno standing at a podium on a large school stage. A banner with "Furinkan High Speech contest" was hanging on the wall behind him.

"The vengeance of heaven is slow but sure, If you wish to date Akane Tendo, you must defeat her in combat! I will permit no other terms. Am I making myself absolutely clear?!" said the boy to the gathered students.

Ranma just looked down the hall in a daze.

"Hey! If your gonna ask, you could at least listen!" cried Akane angrily.

"Here he comes," said Ranma flatly.

Kuno was barreling down the hall with his bokuten raised. He was dressed in his full Kendo garb and had a bucket in his hand. "I will never allow this engagement!" cried the boy as he slashed at Ranma and Akane.

Ranma blurred and Kuno doubled over as he appeared with his elbow planed in the kendoist stomach, once again, Akane hadn't even seen him move.

"Watch it jerk! Are you tryin to hit Akane too?" said Ranma looking annoyed.

"S-silence fool," coughed Kuno as he recovered from the blow and slashed wildly at Ranma.

"This is no place to fight Kuno, if you want to fight follow me," said Ranma as he ran down the hall.

"That I shall!" cried Kuno as he complied.

Ranma noticed an open window and dove through it, Kuno followed blindly.

"Idiot! This is the third floor!" cried Akane as she looked towards the pool and saw Kuno fall into the water.

"So what?" asked Ranma from just above her field of vision as he floated just outside the window.

Akane jerked back in shock and collapsed onto the floor and clutched at her chest.

Ranma floated down and saw Kuno staggering out of the water. "Jeez you jerk, what's the big Idea challenging me when you can't even fly?"

"Silence fool! I see now that thou art a dark sorcerer! I will smite thee and free Akane Tendo from your dark grip villain," he coughed up a fair amount of water as he said this.

"Whatever, I'm goin back to class," said Ranma as he floated back up to the school. Most of the crowd that had followed Akane had dissipated when he started back towards the window. A few watched until he landed next to Akane.

"Ranma you jerk! Kuno could have been killed!" cried Akane as she slapped him hard.

"What? How was I supposed to know he couldn't fly?! He's a martial artist isn't he?" stammered Ranma in a sort of hurt confusion.

"Nobody can fly! Just you and your stupid dad!" cried Akane angrily.

"Almost everyone I know can fly Akane; Mr. Piccolo, Mr. Kurillin, Master Roshi, Master Happosai, Yamcha-kun, even Oolong. Auntie Bulma can't but she's not into martial arts," Ranma was obliviously ticking off names to the ever more impatient Akane.

"Look! I can't fly, no one here can fly!" said Akane with tears welling up in her eyes. Ranma was impossible to talk to, how was she supposed to marry someone like him?

"Your dad didn't teach you?" stammered Ranma with a look of shock on his face.

"No! My dad can't fly! He's a normal human being!" cried Akane in anger again. Tears of frustration ran down her cheeks. Ranma was growing desperate, he had no idea what to do. Had he caused this?

"Sure your dad can fly! How do you think he and my pop got around when they were training together? Pop used to tell me stories about that all the time! I could teach you if you want, it's not hard,"

"NO! My father is normal you freak!! Leave me alone! I hate you!" cried Akane angrily.

Ranma reacted as if he'd been slapped. "I just wanted to be..." he stammered looking hurt.

"Just go away, I never want to see you again," said Akane coldly. She turned to see Ranma had fallen to his knees, he was clutching himself in pain and his teeth were grit together.

"Ranma?!" she gasped forgetting her words. She rushed to his side pushing through the other students who had gathered around the fallen boy. "I'm sorry I didn't mean it!" she gasped as the look on his face told her why he had collapsed. "I..."

"GET AWAY!" cried the boy as he shot through the roof and high into the sky, he became a speck and then vanished completely.

"Ranma?" said Akane in confusion, she mentally kicked herself. He was just trying to be friendly, and she had shoved it in his face. She knew he was only acting like he had because his honor demanded that he marry her. Still, she had placed all the blame on him. She looked through the hole and cried again, for her own actions this time.

That was when a brilliant burst of pure energy lit up the sky, the flash left Akane blinded even in the daylight. She shielded her face and looked again, it was gone.


Goku frowned and Soun stood from the Shogi board. The two of them had been playing to kill the afternoon. Goku had not been cheating like Soun had and he was still winning.

The flash shocked the both of them and Goku got a worried look on his face. "Tendo, I have to go,"

"What was?" started Soun.

"Ranma," replied Goku.

"Ranma?!" Soun was still in shock. That blast was huge and high enough that he had not heard it.

Goku found his son sitting on the roof of the high school an hour later. He had a sullen look about him and just watched the city quietly.

"What happened?"

"Akane said she hates me, I've never had anyone tell me they hate me before," said Ranma simply. "It's weird."

"Akane doesn't hate you," said Goku, "She just needs time to adjust."

"How would you know?" asked his son.

"Because, The same thing happened to me when I first left the mountains. I was young enough to not understand that people were disgusted and afraid of me. I thought it was funny how they reacted. I'm glad I didn't understand. You weren't so lucky, at least you had some experience with other people before we left," Goku looked genuinely unsure of what to do.

"It's OK pop, she apologized. I'm kind of over it, just happened a little too late. That's what scared me, that's why I'm here," said Ranma with the sullen look returning.

"Oh, I see," said Goku his gaze became more certain and serious.

"What if it happens when I can't escape? What if I can't hold it long enough to get away? I could...I could," Ranma was looking at his hands and trembling as he said this.

"It's OK son. It just takes time, you'll get the hang of it," said Goku reassuringly. He never said so, but he was beginning to have his own doubts.

"Maybe he needs more than just extra training," he said to himself.

"I don't want it to happen again, once was enough. I was just lucky last time," said Ranma as he looked off into the schoolyard as the bell rang and the students filed out.


Yes, I spelled 'Tail' like that on purpose in the title.

"Last time?" ominous, he isn't talking about Jusenkyo folks. Got lots of stuff planned for this now, been brain storming. Happosai was never imprisoned in this version by the way. That gets explained as well as his whereabouts later. Hoi-poi capsules and the Capsule corp. exist here as well, they'll show up from time to time, I just haven't had any real opportunities as of yet to mention them. Anti gravity vehicles and such do exist; but are not as common. Goku's relationship with Soun will be explained as well. He is in his late thirties now, he met Soun and Happosai after the Dragon ball stories. Why he bothered being Happy's disciple will be explained. This is about eleven years after when 'Z' would have started.

As I said before, the Saiyans will show up, but not for a long while. I have to get through most of the Ranma characters and figure out a way the Saiyans can be more menacing. Goku wouldn't have much of a problem with them right now, well not Raditz at any rate.

Next time, Ranma and Akane have a confrontation. Akane is really bugged by Ranma's oblivious naiveté. He has a lot of his own problems to deal with though as his powers seem to be rather like Gohan's; powered by his extreme emotions.

As for Ranma, I believe he would end up a rather pure person if Genma had not corrupted him. Especially with a role model like Goku, Ranma's a pretty decent guy deep down. Genma drove that down with his shifty nature and machoist attitude. He's still got a bit of Cannon Ranma in him as you can see from this ch. {Especially his reaction to the challenge by Kuno.}

Ja! CarrotGlace
C&C to CarrotGlace@juno.com

Saiyan Tail CH. 3, The one I love.

He stood on a hilltop and smiled as he looked over the city. At last he had found Nerima, the home of his long time rival, Ranma would be put in his place for sure now. He rose into the air as thunder rumbled from the clouds above his head. The raindrops came softly at first and then more violently, and he welcomed them. Now he could truly face the boy who had run away from him so long ago. At last he could close this chapter in his life and begin a new one, one without grudges, without revenge, without defeat. "Just you wait Ranma!" cried the boy as he shot across the sky away from the city he had been so desperate to find. "Damn it! Where the hell did Nerima go?!"

Ranma sat on the floor of the Tendo home with a towel wrapped around her. She shivered under the cloth and looked basically pathetic. Akane sat nearby a comfortable distance away from her and sighed. She still felt terrible about what had happened that afternoon, but Ranma seemed to have forgotten all about it at this point.

They had been caught in the rain on the way home and it was a very cold day for the fall. Ranma grinned sheepishly as her father came into the room and squat down beside her.

"You know, maybe you should go train some to get warmed up," he offered.
"Mr. Saotome no! Ranma needs to rest so she doesn't get sick!" exclaimed Kasumi as she walked up behind the man. Goku turned and smiled at her,

"I guess you're right."

Ranma was having her own problems, Akane had not spoken to her since that afternoon, aside from a few apologies anyway. She just stayed near her and looked uncertain. Ranma was getting worried, she glanced at Akane and the girl turned away quickly. "I wonder if I did something to get her mad at me again?"

"Nah, she just feels bad about earlier," said her father quietly; Akane had made no move to indicate she had heard them.

"Really?" asked Ranma.

"Sure, by tomorrow afternoon she'll be back to her old self again," reassured the man.

"Great," muttered Ranma, she wasn't sure if that was a good thing or not. She always seemed ready to hit her for something, luckily, she had kept it to herself so far.

"I'm hungry," said Ranma and Goku suddenly in unison, both of their brains seemed to come to a complete stop as they uttered this and realized why they were so uncomfortable.

"Don't worry dinner will be ready in a couple of hours," said Kasumi cheerfully.

She turned and walked into the kitchen, both of the Saotomes looked like they had just watched someone die.

"But pop, I'm hungry now," said Ranma.

"I sure could use a snack," agreed Goku.

"Ramen?" asked Ranma.

"How about Thai?" offered Goku.

"For a snack?" asked Ranma warily.

"I guess your right, too spicy,"

"Hey! What are you two doing?!" asked Akane angrily as she walked up to them as they plotted their next meal.

"See I told you she'd get back to her old self soon," said Goku to Ranma cheerfully.

"What's wrong Akane?" asked Ranma in confusion.

"My sister is working hard to make you two a meal and your planing to sneak off that's what!" growled the girl.

"But, we were just going for a snack Akane," stammered Ranma.

"Yeah right!" Akane was pissed to say the least. Goku and Ranma backed against a wall with panicked looks on their faces, neither of them knew exactly what to do.

"Akane, let them be," said Soun from behind his newspaper.

"But dad!" said Akane in shock.

"You don't know them like I do Akane. If they don't go for 'snacks', as they put it, They will eat us out of house and home in a few weeks," said the man nodding sagely.

"Hey!" cried Goku.

"Don't worry about it Saotome-kun, I just need to make sure Akane understands, after all, you have a remarkable appetite old friend," said Soun with a small devious smirk.

"I suppose your right," laughed Goku.

Ranma just looked confused and discovered that since she had somehow gotten off with merely a dirty look from Akane that everything was at least stable.

Several meals later Akane just looked angrily at the two Saotomes as she carefully guarded her bowl and looked at the remains of the table in shock. She could not believe those two could eat that much, at least Ranma's mother had managed to teach them some manners, but from the look of it Goku was as new to them as Ranma was. Suddenly the door opened and someone entered the home. Ranma stood and watched with mild interest as Kasumi quietly stood and walked over to the hall. "Oh hello, can I help you?"

Ranma looked around and noticed that almost everyone else at the table either didn't notice or didn't care that someone had come to visit. Somehow her girl body was more sensitive than her male one. It was odd to her she always felt more jumpy and nervous in her current form. Even her father hadn't noticed

Kasumi leave, her train of thought was cut off by a familiar voice.

"Whither the villain Ranma Saotome and Akane Tendo?! I must free her from his evil clutches!

Goku finally noticed the new comer and turned in mild confusion to see who the intruder was, Kasumi followed as the bokuten wielding boy charged into the room and glanced around angrily. He was wearing a bandanna with a rising sun embroidered on the front of it and dressed in his kendo uniform.

"Who the heck are you?!" asked Goku.

"I seek the fiend Ranma Saotome! I must avenge my honor by challenging him to a duel and defeat him to free the beauteous Akane Tendo!" spouted Kuno as he stood proudly.

"You're challenging me?" asked Ranma as she stood and glared at him.

"Who?!" said Kuno as he turned to see her standing before him in a ready stance.

He could not believe his eyes, she was beautiful, as much as Akane. "It is not you I seek fair one, but if you should defeat me I will allow you to date with me." Kuno took up an offensive pose and smiled.

"But, I don't want to date you," said Ranma with a rather sickened gaze.

"Ah, but maidens are strange creatures, they say nay to that which they would construe aye!" Kuno dramatically raised his bokuten and smirked at Ranma.

"Now see here young man..." started Soun.

"Who the heck are you?" asked Goku.

"I am the rising new star of the High school Kendo world! The sound of my voice drives fear into the hearts of my opponents, they call me "The Blue Thunder of Furinkan High"! Tatewaki Kuno, age seventeen." the boy gave Goku a small frown.

"And who might you be?"

"I'm Goku, Saotome Goku," answered the man as he assessed the boy, he couldn't feel more than a flicker of power from him. His attention went to his 'daughter'. "You aren't really going to fight this guy are you?"

"C'mon pop, I have ta' you heard him," growled Ranma impatiently.

"So you are this girl's father eh? Are you per chance related to that fiend
Ranma as well?" asked Kuno with and angry look on his face.

The Tendos just sat and watched with mild interest, Nabiki and Soun seemed to be more interested than Akane or Kasumi.

"He's my son, why?" asked Goku.

Kuno shot a glare at Ranma again. "So she is his sister, her appeal lessens somewhat, but not enough to sate my raging heart. Oh wickedness! How can I harm such a flower? Even one with such a vile brother, NO! Half brother as this?!" thought Kuno to himself. He turned to face Ranma. "Alas my heart must lead me into this battle! To win is to enjoy a date with my grace and elegance! Thus I shall lose with all my might!" he cried as he charged.

"Hey you jerk! This isn't the dojo!" cried Ranma as she flew over Kuno's strikes and floated just out of his reach.

Kuno ignored her and continued to charge. She seemed to vanish and appeared at random points around Kuno giving him seven distinct and devastating blows. The

Kendoist fell to the ground quietly and lay still for a moment.

Akane gasped at what appeared in front of her suddenly. Her father seemed to vanish as well and was holding Ranma back carefully just over Kuno. Ranma's arm was cocked back in another strike. "That's enough son, you don't want to hurt him."

Goku just stood silently and smiled as if nothing had happened.

"Dad?!" exclaimed Akane and Nabiki. Kasumi was simply sitting and pouring tea.

"That was very good father."

Soun noticed the disbelieving looks his other two daughters were giving him and blushed. "Well it has been a while since I had a real fight hasn't it Saotome-kun?" he chuckled.

"Sure has, not since Ten shin han at the Tenka ichi Budokai ten years ago, as I recall," said Goku looking thoughtful. "I didn't know you could still move like that."

"Really Saotome, did you think I would get out of practice with the master still around?" joked Soun with mock arrogance.

Kuno stood and glared at them, he had finally recovered from the battle and was using his bukoten as a cane. "I concede, such skill in one so fair is rare to say the least. To think I would find such beauty twice? Unthinkable, I shall return fair one, until then Akane Tendo, Pigtailed girl, I give you my leave," with that he staggered out of the home.

"What a weirdo," muttered Ranma as she used the remaining water in the tea kettle Kasumi had used to turn back into a boy again.

"Who are you to talk?" muttered Akane under her breath.

Nabiki smiled, this could get interesting.

TBC... Next time, Kuno's heart.

Kuno has trouble deciding between his pig tailed goddess and Akane Tendo, perhaps a meeting with Ranma-chan will help him decide. He also contemplates having Ranma as a brother.

Ryoga still staggers his way towards Nerima and reveals that he may be more than a passing menace for even the Saiyan Ranma. It may take him a bit longer though since he can apparently fly. Why he can will be revealed as well.

Ranma 1/2 A Saiyan tail.

part 4

Kuno's declaration of love.

It was early morning at Furninkan, and inside one of the many class rooms Ranma Saotome glanced at his fiancée nervously, she looked angry again. He wasn't sure if he did something to her or not at the moment. "Maybe it was Nabiki?" he wondered to himself. She brushed her hair off her forehead and glared at the front of the room. "I guess she's cute and all, but I still don't see what the big deal is."

"You know, you looked smaller on TV," said one of the boys sitting behind Ranma.

"Huh?" gasped the boy looking startled as he turned his attention towards them.

"On TV, you know, when you fought in the Tenka ichi Budokai?"

"Oh, I grew up a lot since then," muttered Ranma as he looked to see most of the boys had gathered around him.

"But it was just last year," said one of the other guys.

"Pop says the same thing happened to him, he shot up like a weed when he turned eighteen," said Ranma looking thoughtful. "Maybe it's one of those genetic things the Biology teacher was talking about?"

"I don't buy it, that kid looked to be about ten years old when I saw it, no way it could have been you," muttered one of the boys in the front.

"You don't believe me? I have a picture of me with my mom and pop after I won," said Ranma as he reached over and lifted his bag. He rummaged around for a moment and came out with a small photo of him in his orange tunic with the turtle sign embroidered on it. He was being held on his father's shoulder and his mother was standing next to them with a tight smile. She looked happy, but very reserved and formal.

"Wow! That's your mom? She's a babe!" said one of the nearer boys.

"Uh, thanks?" muttered Ranma unsure of what to say. "I never really thought about it, but I guess she is pretty."

"It really was him? I thought he was just jerking Kuno's chain!" exclaimed another of the boys.

Ranma lost interest and looked at his fiancée again. She was still fuming over something, "If I think about it long enough I'm sure I'll figure it out."

"What is he staring at?" growled Akane as she stared ahead as hard as she could.

"I wish he'd look at me like that," sighed one of the girls next to her.

"Yuka!" exclaimed the other girl sitting with Akane.

"Sorry Akane, but it's true. He's a real catch. Good looks, great body, he's sweet, modest, and he's rich," said Yuka with a giggle.

"He's not rich, he's freeloading off my family!" growled Akane.

"Akane don't be stupid, he's the champion of that stupid tournament my brother watches every couple of years. The cash prize for that is enormous! He's got to be loaded!" said the other girl.

"That doesn't make him any less of a jerk Sayuri," replied Akane curtly. It was strange that her father had not said anything about them not paying rent or even griped about a bill since they arrived. There would be no real reason to tell her if they were paying to stay. She quickly pushed the thought out of her head and glared at her giggling friends.

"What do you mean? Are we talking about the same Ranma? He's so sweet it's impossible for him to be a jerk! I wish anyone would look at me the way he's looking at you now!" said Sayuri almost angrily.

"What is he looking at anyway?" muttered Akane as she spared another angry glance back at him.

"Jeez Akane, if you have to ask..." said Yuka looking jealous.

"What the hell were you looking at all day?!" growled Akane as they walked home.

"Huh? Nothing, I was just wondering what I did to make you mad at me again," said Ranma as he walked along the fence mimicking Akane again.

"I was angry because you were staring at me!!!" yelled Akane.

"Oh, that's kind of funny then isn't it?" said Ranma with a pleasant chuckle.

"I'm sure glad I didn't do something dumb again."

Akane stopped and looked at him in shock, he always apologized and listened to her when she blamed him for something. She did it all the time since his arrival a few weeks ago, but she didn't realize just how serious he had taken it, not until right at that moment.

"Hey Akane, are you OK?" said Ranma as he noticed her sudden stop.

"It...wasn't your fault, you were just worried about me," she said with a small smile.

What wasn't my fault?" said Ranma questioningly.

"Dummy, when I was angry earlier, it wasn't your fault," said Akane a little impatiently.

"Oh, OK," replied Ranma as he continued to walk.

"R..Ranma? Why do you want to marry me?" asked Akane suddenly after they went on for a moment.

"Huh? I donno, I just do I guess," said Ranma after a moments thought.

"I mean, are you doing this just because of the agreement?" asked Akane.

"Well, yea, I wouldn't even know you if it wasn't for that; right?" replied Ranma without a moments thought.

"So it's not like you're in love with me or anything right?" said Akane with a small blush forming.

"Love?" said Ranma as he stopped and squat on the fence. "Well, I like you; you've been real nice to me since the other day, and your family feeds me pretty good. Pop says I have to learn to love people, that it doesn't just happen."

Akane looked at Ranma oddly. "What?"

"That's what he told me in China," said Ranma with a large grin.

"Why would he tell you that?" asked Akane with a small glare.

"Because of Sh--" started Ranma but he was interrupted by a bokuten slash, Kuno had rushed up behind the pair while they were talking.

"Ranma Saotome, I would have a word with you," said the Kendoist.

"Sure," said Ranma as he floated down between Kuno and Akane in a defensive stance.

A few yards away mere moments later Kuno stood next to Ranma and glared at him.

"I need you to deliver this important information to your sister," said the boy looking embarrassed.

"Sister?" said Ranma dumbly.

"Yes, the fiery haired goddess, the one who floats in my tortured dreams! I must have this delivered to her," said Kuno dramatically.

"But I don't..." stammered Ranma in confusion. Nabiki appeared behind him suddenly and covered Ranma's mouth.

"She's staying with my family Kuno, you could have given it to me."

"And have the vast fortune of the Kuno family lost forever on the cost of a delivery? I think not," snorted the boy arrogantly.

"Just for that, I'll only charge you double for your prints tomorrow," said Nabiki with a sly grin.

"As you wish, but my heart felt scrawl must still be delivered this very day," said Kuno as he handed Nabiki the envelope with a small roll of bills. His eyebrows were twitching slightly as he said it.

"I'll make sure she gets it," said Nabiki happily.

"But Nabiki, I don't have a sister," said Ranma in confusion as he entered the home with Akane and her sibling.

"He means your other half, your cursed side. He doesn't realize that you're the same person," said Nabiki curtly as she handed him the letter. "And I won't even charge you for holding it."

Ranma looked at it for a moment and did nothing, Akane finally got tired of waiting and snatched it away.

"This is a formal letter of challenge to your girl side Ranma!" she exclaimed as she read it.

"Great, so I should go as a girl right?" muttered Ranma. "I don't want to beat up that dope again! It isn't even any fun!"

Ranma stood in his female form in the middle of a field. She sighed as she waited for Kuno to arrive. "Man, not this again! I had enough trouble last time this happened," she muttered as she looked at the sun as it began to disappear below the horizon.

Kuno appeared dramatically in the ball of light as it descended. Ranma frowned as he walked up slowly with his head bent down and his arms crossed behind his back. He wasn't carrying his Bokuten with him.

"All right Kuno, lets get this over with," muttered Ranma as the boy finally stopped in front of him.

"Yes, this day is too long in coming," said Kuno as he tossed Ranma a bouquet of roses.


"Pigtailed girl, I love you," said Kuno as he turned and walked off. Ranma just looked at him oddly.

"You mean I came all this way, and we're not even gonna fight?!"

Ranma sat at the table with Akane and Nabiki sitting around him. Nabiki slammed her fist on the table. "What do you mean there was no fight?! I've got a lot riding on this information!"

"The stupid jerk just gave me some flowers and told me he loved me. I didn't even get to throw a punch!" cried Ranma a little bitterly. It was obvious he was disappointed.

"He...what?" said Nabiki as she calmed suddenly.

Akane just stared in disbelief. "This is great!" she thought to herself.

"That jerk! I was looking forward to pounding him again. I've never seen anyone but pop recover that fast, he could be a good sparing partner if I get him trained a little," grumbled Ranma angrily.

"Maybe you still can," snorted Nabiki with a small smile, Ranma didn't seem to notice.

"Akane? I was wondering if you could drop off some books I borrowed from Dr.Tofu this morning for me?" said Kasumi at the breakfast table.

"I don't think I can today Kasumi," muttered Akane as she turned away from her sister with an odd look on her face.

"Why not Akane? We could stop by on the way to school," said Ranma dumbly.

Akane snagged his arm and drug him out the door in a mad sprint. "Come on we're gonna be late!"

"What's the hurry?" muttered Ranma as she regained her feet and began to jog beside Akane without any trouble at all.

"Look just stay out of this!" growled Akane as she turned her head away from him.

"Great now what did I do?" muttered Ranma as they passed the old lady who promptly splashed Ranma right in his face. "Hey wait!" he muttered as he lost his balance and was dragged along by Akane again.

Inside the gates of Furinkan the usual crowd stood waiting, Akane barged through the gates and pushed Ranma against the wall surrounding the court yard. "You don't need to go blabbing your big mouth!"

"What are you talking about Akane?" asked Ranma in confusion.

"I mean about me and Dr....when did?!" said Akane as she finally noticed Ranma's condition, she opened the pigtailed girls shirt just to be sure.

"I told you to wait, we could have stopped by that Dr.Tofu's on the way and got some hot water," muttered Ranma a little bitterly.

Akane realized that the school was staring from behind her and quickly stood between them and Ranma.

"All right I'm ready!" she cried angrily as she turned to face them. She stopped when she realized that they were all crying.

"Akane Tendo, we have decided to swallow our pride and accept your engagement to

Ranma Saotome," said one of the boys near the front.

"Kuno was the greatest fighter at Furinkan high!" said one of the other boys.

"No way could we ever beat Ranma."

"Uh, yeah," said Akane nervously.

"So, you have all heard this rumor...this falsehood that Ranma Saotome has bested me in combat? I Tatewaki Kuno shall never accept defeat!" growled the angry Kendoist as he walked up behind the crowd.

"Hey! I beat the crap out of you fair and square!" cried Ranma angrily.

"Ranma!" said Akane in a warning tone.

"Oh yeah, and so did my brother!" said Ranma unconvincingly.

"My love! How I have longed to see you!" cried Kuno as he rushed to embrace the young girl. Ranma floated up out of his reach and turned to face him, the school gasped collectively.

"She's Ranma's sister all right," muttered one several of the students. "What a babe!" and "I wonder if she's dating anyone?" were also common amongst the boys.

"What the hell are you doing?! I thought you liked Akane!" cried Ranma as she glared at Kuno.

"I do," was the reply.

"Well, she's right there!" growled Ranma as he pointed at Akane.

The girl had her own ideas however. She put on her best disappointed gaze and turned away. "Upperclassman Kuno, If you truly love this girl...I won't stand between you," she gasped dramatically as she started off.

"AHH! Such a noble act! Pigtailed girl, so full of healthy beauty! Akane Tendo, so pure and demure! Both so dear to me, I cannot bear to part with either!" cried Kuno as he looked back and forth between the pair and pulled at his hair.

"I would date with both of you!"

Akane punched Kuno and sent him to the ground hard. Ranma landed and was crowded by a large number of boys. She glanced around in confusion as she was bombarded with questions. "Huh? Wha?"

Nabiki quickly took control of the situation. "Gentlemen, please. I have vital information and statistics for the lovely Miss Saotome right here, for only ten thousand yen," she called with a megaphone over the crowd.

"Why would they want information about my mom?" wondered Ranma aloud.

Akane sat and stared at the spectacle in disbelief. Kuno stood and shook the blow off. He turned and stormed next to Nabiki and snatched the microphone away from her, she smiled and allowed it. "Allow me to make this proclamation! If you wish to date the Pigtailed girl...You must defeat her in combat! I, Tatewaki Kuno, will permit no other terms!" he was belted by wads of paper and shoes from the crowd as they groaned collectively. Nabiki shoved one of the information folders at Ranma and winked at her.

Ranma floated above the mess and landed next to Akane just outside the mob with the folder tucked under her arm. "What was that all about?" she muttered in confusion as she walked towards the building. Akane smiled and produced a tea kettle with the word 'Janitor' written across the front of it.

"You'll find out tomorrow."


Next time, Ranma-chan; Wo dai Ailen?!

Ranma 1/2: A Saiyan Tail. Part 5

Ranma-chan, Wo dai Ailen?!!

It was morning at the dojo. Ranma woke suddenly as a bucket of ice cold water struck him from above, he felt the change and gasped from the cold shock. As she finally regained her senses she noticed Nabiki standing over her with a bucket and an odd smirk. "Wake up Ranma, we're going to be late."

It was only ten minutes later that Ranma staggered down the stairs and looked around drowsily. "We aren't late Nabiki," she muttered as she headed towards the bathroom.

"You have to stay a girl today," said the girl in reply.

"Huh?" said Ranma looking confused.

"The hot water is broken," said Nabiki as she shoved a wrench under the table with her foot.

"Oh, my! I guess I'll have to call the plumber again," said Kasumi as she walked into the room.

Nabiki visibly winced at this statement but stayed calm. "I'll have to 'fix' it before I leave," she thought.

"I guess I can just get some on the way then." muttered the red head without much worry.

Nabiki frowned and just sat calmly as Ranma sat down next to her to await the morning meal. No doubt Ranma's father would join them soon, he liked to practice early in the morning and never missed a meal. He was currently out with Akane on her morning jog.

Goku jogged easily beside the almost sprinting Akane. She forced herself ahead of him watching with a strange competitive stare as he kept up and then decided to fly along side her. She stopped as they rounded the corner and came within sight of the dojo, it was still several blocks away though.

Akane almost collapsed as she struggled for her breath. "N-no fair flying!" she stammered between breaths.

"Well, it's not like you couldn't too ya know," said Goku as he looked at her with a lopsided grin.

"What do you mean?" asked Akane as she glared at him.

"I guess I understand though, if you keep pushing yourself like that every day, you're bound to get better and better," continued the man obliviously. "I bet you could fly circles around your old man if you wanted to huh?"

"I can't fly, neither can my dad," said Akane looking annoyed.

"Huh, You mean...he didn't teach you?" said Goku in shock.

"No," muttered Akane as this conversation became more familiar.

"I guess he must have a reason, can't think of what it could be," said Goku looking thoughtful.

"It's because of her mother," said a voice from behind them.

"Dad?" said Akane in surprise, Goku just looked happy to see him.

"What are you doing here Tendo?"

"Kasumi needed some things for breakfast," said the man as he held up a bag of groceries. "I was the only one awake, so I got drafted."

"Let's hurry so we can eat then!" said Goku happily.

"Mother?" said Akane in confusion.

"Yes, I'll tell you about it at breakfast. I think your old enough to know now."

Soun smiled at her with a strange look in his eyes and led the way home.

Ranma sat looking at a framed picture that Akane and her family were vaguely familiar with. It was a pretty young girl of about eighteen years old, she was smiling and holding on to an euphoric, and just as young, Soun Tendo. Goku was standing in the background with Kurillin at his side, Bulma stood next to Akane's mother.

"We met under unusual circumstances. It was at the Tenka Ichi Budokai many years ago. I had participated in the tournament and been beaten by an old friend by the name of Kurillin, that's him next to Goku in the photo."

Akane looked surprised. "You lost, to that guy?"

"Uncle Kurillin doesn't look like much, but he's real strong," said Ranma with a knowing smile.

Soun frowned slightly at the interruption but continued. "Ahem, yes; anyway, she appeared wanting to fight Goku for some reason, but she refused to say why. She did and lost; as it turned out Goku had promised to marry her when she was very young, he didn't understand what marriage was at the time and thought it was something about food as I recall." Goku received a disapproving stare from the man and his daughters at this point.

The man just looked up and away blushing slightly.

"Unfortunately, Goku had already married Nodoka a few weeks before, she was forced to turn away in shame. I, well....I was in love from the moment I saw her. Enraged by the prospect of her honor being lost in such a way, I challenged her for her hand in marriage. I was determined to prove myself as worthy as my friend. She stared at me for almost twenty minutes before she agreed. I'm not sure why, I think she was deciding whether or not she would kill me." Soun laughed at the memory and Goku just smiled and nodded in agreement.

"I won. That's how I met Chi Chi, a few years later, Kasumi was born." said Soun with a wistful smile. "However, she never did forgive Goku for what he did to her, I guess it was just too much; if she had not befriended Nodoka, I would have had to stop seeing him completely. The marriage would have never been arranged at all if not for that."

Akane frowned deeply and said nothing. Nabiki just smirked at Ranma, who just looked interested in the story.

"Chi Chi did not believe that martial artist were needed any longer, the world is at peace. Piccolo was defeated and all has been well since. She wanted our children to be scholars instead of fighters. I disagreed; in the end I promised never to teach you if you did not want to learn. That is why Nabiki and Kasumi were never made to learn the arts. They showed no interest, Akane did from the start. It was a joy to my heart to teach her, even at as young as three she was always in the dojo. Unfortunately again, I promised never to teach the higher arts to her or any of my children. Only the physical art; after all, why would a normal person need chi blast or flight? Which brings me to this moment. I cannot teach you these arts Akane, because I promised not to do so. Goku is not bound by this oath. Do you want to learn from him?"

Akane sat silently for a long while before she realized that they had asked her a question. Everyone was looking at her and waiting for the answer patiently.

She thought about it and looked at everyone numbly.

In the end it was her father who decided for her. She did not want to disappoint her mother, but the longing in his eyes was too much. He wanted her to learn very badly; she also wanted to learn. Her pride almost took her again as she looked at Ranma, if she accepted he would have won again. She would have lost another battle with him, even if it was one the pigtailed martial artist was unaware of. "If I don't take this offer, I'll never beat him," said her mind.

One more look at her father's face clinched the deal.

"Yes, teach me please," she replied quietly.

A few minutes later Ranma, Akane and Nabiki were on their way to school. Akane just walked silently along the sidewalk with Ranma cheerfully beside her still in her female guise.

"We'll have to stop by Dr. Tofu's on the way so we'd better hurry," said Akane finally. She was hoping Ranma had enough sense to not bring up the earlier events, She was about to when something distracted her.

"Nihao Ailen!"

Ranma stiffened up like a rod and whirled around to face the blur that tackled her from behind.

The blur missed, Akane gasped as Ranma vanished and appeared further down the fence. The mysterious figure appeared sprawled on the ground in front of her, and promptly stood to dust herself off. She was a small and very perky girl, very beautiful and very Chinese, her clothes and her accent told Akane that; even before she got a good look at her.

[Why do you run from me darling?] said the girl in Chinese.

[Damn it Shampoo! I told you I'm not into that stuff!] cried Ranma in a slightly nervous voice. Akane just stared at the pigtailed girl as she floated above the newcomer, she was visibly shaking and very nervous. She took a moment to control herself and floated down next to this 'Shampoo'.

[Your voice says no, but your body reacts like you do,] replied the girl as she jumped up next to Ranma and leaned on her.

Ranma responded by stiffening up again and gently shoving her away. [Shampoo I...] she looked at her and frowned as Shampoo gazed lovingly at her. [Goodbye,] with that she shot into the sky leaving Akane and Shampoo behind.

"Ranma?" said Akane in confusion. Shampoo just jumped away skipping from rooftop to rooftop easily as she faded into Nerima.

Akane arrived at school and looked at the carnage that surrounded her in shock.

Ranma had made it to school, and the boys had been waiting to make good on Kuno's speech again, despite the fact that most of them had given up earlier. The Kendoist apparent change of heart towards the new redhead had sparked a few new challengers. They had been swatted aside easily from the look of it. Ranma didn't even bother to fight. Many of the boys were still standing, they were visibly shaken though. The fallen students were all in a straight line that led directly to the doors of Furinkan. She had just plowed through them like they weren't there. She reached the oak tree stepping over the fallen boys gingerly.

Kuno was propped against the trunk looking very battered.

"Ah, Akane Tendo, so you arrive. The Saotome girl is powerful, more so than I imagined," he said weakly as he staggered over to her side using his Bukoten as a staff. "She defeated her opposition without slowing down. She even gave them the opportunity to leave, such an honorable girl."

Akane mostly ignored him and looked at the building. "Who was that other girl?" she wondered out loud.

"Akane, I am prepared to meet you," said Kuno as he noticed her somewhat vacant look. He stood in a ready stance and held the bukoten out threateningly.

Akane absently stuck out a single finger and pushed gently on his chest. Kuno dropped like a rock.

As soon as Akane walked into the room Ranma looked up and smiled at her. Akane could tell he was very tense though. A hot water kettle was sitting just outside the room in the hallway. She blushed slightly and looked at him questioningly.

She took her seat next to him.

"Ranma, who was that?" she asked quietly.

"I'll tell you about it at lunch, it's kind of a long story." said Ranma as the teacher walked in.


Just a short part that I whipped up at work today. I have plans for Shampoo. She's acting the way she is for a reason.

Ranma speaks Chinese, Why? Because it's hinted in the manga that Goku was raised in China. That is where the Monkey king story originated anyway. [It's the story that DB was based on if you didn't know.]

Good for you if you spotted the Soun/Chi chi connection early. It makes almost as much sense as the Ranma/Goku relationship. I didn't even have to change anything in the Ranmaverse to fit this in. Yes, she did die when Akane was very young.

Next time: is where we really start diverging from cannon manga a lot more. Find out about Shampoo and her village, and what does this have to do with Ryoga?

Ranma 1/2 A Saiyan tailRanma 1/2 A Saiyan tail.

Part 6

How I met Ryoga.

Ranma sat with Akane at lunch. She glared at him with an untrusting gaze as he began the story he promised to tell her.

"In order to tell you about Shampoo you have to know about someone else. Me an' this guy go way back, Ryoga Hibiki was his name. It started between us in middle school, it was part of the reason I started training outside of Japan with my father in the wilderness, of course I didn't realize it at the time though..."

Ranma wandered the halls of the school aimlessly. He had been feeling sick all day. Then he came upon what he needed to see so badly, the hoard by the lunch counter.

"Last meat bread of the day!!" cried the cafeteria lady as she tossed the roll into the air.

Ranma shot up and snagged it out of the air just as another boy grabbed for it above the crowd. This was a daily occurrence, the boy decided he had finally have enough.

"Ranma Saotome, I challenge you!" he growled angrily.

"Hun?" said Ranma as he stuffed the bread into his mouth absently.

"Meet me after school behind the vacant lot near your house in one week Saotome!" cried the boy angrily.

"You want to fight?" said Ranma in surprise.

"Your darn right! I can't take this anymore!!" roared the boy angrily as several students held him back. He drug them along easily never stopping his pace towards Ranma.

Ranma smiled, the boy was strong, probably a martial artist too. "All right," he replied. Ryoga turned away and stormed off. "I wonder why he was so mad?" said Ranma in confusion. All he knew he was angry, but he wasn't sure why. If things went well he might even get a new friend out of this.

"You dope, You get to the bread before him every day. He was the best fighter in school before you came along," said one of the boys.

"Yeah, He's a real jerk," muttered the other boy.

Later in the last class of the day; Ranma watched the overhead screen as the teacher wrote some things on it absently. "The moon causes tides to change and effects the gravity of our planet. It has four major phases..." she placed a chart on the screen. It was a photo of the four phases of the moon.

"I always thought there were only three," muttered Ranma absently as he looked at the projection in surprise. His eyes fixed on the last photo, the full moon.

It was as if he could not turn away from it; it pulled at his eyes like a gigantic magnet. His heart raced and he felt the blood rushing through his veins.

Then the bell rang, the teacher looked at her watch and flicked her wrist shutting down the projector sending the class into darkness for a moment. The lights came on and the students began to file out of the room.

"Hey, Saotome you all right?" asked one of the boys noticing his far off gaze.

"Ranma I want you to stay after class," said the teacher with a frown.

The boy snapped to attention suddenly. "Yes sir," he muttered dejectedly.

A few moments later the teacher looked at him sourly. "I don't know what's coming over you. We've been on this chapter for over a week now, every time I turn around your staring off into space lately. It's not like you to fall behind like this. Is something bothering you?"

"N-no sir, I just..." stammered Ranma in confusion. He didn't know what he did but he knew he was in trouble. It was a new experience for him, he hadn't really gotten in trouble at school before. "The moon has four phases?" he asked suddenly looking unsure.

"There are many things I don't tolerate, one of them is a wise ass. Take this referral and go to the principals office Ranma," said the teacher as he jotted down some things on a sheet Ranma had seen in the hands of other students, students who were in trouble.

Ranma walked towards the office on the other side of the school with his head hung low. The halls were mostly deserted as the day had ended. He wondered if the principal would even be in his office right now. "What did I do?" he wondered out loud as the weight of the situation crushed him. "What am I gonna tell mom and pop?!" he thought suddenly as a panic hit him. A cold terror formed in his heart as he thought about what might happen when his parents found out about this.

Ryoga wandered the halls in his usual after school activity; trying to find his way out of the building. He growled as he wandered, sometimes he could just follow someone out; that was how he got to school and his various classes. He found a student he recognized and followed them. Today, however, he had been in the bathroom when the day had ended. He had to take opportunities for that sort of thing as they came to him. Now he probably wouldn't even see school for a week once he found his way out. He only hoped he could find his way home after he finally left, if he didn't he wouldn't be able to beat the crap out of that punk Ranma. He turned another corner to see the boy wandering in front of him.

The kid looked like someone died.

Ryoga looked around and frowned, he was angry at Ranma, but his situation was desperate. The boy didn't look like he was leaving anytime soon. Maybe he could show him out; that is if he wasn't angry at him for blowing up earlier. Ryoga just stared at the boy and his maddeningly slow pace. He wanted so badly to pound him for his disrespectful treatment, but he also wanted to get home before the summer break started. He prepared to swallow his pride and ask directions when he saw something that frightened him. Saotome was glowing, and it was getting brighter. Ranma's face had contorted into a mask of anger and he raised his hands into the sky and the world around Ryoga went completely white.

He awoke several hours later and groaned as every part of his body ached. He struggled to his hands and knees and looked around in the darkness as his eyes adjusted. He felt the side of his face burn with pain and he instinctively reached up to test it. It was sticky and hot. He brought his hand away and looked in horror at the blood that covered it. He gasped as he finally notice the horror of what surrounded him. The hallway he was standing in when Ranma seemed to explode was sitting around him in ruins, along with most of the building. Ryoga staggered to his feet finally and wandered through the smoldering mess. All around him the sound of emergency crews working filled his ears and he staggered around a wall into a large crowd.

"Look it's another one!" cried a voice as several search dogs tackled him to the ground and licked at his face. He felt someone place a blanket around his shoulders and lead him into a mess of reporters and cameras. He shielded his eyes to the lights and noise as they led him to a nearby ambulance.

People bombarded him with questions and he just glanced around in a daze. "Where am I?" he muttered almost reflexively.

"You're all right son, there was a bomb, everything is gonna be fine," said one of the rescue people that hovered around him.

He caught a glimpse of a sullen looking Ranma standing beside his father with a single bandage on his forehead. He was watching in confusion and the elder

Saotome was looking at him with a worried expression.

The memories flooded back to Ryoga and he realized that there was no bomb. It had been Ranma, and judging by the look on his father's face he knew it was true. "Ranma! This is all your fault! I'll kill you for this! Damn you Ranma!" screamed Ryoga as he charged the boy through the crowd after tearing away from his rescuers. Just before he reached his target he lost sight of him and emerged on the other side of the crowd with paramedics chasing after him. He screamed in anger and ran off into the night. He would meet Ranma at the appointed place in a week and destroy him for what he had done. He would find a way to beat him if it was the last thing he did.

A week and three days later Ranma stood in the lot waiting. "Ranma we have to leave, it isn't safe for you to be here," said his father as he stood next to the boy who waited patiently.

"I promised pop, I have to be here," said the boy with a determined gaze.

"I understand Ranma, but it's been three days, he isn't coming," said Goku calmly.

"I...Your right pop, lets go," said the boy sadly as he walked over and retrieved a large traveling pack from the corner of the lot.

With that Ranma and his father floated off into the sky towards the wilderness.

"Don't worry son we'll find a way to control that power of yours and be back before you know it," said Goku cheerfully.

"I sure hope so pop."


What has this got to do with Shampoo? You'll find out soon enough! This is a pretty big story that sets up a lot of stuff later on.

A Saiyan TailA Saiyan Tail

Part 7

The Clash of the two curses.

Ranma frowned as she followed the guide with her father towards a small village, the little man smiled as he turned to face the pair. "This is Joketsuko, the village of Amazons, the women here are very strong, " The guide had been very happy when he found out both of the men could speak his language, the tour had been extended several days because of it. He had taken them by Mount Phoenix, and the Musk village as well, as close as the peoples would allow at any rate.

He smiled warmly as the tour had gone rather well since that time, and now he was taking them into the least hostile of the martial arts villages in the area.

"Will we be allowed in?" asked Goku hopefully.

"Oh yes, the Amazons are relatively friendly," assured the guide.

Ranma felt his stomach growl as he walked with his father into the village, "I sure hope we can buy some food here, I'm starving," he looked at his father and noticed he had an agreeable look on his face.

"They are having a festival at the moment, we get to see a tournament," said the dumpy Chinese man.

"Cool," Ranma smiled slightly and his father perked up a bit as well. They entered the village and a large crowd surrounded a suspended log that held a battle between a young girl and a much larger woman, the girl was winning rather easily. "Man, none of the stores are open," Goku also looked downtrodden.

"I was hoping we could buy some food here," he frowned and sat next to a table that was labeled 'first prize', it was covered in food, but both Saotomes knew better than to eat it.

Ranma looked at the food and frowned, "Hey, is there any way I can get in on this tournament? I bet I could win all this food easy!"

One of the nearby women smiled slightly at the girl and walked over to the pair.

"Your daughter wants to compete here?"

Goku looked at her blankly and smiled, "If you'd let her, we don't want to cause a problem."

The Amazon snorted and looked Ranma up and down quickly, "That shrimpy little thing? She can train all she wants, she won't beat our fighters," she made a motion towards some of the older women who sat near to the fight and one of them gave her an approving nod. "She can compete if she wishes, but I warn you our village is strong."

"I hope so, I don't want to win too easy," Ranma smiled as she walked over to the area by the log to await her turn to fight.

The young girl who had been fighting finished up the larger Amazon and smiled as she emerged victorious, until she turned and saw someone new standing in the opponents circle waiting her turn. A deep scowl formed in her face as she watched the young girl stretch and then jump onto the log with her. "Who are you?"

"Ranma Saotome," replied the newcomer as she got into a ready stance.

"I don't recognize that name, you aren't from around here are you?" Shampoo's smile returned.

"Nope, just passin through," replied Ranma cheerfully.

"I am called Shampoo, you will not beat me," the girl smiled confidently and bowed. Ranma returned the courtesy cautiously, and they got into their respective stances; an Amazon on the sidelines waved a small flag signaling the start of the event, Ranma vanished from in front of the young girl and appeared behind her in a flying side kick that knocked her off the log. The Amazons in attendance gave a collective gasp as Shampoo found herself face down in the mud.

The girl pushed her face out of the ground and stared at it in shock, "What? I lost?!"

Suddenly something completely new snapped them out of their amazement, even

Shampoo forgot about Ranma for a moment.

A huge dark purple light slammed into the ground creating a visible shock wave that cleared fifteen feet in every direction knocking a few women back as it landed near the edge of the arena. The light dissipated and an angry looking figure stood in the center of the impact crater with a snarl on his face. He was covered in burns on over half of his body and a dark snarl formed on his face as he glanced around. "Saotome Ranma wa doko ha?" he spat turning towards the nearest group of people. A group of uncomprehending stares met him and he turned in disgust scanning the village for anyone who might understand him.

Ranma was the first to speak up, "What do you want?"

The man faced her and Ranma frowned, he didn't look very hostile at the moment, more like confused. "Where is Ranma Saotome? Do you know him, has he come through here?"

"I'm Ranma Saotome," replied the girl simply.

"That's a strange coincidence, the person I'm looking for is a boy," Ranma frowned slightly as she looked down at herself.

"I'm a boy, I got cursed about a week ago, so I look different," She looked the boy up and down, he looked very familiar.

"What? Stop acting crazy, if you don't know then just say so," the boy frowned at her and started to turn away; at that moment something clicked in Ranma's head.

"R-Ryoga? Ryoga Hibiki? Wha-what are you doing here?" she smiled brightly as she recognized the boy.

He stopped cold and turned around very slowly, "How do you know my name?"

"It's me! Ranma!" the girl seemed happy to see him for some strange reason, and the Amazons where starting to recover from their shock and moved around the boy, slowly closing in on him.

Ryoga noticed her father move closer to them from the back of the crowd and a comprehending look slowly crossed his face. "R-Ranma?"

"Yeah, I kind of got cursed," the girl laughed and scratched the back of her head sheepishly.

A slow smile crossed Ryoga's lips as he realized it really was him, gradually it turned into a full blown howl of laughter, he seemed to be ignoring the angry stares from the Amazons around him. "So I find you at last, Ranma." said the boy with an angry scowl taking over finally. Ranma just looked on in confusion as the purple aura flared around Ryoga. "Don't you remember coward? You gave me this scar!" growled the boy as he indicated his scar.

Ranma just stared at him really hard, she almost appeared to be straining.

"Just answer me this, why did you run away from our fight?" said the boy as he stood in a ready stance.

"Hey, calm down will ya? I waited three days for you to show up!" Ranma was starting to look upset.

"You think I came here to visit you Saotome?! You destroyed my life! After you blew up the school I followed you to the ends of the earth to avenge my honor!" growled the boy. "During my trip I finally found the power to defeat you!"

Ranma stood and her gaze became serious suddenly. "So you want to finish our fight?"

"Heh, you got it," sneered Ryoga.

Ryoga blasted forward surrounded by the dark energy and punched at Ranma, to his surprise the girl flipped over his head and slammed a kick into his back.

"What? He avoided me?!" Ryoga rolled over as he hit the ground and blasted two small energy balls at Ranma, she twisted in the air and they passed around her harmlessly.

"Impossible! No one can move that fast!" Ryoga swore under his breath as he used the energy to propel himself forward at his opponent like a bullet. Ranma sidestepped and the boy slammed into a home, causing it to explode into a shower of debris.

Ranma frowned, she knew that she was in trouble, her new body had limits that her old one didn't have and she knew it, she was almost pushing it to the maximum limit now and Ryoga didn't seem to be tiring any time soon. Her father waited patiently at the sidelines watching with a serious look on his face; she knew that she could count on him if it came down to a death match, but as it was he would only watch the one on one battle.

"You're fast, I'll give you that," Ryoga stood from the wreckage unscathed and smiled at his opponent as he stepped forward with his aura growing even brighter than before.

This time he jumped towards her and landed in a spinning back kick, Ranma barely blocked it in time and her arm exploded in pain, the boy punched at her with several swift blows that she managed to dodge in time. Finally he stopped for a moment and Ranma went on the offensive, she slammed her fist into his gut causing him to bend forward and grunt in pain. His foot came around the back of his head and caught her neck as she put her knee into his chin causing both of them to stagger back away from each other. Growling deep in his throat Ryoga blasted forward surrounded by the aura and Ranma jumped directly into the burning trail meeting Ryoga head on, they flashed in and out of vision at various places in the air almost to fast for the eye to follow and traded blows.

The pair stopped for a moment and glared at each other near the center of the village, most of the people where over by the tournament so many of the homes were empty, only a few scattered males and a few guards remained within the village. Ranma stood huffing across the street from Ryoga, her clothing was torn and charred from the battle, hanging from her neck was a strangely familiar necklace, the four starred Dragon Ball hung from a thin leather strap from a large tear in her shirt. Ryoga was not in much better shape, he snarled at the girl and launched himself forward again re-engaging Ranma.

The Amazons watched in awe at the battle over their village as the two martial artists fought their acrobatic and catastrophic melee over their homes, two or three walls and a few scattered carts exploded within the village from time to time until finally the pair stopped towards the edge of the village. They faced each other off panting heavily, Ranma was clearly in worse condition that the boy and she wavered for a moment before regaining her balance and putting her fist back up. Ryoga was not in good shape either by any means; he let his foot slide back to keep himself from falling over and glared at the girl with a seething anger.

"She's good, I don't think I can take her if I keep this up. I won't be in any shape to leave this village anyway, these people don't look to happy with me right now at any rate," his snarl turned into a tight but controlled frown as he spread his feet apart and pulled his fists up to his chest. For a moment he seemed to glow with a fierce intensity unlike any Ranma had seen outside of his father. "Let's see you dodge this one Saotome!"

Ranma frowned as she realized what he was doing; she glanced over her shoulder and saw a large group of spectators just behind her watching in awe. "Damn, I've got no choice!" she didn't know if she had enough control to pull it off, but now she had to try.

"Son!" cried Goku as Ranma began to power up rapidly; Ryoga also began to glow ever brighter. The elder Saotome was about to step forward when he noticed something unusual with in his son's aura, very cautiously he moved directly behind the boy just in case. "Come on, you can do it son!"

"I'll destroy you Saotome! For everything you did to me you die! Even if I have to destroy this village with you!" cried the boy angrily as is dark aura began to focus on a single point in his hands.

Ranma just glared hard at him and stood between the villagers and Ryoga stiffly.

"I can't move, even if he's just bluffing! If he shoots that these people will die!" He steeled himself and concentrated.

Ryoga shifted his feet and closed his eyes from the sheer strain of the power welling up in him.

Ranma made a decision, "Saotome School of Anything goes Martial arts Desperation Move!"

"Ranma?!" said Goku in shock. "He's not ready for that yet!"

Ranma focused as hard as she could on a single point in her hands, she had them cupped at her side while she stood in a crouched stance. "KAME-"

"Ryoga opened his eyes and moved his arms inward as he prepared to strike. "Shi shi-"





The two blasts collided one blue and the other dark purple. The resulting explosion sent villagers flying back and the few remaining standing struggled against the wind.

"Impossible! How can he hold back all this power?!" thought Ryoga as he grit his teeth and pushed the energy wave harder.

Ranma returned the force as her body screamed in pain, she was straining past any limits of pain she thought she had. "Impossible!!! FINE! All my remaining power! FULL SHI SHI HOUKOU DAN!" roared Ryoga as the blast became three times larger.

Ranma's beam strained and fell back almost completely under the force, but it held out just in front of her and she closed his eyes from the heat and light created from the point where the two beams connected. She shifted her legs slowly for better purchase and forced the beam back about a half-foot, she was no longer trying to overpower him; all her energy was focused on just holding the powerful beam barely at bay.

Ryoga just stared helpless and drained as his beam finally failed. Ranma looked up in shock, "He's out of power! No! I can't stop in time!" Her blast was not cut off in time and the full force that had been holding back his energy beam slammed into the lost boy blowing him through several houses. Ranma fell to her knees in shock.

"That was great son!" cried Goku. "Now we can go home!"

"Maybe, but I'm not all the way there yet pop." said Ranma wearily as he staggered to his feet. He looked off at the felled trees and debris from where Ryoga had once stood. "I'm still not completely in control-"

The Amazons stood around the pair and gave them a wide berth as they walked towards the edge of the village. The guide had fled at the beginning of the battle and would probably meet them outside of the village. Ranma stopped as she was approached by her first opponent, "I'm really sorry about this," she told the girl in Chinese.

Shampoo looked at her and frowned for a moment as they stopped in front of her looking embarrassed. "I must give her the kiss of death, and I know I can not defeat her," a cold fear crept into the girls heart and she looked the Japanese girl up and down. "There is only one alternative to fighting her, I can't just throw my life away."

Ranma froze as the girl rushed and embraced her passionately in a kiss, "You I love!" said the girl in Japanese after sticking her tongue halfway down Ranma's throat.

"Wha?" Ranma stammered and backed away from the girl in shock, she shook for a moment before flying into the sky followed closely by her father. Goku met her just above the Joketsuko and he noticed the look that was on her face.

"Son, what's wrong?" he thought the girl had upset him in some way, which wasn't surprising.

"I-I can't feel him!" Ranma got the look in her eyes as she shook violently, tears streamed down her face as the shock started to sink in. "Pop, I think I killed that guy!" The girl shot down like a bullet towards the place where the path of destruction that had been her Kamehameha ended. She gasped when she noticed a red stained crack on the stone on the inside wall of a hot spring about fifty miles away from Joketsuko; the wall was charred and cracked from the impact of the energy wave, but appeared to have stopped it. "No! Ranma screamed as she dove into the water and searched desperately for a body in the faint hope that the boy could be revived. Finally he surfaced and saw his father standing at the edge of the pools with a look of concern.

"Ranma, I don't see anything, if he was dead we'd have found a body or something, he wouldn't just dissolve or float off, the spring is too small." A relieved look crossed Ranma's face as he emerged from the water and sat down next to her father.

"I guess, you're right pop, I just have a funny feeling about this," Ranma glanced into the pool and turned away.

"It'll be all right son, you did what you could. Besides, we still have to get our bags from that village, come on." A light rain started to fall as the pair floated up into the sky and returned to Joketsuko.

Goku smiled slightly from behind his son, "He seems to be in control of his energy right now, he didn't go off just then. That could be a good sign, perhaps we could return to Japan again now?"

Two weeks passed and Ranma looked out at the sea that separated China from the island nation of Japan, behind them was the wilderness of Asia; a thick jungle that had taken them many weeks to cross on foot; in front of them was a beautiful sunset over the ocean. "Ready squirt?" asked Goku cheerfully.

"Sure Pop, I'm gonna miss this place kinda, even that crazy girl Shampoo," he smiled slightly as he rose into the air with his travel pack on his back.

"Yeah, well maybe we'll come back one day," Goku followed suit and looked back at the mainland as he flew towards home.

In the shadows of the jungle Shampoo emerged onto the beach and smiled slightly as the pair started the journey home, "Perhaps I should return home as well? I'll need some preparations before I can follow my wife to her home country," she took one last look at her beloved as she floated towards her home across, the sky vanishing into the sun.


An interesting twist on the Shampoo angle no? Things get back to normal as the story shifts back to Nerima again as Ranma finishes her tale, but much has been left untold! What happened to Ryoga? How did he get his strange powers? And why will he be even more dangerous when he returns to Japan?

Next time: The Hunter returns.

A Saiyan tail

Part 8:

The Memories of Masters past...

Ranma frowned as she finished her story while the Tendo's sat around him listening intently.

"Sound's like you have your father's luck," said Soun looking cheerful.

"Daddy! That's terrible!" cried Akane in shock, she kind of felt sorry for the boy.

"Ranma you cad you, not only my sister, but also a genuine raving lesbian as well," Nabiki giggled to herself as she ate a few potato chips from the bag in her lap.

"I-it's not like that!" cried the boy looking embarrassed.

"Well, it sounds like you have quite a problem there Ranma, I hope you'll do the right thing and honor your engagement to my daughter," said Soun as he did his best to look imposing.

"You think I didn't try that? Lucky for me she just ignores my male side," he put his chin against the table and looked at Akane apologetically again.

"Well, I doubt if the girl knows where you live Ranma," said Nabiki cheerfully.

At that moment Saotome Goku walked into the home smiling cheerfully, directly behind him Shampoo waltzed into the house glancing around as if she was looking for something.

"Sh-Shampoo?! What are you doing here?" Ranma jumped up from his place at the table and backed away in terror.

"Is stupid coward boy, where Ranma at?" asked the girl as she ignored him and glanced at the people sitting around the table.

"Hey son! Look who I found, it's our old friend from China!" Goku seemed absolutely oblivious to the situation as he cheerfully introduced the girl to the Tendo's.

"Are you out of your mind pop? Do you know what she wants to do to me?" the boy cowered behind an increasingly angry Akane.

"Do? I want do Ranma, not you stupid boy!" Shampoo frowned and crossed her arms as if she had been insulted.

"Yeah, yeah," Ranma dashed outside of the house leaving his father with the Amazon.

Goku looked confused, "What was that about?"

"Saotome, I think we need to have a talk," Soun's demonic head appeared behind the man's shoulder and he shrank back nervously.

"I get the feeling you think this is my fault Tendo," he dashed out of the house with a playfully frightened look on his face.

"So, Shampoo Ranma tells us you're an Amazon from China?" Akane looked at her and smiled weakly.

"You know Ranma?" the girl got a dark look on her face as she glared at the three sisters.

"Uh, yea, kinda..." Akane looked nervous, more so than usual.

"Aiya! If you try steal Ranma away Shampoo, I kill!" the girl stepped forward staring her not yet rival down.

"Hey! What kind of pervert do you think I am?" asked Akane as she met the challenge.

"Possibly another lesbian?" commented Nabiki as she lost interest in the pair.

"I do not like girls!" screamed Akane angrily as she slammed her fists on the table in frustration, it did not survive the attack.

Shampoo blushed and stepped back, "Why you no say so then? Ranma belong Shampoo, how you know her?"

"Oh, that's easy Ranma is staying with our family!" said Kasumi cheerfully.

"He's engaged to Akane!"

"No! Not stupid boy Ranma! Girl Ranma, where is girl Ranma!?" Shampoo was getting frustrated with the three and they didn't realize how dangerous that was for them.

"I guess she's staying here too," Kasumi looked confused and thought about her answer.

"Stupid, I go now." The Amazon girl whirled around and walked out the door briskly with a frustrated look on her face.

"That was..." started Akane.

"Weird," Finished Nabiki with a small smile on her face.

The next morning Ranma walked calmly towards Furinkan High cheerfully. He balanced along the fence and floated back and forth around Akane's head on occasion.

"Would you come down from there?" snapped the girl after a few minutes of quiet annoyance.

Ranma vanished from her side causing Akane to gasp in shock as a little old lady emptied her ladle of water out onto the sidewalk where the boy had once been standing. "That was close," he muttered while continuing his brisk pace forward.

Akane clutched her chest and gasped for breath in shock from the sudden movement.

"Stop doing that to me!" she screamed as she followed him angrily.

In the wilderness just outside Tokyo a lone figure wandered through the forest, he calmly slammed his fist into a large tree that was in his way and felled it easily. "Damn you Ranma, wait until I find you again!" Ryoga Hibiki slowly plodded forward. It was around nine o'clock at night by the time Ryoga stood atop Tokyo tower and frowned as he tried desperately to remember which direction Nerima was in again. His aura flared up and lit up the top of the tower in a purple and blue blaze that could be seen for miles. He calmed himself and tried to focus on his task. "Where the hell is it?" he cried in frustration as he flew off again.

[Hey, Perrie' tres strange no?] said one of the onlookers from a sidewalk cafe.

His friend looked at the bottle in his hands and cursed. [Damn cheap wine, I told you we should have gone to Jocques'] he muttered in a slightly drunken slur.


"Ranma! What the hell are you doing?" Akane's voice caused many of the heads in the Tendo household to turn in shock.

"Takin a bath, why?" the boy turned to see her staring at him as he walked out of his room in the nude.

"You pervert! Put some clothes on!" she was facing away from him and completely red in the face.

The boy looked at her in confusion and tossed his towel across his shoulder with a bewildered stare. "But, they'll get wet if I do that."

"That's what the changing room is for!" snarled the girl angrily as she absolutely refused to turn around and face him.

"Oh, but...why?" he looked confused and the girl realized that the concept of a changing room was pretty much wasted on him.

"Because you can't just wander around naked! Especially in someone else's house!" Akane whirled around angrily forgetting that he was naked and never stopped turning until she was facing away again with a renewed blush.

Soun chuckled to himself while Nabiki and Kasumi stared at the scene in frozen shock, Kasumi was holding a teacup in the air over her father's place at the table with her smile still plastered on her face. "This brings back memories."

Akane turned to face him with a shocked look on her face, "You mean his dad is a pervert too?"

"Akane, Son Goku is anything but a pervert."

An old faded memory pulled itself up in Soun's sub-consciousness for a moment.

Son Goku was standing next to Grand Master Happosai with an amazed look on his face, while Soun was on his knees just behind them. "Wow! You mean you can tell the difference between a man and a woman, just by looking?!

Happosai turned to face him and snorted dejectedly. "Course I can tell! What kind of freak do you think I am?!"

Goku grinned and clapped his hands, "That's pretty neat!"

A sudden look of understanding crossed the old man's eyes and he suddenly became moved to tears. "Oh! This young man must be blind! Oh, how I feel for him, to never see the soft curves of a woman's body or the frilly beauty of a perfectly made pair of undergarments!"

"I can see fine old man!" cried the boy looking dejected. Soun was starting to wonder if he was going to get punished for failing to escape from the merchants.

Another old man appeared next to Goku and smiled cheerfully at Happosai, he had a turtle shell on his back and a gnarled old staff in his hand. "Happy? Is that you?"

"Roshi? What the heck are you doing here?" said Happosai looking pleased.

"I'm training my student here for the Tenka Ichi Budokai next year, he's already competed once before." The men pat each other on the back and laughed out loud.

Soun gasped, Muten Roshi was one of the most powerful martial arts masters on the planet, and if his own master was a friend of his...

"What's wrong with this boy? Is he blind or something? He can't even tell the difference between a man and a woman?" Happosai looked back at Goku with concern.

"I know, I've tried everything too! He just doesn't get it!" The pair looked at one another for a short time. "Hey, I've got an idea Happy, let's see if you can teach him! I'll let you take him off my hands for a while if you'd like! Just don't let his other training get lax,"

Happosai snorted in response to that, "He'll be even stronger when I'm through with him!"

"It's agreed then," said the turtle hermit cheerfully.

"Not so fast old buddy, I'll only take him if you take my student for a while after I give him back. I could use a vacation from this idiot as well," the old man gave Soun a dark look and the man cowered and bowed to his master.

"I don't see any problem with that, it's agreed then," the pair shook hands and pulled out paper to make contracts with. Goku smiled looking bewildered and walked up to Soun cheerfully. "So I guess that means you and I'll be training together, huh?"

"I suppose," the man looked wary of the boy.

"So, you can't tell either? Master Roshi told me I'd be getting special training so I could tell like he can," Goku smiled at him.

"What do you mean?" asked Soun.

"I mean, you can tell the difference between a man and a woman right? Without touching to see if they have any balls!" Soun's eyes about popped out of his head.

"Of course I can tell! What kind of idiot can't?" Goku simply pointed to himself. "Y-your kidding?" The boy simply shook his head and smiled.

"I guess that makes you pretty smart," Happosai turned to face them with an angry grimace on his face.

"Who said you could speak!?" Soun fell to his knees and prostrated himself while Goku looked on in confusion.

"I'm sorry master! Please forgive me!"

"Well, don't think I've forgotten you getting caught! I'll punish you later, for now you just show the new kid the ropes got that?"

"Y-yes master!" cried Soun in shock, if he was lucky Happosai would completely forget the event.

"Hiya! I'm Son Goku!" exclaimed the boy, to Soun he seemed like a mere child.

"I am Soun Tendo," said the man.

"If you two train really hard you may get to compete in the Tenka Ichi Budokai this year, but I'm not making any promises!" Happosai turned his back on them and smiled to himself.

"You mean I can compete in that fighting tournament with all those really strong guys? Great! Maybe I'll see Kurillin there again!" Goku seemed pleased with
himself and oblivious to the stares the other two men where giving him.

"Those where good memories," said Soun as he finished recounting the tale of his first meeting with Saotome Goku to the children.

"You've known my pop for a long time huh?" asked Ranma looking bewildered.

"It's been many years, I haven't been to see Master Happosai or Kame Senin since my girls where born." Soun looked pleased that they where all so interested in his tale.

Goku walked into the room dressed in a dirty white dogi and smiled at Ranma.

"Come on squirt, we've got training to do, don't want to get lazy sitting around here."

"Right pop, I gotta defend my title next year!" the boy jumped up and rushed after the man cheerfully.

Goku started out of the room and stopped suddenly, he turned to face Akane and looked at her questioningly. "You're not coming?"

The girl looked surprised and jumped up to her feet, "Yes!" she quickly followed her fiancée out into the dojo with a confident smile on her face.

"Saotome my old friend," said Soun stopping the man as he started away again.

"Yes Tendo?"

"Try not to go too hard on her at first, remember she's never really been trained," Soun had a small pained and worried look on his face.

"Don't worry about that, she'll be fine! A little sore, but fine."


A little shorter than normal, but I have to get back into the swing of things.

Next time Akane starts her training while Ryoga continues to look for Nerima.

Plus Shampoo puts the moves on Ranma, so to speak.

A Sayian Tail.

Part 9

The ultimate rivalry.

Akane Tendo lay on her bed staring at the ceiling as every part of her body ached. "You've got to be kidding me! That was training?" she wondered out loud with a pained expression on her face. "I can't move."

Kasumi entered the room after a soft knock and placed a cup of hot tea at her sister's bedside. "Are you feeling all right Akane?" she asked looking worried.

"I'm fine, just a little sore that's all," reassured the youngest Tendo cheerfully.

"Oh, that's good, I was afraid I'd have to call doctor Tofu," said the older girl with a relieved sigh.

"Keep the number handy," muttered Akane under her breath. Kasumi didn't seem to notice as she walked out of the room.

Akane found herself staring at the teacup unable to move her arm and retrieve it. A small frown formed on her face at the thought of Son Goku's words when they started the training. "We'll go easy today since it's your first day." He had also mentioned something about getting up early, and milk. She wasn't quite sure what he had meant by that. After a long moment she rolled over causing a new surge of pain in her body as she tried to fall asleep.

Akane Tendo gasped for breath as she jogged up to the house with a weary and shocked expression on her face. It was six o'clock in the morning and she and the Saotomes had just returned from a long delivery route. Since milk delivery service did not exist in Nerima, they had decided to deliver newspapers instead, to every home in Nerima. She collapsed against the gates to the yard glaring at the two men as they continued to jog in place beside the house. Each of them was wearing a fully packed traveling bag that weighed at least a hundred pounds.

"I think you're right pop, these things are better than the turtle shells, but maybe we should give Akane one of those since she's just starting out," said

Ranma after giving her a concerned frown.

"That's a good idea, we'll fit her up with one before breakfast," agreed Goku cheerfully.

Akane sat at the table with a huge blush crossing her cheeks, she was wearing a huge turtle shell on her back and enduring the stares of her family and the stale wit of her elder sister Nabiki.

"Hey Akane, do you think you'll make it to school on time? You'd better get started if you want to make it by lunch," the middle Tendo daughter had a wry smile on her face as she eyed her sister.

"Shut up Nabiki," muttered the girl. There was no way she was going to wear this thing at school.

"Cheer up Akane, I too endured the Kame Senin training regimen, you should feel proud to wear such an honorable mark," said Soun sagely.

"Kame Senin?" asked Akane in shock as she stared at Goku and her father.

"Yes, these are the same methods employed by the Turtle hermit Akane," said Goku cheerfully.

Akane stared at him for a moment before returning to her meal.

"Come on Akane, we're gonna be late!" said Ranma as he jumped up and grabbed her hand dragging her out the door.

"Wait! I've got to put this thing up!" cried Akane as she tugged at the ropes on the shell.

Ranma looked back at her and frowned. "Akane, you have to wear it all the time, it won't do any good if you take it off."

"You mean I have to wear this thing to school?!" the girl got a mortified look on her face.

"Yup, the only time you take it off is when you sleep," said Ranma with a smile on his face as he pulled her along forcing her to run. Fortunately she didn't seem to notice they were running along the top of the fence yet.

When they reached the gates of Furinkan Akane stopped cold as Ranma finally released her. She staggered onto the school grounds and panted desperately for breath. She turned completely red when she noticed the male populace of the school waiting for her. They were all watching her with shocked looks on their faces. Ranma rushed by them without a word and dashed into the doors of the school. Kuno emerged from behind his tree watching the girl in bewilderment.

"Akane Tendo, I see that fool Saotome has bestowed the ultimate humiliation upon you," he blushed and turned his face away from her.

Several of the boys in the crowd coughed into their hands and started to turn away from the gathering while others just continued to stare at her.

Akane felt something in the back of her mind snap as she started to walk forward between the boys with an angry glare at them. "Just let one of them say anything."

One of the boys gave a yell and charged her, "I don't care how crazy she is; Akane Tendo I love you!"

The remaining males seemed to jar out of their stupor and the attack began.

Standing over the remains of her challengers Akane panted for breath, it had taken no longer than usual to defeat them, and she had the added bonus of not having to watch her back as much. Still, she was noticeably slower and had even taken a few blows. She grit her teeth and faced Kuno.

The boy was standing in a ready stance and not even looking at her in shame, a deep blush crossed his face as he spoke. "I cannot bear to see your humiliation, thus I shall fight you as best I can." The idiot charged her with his eyes closed.

Akane simply sidestepped the rush and Kuno ran face first into a wall. "A strong blow, I would expect no less my love," muttered the boy as he fell over. Akane snorted and started walking towards the school ignoring the stares she was receiving from the students. "If this is what made Ranma so good I can take it!"

Lunch came and Akane sat with her friends, they all sat a comfortable distance away from her and kept giving her pitying looks. "What are you all looking at?" snapped the girl angrily at them.

Yuka was the one who finally got the nerve to speak. "Akane, I knew Ranma was weird, but I had no idea he was into that sort of thing. I mean, he keeps you on such a tight leash!"

Sayuri blushed and nodded in agreement. "I'd probably endure it too if I had him."

"What are you talking about? This is martial arts training!" screamed Akane the whole school turned to stare at her as she dumped her lunch onto the ground as she jumped up to scream at them.

"You don't have to lie Akane, I mean..." Sayuri was cut off as Ranma walked up to the group.

"Why would Akane lie? Why do you think he's called the Turtle Hermit?" he sat down next to his fiancée and looked at her friends in confusion.

"The Turtle Hermit?" gasped Hiroshi as he walked up to them after overhearing the conversation.

"Yeah, he trained me and my pop, and Akane's dad too," Ranma added the last part in as an after thought.

"Your dad was trained by the Invincible Master?" screamed Daisuke as he appeared next to his counter part. Akane nodded numbly and looked at the boys in confusion.

Kuno frowned as he sat nearby at the base of a tree, "Akane Tendo receiving such training? As if her mighty beauty was not enough, perhaps I should learn more of this."

The day ended at the high school he had found himself at, Ryoga Hibiki stood in a crowd of students and glanced around. He held his hand out and one of the boy's walking by flew towards him as if pushed by some invisible force. He hung in midair upside down directly in front of Ryoga's face. The lost boy glared at him and frowned. "Where is Furinkan high school?"

Daisuke just whimpered and wet himself as he hung in the air. The strange boy was literally glowing with power; he was absolutely terrified.

Ryoga felt something warm and wet on the top of his head and frowned as he realized what it was. He frowned as his aura died down. The boy crashed to the ground beside him and tried to scurry away. Ryoga grabbed him and pulled him up by his collar.

"Tell me where Furinkan high is and I might not kill you for that."

The boy merely jerked his thumb indicating a nearby wall. Ryoga walked over to the sign that hung from it and placed his hands on it carefully.

"Fu-Ri-N-Ka-N...High school." he read aloud, "Ranma Saotome, I've found you at last." Turning back towards the boy he grabbed his collar preventing him from fleeing again. "Where is Ranma Saotome?"

"Saotome?" whimpered the boy pathetically.

Ranma jumped into the air over Akane's head and smirked as she walked slowly below him under the weight of the shell. It wasn't that heavy, but wearing it all day had taken it's toll. As much as she was embarrassed by it she had stuck to the training. Even to the point of wearing it during P.E.

"What's wrong Akane?" asked Ranma as he looked at her face and saw a long frown.

"This thing is embarrassing!" snapped the girl at him angrily.

Ranma was about to retort, but was forced to jump away as a mysterious yellow blur slammed into the ground where he had once been creating a shockwave that threw students to the ground for ten feet around it, Akane included.

She staggered to her feet and frowned at the figure that stood in front of Ranma with a strange snarl on his face. He was wearing a dirty yellow traveling tunic and a huge backpack was slung across his back with a bamboo umbrella strapped across the top of it. His hair stood up straight in a strange spiky hairdo that sent chills down her spine as she watched him.

"Ryoga! You're alive!" gasped Ranma in shock.

"No thanks to you Saotome," snarled the boy angrily.

"That's great! I was afraid you'd gotten hurt when I couldn't find you!" Ranma seemed glad to see the stranger and it relaxed Akane a bit, until she remembered the story surrounding him and Ranma.

"Well, I hope you've been keeping up with your training Ranma, because I'm more than a match for you now!" Ryoga charged forward and slammed his fist into the space Ranma had once occupied with enough force to create a visible shift in the air.

He turned quickly and blasted some sort of energy beam at Ranma, the pigtailed boy returned with his own. They were relatively small beams, but a huge boom resonated through the school as they collided and exploded on contact.

Ranma landed in a crouch with his hands behind his back as a glow started to form in his hands. "Kame-"

Ryoga shot forward at an impossible speed and slammed his fist into the boy's gut before he could complete the move. Ryoga was thrown away as a yellow ball of energy seemed to envelop his opponent. Ranma screamed in pain as he lost control of the blast and was thrown to the ground with his clothes singed and torn.

Ryoga staggered to his feet and smiled, "Feh, that blast was nothing," his clothes were torn and burned as well. He smiled and Akane gasped as she realized that he wasn't even scratched despite the fact that he took the full force of the energy blast.

Ranma stood up and didn't look any worse, his hands were smoking slightly and he had a painful looking snarl on his face. Suddenly he stepped back in shock and pointed at Ryoga.

Akane turned and saw what he was looking at, Ryoga's pants where torn and waving behind him was a tail. A tail just like the one Ranma had.

"Surprised Saotome? I've had a few interesting adventures since I met you, would you like to hear about them?" The lost boy smiled viciously as he stared the boy down and laughed.

"No way!" stammered Ranma as he backed away from the boy in shock.

I know you're going to hate me for this...TBC...

Next time: Find out what happened to Ryoga at Jusenkyo before the first battle, and why he has a tail now. [It doesn't have anything to do with Jusenkyo folks, well sort of.] All this in "Ryoga's new Chinese history!"

A Saiyan Tail.

Part 10

Clash of the Saiyajin.

Two months ago, in China...

Ryoga stood shakily and watched the beam disappear over the horizon. He frowned and glared at it with hate filled eyes. "Damn you Ranma, How can I defeat you?!

I used all my power in that last blast and I don't think I can get it back. How could you be so strong?!" He slumped into the hot water spring below him and suddenly the pain of the experience hit him like a ton of bricks. He felt incredibly weakened and the injuries on his body burned in agony.

He clenched his fist and felt something strange. He looked down and noticed that the necklace Ranma had on under his shirt had somehow gotten caught on his hand and managed to wrap around his wrist and fingers. "What the?"

It was a small crystal ball with four stars embedded in the center of it.

"Another one? What are these things?" he wondered as he looked at it and took it off his hand. He frowned and took a pouch off his belt. Inside were four other balls just like the one he had just found, but with a varying number of stars.

Standing before his opponent at Furinkan, Ryoga smiled at the memory and glared at his opponent with a wild passion that was strangely familiar in his eyes.

"A tail?!" gasped Ranma as a strange smile spread across his face.

Ryoga just smirked, "I followed you all the way to China Ranma, one day I was walking across some mountain range when I saw a flash of light in the center of a spring nearby. A few seconds later a fog was rolling up towards me from below. I looked at it and realized that it was rising quickly. When it finally hit me I found out that it wasn't fog at all, I had wandered into some sort of steam cloud caused by a volcano or something. I blacked out from the pain of being burned and felt the power in my body surge far to high for me to take. I thought
I was dead when I woke up, that was when I first challenged you in the Amazon village," Ryoga's tail twitched and waved gracefully behind him. "After my fight with you I found what's called a dragon ball, a few months later I discovered the rest, That's when I made my wish, I wished that I could be more powerful than you! The dragon god put me to sleep and when I woke up, I had this tail. It's the source of my power, and now not even you can defeat me."

Ranma looked behind himself and frowned slightly, "How can this thing be so great? Pop lost his a long time ago, and he's still a great martial artist," he looked at Ryoga and smiled as he thought. "If anything, that tail is a weakness!"

Ryoga gasped as Ranma shot forward like a bullet and punched him in the gut, he grunted in pain and lurched forward and flipped through the air as the boy grabbed his tail slamming him onto the ground. "What the hell are you doing?" snarled the boy as he rolled over and kicked Ranma in the face.

The pigtailed martial artist was thrown back by the strike and frowned as he realized that something was wrong. "He shouldn't have been able to move! I had a good grip on his tail!" He did notice that Ryoga didn't seem phased much by the full force punch he had given him.

"What's the matter Saotome, you look upset? Afraid you're going to lose?" laughed the boy maliciously as he stared his opponent down.

Ranma grinned from ear to ear suddenly as it finally hit him. "If you're this strong...I don't have to hold back!" he blasted forward and slammed into Ryoga's chest sending the lost boy to the ground creating a crater beneath them.

The crowd around the fight started to grow suddenly and Nabiki appeared on the sidelines taking in bets. A few administrators emerged with angry looks on their faces and rushed into the crowd.

"What is the meaning of this?" snarled one of the men.

Another teacher was standing nearby watching the sky in awe, he said nothing but pointed straight up. The angry man turned his eyes upwards and took of his glasses as he watched the pair float upwards facing off over the school grounds.

Ryoga laughed as he twirled the umbrella in his had and pointed it at Ranma.

"Don't think you have a chance against me Saotome! I've come to destroy you!"

"We'll see," said Ranma coolly as he stretched out opposite him. Without words the pair vanished into thin air and slammed into each other appearing in flashes at various points in the air to the spectators below them. Ranma smirked as he stopped suddenly in the middle of the field. "Come on Ryoga, this isn't getting us anywhere!"

The lost boy appeared behind him and punched him in the back sending him into the ground. "You're right Ranma! Eat this! Shi shi houkou dan!" he blasted a dark purple energy beam at the boy who countered immediately with a beam that merely deflected the energy into the ground creating a wide crack in the earth.

Ranma frowned as he was slammed into the side of the building and through the outer wall. Ryoga had followed his attack in and stood where Ranma had once been with a huge grin on his face. "You're fast Ranma, but no match for me!" laughed the boy.

Ranma emerged from the building huffing as he brushed the dust from his eyes and stared Ryoga down from the hole. Akane noticed he was tired and looked slightly beaten, while Ryoga only had a slight gloss of sweat on his body. She turned to face her fiancée again and frowned, he was smiling.

"You're right Ryoga, I'm no match for you right now. This is great!" the boy tossed his Chinese style silk shirt away and grinned as he pulled the black undershirt he was wearing over his shoulders, it hit the ground with an audible thump. A moment later he sat down and removed his shoes tossing them away, they both landed near by the edge of the crowd with a metallic clang. One of the male students walked over to one of them and grunted as he lifted it into his arms.

"Hey! This thing weighs a ton!" he dropped the shoe to the ground in shock.

"Let's go Ryoga!" said Ranma confidently as he floated upwards effortlessly.

The lost boy frowned deeply, he had only been able to barely catch the boy at the beginning of the fight. If he was much faster now he would have to settle for wearing him down a little bit at a time.

Ranma vanished from in front of the boy and the battle continued as before. This time however the next break in the action was when Ryoga slammed into a large tree cutting it in half as he slammed all the way into the ground. He glared up at his opponent with a wild anger in his eyes. "I'll get you for that!"

The pigtailed martial artist hung over the boy still in the finishing position of his kick with a smirk on his face. It vanished rapidly as he noticed the aura forming around Ryoga, "Shi shi houkou dan!" the boy threw his hands forward sending a blast at Ranma that was easily dodged. This continued for several moments with Ranma seeming to vanish just before the blast hit him, the boy had a confident smirk on his face as he grew ever closer to the lost boy.

"You're using up all of your power on this Ryoga!" said Ranma as he finally rushed forward and slammed a punch and kick combination into his face and gut.

The boy staggered back and countered with a sidekick that was easily dodged and countered by Ranma.

"I have more than enough strength to deal with you Saotome!" snapped the boy angrily as he finally connected and sent the boy back. "I'll shove this one down your throat! Shi shi houkou dan!"

Ranma's eyes went wide as he countered with a beam of his own. "Kamehameha!" he struggled against the beam and looked behind him at the students. "Ryoga you jerk! You could kill someone!"

"I don't care! I'm going to destroy you Ranma! If it's the last thing I do!"

Ryoga grit his teeth and pushed even more power into the blast.

"Get out of the way!" screamed Ranma desperately at the students behind him.

Most complied immediately, but a few turned and looked at him dumbly as he struggled with Ryoga's attack. The pigtailed martial artist turned towards Ryoga again and pushed his hardest sending the beam back further towards his opponent.

"Feh, this is nothing!" snapped Ryoga as he chuckled and pushed even more power into his attack. Ranma screamed as he lost control of his energy finally, the ball of light in his hand erupted engulfing his body completely and creating a blinding flash that disintegrated everything within ten feet of his body.

Ranma pulled the energy back into himself as best he could and turned to face
Ryoga again, only to see him turn his attention towards the sidelines of the battle. Ranma's heart skipped a beat as he turned and saw the purple beam of energy slam into one of the students who had not moved. A soft whisper was all he could manage as he recognized her. "No."

Nabiki Tendo turned in shock as she saw Ranma lose control, something registered in her mind and she turned to see Akane running towards her with that ridiculous turtle shell on her back. She smiled at her sister and stepped towards her. She never even saw the light hit her, Nabiki opened her mouth in what looked like a scream as the energy enveloped her body and threw her across the school yard into the side of a tree creating an explosion.

"Nabiki!!!" screamed Akane in shocked horror as she rushed to her sister's side and grabbed the charred remains of her arm. Tears flooded her face as she sobbed into the chest of the body. "NOOOOOO!"

Ranma stared at the scene in silent shock, "Did I?" he gasped in horror. It took him a moment to realize what had happened. Ryoga had over powered him, it was his fault.

The lost boy stepped forward staring down at the body of the first person to ever die at his hands. Ranma was standing across from him without so much as a broken bone. "No! This isn't supposed to happen! You're supposed to die! Not her!" tears filled his eyes as he fell to his knees and stared at his hands in shock.

Akane looked up and glared at him with an intense hatred in her eyes. "You murderer!" she screamed before she stood and ran towards him, unfortunately she fell to her hands and knees into the dirt before reaching him as her sobs increased again. "I'll kill you for this!" she spat.

Ryoga stared at the girl with a look of shocked horror on his face as he backed away from her. "I...I'm sorry!" he managed finally before blasting away into the sky.

Ranma appeared over Akane and she looked up at him. "I'm sorry Akane, I..." she slapped him hard across the face staring at him angrily.

"Don't even think about apologizing for what that monster did to my sister!" she threw herself into his arms and cried there for a long time. Ranma looked at her in confusion.

"I'll fix it, I swear," he said to her.

"How!? You can't bring her back to life can you?!" a flame seemed to burst to life in her eyes as hope formed there.

"I can't, but I know someone who can," said Ranma with a serious gaze. Akane gasped and a look of pure joy appeared on her face. "Who? Tell me Ranma, we'll go right now!"

"We can't, Ryoga said he used the dragon balls already. That means we won't be able to use them until next year. I'm sorry Akane, we just have to wait."

Ranma's face dropped suddenly as she looked at him in confusion.

"Dragon balls?" she sat back and adjusted the turtle shell on her back while giving him a quizzical gaze.

"Yeah, if you can get them all we can get a wish and bring Nabiki back," Ranma looked at her and smiled gently. "It ain't easy though, if you want to come along you're gonna have to train a lot harder."

The girl looked at Ranma in horror, "My sister is dead and you're talking about fairy tales?" she screamed as she slapped him again, this time he caught her hand.

"It's not a fairy tale, I've seen it for myself Akane. The dragon is real," he helped her to her feet and led her away from the scene. Police sirens screamed in the distance as they closed in on the school.

Soun and Goku appeared out of the sky with concerned looks on their faces. "Son!
What happened? Are you all right?" Akane stared at her father in shock, she had never seen him fly before and it was unnerving, that coupled with the fact that she was already very upset sent her into tears again.

"Nabiki, is dead," said Ranma flatly. He grabbed the girl by her shoulders and held her gently.

"What?!" screamed Soun in shock.

Ranma turned his head in shame. "I got into a fight with a guy who showed up, his name was Ryoga Hibiki. He hit me with an energy blast and I lost control of the one I was using to counter it. Nabiki was standing behind me, I tried to tell her to move, but she didn't. I'm sorry Mr. Tendo," the boy staggered back away from his fiancée as Soun fell to the ground slamming his fists into the grass.

"Come on son, we're going," said Goku with a serious look on his face as he placed his hand on his old friend's shoulder.

Soun looked up and stopped crying immediately. "That's right! We can use the Dragon balls!" he clenched his fist and looked dramatically into the sky. "I'm coming with you Saotome!"

Ranma frowned as Akane looked up at her father. "You mean, Ranma was serious?"

"So you already thought of that my boy?" said her father looking proud of the boy.

"Yeah, it won't work," said Ranma looking downcast.

"What do you mean son?" asked Goku as Soun got a shocked look on his face.

"Ryoga used the dragon balls to make himself more powerful, we can't use them for a year," Ranma scratched the back of his head and looked at his father.

"He's got a tail like me now pop."

"That's interesting, we'll have to find him though. A guy like that could be serious trouble," Goku turned away and started heading towards the house giving Nabiki's body a sidelong glance as he passed it. "Poor girl," he shook his head and continued onward pulling Soun away from the scene and making sure he didn't get a look at the body of his daughter. The police would be here soon and they would want some information from them. Goku frowned at the memory of Ryoga Hibiki, he was an obsessive boy and had put an entire village in China in danger because of his fight with Ranma. It had to be resolved soon or more people could die. The last thing he wanted was another Piccolo, the demon was relatively silent nowadays.

In the center of the Pacific Ocean Ryoga Hibiki screamed as a vicious storm blew around him he raised his arms into the clouds as thunder shattered the wind. He screamed as his eyes started to glow a bright white while his rage only served to increase the force of the wind around him. The wind, rain, and electric energy only served to fuel his angry power as he floated just outside the eye of the storm.

The face of the girl as she smiled at her sister appeared in his mind over and over, she seemed so happy and carefree. The tears of the girl who had lost a member of her family echoed through his mind as he let the emotion build up in his body. Her screams of rage and pain tore at his mind as he tried desperately to push them away. Suddenly without a hint of warning his power exploded, a column of nothingness surrounded him as a beam of energy shot both above and below him. The ocean parted as the blast slammed into the ocean floor, and the clouds parted as the energy tore through them leaving a cylinder that ran from the ocean floor into the upper atmosphere as the blast sailed into space and vanished into the sky.

Ryoga calmed down as the blast subsided finally, he simply hung there in the air as the waves tried to catch his feet while the rain ran down his body. The wind picked up and threw his wet hair and clothes violently behind him and he didn't seem to care or notice the violent environment around him. He opened his eyes and stared towards Japan again.


Somewhere in the wilderness of China a demon opened his eyes and smiled as emotions of pure rage and anger rushed to him from somewhere on the planet. He smirked and stood from his place before looking out onto the horizon. He was eternally young and could wait for the two monkeys to die before beginning his plans again, as long as emotions such as these existed within humanity he would easily be able to control them. He felt another wave of power flow from the east and frowned deeply, "What is this? Such a force..." Piccolo stepped forward over to the edge of the cliff he had been meditating on and scanned for the source of such power. He frowned and sat down on the rocks again, this time with a dark smile on his lips. "Come to me, allow me to feed on your rage," perhaps he would not have to wait for Saotome Goku and his incessant son to die before continuing his plans.


This is gonna get real good now. Kick ass. Next time: Ryoga meets Piccolo, and the Tendos come to terms with the loss of Nabiki for a while. Meanwhile Akane begins her training so that she can accompany Ranma and Goku on the trip.

I'm gonna give an explanation for something so I don't get spammed to death on the list later on. The dragon could not make the earthlings more powerful than the Saiyans that where on the way. It never said anything about changing them into Saiyans. I figure anything that can raise the dead and grant immortality can probably mess with someone's genetics as well.

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A Saiyan Tail.

Part 11

The rise of the Demon.

Ranma Saotome sat on the roof of the Tendo home looking into the distance wistfully as the family inside mourned the loss of Nabiki Tendo in relative silence. It had been decided that since she would be brought back in a year or so no funeral would be held for her. Her body was currently in a morgue in the police station a few miles away. He frowned deeply as he watched the clouds float by over his head. Various feelings of regret and sympathy went through his mind as he watched the puffy white water vapors float away slowly as the sun fell below the horizon. Ryoga had seemed genuinely sorry for killing the girl and he might be of help in collecting the dragon balls when the time came.

Ranma's thoughts floated back to his rival and his frown deepened. He sighed and sat up looking over the rooftops of Nerima.

"Ranma?" said Akane as she placed her hand on his shoulder gently. "Are you all right?"

"I'm fine, just thinkin about what I'm gonna do about Ryoga," said the boy honestly.

"I'm going to kill him," snapped the girl angrily as a look of hatred crossed her face.

"No!" screamed Ranma in shock, "You stay away from him! He's way to strong for you to handle Akane, I don't want to see you end up like your sister!"

Akane visibly cringed at the words; his face was serious and angry.

"If I train hard enough I can beat him!" she retorted angrily slapping him across the face again.

Ranma frowned at her and sat down again, "Akane, Ryoga is my problem. I'll deal with it in my own way."

"I'm a martial artist too Ranma!" screamed the girl as her emotions took over.

"A martial artist who can't even fly yet, a year of training isn't going to be enough Akane. Let me handle this!" snapped the boy in reply without looking up at her.

Akane stepped back with tears in her eyes as she stared at her fiancée in shock. "Promise me you'll kill him!"

He looked up at her and sighed realizing what she was asking of him. "I won't do that Akane."

The girl burst into tears and rushed back into the home slamming her window shut in anger. He looked at the display and shuddered for a moment before lying back down on the roof tiles with new problems to deal with.

Soun stood waiting for Akane inside her room, she turned in shock and looked at the man with wide eyes. "Akane, what is the matter?" he asked calmly. His face was still stained with tears, but his face was hard and serious.

"Ranma is such a jerk! I'm never going to marry him!" screamed the girl as she dove into her bed and cried into her pillow.

"Not even if he was right?" asked the man with a maddening calm in his voice.

Akane looked up at her father in shock and opened her mouth to speak. The elder
Tendo raised his hand and silenced her.

"I was playing Shogi with Goku down stairs, everyone in the house could hear you Akane. I'm sorry if it wounds your pride so daughter, but Ranma is correct. If you were to face Ryoga Hibiki with only a year of training, even under the Turtle Hermit himself you would share your sister's fate. The dragon balls can only bring someone back once, do not even think of facing him."

Akane glared at him, "What do you mean?" she asked warily.

Soun Tendo sighed deeply and sat at the foot of his daughter's bed. "Akane, you have already been brought back by the dragon god once before."

Akane stared at her father in shock and said nothing. The man bent his head in shame and tears started to flow down his face.

"Once we were on a family vacation in a place called Ryugenzawa, it was when your mother was still with us. I had been training you for a little while using the very techniques Saotome has been using. You got lost in the woods and ran into a vicious monster. A young boy saved you at great personal sacrifice to himself and tried to get you to leave the forest. Unfortunately the training had gone to your head and you attempted to fight the beast despite your young age. A few hours later we found the boy carrying you through the forest to his home in an attempt to save you. We tended to his wounds and were able to save his life, but unfortunately it was too late for you." Soun shuddered from the memory and put his hand up to his face. "You were already dead, Goku and I went and collected the dragon balls to resurrect you and succeeded, but barely so. The Demon known as Piccolo was also hunting them down, we defeated him and saved you. This is the reason I was forced to promise never to teach you the higher forms of the art." Soun stood from the bed and walked out of the room leaving his daughter with a look of terror on her face.

"Wait!" she cried stopping him at the door. "What about mom? Can she be..."

Soun frowned and looked at her gently. "Your mother died of natural causes Akane, don't think I didn't try. The dragon will not bring back anyone who dies of natural causes. That is the reason I gave up on the art."

Akane stared at him in shock, she had never really thought about it, but it fell into place. She had never seen him practice since her mother had passed on, not even once. He cared for the dojo and kept up the school, but never again had he taught the art or practiced on his own.

Goku floated down next to his son with a look of worry on his face. "Ranma?"

"I think Akane is mad at me again pop," said the boy simply.

"I wouldn't worry too much about it son, Tendo has gone to talk with her," he landed gently next to the boy and sat down. "Thinking about that boy?"

"Yeah, I don't know how to handle him. He looked sorry about killing her pop, maybe he'll help us get the dragon balls if we talk to him."

Goku nodded with a small swell of pride at his son's wisdom. "Maybe so, collecting the dragon balls is difficult enough as it is."

"But, I can't count on that," said the boy without looking away from the sky.

"We may have to deal with him son, I've been thinking you needed a rival for some time now, but not like this."

Ranma nodded grimly and kept silent.

Meanwhile on the other side of the world...

Ryoga stood on the edge of a great desert, he frowned as he landed on the ground and examined his surroundings. Various rocks and canyons dotted the landscape with a few cactus sparsely spotting the ground. He started to walk into the dry climate and frowned as he felt the power that had drawn him here grow ever closer. Then it was there, standing before him. The demon Piccolo floated in the air with a serious gaze boring into his chest.

"So, you have come," said the monster as he smiled slightly.

"What do you want?" snarled Ryoga angrily.

"The question is, what do you want boy? Your rage and anger drew you to me, tell me what it is that you want," his white cape billowed dramatically as a wind blew by as a period of silence passed between them.

"I don't want anything from you!" snarled the lost boy bitterly as he finally spoke. "I know what you are and I don't want any part of it!"

"I know better than that boy, your rage and hatred have made you strong. You're not any different than I am," his eyes kept a constant bead on Ryoga as the boy stepped back and growled at the green man.

"I'm no pushover demon, let me pass peacefully!" warned the boy angrily.

Piccolo laughed throwing his head back and crossing his arms in front of his chest. "You were drawn to me boy! Do you think I'd waste my time searching for a weakling like you?"

Ryoga started suddenly and frowned. "I may be a lot of things monster, but I'm definitely not weak!"

"So, show me," responded Piccolo without moving.

Ryoga looked at him for a moment and spread his feet out in the dust. "If that's the way you want it."

Piccolo smirked as the boy rushed forward and punched at him angrily slamming his fist into a rock and shattering it as the green man dodged the strike easily. "Pathetic."

Ryoga turned and performed a complex assortment of punches and kicks that were equally easily dodged or blocked. The lost boy jumped back away from his opponent and snarled as the rage built up inside of him.

"Look at you, you're wasting your energy on pointless attacks, I could beat you blind folded," the demon smiled again slightly as he assessed the boys abilities.

Ryoga hid a smile of his own, up until this point he had been holding back. His tail uncoiled from around his waist and waved in the wind behind him.

Piccolo's face fell as he grit his teeth in anger. The boy's hair suddenly stood up straight as if pushed by some unforeseen power as his abilities suddenly tripled. "What?!"

Ryoga laughed and charged forward at full speed punching through his opponent's chest, he gasped when he didn't meet any resistance as the image vanished from in front of him. "No!"

Piccolo slammed into his back sending him into a rock formation head first, the boy turned around immediately jumping from the crater created by the impact towards him again. The demon vanished again, but Ryoga spun around catching him a few feet behind him with a punch that was blocked, but it forced the demon back.

The lost boy smirked as Piccolo jumped away from him and up into the air. He put his hand up and sent a powerful beam of energy at him. Piccolo's eyes went wide as he stared at the blast in horror. He opened his mouth and sent a beam into the attack that slammed into it stopping it cold just long enough for him to move out of the way as it passed. He landed on the ground on his knees and glared up at Ryoga; a small cut appeared on his cheek and part of his shoulder pad had been burnt away. The boy frowned and stood in a ready stance opposite him.

"Well, perhaps you aren't as weak as I thought," snorted the demon casually as he stood up and walked towards Ryoga. "You haven't reached your full potential yet though!" his fist blasted forward at an impossible speed slamming into Ryoga's chest and sending him sprawling to the ground. The monster fell on him and beat him mercilessly into the ground before stepping away.

"With a man like you and a little training, perhaps I can even destroy Saotome Goku and his impertinent brat," Ryoga's eyes went wide at the mention of the name and he sat up despite his injuries.

"What did you say?" he stammered.

"I'm offering to train you boy, in exchange for a small favor," said the Demon with a hard frown. "And then I'll destroy you as well, just to be certain there are no loose ends," he thought to himself.

"What favor?" asked Ryoga, he dared only hope it was what he thought it was.

"I want you to kill Ranma Saotome, so I can finally defeat his father and conquer the world," said the demon with a slow burning rage in his voice.

"I don't need you, Ranma Saotome is my enemy!" growled the boy angrily. "I don't need any training to beat him either, I'm already more powerful than he can hope to be! If that girl hadn't been killed I would have defeated him already!" replied Ryoga as he jumped to his feet only to wish he hadn't.

Piccolo gave him an unreadable gaze and turned away. "I've fought both him and his father, you don't stand a chance. When you're beaten come back and I'll think about offering you again."

Ryoga growled and turned away from the demon blasting into the air towards Japan.

Ranma sighed as night fell and over Nerima, she was currently in her female form and walking through the house with a towel over her shoulder heading towards the bath. "What a day," she muttered to herself. She had jumped down from the house directly into the Koi pond splashing water all over the place. She walked through the living room and froze as a familiar shadow appeared before her.


"Ranma! You take Shampoo to date!?" squealed a familiar voice. He turned to see the bouncy Chinese Amazon staring into a Chinese Japanese phrase book with a hopeful look in her eyes.

"Uh, not right now Shampoo," stammered the girl warily as she backed away in terror.

The Amazon switched to Chinese instantly as she noticed the things Ranma was carrying. [You're taking a bath? Can I come?]

Reflexively Ranma responded. [Sure I don't see why...Uh, I mean no.] he caught himself just in time before turning away from her. [I just had one, see? I'm all wet!]

[Beloved! I like it when you're wet!] cried Shampoo as she gave chase.

A half an hour later Ranma ducked into the home again closing the door quickly behind herself. She had a strained expression on her face. The chase had led her into a woman's bathhouse where she had been turned back into a male again.

Unfortunately after she had been beaten she jumped into a puddle outside just as Shampoo caught up with her outside and was forced to run away again as the girl jumped onto her back and attempted to disrobe both herself and Ranma in the middle of the street. Luckily she had managed to lose her after running into several restaurants causing even more havoc and changes to herself. By her count she had been changed back and forth six times during the ordeal.

Akane walked by her as she panted at the doorway and looked at her disapprovingly. "Ranma, you were supposed to get a bath before dinner!"

The girl looked at her and grimaced slightly, it would be too much trouble to explain things. "I was just on my way."

"Hurry up, we have a guest tonight," said the girl as she turned around and walked off in disgust.

"Guest?" wondered Ranma in confusion she walked into the house and stopped cold.

"I'm really sorry about the loss Tendo, if there's anything I can do..." said the man sitting across the table.

"No worries old friend, Goku and I are already planning for the trip. The time will pass slowly until then, but we are prepared," said Soun solemnly.

"Who is this guy?" asked Akane as she leaned in towards her sister with a confused look.

"I don't know, but he seems to be an old friend of fathers," said the girl with a shrug.

"Hey! It's uncle Kurillin!" cried Ranma cheerfully as she rushed forward and grabbed the man in a rough hug.

Kurillin blushed deeply as he found his face in the chest of a buxom young girl.
He found himself dropped back onto the floor and had a stupid looking grin on his face for a moment before he recovered.

He stared at the girl in shock and looked back at Goku. "You had another one and didn't tell me?"

"Actually no, that's Ranma, he had an accident in China," replied Goku with a cheerful grin.

A few moments later Ranma sat with his father next to him grinning proudly. The particulars of Jusenkyo had been explained to the bald man and he simply stared at him in shock.

"So, he's gotten pretty good now has he?" asked Kurillin.

"Yup, he'd give you a good work out," replied Goku proudly.

"Well, we'll see about that later," said the man with a smug looking grin.

"Oh boy!" said Ranma with a look of pure joy crossing his face.

"Boys," growled Akane angrily.

"So, I hear you and Akane are engaged Ranma," Kurillin gave the boy a questioning look and Goku smiled.

"Yup, they get along pretty good most of the time," said the man cheerfully.

"Yeah, Akane's real nice," agreed Ranma.

The girl in question stared at him in shocked anger for a moment but said nothing as a deep blush crossed her face.

"I wish my parents had thought of engaging me, you don't know how hard it is to find a good girlfriend now! Especially at my age!" Kurillin's face fell for a moment.

"Well, Kasumi is available," said Soun with a thoughtful look on his face.

"That's not funny Tendo! I'm old enough to be her father!" snapped the man with a huge blush on his face.

"It was meant to be," replied the man with a shrug.

"Really father!" gasped Kasumi with a shocked look on her face.

"Well, you do like older men," said Akane with a slightly saddened look.

Everyone looked at her in shock. "Someone had to say it, and Nabiki isn't here," she said wistfully.

"Don't worry Akane, me an pop are gonna take care of it," Ranma put his hand on her shoulder reassuringly.

Akane sniffed at the air for a moment and wrinkled her nose. "Ew! Ranma aren't you supposed to be taking a bath!?"

"Oh Yeah!" said the boy as he rushed up the stairs.

"Say, Goku," Kurillin looked at his old friend with another serious gaze. "About Ranma's curse, why didn't you just use the dragon balls to get rid of it?"

The elder Saotome shrugged his shoulders and smiled. "I asked Ranma about it, and he said he didn't want to waste a wish on something so silly."

"Oh," said the man in confusion.

"It does sound like your son though," said Soun with a shrug. "I honestly don't think he minds it at all."

"Yeah, the pervert," muttered Akane halfheartedly.


Next timeRyoga returns yet again to battle Ranma. A few unexpected turns as things start to build up. Also a dark shadow looms on the horizon, but why aren't Goku or Soun worried about it in the slightest?

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Ranma 1/2

A Saiyan Tail.

Part 12: Ryoga returns.

Akane Tendo sat on the back porch of the Tendo home looking weary, but not as much as she had been in the past month and a half since Goku had begun training her. Her mind wandered onto thoughts of her older sister as a wistful smile crossed her face. Each day brought her another day closer to the time when she could bring the girl back.

Ranma appeared next to her and smiled as he sat down looking over the koi pond in his own thought. "Do you feel it?" he asked her suddenly.

Akane froze and blushed for a moment. "What?"

"He's near again, to the south, I wonder what he's looking for?" Ranma gazed off in the direction he had indicated and frowned.

Akane's expression changed instantly as she followed his eyes and noticed a faint power pulling at her. "He'll be gone by the time you get there?" she asked coolly.

"Most likely, I haven't had much luck trying to catch him," said Ranma lazily as he lay back and looked up at the sky. "He'll be back Akane, don't worry about that."

The girl nodded her head and sighed deeply, the Hibiki boy would pass by on occasion and Ranma knew when he was near every time. Unfortunately any attempt to meet with him was fruitless. The boy was just too erratic in his patterns to catch easily; it was almost as if he just flew off in some random direction.
Ryoga Hibiki snarled as he walked out of a store with a bottle of hair gel in his hands, over the past few months he had tried everything to keep his hair down short of cutting it off. Nothing was strong enough to hold it down and it continued to stand on end ever since his battle with the demon Piccolo. He knew he was near Nerima ward again and snorted as he thought of finding it again, a memory of the young girl he killed played through his mind and a sharp pain entered his gut. "I'll find you Ranma..." suddenly he froze. A strange feeling pulled at his life force slightly and he looked around. "A power? From...there!" he blasted into the sky homing in on the energy signal.

He stared at his surroundings in wonder as he landed and noticed thousands of people in the stands of the baseball stadium staring at him in shock. A large gruff looking man rushed up to him followed by a few angry players screaming for him to get off the field. He ignored them and turned his gaze on one of the dugout boxes searching for the energy he felt. His eyes fell on its source and a small frown crossed his face.

"You're not Saotome," he muttered under his breath as the man approached him.

"Who the heck are you?" asked the man with a smirk as he stood and cracked his knuckles. He had several scars on his face and a small worried looking cat at his side.

"Yamcha, I don't like this!" whined the animal as it backed away from the man.

"Relax Puar, I've got it covered, he's just a kid," the man closed in on the boy and tapped his shoulder.

"What do you want? You're not the one I'm looking for," snapped the boy angrily as he prepared to fly away.

"I just wanted to say, I don't appreciate you interrupting my game," said Yamcha with an evil looking grin. He was not about to let this opportunity go to waste.

"With that score? You should be glad I did," snapped the boy in retort.

Yamcha jumped in surprise at the comment and rushed forward punching at the boy. Ryoga easily side stepped him and put a short kick into his gut sending the man to his knees in pain. The man rolled aside and jumped back to his feet in an instant with the smile once again returning to his face.

The lost boy smiled slightly as he realized what was happening and put up his fist. "So, you think you're strong enough to take on Ryoga Hibiki do you?"

The man wiped his nose and spread his legs apart slapping himself on the knee as he observed his opponents fighting style. "That's interesting, where have I seen that stance before?"

Ryoga merely smiled and rushed forward slamming a fist into the man's chest before the man could react. He was thrown into the wall hard enough to crumble it before jumping up as the boy's kick powdered the remaining rubble underneath him. He turned in midair holding his hands at his side, unfortunately the boy's attack was not finished. He shot upward like a bullet and appeared over his head kicking him downward into the ground with a powerful blow. Yamcha grunted with effort and managed to stop himself just above the ground.

Puar looked on in amazed shock and fear as Yamcha traded blows with the mysterious stranger, unfortunately she recognized the stance instantly. "Yamcha no!" she screamed before sighing in relief as he righted himself just over the ground. She rushed out to try and stop the fight before it ended, because if she was right, Yamcha would probably die if he lost. The man put up a warning hand telling her to stay back and she looked nervously back and fourth between the two men with a strange fear growing inside of her.

Hibiki appeared just in front of his opponent with a smirk on his face. The man jumped back with another shocked expression on his face in a defensive stance.

"Surprised?" he asked wryly.

"You have yet to taste my Wolves Fang Fist!" snarled the man as he rushed forward in an incredibly complex attack pattern.

Ryoga chuckled as he dodged the move easily, at point blank range. Yamcha's jaw dropped and he felt an incredibly powerful blow to his stomach that sent him flying back. The boy's arms remained crossed in front of his chest though in a terrifyingly familiar pose.

It hit the martial artist like a ton of bricks. "He fights like Piccolo!" Slowly he stood his ground and was unprepared for the next shock to hit him. Floating behind the boy's back, was a tail. Yamcha felt his jaw drop suddenly as he staggered back, quickly composing himself he realized that the weakness there might be his only hope.

"Are you finished? I've got places to be," snapped the boy impatiently.

The man was holding his wrist and putting out a visible effort as he gathered his ki from the air around him. "I'll show you, my true power now!"

Ryoga snorted sounding unimpressed, casually he leaned against the wall and waited patiently for the attack to come. "Just don't take all day."

Yamcha snarled in anger as the ball of ki formed in his hands, he pushed it forward sending it flying towards Ryoga at an amazing rate of speed. The lost boy simply flew backward matching the speed of the energy easily as he inspected it. His expression changed when the energy ball suddenly changed direction and slammed into the ground boring through the earth. He smiled and shifted slightly as the energy ball erupted directly in front of him missing a hair's length.

Yamcha moved his hands around in a complicated pattern through the air and the ball arced and buzzed by Ryoga seeming to just miss him. The lost boy smiled and pointed his had at it blasting the ball and sending a shower of sparks and small pieces of chi flying in every direction.

Yamcha froze and seemed to vanish causing Ryoga to frown. He felt a strong grip on him from behind and slowly turned to look at the man grabbing his tail in a death lock, the man had an almost insane looking grin on his face. "I've won!"

"What are you talking about fool?" said Ryoga with an odd looking expression on his face as he picked the man up with his tail. The man's face fell into a look of complete shock. The lost boy promptly swung his tail sending the man flying through the air and head first into a nearby wall. He was knocked out cold as the strange cat creature floated over his head covering his body.

"Yamcha, Yamcha! Nooo!" it cried with tears in its eyes.

"What is it? He's not seriously hurt," snapped Ryoga as he walked over to be certain of this.

"You stay away from him you demon!" snarled the cat as it covered the man's body with it's own.

Ryoga frowned deeply and looked at the expectant eyes in the stands staring at him, even the teams watched in silent expectation. "Is that what you think of me?" he wondered aloud before floating into the air away from the stadium.

Piccolo's words echoed through his mind again. "I don't need to train you anymore boy, you're a fast learner."

The lost boy leaned forward and stared the man down. "You said you'd help me defeat Ranma without his father interfering?"

"I have my own score to settle with the elder Saotome, you just concentrate on your opponent boy," snapped the demon.

"Right," said Ryoga simply as he started to float away. He wondered if he had just sold his soul, then pushed the thought away bitterly. "I already lost it."

An image of the young girl and her sister's tears appeared in his mind again and he forcefully pushed it away.

"Aiya! What stupid monkey boy doing in bath with Airen?" called a voice from the bathroom a few moments after Ranma returned from the store. He had been in an incredible hurry when he came in and now Akane realized why.

"He must have run into her on the way home," noted the girl as Kasumi still stood in the doorway trying to figure out just how the groceries had magically appeared in her hands.

"Hey, where Ranma at?" called the pidgin voice angrily as Ranma stumbled out of the room with an embarrassed and slightly relieved face. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how she wanted to look at it. Ranma had forgotten to wear any clothes as he rushed out of the room.

Akane frowned and glared at him "Put on some clothes pervert!"

He stopped long enough to look at her and disappeared into his room. Shampoo emerged from the bathroom a moment later with a confused and disappointed look on her face. "Hey, Angry turtle girl seen Ranma around?"

"Angry turtle girl?" repeated Akane in slight annoyance. "He's in his room."

"Not stupid monkey boy! Girl type Ranma!" snapped the girl in frustration. She was starting to wonder why they did that to her every time she asked.

"She didn't come through here," replied Akane with a shrug.

Shampoo frowned, she was certain she had seen her come in this way. "Ranma, she so good. Even trick Shampoo!" the girl gave a small squeal of contentment before skipping away leaving Akane with an ill look on her face.

"Like that's very hard," she muttered under her breath.

"Hey Akane, ready to train again? Your break is over," said Goku as he entered the room dressed in his orange Chinese clothes again.

"I guess so, she muttered while adjusting the straps on her shell idly," she followed him and jumped over the wall easily as they started to jog away.

An hour and a half later Akane stood gasping for breath at the foot of a lake.

"What are we doing now Sensei?" asked the girl in confusion as the man attached a large boulder to her back.

"Swimming," replied Goku. "We'll come out here and do this every day from now on."

Akane went white as a sheet as she stared at the lake. "Uh, Sensei..." he gave her a light shove on the back sending her into the water before she could finish.

To say Akane Tendo sank like a rock would be pointless, especially since she had a rather large one tied to her back. For a moment she struggled in the water desperately trying to swim and losing most of he air in her lungs in an instant.

Suddenly she noticed the rather large animal swimming towards her. Its mouth was open and rows of sharp teeth lined the inside of the mouth. Just as the jaws of the shark closed on her she felt the world suddenly become light again forcing her to suck in a quick breath of air.

"Gee, you're not very good at this, you're supposed to swim," said Goku making swimming motions with his arms.

"I can't swim!" snapped the girl angrily.

"Hmm, I guess we'll have to teach ya then," replied the man with a shrug.

"What?" gasped Akane in shock.

Several hours later...

Son Goku was perplexed. Akane Tendo was upside down in the inner tube he had given her as a last resort kicking her feet through the air and drowning herself quite nicely. With a resigned sigh he pulled her up and sat her on the edge of the pool. "Man, I didn't think anyone could be this bad," he said with a heavy sigh.

"What?" gasped Akane as she stared at him in complete shock.

"We'll work on it some more tomorrow, don't worry. You'll get it!" consoled the man as he handed back the boulder. She looked at it in confusion. "In the mean time we have to make up for all the missed training, you'll wear that on the way back."

She fell to the ground and twitched under the weight for a moment before struggling to her feet in determination.

"We'd better hurry home! It's almost dinner time, and we have to get up bright and early to deliver all those papers!" said the man cheerfully.

Soun Tendo looked at the letter in his hands and frowned, "I wonder what this is about?" he said out loud flipping it over in his hands a few times.

Son Goku walked into the door followed by a struggling, but not far behind him Akane. She stopped at the door and strained for a moment not sure quite what was wrong with her as she attempted to enter the house. Ranma walked up and pulled on the rope tied across her chest. She snarled and was about to slap him when the boulder fell off of her back sending her to the floor. She stayed there for a moment and merely glanced up at him. "Pervert."

"Hi Akane, how did it go today?" said the boy as he stepped over her and shoved the boulder aside pushing it into the yard and out of the doorway.

"Could have gone better," she said honestly.

Goku appeared back in the hallway with his traveling pack sitting on his back. He had a hard look of determination on his face as he looked down at his son. Soun appeared behind him with a similar expression etched into his features.

"Hey pop, what's up?" asked Ranma in confusion.

"The Turtle Hermit has asked us to come see him, he says it's important," replied Soun. "We must go, don't worry it shouldn't take more than a few days or so."

Ranma jumped up, "Can I come too?"

Goku smiled and pat his son on the head. "Sorry son, I need you to stay here and keep Akane's training up for me. She'll need to be strong if she wants to come hunting the dragon balls with us." The boy nodded in understanding and smiled.

"You can count on me pop!" chimed the boy cheerfully.

"Thanks son," said the man as he headed out the door. "Sorry but we have to leave right away!"

"Quite so Saotome!" agreed Soun.

"But dinners almost ready!" cried Kasumi from the kitchen.

"Sorry but we have to leave right after dinner!" said Goku in exactly the same tone of voice.

"Quite so Saotome!" agreed Soun again.

Akane gave the two men a small stare before turning and walking towards the table.

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