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To clear some things up, there are four different Englands:

The England that was molesting him- Scary England

The England that was in the apron and that was yelling at Scary England- Prissy England

The relatively normal-looking England

The England in the cloak


"-and you, you are forbidden from molesting the boy any further, understood?"

"Old man, you can't tell me what to do!"

"Don't yell so loud, you'll wake him up..."

"I swear my head's going to explode from all of this nonsense..."

America was actually quite scared to open his eyes. He felt the silk sheets of the bed under his fingertips and nustled further into the pillow that smelled distinctly of England. The scent comforted him a little but instantly froze when he heard someone walking closer to the bed.

"Hey, I think he's waking up." He felt the bed dip and stiffened even further.

"Lemme see-"

"No, YOU are not allowed anywhere near the lad! I thought I made that perfectly clear!"

"Who the bloody hell made you the King! Not that I'd follow you even if you were anyhow."

America dared to peek his eyes open and wasn't really that all surprised to see two Englands fighting with eachother.

Jeez, he can't even stand HIMSELF for more than five minutes...

America internally laughed at the thought and continued to watch the two bicker. That is of course until another England popped into his field of vision, causing the man to let out an embarrasing squeak.

"Aaah!" America fell onto the floor in a tangle of blankets and didn't miss the prominent smirk on the England's face.

"He's awake now, poor guy. You scared him!" America looked over to the only sane looking England and jumped up to hug the man.

"That's okay, Iggy! I'm alright now!" He tried to nuzzle the man but stopped when he saw that he was bright red and looked genuinely scared, or nervous, at the moment.

"Hey, you alri-" He was pushed off lightly by him and couldn't help the frown that appeared on his face.

Why are you always pushing me away?

"So...you're finally awake...now the real fun can begin..." The scary, pirate-looking England started to basically prowl towards America. America felt like hiding behind the only nice England but saw that he was still a bright red and looked like he was about to faint.

Did I do something wrong? America was only able to think for a moment before he was pinned against the wall once again. He stared into mischievous green eyes and had to hold back the whimper bubbling in his throat.

"Oi, poppet..." America cringed as Scary England whispered into his ear. He could see in the background that Prissy England was about to blow a fuse. He also saw the relatively normal England not burning a bright red anymore, but glaring heatedly in their direction. He last England was just sitting on his bed with an unamused frown on his lips.

"U-uhh... Ow! Crap!" America nursed the spot where Scary England had just smacked him and was soon lifted off the floor by his collar before being swung back and forth by a very pissed of England.

"YOU BLOODY IDIOT! BECAUSE OF YOU THIS STUPID MESS HAS HAPPENED! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW HORRIBLE THIS SITUATION IS? I SWEAR-" America at this point was too dizzy to be able to listen to the England's rant, slightly amazed as well on how quickly this England's mood had changed.

"I think that's enough." The England looked back to the England in the cloak and reluctantly dropped America onto the floor.

"Tch, just giving him the scolding he deserves. Big brother over there would probably never even yell at the man, not wanting to hurt his precious little sibling," He hissed the words 'little sibling' in mock and slight disdain.

"Mister lovestruck over here looked like he was about to faint over a meesely hug, and YOU wern't doing shit!" His voice was beginning to rise in both pitch and volume, signlaing for America that hell was about to break loose again.

"Guys! Relax!" Everyone looked over to America. For once there was silence in the room and too quite honest, it made America a little uncomfortable.

"Let's go to the livingroom and talk about this, okay?" The four Englands looked at eachother before nodding and following him into the livingroom.


America fidgeted under the gaze of all four Englands and scooted closer to the England sitting on the couch next to him.

"So...WHY are there four of you exactly?" England (the scary one) rolled his eyes. His eyebrow twitched repeatedly (imagine a caterpillar dancing) and resisted the urge to punch the git in the head.

"The reason why is-"

"Before you came in, we were in the middle of an experiment. England wanted to see if he could create multiple clones of himself, but something went wrong and instead of four identical Englands, we were split into his different emotions and into the different personalities he had during his lifetime. He foresaw that something like this might happen, and prepared a potion that could put us all back together. When you suddenly came into the house however, I dropped the potion from surprise." The England in the cloak explained slowly and clearly to America.

"Hey, I could've told him!"

"I'm sure, but I didn't particularly feel like listening to your explaination. One can only take so many curses in one day."

"We're British. There's no such thing as too much cursing."

"Guys! No fighting, it's not going to get us anywhere."

"Hmph, coming from you?" America was starting o become seriously pissed with this England.

"Look, I know it's my fault that this is happening, but can you just quit with the insults for one minute?" America was used to England's insults, but the insults from this England seemed stronger and stung his heart.

It's like all of England's anger is concetrated in this England...

"...fine. Now, Dumbledore, what the hell are we going to do about this mess?" America stifled a laugh, rather poorly, at the Dumbledore comment and blushed when he saw the Scary England smirk and wink at him.

"I'll create a new reversal potion. In the meantime, we'll all just stay put here until I'm done. It might take a few weeks though, America, are you alright with staying here during that time? I'm going to need all of my concentration to make this potion, and I don't trust these three to the house by themselves."

America thought about it carefully. On one hand, he was kind of scared about staying under the same roof for a long period of time with all of the different Englands.

But now's the only time to finally see all the different sides of England! Maybe I can finally figure out why he suddenly got so distant again!

"Ok, I'll stay." America looked around the room at all the different Englands.

"But, what do I call each of you? I can't call all of you England, that'll be too confusing!" The England in the cloak rubbed his chin thoughtfully.

"Lad's got a point... well you won't have to really call me anything. I'll be in the basement for the next few weeks." America nodded and looked at the other three.

"You can call this one ''Big Brother". The scary England snickered and pointed to a now fuming England.

"No need for such formalities, just call me England." America felt something in his heart drop as his mind went back to a distant memory from the past.

"O-okay..." England saw the slightly depressed look on America's face and looked like he was about to run over to him and hug him until he wasn't sad anymore.

America looked away from England and looked over to the one next to him. He smiled softly and gently laughed, afraid that the England might turn as red as a tomato again and nearly faint.

"Hey, can I call you Iggy?" He nodded his head and blushed before scootin a bit closer to America.

"Oi, what about me?" America looked up to the last England.

"...Jack Sparrow?"

America never knew how hard that guy could really hit.

"Arthur. Just Arthur." America looked up to Arthur and admired how the sunlight streaming from the window gave his skin a light glow.

He looked around the room and sighed loudly.

What the hell did I get myself into?


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Scary/Pirate England: Arthur

Shy/relatively normal England: Iggy

Motherly England: England

England that wears cloak: not gonna be in the story tht much but let's call him Britain

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