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I was lost in thought as I returned to the campsite. The Great Prophecy was at work, and this time it'd be worse than Kronos. Percy went missing, and apparently I would find my lost brother in the hunting trip.

"Thalia!" Phoebe approached me, "Lady Artemis has an important announcement. We must see her immediately."

"On it." We jogged up to Artemis' tent.

"Hunters!" Artemis said. "As some of you may know, the Great Prophecy is happening, and this time it is worse than the return of the Titans. The demigods must unite in order to defeat this enemy. Many old enemies are rising, as souls are not confined to Hades anymore. We must hunt down Lycaon, the king of wolves. But these wolves are unlike mine, we must be careful and head west." She turned to me. "Lieutenant, you have anything more to add?"

"Yes, I do actually." I couldn't tell them what Nico had told me, but I could twist things around a bit. "Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon is missing, and being a son of the Big Three, he needs to be found. While on this hunt, we have to search for him, if it's all right with you, My Lady."

"Ah, yes. The hero is missing. Of course. Now I understand Hera's plan. A dangerous gamble. The son of Poseidon, I have met before. He is not like other men, and Grace is a good demigod as well, I hope this goes according to plan." Artemis mused.

At first, I thought she meant Grace as in me, but a strange feeling crept over me- she was talking about Jason Grace, my brother.

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