Snogs, sleep and sex.

Harry stumbled as he recovered from the Apparition, only the strong arms wrapped around him holding him upright. He never had found out the secret to successfully travelling by magic without experiencing the wave of nausea that followed.

"Okay there?" Draco cheekily asked. "Need a minute?"

Harry didn't know if it was the beer, the Apparition or the fact that he was standing in Draco Malfoy's living room that was making his head spin. After finally gathering some courage and going to talk to him in the pub, Harry had discovered that Draco had definitely changed for the better since school. The two had shared quite a brief, yet friendly, and ultimately enlightening, conversation. Most of which was about facial hair, but Harry had enjoyed it nonetheless.

Nodding to Draco, Harry closed his eyes and willed the feeling to go away. Opening his eyes again, he noticed Draco looking at him worriedly and recognised his feelings for what they were. Nervousness.

Why the fuck am I nervous? Harry asked himself internally. I've bloody well done this before!

"Potter. Harry," Draco said. "Are you sure you're all right?"

Harry nodded again before gathering a bit more of that famous, or was it infamous, Gryffindor courage and kissing Draco once more.

Since he had first seen Draco, Harry had wondered how his beard would feel against his own. Now he knew. It was just as he thought; the soft hairs were tickling his own hairy chin, and it was all he could do to stop himself from giving into his urges and licking the man.

"I'm fine, I promise," Harry said after they broke for air. "Now, you said something about dealing with all this lust."

"That I did." Draco chuckled and removed his cloak, throwing it on top off a pile of boxes and inviting Harry to do the same with a wave of his hand. "Can I get you something to drink first?"

"Yes, please," he answered, needing the little distraction. "Anything you've got is fine."

"I've got a bottle of Ogden's here somewhere," Draco replied, already sifting through boxes. "That's if I can find it. I really should unpack one of these days."

Harry withdrew his wand. "Do you want me to Summon it?"

"No, it's okay. I've found it!" Draco cheered as he lifted the bottle from a box marked 'BATHROOM'.

Harry decided not to ask.

"Sit down," Draco said, moving towards the kitchen. "I'll be right back."

Harry sat back on the comfortable sofa and surveyed the small but serviceable living room. Boxes were scattered everywhere and books were piled high. Harry had not expected Draco's house to be like this. Harry wondered if that was why he felt so comfortable in Draco's presence. The man had definitely surprised him this evening.

"Here we go," Draco said, startling Harry out of his pondering and handing him a tumbler half-full of amber liquid. "I didn't know if you wanted ice, so I left it out."

Harry simply smiled and patted the sofa beside him, secretly pleased that Draco seemed to be slightly nervous as well.

Taking a long sip of his drink, Harry turned to Draco and smiled. "So, how was France?"

Harry quickly realised that this might have been the wrong thing to ask - Draco couldn't stop talking about it. He heard about his research, the people and finally, and most importantly, the story of why he grew his beard. Harry told Draco about his work with Pansy, how the two of them had become friends and how Draco was the only one who hadn't told him to shave.

By the time they had finished talking about their recent lives, the bottle of Ogden's was all but finished.

"Shall we?" Draco asked, nodding towards the staircase. "If you still want to…?"

Harry could feel his face heating up; he'd been so relaxed just sitting with Draco that somehow he had forgotten what had originally brought them together.

"Yes," he replied before he lost his nerve.

Draco shakily stood up and held both of his hands out to help Harry. Harry grasped the proffered hands and shot Draco a lust filled look. Or what he hoped was a lust filled look – the Firewhisky was making him woozy.

Harry didn't know exactly how it had happened; he had meant to stand and follow Draco to the bedroom and fulfil his fantasies involving Draco's beard. He had not meant to pull the poor unsuspecting Draco on top of him on the sofa.

Draco didn't seem to mind. A bit of shuffling and manoeuvring later, and Harry found himself comfortably on his back with Draco settled between his legs. Draco kissed Harry gently before laying his head down on his chest.

"Draco?" Harry asked quietly.





"N a morning."

Harry nearly laughed at the mumbled reply but he stopped himself when he noticed that Draco was actually asleep. Too tired and tipsy to do anything else, Harry soon joined him.

Harry awoke in the morning to the strangest feeling. It felt as if someone was licking his beard. Blearily opening one eye, he realised that his suspicions were correct – Draco was alternating between nuzzling the downy hairs on his chin and licking the coarser hair on his neck. It felt fucking fantastic and the sensation from Draco's tongue was travelling straight to his cock.

"Morning," he stated, startling Draco from his task.

Draco's cheeks pinked as he raised his eyes to meet Harry's.

"Don't stop on my account," Harry all but purred, raising himself off the sofa slightly and showing Draco the consequences of his actions. "Please."

The lustful look returned to Draco's eyes and Harry groaned in response. Placing his hands on either side of Draco's head, Harry licked a stripe from his neck to his lips.

"I've wanted to do that since I first saw you last night." Harry raked his teeth through the thicker hairs under his lip and bit down gently on Draco's chin. "And that."

Harry angled his head before sucking and biting Draco's neck. "And that. And much more."

"Shall we go upstairs?" Draco asked. "You can show me everything you wanted to do to me last night."

"No," Harry simply replied.

"What? Don't you want to shag me anymore? I didn't mean to fall asl-"

Harry cut Draco off with a kiss. "No. We're going to stay here and you're going to shag me. I'm much too comfortable to move."

Harry reached under Draco and fumbled in his pocket for his wand. One swish later, and both of their sets of clothes disappeared.

Draco let out a small gasp as the cool air swept over him. "Warn a guy!"

Harry laughed and opened his legs wider, allowing Draco to settle more firmly between them. They both moaned as their hard cocks rubbed together; Harry swept his knuckles over Draco beard and kissed him.

"Now, please." Harry twirled his wand again and a small pool of liquid appeared on his belly. "Guh!" he added. "I should have remembered to warm it first."

Draco chuckled and scooped some of the cold liquid up with his finger. He kissed Harry gently as he slowly pushed the oiled finger inside Harry. Swallowing Harry's moan of appreciation, Draco added another finger before once more nuzzling at the soft hair on Harry chin.

Harry tangled his hands in Draco's hair and pulled him off so he could access Draco's own beard. As Draco pushed another finger beside the others, Harry continued his earlier task of mapping Draco's beard with his tongue.

Harry arched his back as Draco moved his fingers inside his arse. He felt so full; it felt so good. His cock was trapped between his still slippery belly and Draco's chest and the friction was nearly too much for him.

"Now, Draco!" Harry cried as Draco pressed on the spot guaranteed to make him come very quickly indeed. He wanted to come with Draco's cock in his arse and he wasn't going to last much longer with Draco doing that.

Draco groaned aloud at Harry's words. He sat up slightly, running his hand over Harry's stomach to slick his hand once more. Sliding his hand over his own cock, Draco smiled lazily at Harry before pushing the oiled cock smoothly into Harry's arse.

"Fuck!" they both cried together.

Harry grabbed Draco and brought him down for a kiss. "Harder," he growled, raising his legs further and forcing Draco in deeper.

Draco eagerly complied. Harry knew he was going to come soon, and by the sounds Draco was making, he wouldn't be far behind. Draco slid a hand between the grasp Harry's neglected cock; it was all Harry needed to send him over the edge, screaming Draco's name. Draco thrust harder and faster, until he too came with a strangled cry.

Instead of slumping straight onto Harry's prone form, Draco brought his come-slicked hand up to his mouth and licked. Harry gasped as he watched Draco clean his hand of his come. Some of it trailed along Draco's lower lip and caught in his beard.

Harry was mesmerised. Wrapping an arm around Draco's neck, Harry dragged him down for a kiss, letting his tongue sweep past Draco's chin and tasting himself.

"Mmm," Harry said, running his tongue over his own bottom lip. "Shaving is definitely overrated."