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Chie: Okay, this is a follow up for my recent one-shot Re-take. The idea didn't leave me alone, and as soon as my beta hinted that the premise might really work as a chapter story, and even suggested I could name my 'actors' after the voice actor cast of Inuyasha, the plunnie was hopelessly stuck in my brain. -_-

This will be a drabble series. I haven't written one before, so I hope it goes well.

Green Light

855 Words

Director Takahashi was thoroughly excited. She had been looking forward to this moment for so long. It seemed like it had been ages since she had been introduced to this project, and she had taken an instant liking to the concept. She had squealed in anticipation when the producers had shown the green light for the project. The pilot they had shot got good ratings, and now there was nothing to hold them back.

Director Takahashi paused behind a wooden door. Behind it was the conference room, where the selected main cast of her new pet project resided. Now she was going to meet all of them for the first time.

She could barely contain herself.

Just as she was about to open the door, a small weight collided against her back, followed by a muffled 'oomph!'

Takahashi turned around to see a short woman with carelessly tied up black hair. She was holding a stack of papers and there was a mechanical pencil tucked behind her earlobe.

"Furui-sensei!" the director addressed the scriptwriter. "I was wondering where you were. Come on. The actors are waiting!"

Takahashi opened the door and walked into the room, the scriptwriter trailing after her steps.

Everyone was already there, comfortably sitting around the oval table. Director Takahashi walked over to the end of the table and sat down. The writer plopped down to the seat next to her.

"Welcome everyone! I'm really excited that you're all here today! I hope we'll all get along, and will have a great time while shooting this TV drama. I am Takahashi, the director."

A mumble of acknowledgements resonated in the room as the actors and actresses in the cast bowed their heads politely.

"This," Takahashi continued, pointing at the woman sitting beside her, "is Furui Chie-sensei. She is our scriptwriter."

The writer, however, seemed to be completely lost in her own world and paid no heed to her surroundings. The mechanical pencil that had been tucked behind her ear had somehow ended in her hand, and now she was mumbling to herself in half-whispers while vigorously chewing on the pencil.

Director Takahashi, however, was not discouraged by the dubious and shocked looks the scriptwriter received from everyone in the room. She cleared her throat loudly.

"Sensei will now explain the basic premise of our drama series."


The writer's head had suddenly snapped up and she blinked owlishly, as for the first time noticing the prevailing situation.

"Right." the woman continued as she nervously leafed through the papers spread on the table before her. "Inuyasha is a period drama that is set in the Warring States era," she began, "that is, the period of unrest preceding the unification of Japan under the Tokugawa rule… However, Inuyasha will also carry elements of fantasy. I have drawn inspiration from folklore, especially from the stories revolving around youkai. At the centre of the story is the magical jewel Shikon no Tama, which is said to grant the wish of whoever possesses it, and it is also rumoured to empower youkai."

The writer had begun to idly play with a stray lock of her hair and there was an enthusiastic gleam in her eyes.

"'Kikyo' is a miko who has been tasked to guard the Shikon no Tama. The title character 'Inuyasha' is a half-demon, and as his greatest desire is gaining power and becoming a full-blooded demon, he covets the might of the jewel. He begins to follow Kikyo around, but eventually falls in love with her. However, the star-crossed lovers are torn about by the malicious plot of the main antagonist 'Naraku', who wishes the possession of both the jewel and 'Kikyo'. Long story short, 'Kikyo' gets killed and 'Inuyasha' is sealed for 50 years, and the jewel disappears."

The writer paused and took a sip from the glass of water that had been provided for her.

"'Kagome' is a high school student from the modern time. She falls through a portal in a well and ends up 500 years in the past. There, she frees 'Inuyasha' from the spell binding him. It is also revealed that 'Kagome' is 'Kikyo's' re-incarnation, and that the jewel is hidden within her body. In a battle the jewel is torn out, and by accident, 'Kagome' shatters it to pieces. She teams up with 'Inuyasha' to gather the scattered shards, but it becomes a race as 'Naraku' is also after the jewel."

The writer cleared her throat, feeling that she had already talked for too long.

"That is the basic setting, anyway. Later on 'Inuyasha' and 'Kagome' are joined by the characters of 'Miroku' and 'Sango', and 'Kikyo' will be resurrected. 'Inuyasha's' older brother 'Sesshoumaru' also appears to further complicate things…" her voice faded and she hesitantly turned to look at the director.

"Thank you, sensei," Takahashi said patiently, ending the scriptwriter's monologue. "Now that we all are familiar with the story, why don't you guys introduce yourselves so that everyone can get acquainted?"

Director Takahashi smiled and looked expectantly at her cast that had gathered around the table, the excitement once again humming in her veins.

Note: For those who have encountered the use of the title sensei only in a school setting… It is also often used of doctors, authors and even mangaka, and is in no way confined to just teachers.