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The sun was beating down on Grimmauld place, bathing the murky street in sunlight. The usually silent neighbourhood was uncharacteristically bursting with life. Everyone seemed to be happy, and nothing was wrong with the world.

Except one house. But as no muggle was able to see house number twelve, no one noticed anything amiss.

Inside said house, where no sun light could penetrate the thick velvet curtains, two tall figures were moving around a messy room, shuffling parchment and old quills, and just generally trying to clear some of the clutter.

"Tell me again, why we can't do this with magic?" came Sirius Black's voice from behind one particularly big stack of parchment at the end of the long wooden table.

"You know that Dumbledore has about a dozen of spells on every one of these, and the slightest charm would set the alarms off, and everything would shrivel up. And as you also know we need all the information on these scraps of parchment." Remus Lupin sighed, as he yet again repeated the same answer for the hundredth time.

They had been given the mission to clear out a room for the order to have their meetings. The kitchen would not do anymore, as the children were home from Hogwarts for the winter holidays. And of course Dumbledore deemed it fit for them to also organize all the information and plans so that the meeting could go on easier.

Remus had lost count on how many floor plans he had picked up, and didn't want to confess how many scraps of hangman he had crumpled and thrown away. Yes, the meetings were boring some times. They worked on in silence, only the rustling of parchment and muttered curses from behind the stack at the end of the table could be heard.

The house was unnaturally quiet, and Remus wondered what Harry, Ron and Hermione were doing to keep themselves entertained. Harry had been even quieter lately, and Remus feared that the events from a week ago were still pressing on his mind. That kid had more bad things happen to him than he deserved. Hopefully Hermione and Ron would be able to distract him.

The rest of the red-headed family was at St. Mungos, visiting Arthur. And from what Molly had said, it was quite possible that Mr. Weasley would be released. Maybe that would cheer Harry up.

Sirius was also worried about his godson. Harry had barely said anything to anyone since that night and Arthur's attack. He always sneaked off somewhere on his own, and Sirius didn't like it. He didn't want his godson to wallow in his thoughts, because he knew Harry, and he was probably blaming himself for everything as usual.

They were almost finished and Sirius was thanking the gods that he would now be able to go and coax Harry out of hiding and maybe feed the scrawny twig something. He knew that Harry didn't like people to fawn over him, but was it really necessary to starve himself. Sirius sighed. Of course he knew that Harry wasn't starving himself, but still.

"Sirius? Are you nearly finishe-" Remus broke off suddenly and Sirius looked up from the parchment he had been reading. The golden flash that suddenly filled the room blinded both of them for a minute, and they were both scrambling around blindly for their wands, knocking down the piles of parchment that they had finished sorting.

"Remus! Are you there?" Sirius was frantically stumbling around the room, pressing his palms into his eyes trying to rid them of the yellow dots obscuring his vision.

"Sirius… where did those books come from?" Remus was standing frozen with his wand pointed at the pile of completely innocent looking books on the table. He reached out to steady Sirius when the prat ran into an over turned chair, and almost fell flat on his face.

"Books? What books… where did those come from?" Sirius was now also pointing his wand at the pile on the table, suspiciously studying the room around him, which was once again quite the mess.

"Remus, this will take forever! And look, those books appeared and nothing happened to the crap in here. Maybe Dumbledore's spells wore off, all that work for nothing!" Remus ignored Sirius's whining and slowly moved closer to the table, reaching for the book lying on top of the pile. But he didn't get very far before once again there was a flash of golden light. When they were able to see again, the room was spotless and the only thing left on the table was the three books.

Remus hesitated slightly before picking up one of them. He turned it over and nearly dropped the book in shock.

'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix' he quickly turned over the first pages, his eyes widening with every word he read, and then moving to the remaining two books on the table.

"Sirius, these books… are our future" Sirius gaped at him before reaching for one of the other ones. But as soon as he touched it, a golden lock appeared on it. They could not open it.

"I think we have to read the first one before we can read these. Come on, we need to find everyone else!" Remus hurried after Sirius into the hallway, almost running straight into Hermione. Dumbledore steadied both of them before they could fall.

"So sorry Hermione, I wasn't watching where I was going" Hermione smiled at him before reaching down and helping him get Sirius off the floor, he had not been as lucky, and had run straight at Snape, who was also lying spread eagle, his robes in his face. Ron was off to the side, biting his fist to try to keep from laughing, and Dumbledore looked suspiciously cheerful.

"Black! What do you think you are doing? The least an idiot like you could do is watch were you're going!" Snape fumbled with his robes for a while before standing up, dusting off his trousers, sneering at all of them.

Sirius wasn't paying attention at all; he was peering around the hallway.

"Ron, where's Harry?" Ron sighed heavily, shrugging his shoulders before glancing at Hermione.

"We haven't seen him. We hoped he was with you, but seems like he's off somewhere alone again"

"Something odd happened and we need to find hi-"

"Odd?" Dumbledore inquired lightly, watching Sirius closely.

"Yeah, three books appeared from nowhere, and they are about our future. Or that's what we think at least, we couldn't open two of them" everyone was watching them quite incredulously now; even Snape had lost some of the sneer.

"What were the books called?"

"Well the first one was 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix' the second one witch we couldn't open is 'Harry Potter and the Half-blood prince'" Snape made some kind of choking sound, his eyes fixed intently on the book in Remus's hand, no one but Dumbledore seemed to notice. "And the last one is 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows'" Now it was Dumbledore's turn to peer at the books closely.

"Should we read them?" Hermione was watching the professors around her, noting every little change in their expressions, and somehow, even as it seemed so absurd, she believed these books to really tell their future.

"Well I can't hurt, can it? But we really need to find Harry; these books seem to be from his point of view"

"The brats point of view? I will not be reading anything Potter-"Dumbledore silenced Snape with a look.

"Severus, this book will be the next order meeting, you are compelled to join us" Dumbledore knew that this was the only thing that would make Snape come. He needed an excuse for staying so his heartless demeanour could be prevailed, he really did hate Harry, but he wanted the war to end just like everyone else.

"Of course, sir" Snape nodded grudgingly.

"But we have no idea where Harry is! He could be anywhere" Sirius shook his head.

"No, I think I know where he is. You go on to the meeting room, I'll go get him" Hermione and Ron glanced at each other before nodding.

Sirius bounded up the stairs, not bothering to check the rooms he was running past. He only knew one room where Harry would want to be. And sure enough when he opened the door to his mother's old room, there his godson was, sitting on the floor petting Buckbeak's feathers. Sirius watched him for some time, not really knowing what he should say.

"Harry?" Harry jerked around to face him, and Buckbeak emitted a startled sound when his head was suddenly dropped to the ground. Harry quickly turned to sooth him, and Sirius watched on quite amazed at the response his godson awoke in the animal.

"Harry, something came up and we need you to come downstairs for a bit" Harry looked really panicked, obviously dreading any bad news. Who would it be this time? Maybe Mr. Weasley had gotten worse or someone else had gotten killed. Someone always had to die, didn't they? Harry was up from the floor before Sirius had a chance to explain more, but Sirius stopped him with a hand on Harry's shoulder.

"Calm down Harry, it's nothing like that. We just need to talk" Harry was watching him suspiciously, but followed after him down the stairs without protest. They stepped into the room where everyone was gathered, and Harry was watching them all closely.

"What's… going on? You guys are acting weird" Snape glared at the boy but refrained from commenting. Too many highly volatile persons in one room, he didn't feel like getting ganged up on at the moment.

"Well Harry, Remus and I were cleaning-" Harry looked at Sirius in disbelieve, but Sirius just rolled his eyes. "Yeah yeah, shut up. Like I said we were cleaning but then we found some books-"

"Books? What's the big deal?" Harry was completely bewildered right now. Books.

"If you would bother to listen, I'm sure the dog would explain" Harry could feel his cheeks colouring, but looked Snape defiantly in the eyes, glowering. He was not in the mood. Sirius threw Snape a disgusted look before turning back to Harry, softening his gaze.

"Harry, we think that these books are from the future… about your future" The room was silent, as everyone had tensed up waiting for Harry's reaction.

"My future. These books are about Voldemort then?" Hermione and Ron glanced worriedly at each other hearing the dispassionate tone in Harry's voice. This wasn't like him at all. The attack had really taken its toll on him.

Sirius and Remus shared a similar look, before both turning back to Harry who seemed to have zoned out completely.

"We are going read them, and we think you should also be here, as they seem to be your thoughts Harry" Sirius stared at his quite horrified looking godson.

"M-my thoughts?" Harry was going trough all the stuff that would be revealed, all the secrets he had been keeping the whole year. Umbridge, his dreams… okay visions, scar hurting, the possibilities were endless. And now everything would be revealed. Not even Ron and Hermione knew everything that was going on inside of his head.

"Well I guess that it couldn't… hurt?" Hermione pounced on the chance and quickly dragged Harry to sit down round the table besides her and Ron. Harry just followed quite bewildered still, only nodding slightly at Ron when he smiled reassuringly at him.

"Where are the rest?" Harry finally seemed to notice that Ron was the only red-headed person in the room.

"Oh, they're at St. Mungos, visiting dad. He might be released today" Harry's shoulders slumped slightly and he nodded at Ron before looking around the room.

"Well… I guess we should get started, who wants to read first?" Dumbledore had the book in his hands, and Harry paused for a second, still quite angry with the headmaster, who wasn't looking at him even now.

"I will. Settle down everyone. Here we go"

'Dudley Demented'