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Summary: Women from all over New York are going missing. Women of all different age, race, description, personality. It's unknown where they have been taken and the team races to find them, hoping they are still alive, but it is Alex Cabot and Olivia who get an inside look, an inside look to the hell on earth known as The Domain.

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Chapter 1

"Mitchell Eccles is not only a coward bully who thought it his right to beat and rape his wife repeatedly, he is also the man who took her life. The man who took this young and devoted mother away from two children who will never grow up knowing her, twins not even 4 weeks old yet." ADA Alex Cabot spoke to the jury with her eyes meeting each one of them, before moving onto the next juror. "I beg that you give justice to Carolynn Eccles and to her children," she continued, turning round and walking over to where Mitchell Eccles sat by his lawyer, a smug smirk across his face. "Give them justice by making sure that Mr Eccles gets the sentence he deserves." she said as she glared at him. God she hated this prick.


Alex walked down the stairs, away from the courts with Elliot and Olivia walking either side. "Well at least we can rest slightly easier knowing that there is another murdering rapist ass hole safely behind bars."

"That guy really got to you." Olivia pointed out.

"Don't they all." she protested. "It just seems that for every creep we put away another one oozes out of the wood work. Where does it end?" Alex questioned. "When will they realise that they are not above the law?"


She screamed again as another crack came down across her bare back. She was in agony, praying for the pain to end, praying death would just take her and save her from this nightmare. Another scream, another crack. It went on and on and then finally stopped.

The small room was suddenly silent. She remained where she was, not that she had a choice. Her wrists were tied together with scratchy rope and her arms stretched up above her so that the rope could be fixed over a hook in the ceiling. Her ankles had been strapped to the floor. She wasn't going anywhere…

She forced herself not to cry and tried to listen out for her attacker. She couldn't hear him behind her, but she suddenly felt him as he grabbed her waist from behind, his tall body towering over her as he pulled her into his naked, sweaty body.

"Was it as good for you?" he asked through gritted teeth, chuckling to himself before taking a step back and starting the torture all over again.

22 year old Massie couldn't help but scream again. This was just another typical night in The Domain.


Elliot, Olivia and Alex had all joined Munch and Fin back at the precinct. The place was hectic, more so than usual but it probably had something to do with the fact that another group of women had been snatched a little over a week ago.

"The six women aged 22 to 31 had been out on a hen night little over a week ago. Massie Brook was supposed to have gotten back off her honeymoon yesterday." Munch summarised glumly as he stood in front of the computer screens containing the information they had on the case.

"That gives us a grand total of 57 women reported missing in the last four months, its not just a coincidence." Fin said. "The press are having a field day with this."

"Well I wish the same could be said for the rest of the city. This is big time news now, no one feels safe." Munch added.

"And they're right to feel that way." Elliot said sadly. "It's not just groups of women that are being snatched, individual women are being taken too, but we're getting reports of four to five women being taken in one night alone. This can't just be one person."

"Are we thinking it's a gang who is snatching them now?" Fin asked.

"Haven't we always considered that?" Cragen said.

The others all nodded, it had been mentioned before.

"There's no real connection to the women who have been reported missing, just that they are all beautiful. Other than that they vary in age, height, weight, race…" Olivia thought out loud. "Even their jobs are all different; teachers, accountant, lawyers, nurses, surgeon. Tina Carter owns her own business, a chain of bakery's."

"We haven't discovered any bodies yet so we can only hope that all these women are still alive. But where they actually are we have no idea." Elliot said, annoyed. "Where can 57 women be held where no one would notice."

"In New York…lots of places. Out side of New York, who knows. I hate to be the one to say it but just because we haven't found any bodies, doesn't mean that they aren't all dead." Munch said before walking over to get a mug of coffee, it was late and it was probably going to be another all nighter.


2 days later.

Munch, Fin, Elliot, Olivia and Alex all sat at the bar, each one looking as miserable as the other. Another four women were now missing. There were no clues to where they might be and, honestly, no hope of finding them.

"Another everybody? My round." Alex asked.

"Not for me. I wanna get home to Kathy and the kids. I have some catching up on night time wake up calls to catch on with Eli." Elliot confessed. "He's got a cold and likes to let us now, all night long."

"Rather you than me." Munch joked - but not really, "I am exhausted. I could sleep for a week."

"Sleep sounds good to me." Fin decided.

The three men turned to the women.

"Oh we're staying." Alex said swallowing the final swig of her drink.

Elliot looked at Olivia who nodded in agreement. "Ok. Be careful getting home." he said to both of them.

"We will." They called back as the men began to walk off.

They all shouted bye or good night before it was just Olivia and Alex. For a moment there was just silence between them as they both stared at their empty glasses.

"Double?" Alex asked mocking cheerfulness.

"And then some." Olivia agreed.

"Hey can we have two more, and make them large ones?" Alex called to the bartender.


Hours later, Olivia stumbled out of the taxi. She continued to stumble towards her building, searching deep into her pocket for her keys, she kept coming up blank. Where the hell were they? She spun around to see if she had dropped them, almost falling flat on her face. "Oops." she muttered.

She was feeling dizzy and a little nauseous. Just how much had she had to drink. She was a little startled to see the taxi still parked up. Her heart skipped a beat when she saw the driver suddenly get out. He was tall and big guilt. She began searching for her keys again, quicker, but never taking her eyes off him as he walked towards her. She felt so drunk suddenly, she doubted her ability to fight him off if he tried anything. He kept coming towards her.

She turned and began clumsily pushing buttons, praying one of her neighbours would let her in. She was so deafened by the echoing of the buzzers in her drunken head that she jumped back when the taxi driver touched her arm. His reaction had reflected her own and he strained his arm to reach forward to drop her keys into her hand.

"These were on the back seat, you must have dropped them." he said looking at her like she was possibly crazy.

With her blood no longer pumping so fast around her body she didn't feel so dizzy, or so drunk. She smiled at the taxi driver, suddenly feeling a little foolish. She watched as he turned and walked down the path and back into his taxi before he drove off.

She suddenly became aware of a voice next to her, someone had answered their buzzer. "Who's there? Do you know what time it is?" the tired voice said over the intercom.

"Sorry Mrs Bartell. I thought I'd lost my keys." Olivia said apologetically to the old woman who she called a neighbour. Now another one who wouldn't say 'hi' to her when she passed them on the staircase.


She growled in frustration as she tried again to focus on the lock so she could put her key in, finally she got it. Minutes later she unlocked her front door and walked in with a proud smile. She threw her keys down on the cupboard next to her and turned to shut the door, she almost jumped out of her skin when she saw two large men barge their way into her apartment, shutting the door behind them, shutting out her escape.

She turned on her heels and tried to run, but she hadn't put the lights on yet and alcohol still swished around her body, making her clumsy and slow. She managed to make her way into the bathroom, she quickly shut the door behind her but before she had time to lock it one of the men threw himself against it, it flew open, breaking off the hinges and crashing into her, knocking her back against the hard, cold tiles. She hit her head hard, the taste of her own blood began to quickly fill her mouth, she was dizzy as everything around her began to spin.

The men turned the light on as they walked into the bathroom, cornering her in. She could now see just how big they were, they could both easily be wrestlers. She stared at them both for a moment and in that moment she realised she had no chance against them and then, for Alex Cabot everything went black…


Olivia lay in bed, she was in a restless sleep and suddenly woke up, with her hand over her mouth. She practically fell out of the bed as she made a quick dash for the bathroom. She made it to there in time to throw up into the toilet.

When finished emptying her stomach, of every drop of alcohol she had consumed, she got back up to her feet, flushed the toilet and then drooped over the sink and began splashing cold water over her face.

She stood a little straighter so she could examine her face in the mirror. She looked like three days sleep wouldn't do her any harm, so quickly decided that going back and crawling into bed was her best option.

She was about to move when she froze. She was sure she'd heard something. She turned and was about to step out of the bathroom door when she heard another noise. Moving quick, she crept into her bedroom, without turning on the light, made her way over to her bedside cupboard and pulled out her gun, she quickly loaded it and then crept back through her bedroom, following the sound she could hear. It was a kind of scratching sound.

As she stepped into the living room she stopped to try to locate the sound more. Her heart began to beat a little faster as she realised the sound was coming from right next to her. She steadied herself before spinning round and pointing the gun right at the sound.

She dropped her gun and sighed at herself when she saw what was making the sound. She'd left a window open slightly and the cool night breeze was blowing against the blind. She walked over to the window and snapped it shut.

"You're paranoid." she muttered to herself as she now made her way back to her bedroom. She put her gun down on her dresser and walked over to her bed and fell back into it.

She closed her eyes and sighed once more. She quickly began to feel sleepy now she was back in bed, it was so warm….really warm. She rolled onto her side and shifted over to the other side of the bed, which she guessed would be cooler. Her heart jumped into her throat when she rolled into something…or rather someone.

She tried to jump out of bed but two heavy hands grabbed hold of her, one on her arm and one on her leg. She was pulled underneath the person, the very heavy person. She threw her free arm out, it connected with something hard and a little sharp, a tooth. It sliced her knuckles open and obviously did some damage to her attacker who roared in pain. She tried to hit out again but she wasn't quick enough and a fist connected with the side of her face.

She lay there, her head spinning, her body momentarily paralyzed, she couldn't move and with the pain that was blasting through her head she didn't want to. Concussed, there was nothing she could do when the person stood up and grabbed hold of her, throwing her over his shoulder and carrying her from his apartment. It was late, no one would see as he carried her out of the building and up to the van that was parked up outside.

The person threw her down in the back of the van and climbed in. As the van pulled off he turned her onto her side so he could tie her wrists together with sharp scratchy rope.

"Took your time." A male voice shouted from the cab of the van.

"Bitch put up a fight. Broke my god-damn tooth." he said, being extra rough as he tied the rope.

"Yeah well. She'll get what she deserves when we get them to The Domain." the driver said.

The guy in the back glared at Olivia and then turned his attention to the other two women in the van, both unconscious. One, a young Hispanic American woman and the other, Alex Cabot.


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