OK, I know it's short but I'm working on that - I swear! :) No one seems to have any stories about what would happen if the Dogs decided to take a look in the Court of the Rogue, so I decided to write one myself! :) Please review, its always good to know that people actually read what you put up - rather than it just sitting there!
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Rosto watched the newcomer with wary eyes, looking for any sign that might tip him off to the man's intentions.

"And what would your reason be, friend, for interrupting my court with your presence?" Rosto asked.

The man took a step forwards towards the dais. "Majesty, I have come to warn you of the raid, planned for tonight, by the Dogs."

Rosto smiled; the entire court turned towards him.

"What you are saying is a serious accusation. What proof have you to back up your claim?

The man paled slightly, but stood his ground. "None, Majesty, but my word."

Rosto leaned back on his throne, his hands playing idly with the edge of his boot knife. His silence seemed to make the man more uncomfortable.

"Very well. The Court is adjourned for tonight, but heed this warning. If the Dogs do not come tonight, there will be dire consequences for you," Rosto stated, staring straight into the man's brown eyes.

The court paused for a moment; Rosto's words sinking in amongst them. With a flurry of activity, everyone stood up, those with tankards drained them, and they left – leaving Kora, Rosto and Aniki in their wake.

As soon as the last person was out the door, Aniki turned to Rosto. "Do you really believe that the Dogs will come tonight?"

"I don't know," he replied "but it is better to be safe than to be sorry about it in the morning. Help me clean up slightly, then we can sit down and enjoy ourselves while we wait for the Dogs to come sniffing."

They thus resolved to wait for the Dog pack to come and break their door in.

Yes, there will probably be another chapter - if I ever feel like getting my arse into gear! :) I will endeavour to put it up as soon as I can!