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Chapter one the end and beginning

Naruto Uzumaki was having a horrible twenty-fifth birth day. Not only had his plan to take over the ninja world and bring peace just fail but his supposed 'best friend' turned on him at the last second.

'after all that planning and training….I'm still nothing without the Kyuubi' that wasn't true of course. he was by far the most powerful ninja alive. he thought back to how he defeated Madara Uchiha and Sasuke. He just reversed the sealing on the Statue of Hell, and boom all the tailed beast ran around killing people, and when I say all the tailed beasts. I mean all.

so in the end Naruto did lose the fox but what the hell. He was considered the strongest ninja in the world.

But one thing he over looked was that his body was no long immune to poison. That was his one mistake…well unless you count him trusting the people closest to him as one. Which he now did.

His wife Hinata was not the one that really killed him. She poured the drink but Sakura was the one that made the poison.

The thing that really pissed him off was the fact that Hinata was under some sort of mind control.

She had some distant look in her beautiful lavender eyes. Like she wisent really there.

Then it struck him.

Sakura was a master of Genjutsu, and she had always held a grudge against him for killing Sasuke, and now she found a way to get back at him.

He, the man that almost brought about peace. Sure there were wars, but in the big picture a few life's for almost a billion was a rather good price.

"you..h-have any…'cough cough' idea what y-you've done?" he might as well ask her just so she was sure that she knew what she was doing.

She narrowed her eye at him "of course I do. I'm avenging my Sasuke-kun. Don't worry, your whore will join you soon" she was then bout to kill Hinata with a very powerful kick when she found she couldn't move.

"Shikamaru?" she saw him in the reflection in the golden mirror that covered one of the walls of Naruto and Hinata's bed room.

"sorry we didn't get here in time Naruto. Choji take care of her" Shikamaru got a nod from his friend as he used his clans jutsu to make his hand grow to the size of a person and grabbed hold of Sakura and took her out of the room. There was going to be a public execution later and they would need her for the chopping block.

Tsunade came running into the room.

"oh no" she then went over to check Naruto and Hinata.

"is…is H-Hinata going to 'cough' be okay?" Naruto was going pale and his vision was fading.

Lady Tsunade didn't have the heart to tell him that Hinata had also been poisoned and she wasn't in much better shaped then him.

"she'll be fine…but you..I'm sorry Naruto but-" she was interrupted by Naruto.

"so she's dying too huh? That sucks…." He could feel her life force fading and he knew that he didn't have much time.

"please Tsunade….don't let my dream die….I know about your deal with the shinigami…I know it's a lot to ask but-" he was interrupted by a massive hug form Tsunade.

"of course I won't let it die" she said through tears.

"thank you…mom" and with that the most powerful ninja died.

Naruto was standing in front of Hinata in a unending black ocean.

"Naruto-kun I'm so sorry I didn't know what-" she found herself unable to talk as Naruto had closed the gap between them and covered her mouth with his.

After a little while they gently pulled apart.

"I know Hime" he said with a smile on his face.

Hinata just then noticed that they were standing on seemingly nothing.

"were are we?" she asked looking around fearful that this was what the end looked like. Just never ending blackness. The fact that Naruto was here made things much more bearable but still.

"you are here at my request" they both turned to see who the voice belonged to.

"you're the shinigami. I saw Cyclops-teme use you to seal Kabuto, but what are you doing here?" Naruto didn't like Kakashi as much as people thought he did.(I don't like Kakashi)

"I'm here to give you another chance. You made watching your world fun for some time and by the looks of it you would have for some time to come, but then that wench poisoned you. I have to say that was a twist, but now you're dead and life is getting uninteresting again" he then looked at him for some time.

"so are you going to agree to live again or what?"

Both Naruto and Hinata looked at each other.

"but what about Hinata-chan?"

"sigh..look the only way for you to live again is if I send you to another dimension. And you know way? It's cause there is a body that would fit you perfectly that needs a soul"

Naruto and Hinata looked lost.

"look you know when your first memoir was?"

"yeah I was like three or four. What does that-"

"that was when you finally got a soul. You see energy can't be destroyed just redirected and souls are just energy. Get it…I need your soul with or without your memories. Right now some three year old is just on autopilot. I'm giving you a chance to start a new life..yes or no?"

"it's okay Naruto-kun. You deserve a second chance " Hinata said holding his hand.

After a long kiss he and Hinata broke apart.

"okay…Shinigami-sama take me to my body"

The death god smiled and then snapped his fingers.

"and you'll be in a different dimension so things won't get old"

Then the blackness over took him of as he was flung across the timelines of different demotions.

Then he fell into one.

Naruto went into the body of a young Lars Namikaze. The youngest of Minato and Kushina's five kids.

Minato and Kushina had Naruto when they were just sixteen.

With some different Naruto as the oldest at ten. Looks the same as the canon one.

The second oldest Sora at eight. Looks the same as Kushina only spiky hair.

The third Mito at five. The carbon copy of Kushina.

Mito's twin sister Asami. A blonde little Kushina with blue eyes.{Naruko}

And little Lars at three. He looked like Minato only with straight hair.

"I'll see you again Hinata-chan. I promise" Naruto said as if they still could communicate, if only for a little bit.

With that he had moved into Lars's body. He would have to start from scratch and he didn't have the Kyuubi to heal him and he would have normal chakra for some time.

it was only the beginning.

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