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Chapter 1: First Encounter


"The usual?" the peppy girl with gaps in her teeth and frizzy hair cheerfully asked me as I entered the coffee shop. I grinned at her,

"You know me too well!" she giggled and busied herself with my usual morning coffee. I don't even really like coffee but I always drop by this little café to get my morning dosage. I call it 'My morning wake up call' which I seriously need this early in the morning as I head to work. She handed me the impressive sized foam cup that contained the strong liquid wake up call, I sighed as I breathed in the aroma as the steam swirled up to my nostrils.

"Thanks catch ya tomorrow!" I gave her the money and walked out the café door receiving a 'tinkling' as the door closed and the wind-chime…well…chimed. Haha.

I glanced around and headed down the street towards work. Breathing in the town's familiar vehicle fumes the occasional honk of the passing cars barely noticeable as I groggily sipped my coffee. Hmmm…well the town I live in is called Konoha. This particular street is called Konoha Hill…in my opinion that's a pretty sucky name for a street, probably created by some douche bag who had ran out of names and thought 'Hmm what shall I called this street? I know I'll use the name of the town and add a 'hill' to the end!' yeahh well done pal whoever you were...very creative…Anyhow it's still the street I live on. With all its familiar surroundings…like that guy over there who seems to get a kick outa selling old and used socks…why would you do that? I mean c'mon it's obvious they've been used they've got holes in them for cryin out loud! I mean, I could understand if the dude was poor but I seen him plenty of times in the ramen stall ordering the special, the special! The special! That guy is not poor! Then over there is Akimichi Choji who has just sold off his life long construction business to buy that run down building over there to follow his dream of being a head chef to his own restaurant. So far it's going well. Me and some friends went over for a look and he's making a good job of the place so far. Choji is an old friend so we all decided we should give our opinions…taking the mick was a given. Hehehe that was a good night…so much sake. So much…cheesecake…good times…I caught myself goofily smiling as I walked down the street but no one really cared, they all know me, I do those kind of things… I guess you could say a lot haha.

Oh I should probably introduce myself, my name's Uzumaki Naruto. Yeah I know…Fishcake Whirlpool…yeah well…heh moving on. I looked up to the sky, looked like it was gonna be a nice clear day. I pouted. Great. Nice day and I'm stuck in doors. I huffed out a sigh as I closed my eyes.


I nearly lost my balance as I collided with something…or someone. I practically had to juggle my coffee! My arms and legs going like crazy to keep my balance along with making loud noises of distress. Thankfully none of my valuable 'wake up call' had been lost. I turned (anger mark, wide eyes) to see what idiot had banged into me. "Sorry Boss!"

A high pitched voice shouted up at me. I blinked and looked down at the kid, Konohamaru. He grinned up at me, with his missing tooth, making him even more mischievous looking,

"Konohamaru..? Shouldn't you be at school?" I suspiciously asked noting the junior school uniform. He rolled his eyes, a new trait he had recently picked up from his cocky friends, it always ticked me off. Sure. I occasionally roll my eyes but…the kid shouldn't roll his eyes at me! I mean! C'mon! Where's the respect kid? Show respect to your elders…ha. Great. Now I sound old...

"yeahhh Naruto that's where I'm going…before you banged into me like a klutz!" I clenched my free hand, the other still clutching the foam coffee cup, bending down so I was eye level with the little shi-

"Why you little punk! You're the one who banged into me!" he in turn clenched his fists angrily,

"You were the one walking along the street with your eyes closed!"

"Well I…hey if you noticed that you should have known to go around me! Jeez Konohamaru!"

"I shouldn't have to!" I opened my mouth to retort further but stopped myself. I mean...he is just a kid…I shouldn't get angry with him…not in public anyway. So instead I ruffled his messy hair with my free hand. "Yeah whatever kid."

Konohamaru looked like he was about to object but then he laughed,

"Yeah! Whatever boss!" he then turned as his two friends called for him,

"C'mon Konohamaru! We're gonna be late!"

He grinned as he ran up to them, looking over his shoulder, "See ya later Naruto!" I waved as I took a step forward.


As I took a step forward I slipped on something. Nooooo! Everything moved in slow motion as I fell back. My arms waved in blurred motions as I tried to get my balance back. My hands refluxed before I could stop them. Well shit. There goes my coffee. As I lay on the cement sidewalk, flat on my back, the 'wake up call' spilled unstopping onto the pavement. Shit. I sat up, my back clicking. My eyes were drawn to one thing at first…a…banana skin? What the hell? I looked towards a huge ruckus of laughter. Konohamaru stood a little way off pointing at me, clutching his stomach as he uncontrollably laughed. Realisation dawned. Konohamaru was known for his pranks…hell I taught him most of them! And I just got caught out by the old banana skin…that little punk…he and his friends took off before I could get up and strangle him…that little…


I rubbed my back, grumbling, as I walked into the travel book store. The 'tinkling' of the wind-chime above the door welcomed me happily. Yeah, seems there a lot of those wind chime things getting about…they must have been on sale or something. I sighed as I said morning to Iruka who I work with and who also owns the shop. I've known him for a long time, probably when I was even younger than Konohamaru. He's sorta been like my big brother figure…oh and yeah…I work in a travel book store… I'm not saying it's the best job in the world, in fact it's pretty suckish, but it pays the bills…well, more or less.

"Morning Naruto, how are you this morning?"

He said looking up from his newspaper, I absentmindedly noticed the beautiful actress on the front page,

"Argh! Iruka-sempai you wouldn't believe this morning…it's only early and I already got pranked by that cocky Konohamaru kid…I mean c'mon! I taught the kid most of what he knows and he pranks me! Where's the gratitude in that!"

Iruka raised one of his eyebrows, "Pranked you huh? Wow…that sounds so familiar, eh Naruto?"

I grinned sheepishly whilst rubbing the back of my head,

"Ha yeeah…about that…" I had pranked Iruka, well let's just say, quite a lot in the past… not only him either. Iruka folded his newspaper up carefully, placing it on the corner of the counter, before rising from the chair,

"I'm going to the back room, you take over here." I took off my orange hoodie and threw it onto the back of the chair, plonking myself down. Glancing around the familiar shelves I rested my chin on my hand. Is this really it? Is this really gonna be my life..? I sighed for the umpteenth time that day, resting my face on my arms which were now crossed on the counter deciding to treat myself to a bowl of Ramen later on…what? It's not like I have anything better to think about right now…

The hours ticked by. It's not like I read much but when you work in a travelling book store…there's not a whole lot else to do, ya know. So I sat behind the counter reading a travelling book about India whilst Iruka-Sempai talked to some customers. I was just wondering if I should go and see if I could go to the café and if Iruka wanted something - it was just around the block after all - anything to get me outside, when I heard the wind-chime by the door chiming away as someone came in…at first I didn't even look up, how could I know…nothing would ever prepare me for it…

I continued to read the India travel book. Well I say read, more like look at all the photos the dude must have taken when he went to India. Like I said I'm not exactly a book worm…which is one of the reasons why working in a travel book store was a strange career choice…but Iruka said I could and I needed the cash; especially if I wanted to keep my flat…

From the corner of my eye I could barely see the person who had just entered the shop looking at the books about…Turkey? I glanced up to get a better look at the customer. My eyes briefly saw a woman, with long blue ebony hair, wearing dark sunglasses…like I said I only glanced not expecting to see anything special. But as soon as I returned to the book I felt an unimaginable pull drag my eyes back to the figure standing by the book shelves. This time I took in more detail as my eyes widened in amazement and …disbelief. I saw a woman; a beautiful woman. With, like I said, blue ebony hair that went flowing down to her waist, a neat fringe shaped above her eyes which were covered with fashionable shades…her amazingly curvy body was framed perfectly by a white shirt and simple jeans, a black jacket that nipped her in at the waist, proving it to be a pretty petite waist…she was in a word…


I literally couldn't help but let my jaw drop.

It was her.

It was her…right?

I couldn't believe my eyes…

I blinked, checking to see if she would disappear…blink…yep, she was still there…

My heart pounded in my chest, vibrating in my ears, I was sure she must be able to hear it…

It's her


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