Strange title, good story. I don't want to give away too much though. Basically about Gohan and Videl after their married. Figure the rest out for yourselves. LOL. Please be kind as this is my first story. I chose pasta cause that's my fav food and it was the first thing that popped into my head. So don't sue me if it's wrong or you don't like it. Please R&R.

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Pasta ????????

Chapter 1: Pasta ???????

"What ya cooking," asked Gohan leaning over Videl's shoulder.

"Pasta," Videl answered.

"Pasta? Since when did you eat pasta, I thought you hated it," asked Gohan.

"I do, I don't know why I wanted it all of a sudden," said Videl looking quite confused with herself.

"Oh well," said Gohan. This had been happening for a few weeks now, thought Videl, craving foods that she normally hated. She didn't understand why and it was annoying because she was gaining a lot of weight from it. Two kilos in the last three weeks. She was still training but she seemed to get tired more easily than normal. It was driving her crazy. Little did she know, next-door Chi-Chi had noticed the same changes in Videl and she smiled to herself because she knew exactly what was going on.


"Can we stop Gohan, I'm getting tired," asked Videl, her ki lowering considerably.

"Not again," complained Gohan.

"I'm exhausted,"

"But we've only been sparring for half an hour," winged Gohan sinking back to earth.

"Well I'm sorry, okay, its not my fault," cried Videl.

"Then whose fault is it?" asked Gohan getting angry.

"I don't know, okay," replied Videl trudging into the house. She was sick of fighting with Gohan over this but the problem was that she didn't know what 'this' was.


Chi-Chi watched Gohan and Videl through the window, she had seen the scene many times in the last few weeks and she knew she'd be seeing it a lot more in the following weeks unless Videl realized what was happening. Chi-Chi only hoped she would realize before it ruined Gohan and Videl's marriage.

A/N Okay very short and not much happened but I suppose your all getting the gist of the story. It's not like it's not obvious. LOL! So what's wrong with Videl and what does Chi-Chi know that know one else does. Find out in Chapter 2: What's wrong with me?