The Taste of Victory

Chapter 1

Baron stood on the bridge and looked out of the window down on the planet below. Soon, the wretched human civilization will burn. General Taron walked in and stood to Baron's left.

"Remember it, Taron? Back when you were still a Commander?"

"A lot has happened since then. I'm still not really in favor for this. We won the war, both Voróo and Asthael have been crushed, but we suffered unimaginable losses." He looked to Baron's right. Baron caught that look.

"Major Varon was a good man. And he couldn't have died a more honorable death. 93 Voróo and 112 Asthael fell at his hand before he fell himself." Taron pressed thumb and pointer against his eyes.

"The Battle of the End. That was true hell. I wish I could forget."

"No, Taron. You need to remember these things in order to evolve. Experience is good for progress. We don't only conquer to win but also to gain experience." Taron inhaled deeply.

"Yes, I know. But I still don't think we should do this. Our kind is still recovering. I don't think this is the right time for another war."

"Not war, Taron. This is an annihilation. A sentence. Anyway, I didn't take any soldiers. We only have war machines on this ship and the crew." Taron nodded.

"Let's just get this over with."

"Yes, look out Jo, here we come."

Meanwhile, on Earth, Jo entered her house. The smell of curry filling the air.

"Honey, I'm home." Meg came out of the kitchen.

"Welcome home, honey." She went over to Jo and kissed her.

"Dinner's almost ready. Go ahead and sit down."

"Okay." They went in the kitchen, which was also the dining room. Jo sat down at the table and Meg went back to the stove.

"How was work?"

"Just more complaints from the government if it really was necessary."

"I don't blame them. They were already short on money, and now they're spending more of it on an Alien Contact Agency."

"Alien Contact Preparation Agency."

"Whatever. It's been ten years since those...uhh..."


"Yeah, since those guys left. Do you really think they'll come?"

"They are a race that lives off of warfare. Revenge is like an appetizer to them. They'll come. Believe me." Then Jo's cell rang. She took it out of her pocket and looked at it.

"What is it?"

"Code Red: We've got an alien space ship in Earth's orbit, refusing to answer our calls. I gotta go."

"What? But Jo..." But Jo was already up and away. Meg just looked after her. "9 years of marriage and I still haven't beat that out of her."

After a short while Jo reached the Agency. It was like a military base with plenty of soldiers and scientists running around the place. She entered and went to the main communication center. There was a giant screen, about a dozen people sitting at computers and controlling the happenings, and there was a main panel from where Jo gave orders. She went there and was greeted by one of the employees.

"Miss, the ship still hasn't answered."

"Let me try it." The people set the satellite on the ship and Jo took the microphone. "Hello, unknown vessel, this is the Alien Contact Preparation Agency, Jo Carpenter speaking, please respond." There was a moment of silence, but then the intercom cracked and a voice spoke up.

"Good evening, miss Carpenter. It is evening down there, isn't it?" Jo recognized that voice. The day she had feared for the last ten years had finally come.


"Is that hatred I hear in your voice? It is me who should be angry. After that failure ten years ago Garon decided to abandon Project Harvest. Can you imagine how many lives have been lost?"

"Can you imagine how many lives would have been lost if you had succeeded?"

"Why should I care about the lowly lives of humans? One Garonian is already worth every human on Earth."

"I think the other way around."

"Silence! I am only talking to you so you can be certain about who did it?"

"Who did what?" Then she saw a bright light through the window and then a loud explosion. The people on the computers already went mad typing around.

"Miss, some sort of energy charge hit the east edge of Tokyo. It has been completely destroyed."

"That!" She then heard laughter through the intercom. "That is only a little taste of our victory. The civilization, of which you humans are so proud of, will crumble to dust before our power." He then got serious. "This is goodbye, Jo. For real, this time." Jo then started to hear multiple shots and explosions from the city over the typing on the keyboards.

"Miss, several weird machines suddenly appeared all around the city. In fact, all around the world."

"Activate the main defense systems! IMMEDIATELY!" She got an answer in a choir.

"Yes, mam." She then walked over to one of the people.

"Alright, I want a status report. What exactly does the attack force consist of?"

"Let's see. We have some sort of flying machines firing energy blasts down from the sky. We have human sized four-legged machines running around like animals and shooting sticky bombs. And then we got giant machines strolling around, firing energy blasts and what seems to be disintegration beams. Oh, and one more thing. We have already managed to take a few of the small ones down. And they seem to be...bleeding."

"Yeah, I expected that. Garonians are majored in biotechnology. What about the other ones?"

"They appear to be protected by some sort of shield that divert our rockets."

"I see. What about our new energy blasters?"

"Well, they haven't completely finished testing, so..."

"So nothing. I'm gonna test them myself." She dashed off and went down to the labs. The scientists had already been informed that she would come. "Alright, where's the blaster?"

"Miss, we would like you to think this over again."

"Screw you. We need to destroy these things and the blaster is our only chance." The scientist nodded.

"Look, miss. There is a teleporter, not far from here. We could try to get onto the ship through there and use the control panel to stop these things." Jo pondered about that, then smirked.

"Yes, that's a good plan. You got ten minutes. I'll get a handful of soldiers and you get us some blasters. Meet you upstairs." She then dashed off again.

Ten minutes later, the scientist arrived at the jeep where Jo was waiting with three soldiers, and gave them the blasters.

"Alright, you." She pointed at one of the soldiers. "You drive. Scientist, you show him the way. The other two ride with me in the back and help me fend off the machines. Alright?" The men nodded. "Good, let's go." They got in the jeep and drove off.