Chapter 24 – Empire State of Mind

EPILOGUE TWO – 18 Months Later


I was so insanely happy, it was hard to believe I was ever depressed a day in my life.

I did indeed spend the summer before my senior year in New York, with my parents permission. Like there was ever a doubt they would let me go. My mom expressed concern for about two minutes. My dad didn't care until I brought up money. I had decided that, if I was going to spend the summer with Jeremiah, I didn't want either of us to worry about money. So, I used the blackmail skills I had tested on Kurt, on my father.

"I want you to pay the rent for the summer. It will be about $7,000. I also want a monthly allowance of $5,000."

"Blaine, are you seriously sitting there, asking me to give you $22,000 so you can party and screw around in New York City for the summer? You're a spoiled little shit Blaine but, even this is too much for you."

"Just give me the money."



"No. Now, get the hell out of my office!"

"Why don't you check your email."

I got the money.

Jeremiah and I had a fabulous summer. We both still worked but now it was just for fun and not out of necessity. I loved meeting the different people who came into the coffee shop and Nancy appointed herself my surrogate mom. While I certainly didn't need a mom at this age, it was nice to have someone who cared enough to look out for me. I really grew to love her.

We went to art shows, concerts, parties in the Hamptons and of course, Jeremiah fucked the hell out of me. Daily. With a renewed passion. Matthew had moved in with his girlfriend so, we had the apartment to ourselves. I spent many a night, tied up, at Jeremiah's mercy. We finally decided to schedule our sex life around work when Nancy threatened to fire me if I called in sick one more time. Jeremiah still fucked me everyday but, he only tried to kill me on certain days.

Best. Summer. Of. My. Life.

Returning to Westerville that fall was really, really hard. We missed each other so much. I threw myself into school work to stay busy and out of depression. I took all advanced placement courses and maintained a 4.8 GPA. I studied like crazy for the SAT and scored a 2000. More than enough to get into NYU.

That June, I graduated with honors on a Thursday and left for New York that Saturday. I have no intentions of ever returning to Ohio.

We had another fabulous summer, compliments of my father, before I started school. The only thing my father insisted on, was deciding my major. He wanted me to major in business. I didn't argue. It actually made perfect sense. Someone would have to manage Jeremiah's career.

Jeremiah had started getting recognition for his work and his paintings were starting to sell. He was featured in several new artist shows and received very favorable reviews. Carter was thrilled. I did not like or trust Carter. I would catch him staring at Jeremiah as if he wanted to inhale him. Plus, he had the nerve to proposition me one evening.

It was during an art gallery party. I was checking out some of the work when he approached.

"You know, Blaine, when Jeremiah first arrived here, he missed you terribly. He was literally pining for you. One night, he had a bit too much to drink and he started to talk about your...talents."

He stepped closer and lowered his voice. I felt like punching him.

"Jeremiah told me that what you can do with your mouth is unbelievably amazing. Naturally, I assumed it was just the mutterings of someone missing their lover but...if you would ever care to backup Jeremiah's story with proof, I would be more than willing to allow you."

I couldn't believe the nerve of this asshole. He knew I was loyal to Jeremiah, plus, he was old enough to be my father.

"Sorry Carter. The only cock I suck is Jeremiah's. Now, why don't you fuck off?"

We steered clear of one another after that. I never told Jeremiah. He was so grateful for all Carter had done for him, I didn't want to spoil the illusion. For now, we needed Carter's connections and patronage. Once I graduated, things would change.

I'm enjoying college life. I can definitely see why Jeremiah thought I might want to experiment. College is like one great big orgy for both gays and straights. Gays who weren't out in high school, were finally letting loose and straight kids who were finally free from their parents, were eager to get busy. I've had lots of offers from both girls and guys but, I'm not interested. Jeremiah encourages me to experiment. Yeah, right. I've been down that road with him before and I know where it leads. I always assure him that I am perfectly happy with him and I always will be. That is the one thing in my life I know for sure. I have no doubts. None.

Jeremiah refuses to let me visit him during the week. Honestly, sometimes he is worse than a parent. "I want you going to class and studying Blaine. I'm not going to derail your future." But my weekends are full of him. Literally.

I made the dean's list first quarter. My mom called to congratulate me. She sounded a lot happier and more upbeat than I could remember her sounding in years. At first I thought it was because I was finally out of the house but then she started mentioning someone named Brad. Brad was a stay-at-home dad whose wife was a high-powered attorney who traveled a lot. Since the children were in school all day, Brad thought it might be fun to get involved with some charity work. Apparently Brad and my mom were working on several projects together. Brad is so smart and so helpful.

Look out dad. I think Brad is helping himself to mom. I couldn't be happier for her.

I kept my promise and never contacted Kurt again. Being in New York, I thought of him from time to time. He always had plans of landing on Broadway. I totally expect to see him starring in a musical one day. I'll never forgive myself for what I did that night. I just hoped that he and David were together and happy.

It's Friday. Jeremiah is waiting for me at the dorm entrance.


"Hello, my beautiful Blaine."

"Why are you here? I thought we were meeting at the art show."

"It was canceled."

"Oh... so, what do you want to do now?"

Jeremiah looked at me with those gorgeous, lustful green eyes.

"If you promise to be a good boy, I'll take you to my apartment."

"I'm always your good boy Jeremiah. Always."


Well, there you have it. In case you couldn't tell, along the way I totally fell in love with Blaine and Jeremiah. They may have to star in my next story. Maybe something involving Carter. I think Blaine is smart not to trust him...

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