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Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson are now in a relationship

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Prudence Anderson: It's about time guys.

Finn Hudson: Mom and Burt are going to lose it.

Kurt Hummel: The good way or the bad way?

Finn Hudson: Burt- bad, Mom- good.

Mercedes Jones: Boy, how long has this been going on?

Prudence Anderson: Considering Kurt came over to our house about three days ago and I was scarred at the two of them shirtless on the floor, I'd say it's been awhile.

Prudence Anderson: About a few weeks.

Mercedes Jones: You knew?

Prudence Anderson: Sworn to secrecy.

Sam Evans to Prudence Anderson: We still on for tonight?

Santana Lopez: What the hell?

Sam Evans: Prudence is tutoring me, no big deal.

Sam Evans: Just because we broke up, doesn't mean you need to keep tabs on me.

Sam Evans: Besides, Prudence is the smartest person in the school.

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Prudence Anderson: Sam, we are still on for tonight. You remember where I live right?

Noah Puckermen: GET SOME!

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Prudence Anderson: We're just friends, okay?

Sam Evans: Right.

Blaine Anderson: You sure? ;)

Prudence Anderson: I'm sure Blaine.

Blaine Anderson: Are you absolutely positive?

Prudence Anderson: Blaine Xavier Anderson, drop it.

Kurt Hummel to Blaine Anderson: Xavier?

Blaine Anderson: Yes, thank my parents for that one.

Kurt Hummel: Lol.

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Rachel Berry: Why did you add the entire football team?

Prudence Anderson: Because Rachel, I'm tutoring them, all of them.

Noah Puckermen: So now you and Sam can spend even more time together.

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Finn Hudson: I can't figure out a science project! 1-800-PRUDENCE

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Prudence Anderson: Diet coke and Mentos are always great. YouTube it.

Finn Hudson: That's epic.

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Blaine Anderson to Kurt Hummel: I Love You!

Kurt Hummel: I love you too!

Blaine Anderson: Breadstix later then?

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David Wright: Get some!

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Blaine Anderson: First day of McKinley. Hello New Directions!

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Prudence Anderson: Welcome to Glee club bro! Good luck with the duet partner ;)

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Kurt Hummel: I have the perfect song for us to sing! Check your phone!

Blaine Anderson: You would ;)

Kurt Hummel: And I did.

Mercedes Jones: Oooooo boy! I want deets! What song?

Kurt Hummel: Sorry, secret :P.

Prudence Anderson: Wanna tell me?

Blaine Anderson: Not really :P

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Kurt Hummel and David Karofsky are now friends.

Finn Hudson: What, what?

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Brittney Pierce: I'm confused.

Sam Evans: Me too.

David Karofsky: He added me. Someone still has a crush on me.

Kurt Hummel: Last I checked you were the one who kissed me.

David Karofsky: Did not! You kissed me!

Blaine Anderson: Still sticking with that story?

David Karofsky: Whatever fairy boy.

Prudence Anderson: Oh hell no. You did not just call me bro a fairy Mr. Tumnus!

David Karofsky: What the hell did you just call me geek?

Prudence Anderson: First of all, I'm not a geek, I'm a nerd. Please learn the difference. Secondly, Mr. Tumnus is a fictional character from the popular book series 'The Chronicles of Narnia'. Narnia just so happens to be located in the very back of a wardrobe, or more commonly called a closet.

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David Karofsky: Are you saying that I'm in the closet?

Blaine Anderson: If you need help coming out, I can help you.

Blaine Anderson uploaded a new video: Prudence's first kiss!

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Finn Hudson: Wow, he finally had the guts.

Rachel Berry: Nice little speech.

Artie Abrams: Fo sho'.

Noah Puckermen: It's about time.

Prudence Anderson: Blaine! When did you have a camera?

Blaine Anderson: Lauren and Artie :P.

Prudence Anderson: I feel slightly betrayed.

Sam Evans: It's not that bad…check your phone.

Prudence Anderson: Really? You want to?

Sam Evans: More than anything.

Prudence Anderson and Sam Evans are now in a relationship

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Blaine Anderson: You two are adorkable by the way. But Kurt and I still beat you by a mile or five.

Prudence Anderson: I beg to differ, we kick your butts :P.

Brittany Pierce uploaded a new video: Kurt the Cheerio!

Blaine Anderson: Oh my wizard god.

Kurt Hummel: Oh boy…

Prudence Anderson: I think Blaine just passed out…

Blaine Anderson: You were a cheerleader?

Kurt Hummel: Yeah…does it freak you out.

Prudence Anderson: ROFLOL.

Kurt Hummel: …Blaine? You there?

Prudence Anderson: Don't worry; it doesn't freak him out…

Kurt Hummel: What do you know?

Prudence Anderson: I'll inbox you and let my brother keep some of his pride.

Kurt Hummel: Oh wow…

Prudence Anderson: I know right?

Blaine Anderson: What did you tell him sis?

Prudence Anderson: Sworn to secrecy :P

Blaine Anderson: Tell me what you told him.

Blaine Anderson: Or I'll hunt you down.

Prudence Anderson: is running for dear life from Blaine Anderson.

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Kurt Hummel: has a plan for tonight.

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Blaine Anderson: has just had his mind blown.

David Wright: You sure it was only your mind?

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Prudence Anderson: Kurt took my advice?

Kurt Hummel: Yes Ma'am. I'm now your brother's personal cheerleader ;).

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Prudence Anderson: Oh wow, I didn't need to know that.

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So yeah…bored.