Author's note: Okay, so I wrote this after Michael, The Spanish Teacher and Heart, so please bear with me. Just so no one is confused, I'm practically crushing the three together in a highly strategic sequence, but you all can be the judge of that.

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Prudence Anderson: In complete and utter shock. Really shows who your friends are…

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Kurt Hummel: I feel your pain Prudence. I can't believe it.

Prudence Anderson: Mom and Dad are so pissed. I've never seen them like this.

Finn Hudson: How is he?

Prudence Anderson: I don't know we're still waiting in the ER.

Prudence Anderson: Kids, this is Prudence's mom. We'll keep you posted on Blaine. Just hang tight.

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Prudence Anderson to Wes Montgomery: I take it you got my message?

Wes Montgomery: I am furious. They should know better than this. They know what the slushy means. That day you came into practice covered in it… what were they thinking?

Kurt Hummel: That they wanted to win.

Wes Montgomery: I think I am going to pay them a little visit.

Santana Lopez: I'm way ahead of you.

Trent Nixon: Feeling horrible.

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Wes Montgomery: Good. What you did is unacceptable. You practically shit on the Warbler Code and The Dalton Zero Tolerance Policy. All for what: A win at Regionals? You all deserve to lose and be expelled. Prudence and Kurt are terrified and Blaine's parents are furious. When I met up with her, do you know what she was doing? Prudence was crying. You all made her cry, wasn't that something that you all swore that would never happen?

Wes Montgomery: You've failed me boys. When I left Dalton, I thought you guys could handle it. I had faith in you. I was wrong. I really hope you're happy.

Prudence Anderson: Don't bother anymore Wes; I've lost faith in them.

Sebastian Smyth: So the chick cried, so what? She's not even a Warbler and neither is her brother. If anything, you should all be thanking me. Blaine isn't a Warbler anymore; he transferred to be closer to his little sister.

Prudence Anderson: He didn't transfer for me. He transferred to be closer to Kurt, the one that he loves. You are just jealous. He left Dalton because he wanted to be with Kurt, and clearly, not you.

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Blaine Anderson: I feel like a pirate.

Prudence Anderson: And you look like one too!

Finn Hudson: Ninja's are better.

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Kurt Hummel: Pirates are much more fashionable than ninjas.

Prudence Anderson: Ninjas can jump from roof to roof and get free cable, pick locks, kick major ass…

Prudence Anderson: My list goes on.

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Prudence Anderson: Playing Scrabble with the older brother, Blaine Anderson.

Kurt Hummel: Who's winning?

Blaine Anderson: Me, obviously ;)

Prudence Anderson: Not anymore :P

Brittany Pierce: Can you make mine with cheese? Some people like omelets or fried.

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Prudence Anderson: Ha! Triple word score! Infatuation!

Brittany Pierce: Don't they hurt?

Santana Lopez: That's an infection sweetie.

Prudence Anderson: Winner by technical knockout (And by that I mean Blaine had to take his pills that make him sleepy), Prudence Eleanor Anderson!

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Finn Hudson: Who's the other guy?

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Prudence Anderson: That's Cooper.

Brittany Pierce: He looks like Blaine.

Blaine Anderson: That's because he's my older brother.

Finn Hudson: What? You have an older brother?

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Prudence Anderson: He's a couple of years older than Blaine. He's in college at the moment.

Santana Lopez: So you have two older brothers?

Prudence Anderson: Yes ma'am.

Santana Lopez: How did you deal with them?

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Prudence Anderson: It wasn't too bad…

Prudence Anderson: It's good to have my insane Warblers back :D

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Thad Harwood: It's good to be back. Have we mentioned how sorry we are?

Prudence Anderson: You have. You guys are all forgiven, even by my parents. But tell Sebastian that I will castrate him with a rusty set of keys if he tries something like that ever again.

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Prudence Anderson: I'm sexy and I know it ;)

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Prudence Anderson: You don't hear me saying this a lot, but damn! He was hot!

Thad Harwood: So, you like a guy?

Blaine Anderson: Who is he and do I have to talk to him?

Prudence Anderson: He's the night Spanish teacher. He's hot, but not my personal type.

Thad Harwood: You have a type?

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Prudence Anderson: Yep :P

Sugar Motta: Hoping everyone has a date for my Valentine's party!

Prudence Anderson to Thad Harwood: What are your plans for Valentine's Day?

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Thad Harwood: Nothing! Why?

Prudence Anderson: Want to come with me to Sugar's Valentine's Day party? A date is required and I am the poster child for 'single'.

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Thad Harwood: Absolutely! Just let me know the time and I'll come and pick you up!


Jeff Sterling: Someone's happy.

Nick Duval: Wanna know what you should do? Get her flowers; Red roses.

Blaine Anderson: Thad, you've had a crush on Prudence since last year. Although you are my friend, she is my sister and if you hurt her I know where you sleep. Just a friendly reminder.

Prudence Anderson: Out with the ladies and Kurt getting dresses?

Noah Puckerman: For what?

Prudence Anderson: Because a certain older brother who will not be mentioned at this time sent out a mass text to the girls that I have a date for Sugar's party, they insisted I buy a dress for said date.

Blaine Anderson: Was it Cooper?

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Prudence Anderson: Yes, obviously.

Prudence Anderson: That was sarcasm by the way.

Prudence Anderson: And shopping is torture.

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Kurt Hummel: Oh my god…

Prudence Anderson: What happened?

Kurt Hummel: I'll text you later.

Thad Harwood: Speechless and drooling :Q

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Jeff Sterling: What happened?

Nick Duval: Did you give her the flowers?

Thad Harwood uploaded a mobile photo: Valentine's Day.

Trent Nixon: She looks beautiful!

Nick Duval: No wonder Thad's acting like that.

Jeff Sterling: Our little Warblerette had grown up so fast!

Blaine Anderson: Had a blast at the party with everyone, especially Kurt Hummel.

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Kurt Hummel: I love you.

Blaine Anderson: I love you too.

Prudence Anderson is in a relationship with Thad Harwood

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Jeff Sterling: Finally!

Nick Duval: Succeed!

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