Seven hundred years… seven. Hundred. Years.

The numbers spun through my head as I made my way to vampire mountain. I am the Aionia Mystika. I am the eternal secret. I am the only truly immortal vampire.

It all started roughly seven hundred years ago, when the vampires first segregated from the vampanese.


"you cannot just kill the humans every time you feed! It is nonsense!" shouted a young vampire, Seba. "yes ve can! eet ees ze only true way to leeve! How can you expect us to just leave them unconscious, when their warm, smooth blood lies ready for ze taking?"

A French bloodsucker retorted hotly.

"No! you must not kill humans! If the humans are killed, who is to stop them from becoming extinct?" an adult man said. It was Paris.

"Fine zen! You can do vat ever you weesh with ze humans, but I and anyone who weeshes will leave! You call yourselves vampires? bah! Ve shall thrive on our own vays, and we shall not be vampires! We are the vampanese!" a stream of vampires flowed out of the hall after the Frenchman.

I shook my head, sighing, and put my face into my hands. 'what have we just set in motion?'

(seven score years later, just before the first vampire/vampanese war)

"stop! All of you!" I stormed out to the field, forsaking the line of generals, and my place amongst the princes. I was the only female prince, of course.

"what, Aionia? This is not the best time." an exasperated Paris told me from where he stood, facing off the vampanese general.

"this is ridiculous! stop fighting this instant! We can work this out like civilized people! Not like some savage tribe in far countries!" I pleaded for peace, but no one would hear of it.

" Fine! I am leaving. I shan't return to the vampires, nor to the vampanese. I refuse to see this battle done. I will wait out eternity if need be, but I shall see unity again." I said loudly, my voice ringing clear over the soon-to-be battlefield. "Paris… take care of yourself. Lead our people wisely." I clasped the young vampire's shoulder, looking deeply into his eyes as I implored him to be safe, for himself and the clan. I walked with my head held high down the line preparing to fight, noticing young Seba at the rear.

"take care Seba, I pray I shall see you well again." I made the sign of respect, splaying my fingers in their positions over my face, looking at the young vampire, before I turned and walked the aisle between the two sides, not once turning, not once looking back.

*end flashback*

I thought about the mountain, and smiled. 'if we can not have peace, we must make it ourselves!'

I am returning.